Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo June 23

I gave birth to my baby, Zenawe on the 23rd of June 2011. I had been in labour for two days not knowing that I had developed an infection in my womb that was only discovered when I prematurely birthed him, 6 months into my pregnancy. 12 days prior to his birth was the anniversary of my late daughter's passing, Zenani ... Two days before that would have been her 14th birthday. My daughter passed on

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo June 22

22.06.2017 ... This is when you know that a housewife has way too much time on her hands, mini photo shoot with a personal photographer (aka selfie stick) in the lounge after laundry, dishes, cleaning and everything else! 😂 This housewife has lost over 19kgs, reached her goal weight of 70kgs by her 37th birthday and has lost an additional 3kgs ... I'm currently in the 66kgs region from weighing 86

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo June 20

This (dried) salted fish I cooked for my Congolese King is called Makayabu! 🇨🇩 Sold at the Congolese Corner Market in Yeoville (Rocky Street). It's quite a process to prepare, soaking, removing the fins, tails and scales then lightly frying and etc. I usually remove the heads but it's his meal, he prefers the heads on! 🙈 #BashalaKitchen #CongoleseCuisine #Makayabu #SaltedFish #DriedFish #Kinshasa

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo June 18

I feel like I've been cooking ALL day! I'm super exhausted! 💤 The bags under my eyes are now serious luggage!!! 😂 These are some of the meals I prepared for Mr. Bashala's lunch for Father's Day ... Ndakala, Fumbwa, Pondu, Matembele (forgot to take a picture of the cooked version) ... Everyone's long left the Bashala home, so I'm off to burn calories washing dishes and tidying up the house! 😄 I ate

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo June 18

Today is my Cheat Day and guess what I saw when I weighed myself earlier this morning? OMG!!! I'm down to 66.8kgs ... So that means I have lost 19.2kgs since I started in November last year, I weighed 86.4kgs! I literally weigh 3kgs less than my 14yr old son! 😂 Remember my goal weight of 70kgs by my 37th birthday in April this year? I smashed it and lost 3.2kgs more ... My poor calculator has been

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo June 17

Typical Saturday ... Laundry, hair and everything else in between! Hey, did I tell you guys that my daughter has a personal hairstylist who braids her hair with wool? Yeah ... She's called, "Mom," aka Mrs. Bashala! 😊 I run a mobile hairsalon, nothing more than an hour or she RUNS!!! 😂 P.S. She's my only client though ... 🙈 #MyDaughter #MyMiracle #ZammieWammie #LittleMissBashala #ZanyiweBashala #Wo

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo June 15

March 2010 ... My Day One's (grandmother's) Alabama visit prior to the the iconic march on Edmund Pettus Bridge for the 45th anniversary of the Civil Rights March from Selma to Montgomery ... She had asked me to travel with her, which I did ... I wish she hadn't. I humiliated her on several occasions during that trip, I would get so DRUNK every night and in those very few moments that I was trying

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo June 14

Excuse Mr. Bashala, he takes such CRAP pictures ALL the time! Like this one ... 😂 A photograph after the WINNIE movie premier, I'm surprised my make up survived the endless tears from watching. I still haven't been able to talk about it. 😢 This man has been my best friend, my father and my partner in crime throughout my life ... My younger brother, Zondwa (Zwelindaba) aka Gadaffi, G-Funk, Radio G

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo June 14

Take me back to Jamaica!!! 😜 I had such an unforgettable time there despite how short lived it was. Next time I'm there, I have to find my way outside of Kingston ... Dying to visit Montego Bay and Negril! I also want to dance the night away with Mr. Bashala at some Raggae party and get HIGH off each other's LOVE!!! 😂 P.S. I finally tasted their delicious Jamaican Jerk chicken and the most amazing

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo June 14

If my baby looks upset in these pictures, she really is ... 🙈 I think I'm the worst part of Winter for her because ... "It's too many clothes, Mom!" ... It's strategic LAYERING though, I'm sticking to my story!!! 😂 Her father tells me that by the time they pull away from our gate in the mornings and on route to school, she quickly yanks off her blanket and tosses her water bottle once I'm out of s

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo June 13

Beloved hearts, I can't thank you all enough for taking the time to bless me with your words of encouragement and for affording me the opportunity to be reminded of the healing power of God's word and His will. June is an exceptionally difficult month of the year for me. You have reached right into my heart and I'm grateful that although it may feel broken, it beats stronger being nurtured by your

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo June 11

I took this picture of my baby in May 2010, she passed on a month after - 2dys after her 13th birthday. I remember laughing with her about throwing up gang signs with her hands in all her pictures like her uncles or pouting in them just like me. She had such beautiful hands, I remember how many times she used them to wipe my tears. She always knew when I was crying when I was pretending I wasn't,

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo June 10

My baby's finally home for the night and after 3 weeks, he's been spending his weekends in boarding school!!! 🎉 I think he thinks his iPad is much cooler than I am so no guesses as to what he's doing in his bedroom right now? 😂 So much for Family Movie Night! It's been a rough day, shem! I'm mentally and physically exhausted, can you tell by my face and hair? 🙈 As soon as I'm done with the laundry

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo June 10

My Miracle, Zanyiwe held me like this today and for a while after saying, "Mommy, I love you very much." ❤️ She also called me a silly child, I told her that it takes one to know one! 😂 Apparently her father was worse as a child. So the other day she walks into the study where I was working and she she sits on the chair across from me and says, "Mom, Adam says he's in love with me." When I told he

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo June 10

My late daughter, Zenani used to collect feathers for my mother and I - I don't remember why she told me she loved doing that and that makes me sad but I think I know why ... It's weird and I probably will sound crazy but these feathers that I now collect for her are a reminder that she's still here and watching over me and the fam -sometimes I'll be missing her or feeling some type of way and I'l

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo June 9

I gave birth to my best friend in 1997 at the age of 17, she was more of a mother to my son (Zwelami) than I ever was - I'm remembering all those times she cried and begged me to stay home, all those times I chose everything else - the men, the sex, the drugs and the alcohol over my own two children. In 2010, just two days after her 13th birthday that I missed being hospitalized for an attempted s

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo June 8

Delivery was made 2dys ago - it's some of my study material from Unisa for my 2nd semester modules (3rd level Criminology) just makes me so nervous, we're told to await our 1st semester exam results from the 14th of June but I still check everyday!!! 😬 Someone HIDE me, please? 🙈 I have to tell you though, I don't know how I managed 4 modules this semester - being a Housewife of Northriding and all

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo June 8

Everyone knows my baby brother @bambatha_mandela aka BUGATTI BAMBINO aka INFINITE -THE G.O.D- LYRICIST ... He's written a few lyrics for you, produced dope beats for your tracks or taught you rap skills or recorded your bars in the comfort of his home studio. What you don't know is from the first time I heard him rap (back when he was in high school at Sacred Heart College) I have never wanted to

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo June 8

The rapper, the legend, the brother! 😜 My baby brother @z_tha26 performed his, Louis Just Graduated, It Got Me Screaming," track in Copenhagen last week! Just a side note, he's also a CUM LAUDE GRADUATE ... 🎉His level of distinction in both his studies and rap (passion and talent) is unparalleled!!! So proud of you, Zwelabo!!! ❤️ Don't get me started on my other brother on stage, @bambatha_mandela

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo June 7

When your @onaturalwigs crown becomes your ENTIRE outfit! 😜 I have like 10 wigs to match each one of my personalities!!! 😂 This post is actually about you guys though because you're all just so darn awesome 😘 ... Beloved hearts, I've been reading all your comments and messages (still haven't gotten around to responding to the ones in my DM, clearly it doesn't go down over there with me!) 😂 I total

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo June 7

I have lived 5yrs of my life without NIPPLES, most of the time - I forget that I don't have them until days like the other day happen ... My 3yr old daughter looked at hers and was trying to figure out where mine were. 🙈 I saw her looking and asked her, "Baby, why doesn't mommy have NIPPLES?" She said,"Because you're yellow!" 😂 Maybe I'm too young at 37 but I honestly don't know how she makes sens

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo June 6

One of my highlights last weekend was attending the @shopforcause event in honour of Zaza who just turned 20yrs old in Heaven, she succumbed to HLH (Haemophagocytic Lympho Histiocytosis) due to a shortage of blood in our country - HLH is a rare blood disorder that is treated like a Cancer. 💔 What a heart warming way to celebrate her memory by saving the lives of those living with the same life thr

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo June 4

Looking forward to my interview with Anele on @realtalkon3 tomorrow! Live on SABC 3 (channel 193 on DSTV) 5pm ... ❤️

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo June 4

Wait! Guys, don't laugh at my picture! 😂 I'm laughing but it's not funny! I know it looks like I swallowed ALL the pool water but I had gained a whole lot in this picture, weighed over 84kgs (December 2016)! 😬 I was overweight and putting myself more in danger, the more weight I gain - the more Estrogen is produced which only accelerates the growth rate of Cancer cells in my body! This post is act

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo June 2

Thanking this week's volunteers for donating their time towards feeding Cancer patients at the Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital this morning with the @zolekamandelafoundation - every Friday (08:30-09:00), since 2015 - the ZMF has created a platform for volunteers to positively contribute to Cancer patients awaiting Chemotherapy treatment at the public hospital. @zolekamandelafoundation - 060 864

Zoleka Mandela @zolekamandela on Instagram photo June 1

Whoa!!! The smile on a 37yr old studying mother after CMY2601!!! 😊 I'm so HAPPY about writing my 4th and last exam for the semester!!! CMY 2601/2/3/4 done and dusted!!! 🎉 Wrote at 08:30 this morning and back home on MY DAY OFF, angifuni lutho - NO housework, emails, deadlines, phone calls or anything that actually requires energy ... For 2hrs that is, or until my 3yr old BOSS returns from her nurs

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