Bubblebecca Pugs - Becca Drake @bubblebeccapugs on Instagram photo February 20

Hello #instafamily we just want to say hi and to tell you all we are all rescues that have joined The #bubblebeccapugs in the last 12 months. We love it here and want to thankyou for our neckerchief’s from our #wishlist and introduce ourselves properly 👋🏼😃 from left to right Scooby, Elvis no.2, Elvis no.1, Eric, Ernie & Romeo ❤️ Becca relies on all your support, much love to you all. If you want t

Bubblebecca Pugs - Becca Drake @bubblebeccapugs on Instagram photo February 19

Goodnight and sweet dreams, and blowing a huge kiss to Gramps my angel in heaven, miss you big guy . Since you left new furry friends have arrived and my rescue mission continues......you were one of the first and I hope you know when you passed you took a piece of my heart with you. Hoping your proud that I carry on helping other pugs in need and that one day I’ll get to hold you again 💕 if you w

Bubblebecca Pugs - Becca Drake @bubblebeccapugs on Instagram photo February 19

Hi 👋🏼 I don’t know if you all know me yet but I’ve been here 3 weeks and my names Scooby . I love to play and have fun with all my mates but I’m a good boy and I’m learning the ropes quickly . I like it here and I especially love to have a snuggle with Becca before bedtime when I squish up with all The Grumble and sleep for a solid 8 hours. ❤️🤗 I’m only a baby even though I’m a big boy and my firs

Bubblebecca Pugs - Becca Drake @bubblebeccapugs on Instagram photo February 16

This is how she rolls these days 💕 living in that field with nothing to her name is a distant memory, she’s been with me nearly 5 weeks and my goodness shes a new dog. Happier, healthier, loved, spoiled, warm, cosy and protected. My word how she loves me and how I love her. She’s my baby , thanks to everyone who helps her out on the road to being 100% healthy. She is having some on going treatment

Bubblebecca Pugs - Becca Drake @bubblebeccapugs on Instagram photo February 14

So Nana Fatima is going to start on a special chemotherapy drug to try and stop the mast cell disease she has . This all started in 2012 but as she gets older more tumours are appearing. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. She’s very happy and tough and gets on with life so we are hoping that after speaking with the top animal oncologist in the country that the treatment path we have cho

Bubblebecca Pugs - Becca Drake @bubblebeccapugs on Instagram photo February 12

Pandora update 💕 1 week post op and my vet is very pleased with her progress. She’s had some more of the special steroid drops in her ears that are long lasting and will hopefully help to heal the long term neglect . Her mouth is healing well and everything else is to. Considering the horrible state she came to me in this little girl has totally changed into a new dog and I have you all to thank w

Bubblebecca Pugs - Becca Drake @bubblebeccapugs on Instagram photo February 9

This little guy is so needy , but he’s getting better slowly. Again he needs dental work, he needs neutering and just a whole load of love and reassurance. He’s been here 2 weeks and things are going in the right direction. Vets next week to make a plan. I’m so lucky to have such a great vet that I trust implicitly. Just so happy to be able to help him out . Much love to you all for your continue

Bubblebecca Pugs - Becca Drake @bubblebeccapugs on Instagram photo February 8

Ronnie the rescue absolutely loves his special orthopaedic memory foam bed sent by one of our followers. It’s fabulous for his senior joints. I rescued Ron 3 years ago when his owners said he couldn’t really walk.....no he couldn’t he was obese. He now weighs half of what he did then and trots around quite happily and even comes to the woods and enjoys a stroll in the countryside. Having a pug too

Bubblebecca Pugs - Becca Drake @bubblebeccapugs on Instagram photo February 6

Hey everyone Pandora is recovering so well, what a brave girl she is . Thanks to our lovely follower who sent her this jumper it so warm and cosy , also to the person who sent her @lilyskitchenpetfood special recovery diet . After years of neglect this little girl deserves and will get the very best of everything 💖 follow the links in my bio to help and support the Grumble ☺️ #pug #pugs #puppy #pu

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Jajanan Makassar @jajanan_makassar on Instagram photo February 22
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Pernah punya pengalaman mau pesan makanan tapi ongkirnya lebih mahal dari harga makanannya? Di Grab Food kamu tidak akan menemukannya, karena delivery feenya super murah! @GrabFoodID bikin urusan makan jadi lebih #PraktisTanpaMiris, kamu masih bisa duduk manis, sambil eksis ikutan kuis. Yup, kuis Grab Challenge masih berlanjut nih dan minggu ini adalah edisi terakhir. Jadi buat kamu yang belum i

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เสื้อแฟชั่นคอวีหน้า ทรงสวย ใส่แล้วชิค สุดๆ ต้องตัวนี้เลย ผลิตจากผ้า Salaf 100%เนื้ออย่าง ใส่แล้วพริ้ว นิ่ม ห้ามพลาดเชียวน่าาาา รอบ/อก 52" รอบชายเสื้อกว้าง/52" ความยาว/27" ❌ราคา 360฿ ส่งฟรี❌

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سرویس خواب سلطنتی مدل « مینو » ________________________________________________________ مشخصات : .................................. سایز : ۲۰۰×۱۸۰ جنس چوب : توسکا + نارون منبت : دستی + Cnc پاتختی : دارد آینه: دارد رنگ‌ : صدفی استخوانی ________________________________________________________ قیمت : .................................. ۳،۶۰۰،۰۰۰ ____________________________________________________

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104.🔥СНИЖЕНИЕ ЦЕНЫ🔥 Норковая шуба с капюшоном из куницы Новая✔ Длина 💯 Размер 46-48 рос Норка в цвете Соболь Смотрится 🔥 Цена 105.000₽💥

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เสื้อฮาวาย แฟชั่น ทรงสวย ใส่แล้วสวยเก๋น่ารักม๊าก ผลิตจากผ้า Spun 100% เนื้ออย่างดี นิ่ม พริ้วสวยสุดดด ห้ามพลาดเชียวน่าาาา รอบ/อก. 44" ความยาว/25.5" ❌ราคา 320฿ ส่งฟรี❌

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T O Y I N 😁😁😁😁 But you know I Love You wahala e kan po no ni. I celebrate You and that Special Grace of God on your Life. You will go far and enjoy Grace to the fullest. Oloun o de ni fi e sile. Woli Arole kan Bai. @officialarole @asiricomedy said it all. If I don't know anything about you I know that prayerful part of you and that tells me you will go far, Nothing can stop you. #RareSpecie

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Пока филологи спорят о том, актуальны ли сегодня печатные версии книг, фотокниги становятся глобальным трендом: в этом году в Россию приезжал Алекс Боккето, чтобы провести мастер-класс по созданию нишевых фотокниг в Центре фотографии имени братьев Люмьер. Крупнейшая компания по дизайну и изготовлению фотокниг «Фотодом» помогала российским фотографам создавать уникальные авторские фотокниги задолго

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И коротенький мастер-класс с пластилином E.Mi, как и обещала 😉 Выпустили в универсальном белом цвете 👌 Чтобы получить оттенки, просто намешайте нужные с EMPASTA, пропорции можно посмотреть в stories 👍 ... Для лепки использовала: 🔹пластилин E.Mi и EMPASTA "Шокирующий розовый" и "Коралловый кварц", 🔹для бусинок Gemty Gel Рубин и Жемчуг, 🔹TEXTONE "Серебряный". ... При лепке не забывайте обезжиривать

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#مشاركة_عطرة↙ : @lnosha_al_mhammadawi « للاشتراك في قناة البيج ﴿التراث الباسمي﴾ بالتليكرام↯ : الرابط في البايو https://t.me/alhashedbk alhashedbk : المعرف » . . . _ » ﴿#اللهم_عجل_لوليك_الفرج﴾ ﴿#الحشد_الباسمي ﴾ ﴿ #باسم_الكربلائي ﴾ ﴿#ويبقى_الحسين﴾ ﴿#هيهات_منا_الذلة﴾ ﴿#يا_حسين﴾ ﴿#شيعة﴾ ﴿#موالين﴾﴿#تصاميمكم﴾ ﴿#تصميم﴾ ﴿#تصاميم﴾ ﴿#تصميمك﴾ ﴿#مصمم﴾ ﴿#ابداع﴾ ﴿#فن_التصميم﴾ ﴿#جميل﴾ ﴿#روووعه﴾﴿#مخطوطة﴾ ﴿#م

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두근두근 😚❤️ 점점 내가 좋아하는 계절이 온드아 🌹💐🌷🌿🌸🍃

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You do not get better on the days you feel like going. You get better on the days when you do not want to go, but you go anyways. If you can overcome the negative energy coming from your tired mind, you will grow and become better. It will not be the best workout you have l, you will not accomplish as much as you want to when you actually feel good, but it does not matter. Growth is a little long

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На странице @muslim_market.kg вы найдёте много интересного и полезного для маленьких мусульман и их родителей!

aisyah @aisyahaqilahh on Instagram photo February 22
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Hallo Jakarta.. It’s good news for you !! Mau ketemu aku, @ariirhamm, dan @nrazka ? Aku dan @its3second bakal ngadain Visit 3Second Store di kota Jakarta nih. Ada hadiah video recorder dan goodie bag juga loh buat 3 orang yg beruntung. Yuk cek postingan @its3second sekarang yaa buat jadwal lengkapnya . See you there ! :)

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🔥🔥Hot!!! 🔥Продажа Виллы на пляже Банг Тао!!🔥🔥Цена снижена на 130 000$!!!🔥 Просторная 3 спальная вилла вблизи Laguna Phuket 🔥Стоимость: 571 800$* (17,9 млн Бат)🔥 Площадь виллы: 740 м2 Спальные комнаты: 3 Ванные комнаты: 4 Расстояние до пляжа: 3 км Вилла находится охраняемом комплексе по соседству с самым престижным  районом Пхукета – Лагуна. Вилла располагает 3 спальными комнатами, просторной гост

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как же круто они сочетаются и с джинсами и с вечерними нарядами😍✨ 📍предоплата 50% 📍доставим в течении 15дней #туфлинаtaokg ——•——•——•—— Под заказ. Размеры с 33 по 41. Каблук 5 и 7см 🔸артикул:555821029486 🔸цена:1500(с учётом всех доставок) ——•——•——•—— 🐾Бишкек,ТЦ "VESNA",3-этаж,19бутик 📲0555690866 📩вотсапп +996 (709)690866 🕛с 10:00 до 18:00 💃воскресенье-выходной 🐾Ош,ул. Курманжан -Датка 151,ориентир: