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I won't lie and tell you I wasn't up all night at one point and consulting Dr. Google about symptoms of Bone Cancer. One can't help but think that every symptom is a result of recurrence, even in remission! 🙈 I've had pain skeletal pain, headaches everyday and shooting pain to the left of my chest for close to 2 weeks. I contacted my Medical Oncologist and Radiation Oncologist - the pain in my che

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She's finally fast asleep! These school holidays though!!! 🙈 The father tried and gave up but I think it's only because he wanted to leave the bedroom to watch the Madrid vs Barcelona game on the big screen! 😂 How am I supposed to peel myself from this bed at this time to go and study? 😩 I'm so exhausted ... 💤 Good night, beloved hearts! ❤️ #MyDaughter #MyMiracle #ZanyiweBashala #ZammieWammie #Lit

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo April 23

Because, "Thank you for everything, baby," will never be enough ... 😊 Weekly foot spa by yours truly, now loading! ❤️ These feet have walked to the ends of the world and back for me ... Lest we forget why God washed his disciple's feet and sent this beautiful man to me!!! 🙏🏾 I love you more than this earth alone, Mr. Bashala ... #HouseWifeOfNorthriding #HomeFootSpa #QualityTime #DaddyTime #GivingT

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In 2015 the @zolekamandelafoundation set out to feed Cancer patients at Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital through Team Passion For Compassion, we have fed over 5 000 of those patients with the help of all our volunteers who continue to make our refreshment distribution the success that it is. We had our last distribution late last year, even throughout my own Chemotherapy treatments. Unfortunate

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If you think dieting whilst studying is CHALLENGING for me who is obsessed with FOOD, try having your 3yr old daughter and 14yr old son home with you ALL day whilst you try to study for exams, they're on school holiday until May and go back a day before my first paper! 😂 If my Fitbit watch was on my wrist, I would have doubled my 10 000 step goal - I'm doing laundry, tidying up after everyone beca

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo April 16

My only best friend and oldest daughter, Zenani will be celebrating her 20th birthday in Heaven on June 9th ... ❤️ Although the biggest part of me was taken with her the morning she was killed by a drunk driver (he was acquitted of all his charges despite his confession shortly after she passed on, he told me that he was drunk when he drove her) just two days after her 13th birthday in June 2010 .

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo April 16

Had to peel myself from my books yesterday to attend the Saints Festival Basketball games organized by the Saint Stithians College Basketball Committee, headed by the Chairman of the Committee aka Mr. Bashala! 🎉 Look at my son over there showing off the skills I taught him from my womb!!! 😂 Wait! I did play for the Sacred Heart College basketball team, Hockey and Netball teams too ... I wasn't th

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo April 16

It's been a week since my birthday, I've lost an additional 200 grams (18,4kgs lost: from 86,4kgs) ... I don't think I'm doing too badly considering my lack of exercise now that my studies (studying has helped me stop thinking about food all the time 😬) have swallowed me whole. I've been watching what I eat - no sugar, carbs, junk and I drink 3L of water everyday. I must admit though, zero exercis

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo April 12

This is such an old picture, you can tell from the fullness of my face! 😊 I was in between Chemotherapy treatments and showing Breast Cancer serious flames here too ... the SLAYAGE just continues regardless of disease, treatments and side effects! 😂 Earrings form @hlubicreations, my gold necklace from @ntozinhle_accessorize - popped the collar on my shirt and added another (black) necklace to comp

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo April 11

I'm finally done with my daughter's not so little project due tomorrow! She had to create a crazy hat for their Crazy Hat & Hair parade tomorrow morning, it being the last day of their term. We were going for the Alice In Wonderland Easter theme, she fell asleep just as we were getting started and I wish she hadn't because between that time and now ... Burlesque threw up all over her hat! 😂 What's

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo April 11

Some bathroom breaks involve a few minutes on social media! As Murphy's Law would have it, just because I really need to put in more hours studying (can't completely deactivate all my accounts due to the BA DEGREE) 📚 ... I have my son's academic evening to attend later today - I need to head over to his school with fresh uniform, then there's my daughter's project we have to do together to hand in

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo April 9

Beloved hearts, thank you so much for all the birthday wishes and the reminder of how truly blessed I am to have you all think of me on my 37th birthday today! ❤️ I'm home and feeling sick to my stomach after breakfast and lunch, couldn't make it out to dinner or eat everything on my Cheat List! 😂 I'm bloated, feeling nauseous with serious stomach cramps and a headache! 😬 My birthday was almost ev

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo April 8

Dear Fitbit watch, it's me ... not you! I just need time alone but I hope we can be friends? 😂 I returned my watch to it's original pack, taking a much needed break but I'll resume with my 10 000 step goal after my last exam in June. I'm still logging my daily water intake on the App, I can't do without water so ... 🙄 Night before my 37th birthday, just got off my treadmill trying to burn 300 calo

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo April 8

This isn't a phat BOOTY shot but maybe it is, I worked hard to lose the 17kgs I gained! 😂 No sugar, carbs, junk (all I drank was water - no soda, juice or anything sweetened) and replacing it with loads of working out everyday - squats, lunges, russian twists, planks, treadmill workouts, crunches, push ups, power walks, sit ups, leg raises, donkey kicks, jogs, 10 000 steps a day, wall sits, jumpin

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo April 7

This is what studying has done to me ... Just over 2 000 steps and it's almost 7pm, what a disaster!!! 😂 I can't for this life, can I just focus on my studies and not have to worry about reaching 10 000 steps a day? 😅 By the way, I'm taking it off this evening after reaching my goal and will get back to the business of steps after exams or something, still have to figure out when I'm going to work

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo April 7

Beloved @linds_hani, it takes tremendous courage to be so honest. Your willingness to openly share your life so authentically, will not only better the transformation in our own lives but in that of society in it's entirety! Thank you so much for the reminder that despite our pasts, we can still walk into our present and future, undefined by them and purposefully, having used our lives to positive

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo April 6

I was diagnosed with Luminal B Mammary Carcinoma on the 6th of April 2016 (3dys before my 36th birthday), I can't believe it's been a year already! Mr. Bashala discovered my tumour in my chest on the 1st of April that year, this was days before our appointment at a fertility clinic. My Medical Oncologist had given us the go ahead to try for another baby. Luminal Type B Cancer is a form of Breast C

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo April 5

Beloved hearts, thank you so much for the positive feedback on my last post! You have no idea just how much I look forward to reading your posts. ❤️ Studying for exams so there will be less activity on social media on my end. Look at the section I'm covering, Mr. Bashala says I should find it easy and just think about my own addiction. Mxim!!! 😂 As if being a recovering addict makes me an expert i

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo April 5

August this year will mark another milestone! I had my first drink at the age of 9, by the age of 13 - I was an alcoholic and a cigarette smoker, that led to experimenting with marijuana at 13 ... then laced weed, ecstacy, magic mushrooms, kat, heroine, prescription drugs (anti depressants) with alcohol and a decade long addiction to cocaine that gave me the high I was looking for. It came at an u

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo April 4

I can't stand working out in the evenings, I prefer mornings but I had to study all day for my upcoming exams! Burned 300 calories on my treadmill, kept it at an incline of 10 for 27mins and alternated between a pace of 4 and 6. Question ... Fitbit watch, why are you telling me that I only burned fat for 12mins when I was working out for over 27mins? 😂 Weighing myself again only on my 37th birthda

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo April 4

If I wasn't a drug addict, maybe I would have popped a pill for this cellulite I struggled with! 😂 I have cellulite everywhere but that's fine with me, I just don't want this one on my belly! 🙄 I can't cut corners and I've reminded myself that I don't need to do all that to get the body I want ... If I want that 6 pack or to maintain the weight loss, that means I have to exercise and watch what I

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo April 3

Who would have thought ... Change your diet and watch the cellulite slowly disappear from your belly! This makes me so happy, I've been really struggling. Still need to work on the definition and I think a six pack is asking for too much so I'll stick to my one pack for now - it's under construction! 😅 I think I'm going to have SIX meals in one sitting on my birthday, F that!!! 😂 I've lost over 16

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo April 3

By the time my family left, all these delicious platters from @thakhies_divines were thoroughly devoured! Thank you so much for this, beloved @thakhanithakhie ...❤️ Such a pity I couldn't take any credit for the food though but that's okay because I know exactly who to call the next time I need to make a good impression on my guests!!! 😜 #ThakhiesDivines #ForZammiesBirthday #CakeCutting #ZammieWam

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The truth is, had it not been for my re-diagnoses (I was diagnosed with a Estrogen Positive Breast Cancer twice), I would have eaten myself to oblivion. Fat cells make Estrogen, the more weight I gain, the more Estrogen is produced in my body which only accelerates the growth of Cancer cells in my body. Pregnancy and contraceptive pills will only produce more of this hormone in my case. I'm Menopa

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo April 1

Got back from the Parktown Boys Rugby Festival, it's a 3 day one ... I have to iron tomorrow and prepare my son's clothes for boarding school. We got home so late, started doing laundry at 5pm and stopped when the insects and bugs came out. That was my cue to RUN the opposite direction! 😂 I'm so scared of insects, my brother always laughs at me. I can just hear him saying, "Sister, after everythin

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo April 1

Yesterday's step goal reached! Happy 1st of the month, beloveds! So glad I'm done with the Home Workout Plan for March. Searching for a challenge for April although I'll only start it after my birthday when I take a break for a week! 😊 I'll continue with over 10 000 steps, watch what I eat and workout on the treadmill or something like that. 😂 Big kisses to you all, thank you for being you! 💋 #Get

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กิน #lavidathailand ทุกเช้าก่อนออกไปทำงาน

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Gonna be teaching a free power basics workshop at the MacArthur Park Recreations Center this Saturday. All levels welcome^___^

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Y'all don't know it but I was lip syncing Hold Up by Beyoncé. Well now y'all do.

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Hey Happy birthday kesayangan @zaskia_gotix smg pjg umur, sehat trs, byk rezeki, tmbh sukses dan apa yg dcita"kan trcapai....i love u so much....jenong jenong 😍❤️💃🏼😘🎂🍻🎁🎊😆

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Saat berusaha ikhlas memberi maaf kepada seseorang, secara tidak langsung engkau memaafkan musuh paling menakutkan itu. Dia, adalah "dirimu sendiri" _ © Kata Motivasi by Dina Siti Maesaroh @maesaroh2572 #motivasikreatif _ Yuk! Ikutan dalam Motivasi Kreatif #motivasikreatif 🔽 Kirimkan langsung, kata-kata motivasi terbaik kalian, ke Direct Massage (DM) kami. Kata kata motivasi terbaiklah nanti yang