Danielle D Rollins @danielledrollins on Instagram photo June 26

Love this pic of fashion icon @iris.apfel with @lisahoughhome & @privatenewport #Repost @lisahoughhome 💙💙💙Nothing like Instagram bringing together four new friends who share a love of spontaneity, creativity and a good old fashioned garden party! Thank you to gracious @privatenewport and your Jonathan for a lovely Newport night! Onto the next....! #communityiseverything • • • #goodlifeguide #newpo

Danielle D Rollins @danielledrollins on Instagram photo June 26

If you're in the Newport area stop by and see me with my first big debut of my Summer Hostess Dresses, Skirts & Popovers tomorrow @ckbradley 10-7 (and even better cocktails are 5-7!) We have so many beautiful patterns & prints, available for immediate purchase, skirts ranging from size 4-14, popovers XS-XL & One Size Fits Almost All Dresses! #daniellerollinsstyle #summerstyle #summerhostess #soir

Danielle D Rollins @danielledrollins on Instagram photo June 24

I was lamenting in my rush to get 50 dresses & 100 skirts packed up I forgot my hat! Fortunately the shopping at @newportflower took care of that! New lampshades from @newportlampandshadecompany @hotelsilver_ltd for a few sparkles & a pair of waterproof Jodhpur boots. I didn't have money for my hats and the lovely lady said "oh take them & mail me a check when you get home" that's why I like comin

Danielle D Rollins @danielledrollins on Instagram photo June 24

Happy National PINK day! And what could be more fitting to debut new fabrics for my Fitzgerald Summer Hostess Skirt than The Newport Flower Show? #ootd💗 www.DanielleDRollins.com

Danielle D Rollins @danielledrollins on Instagram photo June 22

What I love about what I am doing with the capsule clothing collection I have done is embodied in this photo! Two friends who stopped in tonight to see me, who are not the same size, wearing the same dress. Both of them told me they would not look good in it. After I tied the sash, and they saw themselves in the mirror they both smiled, walked & moved differently then simultaneously saying I love

Danielle D Rollins @danielledrollins on Instagram photo June 21

@sarahdorio said smile with your eyes, so I did. Hit with a court notice, did a panic attack or two, put my lipstick back on & I am back. I'm like that blow up 🤡🤡🤡punching bag that was creepily popular when I was young. I get knocked over and I bounce right back up. The new Liberty Popover Julia Blouse, named in honor of one of my favorite all time, keep on going, if they say no who cares, life's

Danielle D Rollins @danielledrollins on Instagram photo June 21

Never a dull moment, shooting for Book II today with @sarahdorio 💙 the weather hasn't been exactly cooperative in our endeavors but we have gotten a lot of pretty shots. I go back & forth on a book, thinking yes I can, no I can't, yes I should, no I shouldn't, but then when I start shooting & see the photos I realize how much I love love love doing it. So I think if I can bust my little rear end t

Danielle D Rollins @danielledrollins on Instagram photo June 21

More patterns, more happiness. I am so appreciative to so many people who not only encouraged me to do this but literally pushed, poked, prodded, pulled & even helped me do the work because they beloved in me so much. It's scary to do something that risks exposing yourself like this, but it's taken me seeing it to believe in myself as much as a few others have all along! #tabletop #dowhatyoulovelo

Danielle D Rollins @danielledrollins on Instagram photo June 16

Summer Hostess Dress in Liberty coming soon. I had the boldest client in Houston special order it so I had to make two... hello summer staple! And matching shorts coming soon because sometimes you need a little leg and more often than not you want something cute over your bathing suit. I'm of the age that I get it, so I'm designing what I have always wanted too wear! #whattowear #whattowearwhere #

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Follow @ivanitowang95 @ivanitowang95 @ivanitowang95 @ivanitowang95 @ivanitowang95 @ivanitowang95 @ivanitowang95

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Off to 🇬🇧! When traveling to England, my credo is "better safe than sorry" which is why I'm bringing my @stutterheim raincoat with me 👌🏻I'll keep you guys updated via instastory 🙋🏻‍♂️🇬🇧

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# ‏- رسمياً | نادي كولن يُعلن عدم الاتفاق مع تيانجين كوانجين الصيني وبالتالي لن ينتقل موديست . . #الدوري_الالماني #كولن

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me and tia are currently fighting over Z's arm muscles 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

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. لكزس LS460 موديل 2007 الموصفات فل ابشين ابيض من الداخل بيج مطلوب 48 الف للتواصل: 0561909444 #automark7966

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En sevdiğim çiçektir orkide.... Doğum günümü kutlayan, ofisimi orkide bahçesine dönüştürerek ruhumu güldüren herkese çok teşekkür ederim💕💕💕

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Друзья 💙 сегодня ведь среда и наша любимая рубрика #всенасвидания 💞 Как совместить деловой стиль и романтичную натуру влюблённой (ок, почти влюблённой) девушки расскажут наряды от @titova_juli 💖 Юля стойко выслушивает мои капризы и создаёт уникальные вещи. Сегодня-первое из её творений✨ P.S. а очень у меня влюблённые глаза, да? Ох, не умею скрывать эмоции 😁💁🏼

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Saat ini sedang Proses Penormalan menjadi 2 arah. Penormalan dimulai 21.15 wib. Kekuatan personil pagar betis di sepanjang jalur puncak, gabungan lantas, sabhara dan Polsek sejumlah 250 personil . Cuaca saat ini hujan ringan di seputaran puncak. Kepada masyarakat yg akan menuju puncak persiapan puncak Normal 2 Arah.

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ارسم عالماً من الجمال لبناتك ملوناً بظلال من قصص الخيال الوردي لتصاميم تنبض بالحياة 00971528111106 #Decor #villa #Design #InteriorDesign #VillaDesign #Dubai #UAE #DubaiLife #DubaiDesign #DubaiDesigner #DubaiInteriorDesign #ديكور #ALGEDRA #فيلا #ديكورات #تصميم #الكيدرا #دبي #الامارات #الشارقه #العين #الفجيرة #ابوظبي #دبي_ابوظبي #دبي_مول #ديكور_منازل #تصميم_غرف #ديكورات_قصور #تصاميم_الكيدر

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📍Казань Спешу поделиться отличной новостью!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 В сентябре к нам в студию приедет с курсами Татьяна Вышинская @tatiana_vishinskaya с самыми востребованными курсами 🚩29.09.- Акварель гель лаками "Флористика" 🚩30.09.- Роспись гель лаками "Animals World" 💰6500₽ Запись по предоплате 50% по телефону 📲89033427419 . #студияманикюраказань #салонкрасотыказань #Маникюрказань #ногтивказани #ногтиказан