Micheline Pitt @michelinepitt on Instagram photo March 26

Drinking Game while watching Lost Boys.... bunch of dorks. Drink when the two Corey's are on screen together. Drink when there is a vampire lore that they apply. Drink when Corey does his hmpf noise. There could have been more but we would have gotten hammered. 😂 #lostboys #palmsprings

Micheline Pitt @michelinepitt on Instagram photo March 26

I am hustling to finish my sculpture and have it molded, cast, and painted .... I will do it 😬. When it is done it will be displayed at @Monsterpalooza in the museum in TWO WEEKS. There are FANTASTIC panels and demos going on during the weekend! Make sure you follow @monsterpaloozaofficial to see all the amazing things going on! 💀 #monsterpalooza #makingmonsters #theartofmonsters #moviemagic

Micheline Pitt @michelinepitt on Instagram photo March 23

She is getting there slowly. Tomorrow is hair and more wrinkle studies. Gotta get those eyelids PROPER. I still can not believe this is my first sculpture. @don_lanning is a FANTASTIC teacher and I highly recommend investing in a class. I will be back in 6 months after more practice to see what else I can gain from his vast knowledge and expertise. 💀 #michelinepitt #monstermaker #makeupfx #creatu

Micheline Pitt @michelinepitt on Instagram photo March 22

Rolling to @viva.las.vegas.vlv with @uniquevintage on Saturday during the carshow! They will have select @vixen_by_micheline_pitt and @bad_girl_denim items. I will be at the booth from 2 pm - 4 pm. Are we there yet? 🎲🌴We're rolling to #VLV20 this year in style & we're hitching a ride with some friends... right @michelinepitt? 😘 Stay tuned + tap the link in bio to shop the collection. #uniquevint

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When the work will not get itself done. Burning he candles from both ends, got the @vixen_by_micheline_pitt wholesale catalog done for Spring/Summer. I announced these prints months ago in my Vixen's Salon group on Facebook and teased sketches, now here is an official sneak peek! Just updated my order sheet and then I send out the newsletter! If you don't get the newsletter tomorrow or want to c

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My love goes out to Liz tonight for the loss of her wonderful husband #BernieWrightson. We lost one of the most amazing artists to ever work in film and comics. He was one of the sweetest, sincere and wonderful artists I have ever met. He had an infectious sense of humor and the most wonderful bushy eyebrows. His wife Liz supported and loved him more than anyone I have ever met, she was truly mag

Micheline Pitt @michelinepitt on Instagram photo March 18

Happy to have my other half home, just snagged him from LAX late last night. Today we are spending the entire day together before we both dive back into mountains of work tomorrow. 💕

Micheline Pitt @michelinepitt on Instagram photo March 17

Okay here it is, my review promise no spoilers! First and foremost let go of whatever issues you have and go see @beautyandthebeast. I have not laughed or teared up this much in a Disney film possibly ever. It is actually quite hilarious especially to us HARDCORE fans of the original animated film. The sets are beautiful, the film looks amazing, great shots, and the opening sequence was a pleasa

Micheline Pitt @michelinepitt on Instagram photo March 17

Wearing @juliehewett Coco Noir lipstick for the first time, oooo is it beautiful. Perfect red carpet red. Headed to @elcapitanthtre to see a special screening of @beautyandthebeast with @hairstylingbymelissa. Wearing my favorite princess color tonight just for her. Dress from @nastygal. Gold hoops from @vixen_by_micheline_pitt. ✨ #michelinepitt #beautyandthebeast #belle #taleasoldastime

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Just dropped the pockets from @bad_girl_denim with my favorite girls in the whole world at @deluxescreenprinting. Hands down my favorite place to get my stuff done at in all of LA, highly recommend using them! @bad_girl_denim is officially in sewing and will be shipping out early April, we will be unveiling the line during @viva.las.vegas.vlv at @uniquevintage booth during the carshow! They will

Micheline Pitt @michelinepitt on Instagram photo March 14

I may be letting the cat out of the bag, or better yet, letting the ball gag out of the mouth. @deerarrow x @vixen_by_micheline_pitt collab is coming. LIMITED EDITION brooches based on the new "Frisky Fetish" novelty print. These will be designs not offered as lapel pins. More details on the launch soon! Until then make sure you follow both accounts so you can snag yours when they drop! 💕 #vixen

Micheline Pitt @michelinepitt on Instagram photo March 14

SUPER PROUD of my babe @lynhhaaga hubby @trent_haaga on his latest project #68Kills. Saw a rough cut this year and I knew he would kill it at @sxsw! Not sure where it will end up being released yet, but I promise it is one HELL of a wild ride. 🔥🔥🔥 #trenthaaga #68kills #sxsw #pinkflipflops

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😂 thanks for telling everyone my secret @lind.slaaay 🙄 ・・・ Ever wonder how @builtbydylan gets those *chiseled* abs? By training with me of course! 💁🏽🔥 Some of our fav core exercises: 🔹Tuck raises w/ twist (to hit those obliques) 🔹L-sit pop outs 🔹Windshield wipers 🔹Upside-down deadlift 🔹Flutter kicks ft. Dylan's theme song 🎶😂 #sunsoutabsout #girllookatthatbody 🎥 @muscle_up_mike 👖 @strongliftwear @

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Little clip of a video I made for my patrons 💗 thank you guys for your continuing love and support through everything recently! Full video available in Dropbox now 💗 Patreon.com/ivytenebrae

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LIFE HACK: keep a picture of "Julius" in your wallet so you won't be tempted to spend money on dumb Sh**

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New Balance коллекция 2017 в наличии👍🔥 Кожа,качество люкс Стоимость:3500 ❤️АКЦИЯ!!!🙈 При покупке кроссовок и/или джинс дарим футболку😋🔥👍 Кроссовочки в наличии на Невском 108😽 Уточняйте размеры!Если вашего размера нет,мы привезём его через 1-2 дня👍 #кроссовкиспб #кроссовки #красотки #selfie #красотавокругнас #кроссы #ньюбаланс #ньюбэланс #кроссовкиnike #кроссовкиadidas #кроссовкиnikeairmax #кроссо

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Gracias a la gente linda de #izonesolutions por ponerme mi computadora set y todos mis equipos. Excelente servicio. Trabajan la reparación, programación, desbloqueo y venta de equipos celulares, tabletas, consolas de juego y computadoras. Ademas de ofrecer un cómodo horario de lunes a sábado de 8:00am-7:00pm y domingos de 12:00-5:00pm. 💪🏻@izone_solutions

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Superior Lockdown. The Wolf Grey #Nike Kobe A.D. NXT drops in select stores Saturday. Full release Monday. Stores: footlocker.com/launch