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Oh don't mind me, I'm just casually (and glamourously 🙅🏾‍♀️, swipe left) flaunting the latest foot and arm candy I've bagged on @loveshoeaholics 😎💃🏾 They're always on sale (it's like an outlet, packed with hidden gems, @stylemesunday found a pair of #StellaMcCartney and I'm still mad at her for that 🙄) but your homeslice got you an extra 20%. Use FREDDIE20 at checkout, code expires at midnight!! H

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The kind of PR the word "nursery" gets in our house as we wrap up week 2 🙈😂 (he now goes 2 days a week) Also, can someone have a word with #HugoHarrel and remind him he's not even 1 yet (next Friday 🙃) so this toddler look he's been working on lately is rather inappropriate, same goes with his dont-get-in-my-personal-space teenager attitude. We know you're busy, but we ordered a baby...can we have

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Thanks to everyone who came last night to our vagina talk sesh with @peanut and @eveappeal. We learned so much thanks to the GP and nurses from the wonderful charity, did you know there were 5 types of gynae cancers and every year, over 21,000 women are diagnosed with one of them? With the hilarious @mother_pukka and @michellekennedylon, we talked smear tests (get checked! Anything remotely weird

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A few weeks ago we talked about period pains and endometriosis on here and lots of you shared some tough personal stories, proving once again that there's too much taboo around our vajayjays 😑 So this evening, @michellekennedylon (founder of @peanut, the best app to meet fellow mamas) @mother_pukka, and I are asking the founder of @eveappeal (a gynae cancer charity) all the questions we usually so

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Genuinely grateful for all the love and support on my previous post, thank you all so much 🙏🏾❤️ In other news, and although I've clearly gone for a floral theme here, the olfactive atmosphere of our home is rather shitty 💩 he's finally on the mend but #HugoHarrel has been leaking his way through a rather nasty bug (you can't not make it graphic, I'm sorry). He's taken @tom_harrel down with him and

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Whilst on my personal journey and quest for confidence and happiness, I've desperately looked for “it”, my purpose. And it's really before your eyes that I've come to realise that “it” was all about self-becoming. Exploring oneself, committing to a lifelong relationship based on growth, and overcoming oneself. My journey didn't start on here though, when I introduce SHE Unleashed, I often say it's

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What's keeping me smiling, hopeful and tear free so far this month (November, you haven't played nice at all so far, but I know that you know that 🙃): these two ❤️ (and the season 2 of #Greenleaf 😎🙏🏾) #HugoHarrel

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SO SO excited to come hang with you this Saturday for my 3rd edition of @stylistlive (I’ve done them all, we family 😎🙏🏾) and this time I really have to pinch myself! I’ll be talking with @emmawillisofficial (I knoooow right) and @stylistmagazine Editor in chief @lisasmosarski about how we should raise our sons as feminists 💪🏾 And as you know I’ve pledged allegiance to giving my all to get a slice

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Whilst the standard code is to go out there and do the most, we're coasting by doing the bare minimum 😎💃🏾😁 (dress: @edit_thestore - shooting for @bighair_nocare 😍)

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Last night was too much fun! Kicked off the week hanging out with these amazing ladies for a @wearegettoknow panel 💃🏾 @daniellepeazer @katperriam (who I fell in love with cause she’s a productivity tools and apps nerd too and we’re not that many to think that apps stores count as shopping destinations too🙃) @clemmie_telford and I spoke social media strategy, building and expanding a personal brand

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We have this horrible piece of furniture stuck to the wall that we can’t get rid of so I’m trying to give it a little makeover à la Freddie 😎. We went to @homesense_ukie in Greenwhich and binged quite a bit to make the eye sore stop. They’re part of the @TKMaxx family so you can get fancy home stuff up to 60% off RRP (hence the binge) and we said makeover right?😅 Our MO is always to throw colours

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Guys we did it!!!!!! 🎉🎉 Milestone right here 👆🏾 but let’s not dwell on the fact that I scrapped my speech at 1am, went for something else and then forgot lots of it 😂 What we’ll remember though, is that I stormed in looking like James fucking Brown (and went 1,2,3,4 🎶 in my head before coming on stage 😂) and that’s a complete win in itself 🎉🎉 Thanks for all the encouragements, they helped sooooo m

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[Moaning + HIRING] I don’t currently look as regal (👋🏾 if you’re about that satin scarf life too) but my fists are as clenched 😅 @tedxbrighton is tomorrow and I haven’t quite got my speech (apparently you can learn a speech in 60mns thanks to the #MindPalace technique 😎 so we’ll wing it and just do that 😜) because of all the symptoms we discussed last week (seeing someone this morning 🎉 will updat

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[Business chat] This weeks is a bit bonkers. I’m shitting my pants because I’m doing the @tedxbrighton this Friday, the theme is society’s search for utopia and I’m talking about self-becoming (I’m nowhere near ready nor will I be😅 but we’ll pretend 🙌🏾👊🏾), I also have to create some content, put some cool outfits together, work on deliverables for brand collaborations; whilst racking my brain to f

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Let me pose next to our two new cushy friends before Hugo covers them in Hugo trail ™ (it is a thing, so we’re trademarking it) 😂 I’m so ready for this autumn, the cold but sunny days, the cosy cups of tea, and you can’t feel guilty for not leaving the house and staying in your PJs 😜. We’re getting the place more autumn appropriate and Netflix-binging friendly – or any excuse to get new cushions c

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You know this feeling when you wake up feeling embarrassed cause you might have had too much fun and probably talked too much last night? This is me right now 😅 Taking part in the #HabitatOfficeGossip panel with some of my ultimate faves @erica_davies @thefrugality & @harri.grace as a host, was TOO much fun! Thanks for everyone who came down 🙏🏾 For those who missed it, we chatted starting your ow

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Picked a grinny photo to light up this grey morning but actually wanted to get your thoughts/stories on #endometriosis 😵 (it’s about blood and period, those who think it’s TMI can get the outfit details by tapping on the photo 😂 while the rest of us can chat fleshy flows 💃🏾 ) Since my period came back (after a year off 🎉) it’s been getting worse and worse, can’t describe the pain! Back, thighs, s

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The best advice I’ve been given as a new mum was “take one day at a time”. It was very early on, probably one of the first ones and it’s become a mantra that helps me through tough days. Aside feeling extremely grateful, I also remember how overwhelmed and lost I felt at first, I was always sore, tired, alone for hours on end in a country where I barely knew anyone and with a baby who would random

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Stepping through the weekend grinning like the hunter I am 😎 Last #SelfCareFriday meant I took a quick trip to @tkmaxx and found one of my lust list designer label coats for £179 instead of £560 🎉 - they have a load of designer coats in store and online at the moment, I found mine in the Charing Cross store, but don't show me what you find cause I get FOMO all the time 🙈😅 #tkmaxx #ad

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On any other given night we would have been in our PJs by 8pm, in bed having “dinner” (pizza or any microwaveable meal, preferably beige. Although we also produce the odd salad on days when the guilt of not being responsible adults creeps in more than the usual) binging on Suits but last night we still had our jeans and blusher on came 9pm (minus one earring but we’re getting there), because Googl

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Mumsy skirts, mumsy shirts, mumsy socks maybe ?? There's no such thing as Mumsy style 😜 I've been a mother, a Maman to be precise 🇫🇷, for 10 months but before that I had been riding solo for 29 years! Yet it feels like the second you become a mother, you're expected to completely rebrand yourself into this righteous model of perfection. And it's not just about your parental skills but very much ab

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What an amazing weekend it's been so far 🎉 Starting with @redmagazine #smartwomenweek - really loved talking fashion, solo careers, confidence and smothering our inner a-holes 😎 Thank you so much @statredmag for having me and making me feel special, and for everyone else who kindly laughed at my jokes 😂! As for this dress of DREAMS, those of you who follow my babbling on Stories will recognize th

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[SALE + SHOP CLOSURE] Guys! What a summer it's been in our little pink @bighair_nocare haven in @popbrixton 🎉😍 but we're wrapping up this Sunday!!! And to celebrate we're having a • 20% SALE • on all our @bighair_nocare products in store AND online too ( - lots of tutorials on there, and we're answering all the questions you might have in the FAQ) 🎉 And if you've never been to the

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Can't get over my new friend Trevor 😍🙌🏾 (bags are boys, right? And this one looks like a Trevor, doesn't it? 😂) 🍁🍁🍁

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If the leaves are turning brown then so are we 😏😎🍂

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I remember how excited I was when @chimimanda_adichie became the face of @No7uk so it’s a huge honour and milestone for me to (almost 😅) follow in her footsteps and to be part of the #No7Ready campaign alongside super doers @dresslikeamum and @monicaaksamit 😍🙌🏾🎉 Makeup is everywhere on social media these days, new products, new techniques - nothing like it used to be when we were growing up,which

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This squishy little creature spent the night pinching and punching me in the face but somehow woke up even more smoochable 😮😍 we need this snotty nose of his to dry up so he can move back to his quarters and punch away at his little stuffed friends as he pleases - they never seem to mind 😅(or they do but their mouths are sewn shut so we'll never know and will assume they enjoy it 😜) Good luck to a

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"Work Hard, Play Hard & Be Kind" @birchboxuk & @oliverbonas’ mantra of the month 💪🏾, I had so much fun hosting a #SheUnleashed Workshop with them 2 weeks ago! I’m telling you more about mantras, self-care, and what their mantra means to me on the blog (link in the bio) just in time to start this new week with the right attitude 😎 – see you on there 😍❤️ #BirchboxUK

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#HugoHarrel finally joined the two-digits gang by turning 10 months, @mdown23 got involved and turned 31 so we're out drinking gallons of red wine and eating the biggest Yorkshire puddings ever known to mankind 🎉💃🏾 - in case you were wondering why I was grinning, oh and this bag makes me super happy too but the photo doesn't do it justice 😏

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I must admit, from the first time we gave him his first bath I knew I’d struggle with it 😂 Too scared to drop him, or to drown him (holla if you can relate – don’t make me feel lonely 🙃฀), he used to hate it anyway so I didn’t want to be the one putting him off water! Tom is our Global Head of Bathtime in our house, but now that he’s much bigger (and the he can hold his head himself.. ฀), and with

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Lace out, cheeks high, hair down - are we doing Saturday or nah? 🎉 Well nah, since @tom_harrel made me pancakes and I'm about to tuck in some #Netflix, thinking of trying The Good Place, any other suggestions? I can't do #GoT and all that jazz cause 10 years of cliffhangers could be lethal to a drama queen like me, plus I have commitment issues 😐🙃😏

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I was thinking about moving my desk to this corner but I guess I'll have to ask the current tenant first - does he look like the compliant type to you? 😂 In other news I'm also quite smug that we've probably found the least ugly kids enclosure and foam mats, they're still messing up our feng shui situ but at least we can go the to toilet without coming back to a bruised dinner-table-climbing baby

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정말 대박사건... 나무와 벽돌이 아직도 건재할 뿐 아니라 빵을 더 잘만들게 된 것 같다. 요즘 서울 곳곳에 폼은 있는대로 잡고 기물발만 세우는 빵집들에 지쳐있었는데 오랜만에 정말 제.대.로. 만든 갈레뜨와 까늘레를 만남... 한 입 베어 문 순간 그동안 포기하고 대충 입에 넣었던 수많은 갈레뜨와 까늘레 생각에 엄청 억울해짐.... 샌드위치로 유명했고 한동안 좋은 치즈와 발효빵 사용으로 이름을 날리던 나무와 벽돌 이제는 제과쪽도 평정할 기세다. 모양, 향, 씹는순간의 느낌, 너무너무 맛있다! #나무와벽돌 #우리동네애도있었으면 #홍신애단골집 #까늘레 #갈레뜨

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Apa yang dilakukan Haji Isam sungguh inspiratif. Ia membuka restoran khusus untuk kaum fakir miskin. Makanan yang disedikan pun dari bahan-bahan terbaik. Berbeda dengan restoran pada umumnya, restoran milik Haji Isam (56), warga keturunan Irak berkewarganegaraan Australia tersebut, hanya dibuka setiap Jumat pukul 12.00 wib hingga sore hari. . Kaum fakir miskin yang datang tidak dipungut biaya apap

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PROMOSI CLEAR STOCK !!! . READY STOCK SAHAJA !!! . BAYAR HARI INI ESOK DAH POS !!! . GAMBAR ➡ . VIDEO ➡@maulana.gadget.videos . 1. Iphone 7 = RM 300 Warna : Gold / Rose / Black / Red . 2. Iphone 8 Plus = RM 390 Warna : Gold / Black / White . 3. Iphone 7 Plus = RM 400 Warna : Gold / Rose / Black / Red . 4. Iphone X = RM 480 Warna : Couper Gold / Jed Black . 5. Ipad Pro = RM

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100 yılın diyetleri serisinde sıra Karatay Diyeti'nde🧐 #karatay #karataydiyeti #diyet #diyetkolik Bugüne kadar birçok diyet modeli konuşuldu, tartışıldı. Dönem dönem bazı diyetler moda oldu, binlerce kişiyi peşinden sürükledi. 🙌İşte bu diyetlerden biri, belki de bugüne kadar en çok tartışılanı🙌… 🥩Bu diyet modelinin yasakladığı belirli besin grupları bulunuyor. Bunlardan en önemlisi karbonhidratlar

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Basking in God's goodness. 😍😍. 📸: @disctinctbrand If you want to have a skin like mine, a skin like living marble 😁 run to @clarindablondeskincare we don't joke when we say that this will be your last Bustop. @clarindablondeskincare @clarindablondeskincare @clarindablondeskincare

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Замечательная новость! У прекрасной четы Ероко Бишера и Симазы родилась девочка👼🏻 Пусть растёт принцесса Гупсочка здоровой, красивой и счастливой!🙏🏻 Псэ быдэ ц1ык1у Тхьэм фхуищ1! #рождениеребенка #рождениекрасавицы

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FOLLOW : @kimclassicwear @kimclassicwear @kimclassicwear kwa pamba kali za kijanja kike na za kiume. . . Hakikisha Leo UmeFollow page yao @kimclassicwear : Ili uweze kujishindia mazawadi mengi ya mwisho wa mwaka huu.

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Tugas utama Analisis Gender adalah memberi makna, konsepsi, asumsi, ideologi dan praktik hubungan antara kaum perempuan dan laki-laki serta implikasinya terhadap aspek-aspek kehidupan lainnya yang lebih luas. ㅤㅤ Oleh karena itu, dalam perspektif gender, tranformasi sosial sesungguhnya merupakan proses dekontruksi peran gender dalam seluruh aspek kehidupan di mana terefleksi perbedaan-perbedaan ge

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🎂 은두부님 생일 츄카드리려고 목포출동❤ 만수무강하십쇼 😎 . . . #생일축하#해피벌스데이#목포#목포는항구다 #목포여행 #목포맛집#셀피#셀카#일상#친스타그램

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NEW ARRIVAL!! the world's smallest folding stroller "Cocolatte Pockit 789 vs Cocolatte Pockit 839" • *swipe for more details😊 • "Cocolatte Pockit 839 Recline". Fitur : 1. Rangka yang ringan. 2. Easy and fast folding (mudah cara melipatnya). 3. Super quick unfold (cara membuka stroller yang sangat cepat). 4. Durable and stylish denim fashion (tahan lama dan model yang keren). 5. Ukuran lipat yang k

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Apabila kulit tidak dihidratkan sebaiknya, tak kisahlah untuk yg muda atau berusia, garis halus dan kedutan akan kelihatan lebih ketara disamping tanda tanda lain yg mnunjukkan kulit tdk seimbang. . Semua orang walaupon yg mempunyai kulit berminyak perlu menggunakan produk yg dirumus bkn sahaja untuk menambah lembapan tapi turu mbntu kulit mengekalkan lembapan yg berharga itu! 😍😍😍 . Nak belajar le