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Movie Recommendation: "Night of the Hunter" - one of the most unsettling, beautiful and intense films I have ever seen. It is currently restored and available at @criterioncollection. The special features are amazing, highly recommend watching them. Very interesting footage of the director working with his actors. This film is for anyone who wants to expand their cinematic experience, this class

Micheline Pitt @michelinepitt on Instagram photo February 19

I have been asked a lot how my tattoo removal is going, and it is still a process. I have had over 6 treatments, I think this is #7 or #8. Still bruised and light scabbing from my treatment last week. Some ink changed colors with the laser making it a little harder to remove but are breaking down slowly. Being young and making regrettable choices sure costs a lot of money and pain down the road.

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Photos I have far forgotten, wearing @anastasiabeverlyhills American Doll Liquid Lipstick, still one of my favorite red liquid lipstick colors. I LOVE their products, I may be a bit partial because I adore @norvina so much and they are also Romanian like myself. My brows will live and die by their fabulous brow products. Wearing longline Bra/Shaper from @whatkatiediduk, with vintage hoop earring

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Nothing like digging out old drawings from when I was a kid. I was 12 and I had no real art supplies just mechanical pencils or #2 pencils and my finger and then I would roll up paper to make a smudger. No light boxes or tracing, just drawing from old monster magazines and books. *this was before computers for me kids. All I drew was monsters, and girls. I use to do hyper realistic art, I have n

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How I spend most of my days running around Downtown LA for production. No makeup, beanie, slicked down hair and glasses. Apparently I am getting blinder by the minute, and have to wear these to drive now. Combat boots in toe with either sweat pants of jeans. Not always the glamour-puss that everyone sees so much online. I can be as low maintenance as possible most days. ✌️ #hustle #nomakeup #down

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Facing the facts that things are changing and it is terrifying. I am sharing this for those to hopefully share, ICE just detained 60 factory sewers by my friends place in Downtown LA. This is happening in several places across the United States right now. I have spent the better part of my life working with "immigrants" undocumented and documented and this entire situation is revolting. Some of

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Tons of restocked styles hit this week along with new product releases at @vixen_by_micheline_pitt. We are also having a site-wide sale, so use code: TREATYOSELF at check out and save 15% on your entire order! *Expect slight shipping delays due to sale. Photo by: @sparklelux Model: @lebanke Hair by: @hairstylingbymelissa Makeup by: @michelinepitt & @missvintagelady 💕 #blackgirlmagic #blackpinup #

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Been keeping this SUPER SECRET since last year. There will be a Micheline Pitt Monster print and some fab t-shirts, however this was one of the many things I have been hinting at. I have been collecting and wearing @bencoopercostumes since I was a kid. So many artists have been inspired by their line and have made products similar to theirs but this will be the FIRST time officially licensed clo

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Just another little reminder! 💕🤗 Happy to announce I will be returning to @viva.las.vegas.vlv this April! I am doing a casual meet and greet at the @uniquevintage booth from 2 pm - 4 pm. The first 100 attendees to come see me will be gifted with @vixen_by_micheline_pitt lapel pin of their choice! @uniquevintage will have a large selection on @vixen_by_micheline_pitt products for sale along with

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One of my favorite humans and artists is on Instagram! If you love @therickbaker work as much as I do go give him a follow. He will be posting and sharing some of his amazing projects he has been working on. My personal favorite is this little guy made out paper.... not joking he made this out of paper. 💕 #rickbaker #specialfx #artist #artistsofinstagram #nosferatu

Micheline Pitt @michelinepitt on Instagram photo February 10

I got the coolest message from a gal on Instagram who is doing a really cool project with her daughter in celebration of #BlackHistoryMonth. I think this is such an interesting way to not only educate your kids but also others. The more our youth learns about trail blazing individuals through out history the more they will aspire to become one. "Day 5. Ida B Wells was a journalist, newspaper edit

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🍕Пицца 🍣Суши 🍝Лапша Wok 🚘Доставка ☎724-724 ☎25-71-71 @ykt_pizza

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Juste fan 💛 de cette photo ✨ Mathilde @lespetitsbohemes et notre jupon porté version top bustier🌴🌴🌴 nous transporte en été 🌸🌞🌸

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Slide the pic to your left..(just trying the new feature) My first photoshoot... With the amazing @amit_agarwal25 and @princetuhinphotography .. Always wanted to do a photoshoot so just did it for fun🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻 Even you should try it once.. #rahulshetty#choreogrpaher#thought#photography#photoshoot#2017#myyear#godisgreat

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Kalau lagi bete, apalagi kalau lagi kangen sama Alita pas lagi kerja, nonton video-videonya langsung semangat lg. Apalg liat ekspresi kamu yang gemesin dek 😍 ___ I miss you Alita. So much. ___ Lg sedih juga karena Alita lagi alergi. Mukanya merah-merah. Sepertinya ada yg mommy makan yg buat Alita jd alergi :( Jd ga tega huhu.. sekarang harus stop semua yg dimakan minggu ini kemudian harus proses

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Сдам в аренду на долгий срок Nissan sunny 1.5 коробка в отличном состоянии цена за сутки 750 рублей обращаться по телефону 89084413499 вотсап @ivan_koriakin. ➖ 🔧Для публикации ваших объявлений на нашей странице: ▫присылайте в direct. - фото товара - описание - цена - номер телефона - @ник в instagram"e. ➖ 🔺Сообщение без указания ника и номера телефона не публикуются! 🔹 Публикация в порядке очере

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#admin👉@isaac_hamdi ‏#amman #jordan #dubai #kwt #ksa #نكت #lebanon #هاشتاق #syria #iraq #الاردن#عمان #دبي #ابوظبي #فلسطين#المغرب#لبنان #العراق #سوريا #الكويت #السعوديه #مصر #البحرين #الجزائر #تونس #فرفشه #شورما #فاشن #فاشنستا

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Ph Me Myself and I Style @alisa_gagarina Model @myrtle_kottur Фото сделано на МК Алисы для стилистов в лаборатории стиля DressLab!

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Akhirnya sudah dtg orderan aku dr @coco_thierry gluta celena mu kana dengan 16,000mg gluta + vitamin C ukuran nano molecules sekecil sel tubuh buat kulit putih kilat dengan cepat permanen, 7-8 tingkat lebih putih. Celena sudah fda,gmp dan halal loh. . . Handled by @iconic_sister

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New!! กางเกงยีนส์ขายยาว ผ่าหน้าแต่งชายลุ่ยๆเซอร์ๆ เอวสูง ทรงสวยเป๊ะมากค่ะ (แบบคุณขวัญ ใส่เลยค่ะ) Size: S เอว24-25" สะโพก35" M เอว26-27" สะโพก36-37" L เอว28-29" สะโพก38-39" ยาว38" Price: 760 ส่งลงทะเบียน

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haven't been very active on IG lately. spent most of my time catching up with friends when schedules aligned. also, am working hard on updating my blog for y'all ✨

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Jill McDonald The Pirates' Tale Detail from her 1970 Picture Puffin the text of which was submitted as a competition to Puffin Post by four and a half year old Janet Aitchison. Jill McDonald was in the in-house illustrator at Puffin and turned the story into a book. It held the Guinness Book of Record for the youngest author to have been published by a mainstream publisher. Jill McDonald's astonis

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SLED DOGS финалист премии ISPO BRANDNEW 2017 🏆👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🎉🎉🎉 А это значит что мировое сообщество зимних видов спорта по достоинству оценило нас. Встречаем скоро на всех курортах мира! 😎🤘🏼🐺🔥🔥🔥 #sleddogs #ispo2017 #brandnew #Almaty #Kazakhstan #moscow #sochi #Russia #Алматы #Казахстан #Кыргыстан #Россия #snowskates #sleddogsmood