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Angga Putra @anggaptrh on Instagram photo September 24
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Perpecahan Trio Komodo di Sinetron Anak Langit lagi panas-panasnya karna Gerry lebih mementingkan Sasya sedangkan Jay dan De Bronk tetap pada pendirianya,gmna kelanjutanya ya ??? Nonton terus Sinteron Anak Langit setiap hari di @sctv

Trёshstore @treshstore on Instagram photo September 24
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Утеплённое пальто из экокожи . #trёshstore #russiandesigners #georgiandesigners #пальто #теплоепальто #экокожа #черный #черноепальто #российскиедизайнеры #грузинскиедизайнеры

Pemanis Stadion @bidadaripersib on Instagram photo September 24
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Karna mendukung sebuah KEBANGGAAN itu penuh PERJUANGAN !! Ketika harga diri menjadi taruhan disitulah kami tau arti KEBERSAMAAN !! . Imprem : @trisnaatw 📸 : @dra_artaatmadja #bidadaripersib

Azam Media Limited @azamtvtz on Instagram photo September 24
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Utata kwenye lango la Kagera Sugar....... HT: Singida United 0-0 Kagera Sugar

Tune in Its the LadyFree SHOW🎬 @ladyfree_risk_taker on Instagram photo September 24
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#hanglegraises I finally mastered my way to doing the advanced routine of #hanglegraises with out using arm support balance part.Now I can grip the top bar hang balancing my own weight & do the advanced ones.Trust me it's harder than it actually looks when I first starting doing them the harder way.I'd be all over the place wiggling &couldn't lift my legs with out moving so much cause doing these

Jeff Fernando @showbizjeff on Instagram photo September 24
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kasama si @gellidebelen at sina @iammashy @erwinmarquezamboy @simplengbinata

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