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🧟‍♀️When you walk In the bathroom looking 👀one way and Leave Looking #beat . 💃🏽 @beautyworldfan #beautyworldfan @prada - shades @kikomilano -foundation warm beige ( color ) @sephora - blush / used on eyes for eye shadow , #highlight and contour cheeks . @maccosmetics - pro concealer palette / dark , contour, . @narsissist - lips . @toofaced- - too faced love light prismatic highlighter . @maybe

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💄 by me @beautyworldfan #love . . . . Wig - Swiss Lace Frint It Tress Blue Kylie illuminating powder / candy cream . Black Opal --- true color - Chocolat . . Black Opal Deluxe Finishing Powder . . NYX - ultimate shadow palette ombré - eyeshadow bright / lumineux . Color - OT/ 350 ❤️ #sexyhair . . La Girl ProbConceal - Fawn . Kiss - glue . Lash glue Too Faced - Natural Love .- eyeshadow .

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⋆* ⁑⋆*゚.*・゚ 昨日は恵比寿にある小顔製作所に行ってきました💆‍♀️ 顔の歪みやサイズって ついつい骨のせいだと考えがちだけど 実はむくみや筋肉の発達やコリも関係しているらしいです👶🏻 わたしは左右で顔が違うのが悩みだったので、 小顔矯正でその左右差を改善して頂きました✨ 小顔矯正痛いのかなって思ってたんですけど 全く痛くなかったし電気を使った美顔器もぶるぶる?と不思議な感じで気持ちよかったです😳 全体的に小さくなったんだけど 1センチも小さくなった箇所があって 嬉しくなりました😊 . . . . #小顔製作所 #小顔矯正 #小顔矯正東京 #骨盤矯正 #サロンモデル #サロモ #salonmodel #ファッション #ヘア #セミロング #美容 #メイク

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LA people. #Repost @dogmeetsfamily ・・・ 🆘🆘Little short stack Rocco needs a plan by the end of today. Adoption partners - you are his only hope! He is so wiggly, small, happy and friendly. It's so hard to believe that he harmed another dog like his owner claimed. He is only available to adoption partners and is a liability waiver dog. If you can help him rescues, please contact the Downey shelter as

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Vintage Fleece.. literally all I wear 🤷🏼‍♂️ I’ll call and make sure @mikeingrasci doesn’t wear the yellow into the office 😂 💛🚫

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A MaDamiss Moda @madamissmoda é uma loja online que nasceu com uma proposta voltada à mulher moderna que não abre mão do conforto, modéstia e tradição. @madamissmoda @madamissmoda @madamissmoda @madamissmoda Loja online - VAREJO Enviamos para todo o Brasil WhatsApp (11) 99106-1550 Depósito/Transferência e Cartão de crédito via PagSeguro SITE: www.madamiss.com.br 💙👗

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Agradecendo a deus e prontinho pra cantar muito em Niteroi RJ. 6º edição pagode do Arlindinho vai ser incrível na toca.