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Stella Villela @stellavillela on Instagram photo October 23
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“Viva o hoje, pois o ontem já se foi, e o amanhã talvez não venha..” ☁️🛫 Meu boa noite para todos vocês ..🙏🏼

Eddie DiFruscia.Free.Palestine @eddied77 on Instagram photo October 23
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+- The Israeli occupation authorities on Monday approved the confiscation of Palestinian agricultural lands in al-Nabi Saleh village, northwest of Ramallah. According to local sources, the occupation authorities prevented Palestinian farmers from reaching their land tracts near Halamish settlement, in the central West Bank. The Israeli authorities have made it clear, in circulars handed over to

Alia Albitar ❤️ عليا البيطار @alia_albitar on Instagram photo October 23
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البكتيريا النافعه /البروبايوتك كل حاله من حالاتي اول مكمل في قائمتها هو البروبايوتك.. لان دام دخل الجسم بمرحلة مرض او ارتشاح او اسهال او حتى امساك او انتفاخات وغازات وقولون وتفشي ديدان او كانديدا وفطريات فهذا معناه ان خط الدفاع المتمثل بالبكتيريا النافعه قد اختل. ماكتبت حيل عن هالموضوع لاني بفضل الله جدا مترويه بعملي احب الهدوء والاستيعاب التام قبل التطرق لاي موضوع وهذا احدهم.. وربي رزقني من اسبوع

Mini Looks® @mini_looks on Instagram photo October 23
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Look novo! Conforto e muita fofura para os príncipes 💙 Veste 6-9 meses ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••📍R$ 110,00 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••💻Compras: www.minilooksstore.com.br ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••#minilooks #babyboy #cute #enxoval #maternidade #inlove #tudolindo #luxo #gravidas #gestante #fofura #baby #boy #menino

Ariane Garcia  👸🏻 @byarianegarcia on Instagram photo October 23
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Princesas tem video novo no canal,vlog redecorando o quarto 🏡❤️ O link está no perfil 😉

Tausiyah, Ayat, Hadist & Quote @berusahabaik on Instagram photo October 23
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- Bisa jadi lho apa yang kamu punyai sekarang menjadi impian banyak orang diluar sana. Jangan sampai Allah cabut nikmat yang ada pada kita hanya karena kita lupa bersyukur 😷 . . . By: @beraniberhijrah . #BerusahaBaik Like & share jika bermanfaat. Jangan lupa follow @videoberusahabaik @videoberusahabaik @videoberusahabaik

RumbaFalcon @rumbafalcon on Instagram photo October 23
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@playclubpf_ - Se acerca la #PlayWeen y estamos buscando al grupo mas activo para regalarles unas entrada + (1) Servicio para que compartan junto a nosotros este Sábado 28 la noche mas terrorífica del año. Quien quiera llevarse 6 pases + (1) Ron de Cortesia, les recomiendo que agreguen al Pana Play en whatsapp >> 0414-0602205

Dm me for cheap promotions🍉 @muslimsavage on Instagram photo October 23
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He dropped more music than me in that year wtf nahhh this man atleast 5 Im out salaam brothers

Eddie DiFruscia.Free.Palestine @eddied77 on Instagram photo October 23
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The Israeli occupation forces on Monday came down heavily on families of Palestinian detainees at Salem military court, west of Jenin province. A PIC news correspondent said Israeli soldiers prevented over 20 members of Palestinian prisoners’ families from entering the courtroom to attend their relatives’ hearings and forced them out of the hall. The Israeli soldiers arrested three Palestinian y

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