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I know there's something good when the adrenaline kicks in as I get my two feet back on the monotonous track. But you know, there's a meditative state in that monotony - in running alone. I've been on a no-days-off streak with 6am wake-up calls and sweating in silence. I love it and there's absolutely no better way to start off any day. #ultraboostx #adidasindonesia #trackseries

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"Flared pants, earrings and my biker jacket. Nothing is more comfortable than wearing my go-to killer pieces" In Dior Cruise 17. @dewimag Styled @rubenwsd @astriddbestari / Framed @dennytjan / Brushed @sissysosro @cinddvirginia

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.‎ ‎با رینا همراه باشید . ‎فروشگاه رینا بزرگترین مرکز پوشاک بانوان . ‎ همزمان با رسیدن جدیدترین مدلها ی تابستونه . ‎ و تخفیفات تا 80% . ‎آدرس : اهواز كيانپارس خيابان پهلوان غربي بين خرداد و وهابي . ‎تلفن: 33330066 . ‎اينستاگرام : @reina.group تلگرام: https://t.me/reinagroup

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This is soooo Beautiful 😍😍😍 I've always loves braids sens I was a little girl 🙈 Love that you can do whatever color you like and mix the hair with colors😍 ✨WHICH ONE DO YOU LIKE ✨ 1 , 2 , 3 or 4 😍 Azizan mn la mnaliawa hazm la am prchana bo o awanda jwana ka atwann harchi rangekyan badla bikan. Kamayan la hamoi jwantra ? 1, 2, 3 yan 4 😍😍😍 #hairvd #hair #hudabeauty #beautybyraza

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Kardeşim @rohat_agaya ve @slymanytr gıygıdısı 😂 #gıygıdı gıygıdı hepimiz #gıygıdıyız😀

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¡Este viernes 1 de septiembre déjense caer a Casa Nohoch! 10pm/ @djdohko is back / Cover $100 pesos