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The Complete Actor @the_complete_actor on Instagram photo February 20
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ചങ്കിനകത്ത് ലാലേട്ടൻ.🔥😍✌ FET'ERA 2K18-Technical fest നോട് അനുബന്ധിച്ചു നടന്ന ഫ്ലാഷ് മൊബ് @Ammini college of engineering,mankara palakkad

Brittany l Uninhibited 🇨🇦 @hedonicmischief on Instagram photo February 20
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After completing the incredible Homo Deus 📖 I'm now working on stimulating my mind in other fanciful and mischievous ways. As an adult, the whimsical curious elements of my mind have been unconsciously pushed to the periphery, second to reasoning and rationale. The next few months I'm making a conscious effort to resurrect the hedonic playful imagination that has retreated in recent months. I h

DiscoverSharks.com @discoversharks on Instagram photo February 20
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Follow @robertoochoahe Roberto Ochoa is a marine wildlife videographer, has been documenting the beauty of our world's oceans. Director of Galapagos Evolution and Shark lover. | | video by ( @robertoochoahe ) Music: You and Me @disclosure @flumemusic

Mono 29 Digital TV @mono29tv on Instagram photo February 20
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เปิดควอเตอร์สุดท้ายด้วย Alley-oop!! ของ “อังเดร ดรัมมอนด์” รีบมาดูนะ ตอนนี้ทีมเลบรอน เอาจิงแล้วววว  #MONO29 #NBAAllStar

Darriel Roy @officialdarriel on Instagram photo February 20
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As you know, I love to read! I wanted to share this excerpt from the book, "The Keys," written by Dj Khaled. "You have to speak your success into existence, because absolutely no one else will do it for you. That's why when I first started my first label, I called it We The Best. Were we the best yet? That's up for debate. But did we have the drive and the passion and the necessary dedication to b

Kendra Zager @kendrazager on Instagram photo February 20
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Become a 'Photo Shoot Producer' on my Patreon page (link in bio ➡️@kendrazager @kendrazager @kendrazager ⬅️) to get access to my trip to Mexico this weekend 👙🌴 including access to my private Snapchat, exclusive galleries (not seen anywhere else!), and if you sign up now ~ get a signed photo from me too! ❤️😁💯Get 'Photo Shoot Producer' access on my Patreon page - link in bio 👉 @kendrazager

Tulungagung Tourism @tulungagungtourism on Instagram photo February 20
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Deloken to cah kui lek guayeng tenan, jian wes berasa koyo nek omahe dewe tenan. Buayangno to cah lek seumpomo ndue kolam pribadi sing ono view alame koyo nek kedung tumpang ngunu kui, opo ra saben ndino kok gae slulup ae masamu. Aih....marai pengen nylulupi saben ndino ae ngene ki lek disawang terus terusan. Lokasi : Pantai Kedung Tumpang, Desa Pucanglaban, Kecamatan Pucanglaban, Kabupaten Tulun

V A N D R E S S A @vandressarib on Instagram photo February 20
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A cara é de princesinha mas a fome é de Leão! Me add vocês que são assim. 😂🍟🍔🥓

Dra. Michelle Abud @michelle_abud_ on Instagram photo February 20
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Con esta publicación entenderán porqué sugerimos el consumo de pechugas y no de otras partes. Estos son los valores del pollo, pero ocurren estas variaciones en valores nutricionales con otras aves según la parte. También ocurren variaciones de valores nutricionales en cortes animales de otras especies. Por supuesto, para el día a día vale la pena tomar estas cosas en cuenta para mejorar y avanz

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