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Jamilya 🇷🇺A busy mom of 3🐒🐒🐒 @polka_dots_n_lemon_drops on Instagram photo October 22
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What do you do when your kids get on your nerves?😣Count to ten? Walk away and do breathing exercises? Earplugs? 🎼Yoga?🤸🏻‍♀️I could just feel the stress building up inside, I knew I had to go away..fast🏃🏻‍♀️Having my coffee break now and as they say ‘My alone time is for everyone’s safety’😅It’s been a rough week, but things are looking up now, all three are feeling better, thanks God!🙏🏻If you are a

VANESSA  🐯 THEWILDGIRL @thewildgirlblog on Instagram photo October 22
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WIN WIN WIN - CONCOURS MOLKA 👜 Et voila comme promis sur Snap, le concours pour gagner le sac @molkabymolka de ton choix (valeur de 225€) ! Moi j’ai choisi le cuir rose gold 😍 mais je te les montre tous en story ! Pour cela, il suffit de.. 1⃣ Follow @molkabymolka & @thewildgirlblog 2⃣ Partage ce post en Instastories (ou ton feed insta) & ❗️tag moi dessus @thewildgirlblog + #thewildgirlxMolka 3️

Dulha & Dulhan @dulhaanddulhan on Instagram photo October 22
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Ayesha wearing @tabya_official on her mehndi ..looks Stunning mehndi bride in a minimalistic and fresh look curated with flawless makeup techniques and beautifully crafted jewellery that is a perfect choice for a trend setting bride 💄💍😍✨

الدوري العماني @omanleague on Instagram photo October 22
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‫أهداف مباراة ‬ ‫#الشباب 2 & 0 ⁧‫#مرباط‬⁩ ‬ ‫الجولة الثامنة ⁧‫#دوري_عمانتل‬⁩ ‬

Luca Vezil @lucavezil on Instagram photo October 22
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E scusa se non parlo abbastanza ma ho una scuola di danza nello stomaco E balla senza musica con te Sei bella che la musica non c'è ❤️ #LucaAndVale by @ivanmarianelli 📸

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