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plume(プリュム) @plumestagram on Instagram photo October 23
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プリュムからお知らせです💁🏻 疲れた毎日に癒されるもふもふ『ふわもこ部』本が発売されたよ📘✨ プリュもちょこちょこ載せていただいてます📖💓 10/23月曜発売 ワニブックス ふわもこ部 かわいいわんちゃん、うさぎさん、ハリネズミちゃんもいるよ🐶🐰🐹💭💭

☥ Empress: My Name & Title ⚖ @thenappyhappyhippy on Instagram photo October 23
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#Repost @pathfinder_of_atlantis_1111 (@get_repost) ・・・ "Density is a term used to indicate vibrational frequency. It is defined as being the measurement of mass, consistency, or how dense something is. The word Density is used in a scale to denote the differences of frequencies between realities. Using a 7 density scale model, our world is currently a 3rd density frequency making the shift to 4th

Metrotv Indonesia @metrotv on Instagram photo October 23
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Keindahan Kampung Wisata Rammang-Rammang di Maros Metrotvnews.com, Maros: Kampung Wisata Rammang-Rammang yang terletak di Maros, Sulawesi Selatan, ini disebut-sebut sebagai ‘surga tersembunyi’ di Timur Indonesia. Di tempat ini, Kita dapat menyusuri sungai Pute menggunakan perahu sampan, sambil menikmati gugusan pegunungan karst (kapur) yang diperkirakan telah ada sejak ribuan tahun silam. ANTARA/

Blog Brasil Vaquejada @blogbrasilvaquejada on Instagram photo October 23
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Via @ranchosaolucaspb 🙌🐎 Só temos o que AGRADECER: Deus, amigos, colaboradoes, clientes, pretadores de serviços e a todos que fazem parte família do Rancho São Lucas! A todos vocês o nosso muito OBRIGADO!🙏

Sam Ozkural•Lifestyle Youtuber @samozkural on Instagram photo October 23
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Doesn't quite feel like Halloween time considering it was 102 in socal today😂🌴 hopefully soon the weather will catch up to all the 🎃🍃🍂aesthetic #fall

Mulher Virtuosa Quem Achará? @mulheresvirtuosas_fashion on Instagram photo October 23
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Olá meninas ,vejam que conjunto maravilhoso e super delicado da loja @menina.chik_ 💗💗Amei💗 . . Sigam 👇👇👇 💟@menina.chik_ 💟@menina.chik_ . . INFORMAÇÕES PARA COMPRAS: 📞 (54)9.9101-9719 📭 Enviamos para todo Brasil 💳Pag Seguro 💲 Depósito em conta . . #mulheresvirtuosasfashion#parceria#meninachik#conjuntos#lookslindos#superdelicado#modacrista#bloqueiraevangelica 💟💟

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