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Instead of commemorating #martinlutherkingjr #Trump selfishly played golf at his #maralago estate on the tax payers dime. Well at least we can’t say he isn’t consistent at being a #racist #shithole. This country does not have a leader that can lead by example. Say what you want about past presidents, but at least they were able to give some basic sense of leadership and acknowledgment of the citiz

Rob @robisrael on Instagram photo January 15

Wrote this a few years back: Yesterday some bigot was telling my mother-in-law that it was Robert E Lee's birthday tomorrow. (It's not, I just looked it up, it's on Tuesday which is not the point, just want to make sure my facts were straight) my mother-in-law said no tomorrow is #martinlutherkingday I know the man was being a racist asshole. he is one small example that the #dream of #MLK has not

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Carfame —let’s talked about car Toyota Celica dari awak kemunculannya memang peruntukan balap, dari segi garis body, kaki-kaki, hingga mesin tampak Toyota mempersiapkan untuk para tuner-tuner bisa memodifikasinya. Seperti halnya yang dilakukan Giovanni pada Celica biru kesayangannya. Celica generasi ke-6 ini sudah lumayan mendapatkan banyak perubahan, terutama dari sektor mesin yang sudah diganti

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Double Tap 🖤 Owner | @dc2_omar ————————————————————— MUST FOLLOW 👉🏼 @QueensofJDM_ 👈🏼 ————————————————————— ➡️🔰 Use #KingsofJDM 🔰⬅️ ————————————————————— 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼Our Website 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼————————————————————— For car parts check @StageMotorsports ————————————————————— #jdm #jdmlife #lowlife #clean #wheels #stancenation #stance #fresh #turbo #simplyclean #illest #lownclean #justfreshwhips

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สินค้าฝากขาย📍 1.New คล้องมือ 2ซิปไซส์ L ใส่ ip8+ ได้คะ ใส่บัตรได้เยอะ #ลายC สีน้ำตาล สวยดูดี ฟังค์ชั่นใช้งานครบๆๆ 👍🏻👍🏻 COACH DOUBLE ZIP WALLET IN SIGNATURE F16109 ขนาด 8 1/2" (L) x 4 1/2" (H) #พร้อมส่ง ‼️ 2,250฿ ‼️ Free ems 2.anelloแท้ สีฟ้า ส่งต่อ‼️1,000฿‼️ลทบ.30//Ems 50฿ 3.Niike Air Max แท้ us7.5 ยาว 24.5cm คะ ส่งต่อเบาๆ‼️ 450฿‼️พร้อมกล่อง ส่ง ลทบ.40 //ems 60 #ทักมาพร้อมโอนภายใน3ชม.ส่งฟรีems

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Came such a long way since my 2nd sign I drew, Mizugameza! It was almost a full year ago~ Throwback to the shoot with Yosuke whose sign is also Aquarius! 🕴🏻✨ Still very thankful for working together on this one ~ 🖤

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Buenas y bendecida Noche, agradeciendo un día más y comprobando una vez más que todo lo que haces con amor regresa en mayor proporción con bendiciones, no llena tu ego sino tu corazón 💓 🙏😇🙌 #fe#amor#bendiciones#vivir #undiaalavez#confiar