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The end of a super joyful day. In 2010 @lesliebnew @lisabnew friends & founder of @verandamag suggested I start contributing to the magazine. I flew up to NYC to meet with then editor @dara_caponigro now creative director of @schumacher1889 I was extremely nervous, felt so out of my league & couldn't even figure out how to operate the @Hearst elevators until someone waived my badge in front of a

Danielle D Rollins @danielledrollins on Instagram photo April 26

When you meet a design crush & talk about a custom headboard for a favorite print happy & color loving client! @heatherlbarclay this post is for you! I can't wait to share the finished room one tired moment popping into the @johnrobshaw showroom at @americasmartatl to sit a spell started ❤️& now an entire house is being filled with joyful color & laters of patterns! #printhappy #layersandlayers

Danielle D Rollins @danielledrollins on Instagram photo April 26

A perfect first party in my new home celebrating @verandamag 30th anniversary ❤️ with a gorgeous blue & white, a lot of southern with a little bohemian vibe. #Repost @kmbrockman What a way to begin our 30th Anniversary celebration tonight in Atlanta! Thank you to our gracious host @danielledrollins #veranda30 #designadac @verandamag

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How does one combine super & supper OCD issues with a die hard Texan? A @biggreenegg in a rolling cart with a custom blue stain so it matches all the other parts of the home accessories & solves the neurotic twitch of the owner. I am obviously ready for summer. Painting would not have lasted and I couldn't look at stained wood which makes me cringe bc it is so fancy but not. The pollen is about al

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While I'm in my complete fluffing phase for a party coming up I covered a pair of chairs I had made but couldn't decide what to do with in this really beautiful @irvingandfine fabric I have always loved. Not that there was anything wrong with the other chairs that were there but I bought them when I lived in a dreadful apartment during an even more dreadful period of my life & every time I sat in

Danielle D Rollins @danielledrollins on Instagram photo April 15

What do you call the plant purchasing equivalent of your eyes being too big for your stomach? I found a pair of incredible matched ficus trees yesterday when I was looking for red geraniums (hello ADD) & im usually very good with scale but I would say this is a definite oops there! So my "If You Give Danielle a Matched Pair of Ficus Trees" adventure today. #adhdproblems #plantlover #sunroom #ficus

Danielle D Rollins @danielledrollins on Instagram photo April 15

Home ❤️home. I wasn't ready to leave Italy 🇮🇹 but waking up in my own bed after a much needed 12 hours of sleep was a reminder of how much I love my home! #homesweethome

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Ciao 🇮🇹🎁❤️arrivederci Italia loved every minute of my trip including a pop in to the @ladoublej pop up! #repost @danielledrollins is a true Southern Belle ❤️ steal her look, shop more added Lilium on the website ‼️

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That's amore! Cue the soundtracks... full moon over Venice. Last night of an INCREDIBLE trip & just counting every single blessing that all my struggles have actually led to this! When I decided to leave my now ex, I felt like my life would never be "normal" again. It hasn't and it isn't and the farther it veers, the more I am grateful. #dlntravelsitaly #veniceitaly #fullmoon #instatravel #i#trave

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This is what friends are for! An ashtray a day....#forthewalls #twodown #design #sortofmaybe #thankyou @catherinemaustindesigns @amandareynalinteriors 😎😎😎🇮🇹 #dlntravelsitaly (for those reading this thinking what the --- I collect souvenir ashtrays and hang them on the wall in a room in my house & sometimes it villages!)

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When you did your own make up and the make up artist is like biiiih take a pic 🙌🏽❤️

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Choker Pérolas R$ 139,90! COMPRE PELO LINK NO PERFIL! https://www.itstone.com.br/prod/2872/choker-perolas-negra

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News Flash.....when Southern people go out you get the trendy lumberjack look😂😂 you're welcome America....and let's see what you got Atlanta👍🏻🇺🇸

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Film : Cooties (2014) Bagi kalian yang request film zombie, ini adalah satunya, namun beda cerita film zombie yang satu ini juga dibumbui berbagai komedi, jadi tidak sepenuhnya menegangkan, namun juga lucu, uniknya dari film ini, mayoritas zombienya adalah anak-anak tingkat sekolah dasar, dan melibatkan banyak anak-anak SD, apakah anak-anak ini mampu berakting dengan baik? Dan uniknya jala

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When you give on jeans because it's so hot outside so you settle for weird pants that your mom once bought you. Cute > comfort for me but that's different for everyone 😂 also, this is me procrastinating from studying for my finals on Monday. Side note, my shoulders are getting so massive, I don't feel very feminine. I'm not even doing shoulders 😩 fack #fitfam #fitspo #fitnessaddict #fitspiration

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Check out these stunning swatches of the Full Face Bundle in It's Natural by @futilitiesmore! Go to her page to join her giveaway of four Makeup Geek Full Face Bundles (1 bundle per winner).

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Appreciate all y'all support💙🔥💙 keep sharing and making videos listening to my song! I'm reposting all! Get me to 1k before the night over 💙😈🙏🏾 #flexxsquad LETS GET IT🎯🚀