@laurenelizabeth on Instagram photo July 9

Best birthday🥂 All Thanks to @claudiasulewski @cameron_fuller @chloeparrluth @msrebeccablack && more beautiful humans 😇🌺🌴✨🥂

 @laurenelizabeth on Instagram photo July 9

The luckiest girl in the world doesn't even cover it. Thank you for the best birthday I've ever had. I love you endlessly, my everything ❤🌴

 @laurenelizabeth on Instagram photo July 7

Seriously felt like the luckiest girl in the world yesterday thanks to my boyfriend, best friends, family, cast, crew, team, EVERYONE! Playing a tired & miserable character in my film was very difficult when all I wanted to do was smile ;) Thank you everyone for all the love & positive birthday vibeZz! 23 feels GOOD 😍🙌🏻🌸🌹🌼

 @laurenelizabeth on Instagram photo July 6

Awwwwww 😍🙈 Working on your birthday isn't so bad when there's boxes of donuts for you on set 🙌🏻 Shout out to my talented boss lady co-star @mimigianopulos & our HMU & our crew for making me feel so SPECIAL 🎂✨

 @laurenelizabeth on Instagram photo July 5

My favorite people in this wooooorld 🙈🙌🏻😍❤💙

 @laurenelizabeth on Instagram photo July 5

I love this boy more than anything in this world it's kind of insane and I'm kind of so lucky I don't know what to do with myself!! 😍😭😘✨🇺🇸❤️💙🥂🌭🏈

 @laurenelizabeth on Instagram photo July 5

When your run into to your day one blondies 😍❤🙌🏻🇺🇸🥂✨

 @laurenelizabeth on Instagram photo July 4

The boys crashed girls night and ate all the gummies but whatever 🥂💖✨

 @laurenelizabeth on Instagram photo May 26

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL LATTE?! 🖤 Yes! Getting crazy on my new episode of #CookingWithLauren making THREE Wellness Latte's! Go watch the full video, link in bio! 🖤

 @laurenelizabeth on Instagram photo May 26

A picture is worth a thousand words. Here are multiple unfiltered pictures of sections of a painting by my little sister I took, representing thousands of words that aren't even enough to describe how talented, special, & loved she is. Especially by me. ❤😉😘

 @laurenelizabeth on Instagram photo May 25

Just living her best life. Post training with @allthingspups 🐾 Stella is literally proving all her haters wrong and learning every dog trick in the book. Proud mom to say the least. Also for sure should've done this over a year ago but parenting is hard and stuff. #Sit #Stay #JustBeANormalDog 🐾

 @laurenelizabeth on Instagram photo May 23

So hard these past 24hrs. But we must not live in fear. All of my heart & prayers are with you Manchester & @arianagrande + team. No words. ❤

 @laurenelizabeth on Instagram photo May 21

Had to repost 🙈 can't wait for the @bbmas today with my babe ✨🌹

 @laurenelizabeth on Instagram photo May 20

NEW VIDEO! 🌸 Huge beauty haul & favorites featuring all new brands && products you're gonna L O V E ✨🙌🏻 link in bio 🙌🏻✨

 @laurenelizabeth on Instagram photo May 14

I Friggin Love You + Other Little Mommy things. I'm lucky to get my love of home & food from my gorgeous mommy. This is her bookshelf which obviously looks like something that would be in my apartment. I find the older I get the more I sound & remind myself of my mom & grammy and even tho I roll my eyes there's no other women I'd rather learn from & look up to. My mom is truly my best friend and h

 @laurenelizabeth on Instagram photo May 11

Cheating on Stella with all of @chrissyteigen's frenchies 😩😍🙌🏻🙈

 @laurenelizabeth on Instagram photo May 8

Find you a boy that surprises you with flowers on your bad days 😭🙌🏻❤ My forever love @cameron_fuller ❤

 @laurenelizabeth on Instagram photo May 7

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY COUSIN BY BLOOD && BEST FRIEND BY CHOICE 😍🙌🏻❤ Hate you but can't live without you 😘

 @laurenelizabeth on Instagram photo April 26

Comfy Cozy @ Home is my fav ✨Cooking dinner in tonight AND prepping for my Cooking With Lauren shoot this week! Comment what I should be making!! ✨🙌🏻

 @laurenelizabeth on Instagram photo April 24

Overwhelmed with gratitude on a daily basis ✨ Even when I have shitty days which has been more often than not lately, I still take the time to remind myself and those I love how grateful I am for this life ❤ Be obsessively grateful 🙌🏻

 @laurenelizabeth on Instagram photo April 24

✨ Just getting started on some bookshelf decorating in the living room & installing another in the office for organization! Leave a comment of what apartment videos you want to see on my channel! ✨

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Nilton Câmara @niltoncamara on Instagram photo July 24
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Que comecem os jogos ! A pedida de hj foi: Rockhamton Ribeye com tempero Chargrill condimentado com toque de café. ❤

غلا ستور 👧 @gala_storeq8 on Instagram photo July 24
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عرض نااار اليوم بس . على هايلاايت هدى بيوتي 3d الجديد 😍👌🏻 . . لا تطوفكم تبرق تبرق 😍😍 . الطلب واتساب ٥٠١٠٧٨٤٣

PAPARAZZIRD ℹ @paparazzi_rd on Instagram photo July 24
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FIERCE babe 🐱💅. | Ella estaba muy ocupada la semana pasada mientras grababa el video de su próximo sencillo, en Los Ángeles 🎶. Pero ayer domingo [23/07] Demi Lovato lució HERMOSA al momento que salía de su hotel en Nueva York 🗽, rumbo al concierto de Kendrick Lamar. La DIVA de 24 años se mostró feroz 💅 mientras se dirigía al concierto con sus largas extensiones sueltas, top azul oscuro mangas larg

غلا ستور 👧 @gala_storeq8 on Instagram photo July 24
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عرض نار على قطرة الذهب 😍👌🏻 . قطرة فرسالي تحتوي على حبيبات ذهب قيراط ٢٤ . سعر العرض ١٥ دينار . . فوائدها خياااااال و عجيبه لدرجة انه اغلب خبيرات البشره اعتمدوها مع الميكب 😍 . تحارب الشيخوخه ، ترطب ، تستخدم سيرم قبل او مع المكياج ، تقلل من ظهور الخطوط بالوجه فوائدها اكثر من جذي لاتطوفكم . . . الطلب واتساب ٥٠١٠٧٨٤٣

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Treinar com um look lindo e confortável faz toda diferença! 🙋🏻😍Detalhes na legging de suplex!!😱🤗 Enviamos para todo o Brasil📦🇧🇷. Informações e valores pelo whats 📲 54 99658 4141 ou em nosso site 💻👉 www.modafitnessefashion.com.br 💳Parcelamos em até 6x em todos os cartões ou em 4x no crediário próprio. #modafitnessefashion #treinelinda #corpoperfeito

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@sailorandwifeco Keep chasing your dreams, because one day.... You'll catch them! Great job on the woodwork and as always, as a fellow Veteran, I appreciate your service to this country! Let's help these guys reach their goal tonight ladies and gentlemen! Hope this blesses you @sailorandwifeco ! 🇺🇸