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💥FAT LOSS FACTS💥 - 🦄From a marketing perspective, this is one of the worst posts a fitness professional could publish on their platform. Especially if they're using their platform to draw in paying clients. - ☕️At the same time, from a benefit & integrity's the best thing a fitness professional could post. - 🦄Because even though it's not fun or marketable or sexy or exciting to kn

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To every coach who has asked me how to get more followers. - To every coach who has asked me how to make money on social media. - To every coach who has asked my why I give so much content away for free. - To every coach who wants to make a difference, not a quick buck. - There’s no “trick” to social media. There’s no magic hashtag or infographic or font or video or caption or clip that’s going to

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💥PROS & CONS OF STRENGTH TRAINING💥 - 🦄What's important to know about this list of pros & cons is it is 100% irrefutable scientific fact, taken directly from real life science studies using researchers and measuring spoons and thermometers and lab coats and even the “wafting” method you learned high school chemistry. This, my magical Unicorn, is the gold standard of science. And, well, if you don't

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Cornelius Fudge pulled me aside yesterday morning outside the Ministry of Magic to confess he’d been struggling & needed help getting on track with his health. - “I haven’t worked out in months,” he whispered under his breath. “I’m also eating as much as a fully grown mountain troll, & that’s no exaggeration. Last night I had 42 chocolate frogs, 27 pumpkin pasties, 12 cauldron cakes, & 3 goblets o

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In kindergarten I had my first crush. A blonde girl, Carly Shortell. I told my mom I thought she was beautiful because of the gap in between her two front teeth. - In first grade I told Chris Stranberg I couldn’t hang out that weekend because I was testing for my 12th degree black belt. That was a lie - I wasn’t really testing for my 12th degree black belt. - In second grade Ben Ladous threw up in

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I’ll never forget the day Mad Eye Moody wrapped his thick, strong, sausage-sized fingers around the collar of my cloak, dragged me in towards him, and pulled me so close I could nearly taste the leftover pumpkin pastie crumbs dangling from his beard. - I’ll tell you that story another night, though, because today I want to chew something else over. - “No pain, no gain” is one of the most ignorant,

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☕️Hehe hi 👋 Beep boop - gotcha! ☺️ - 🦄New video live on YouTube (link in bio) and it’s me hitting on a Pastrami sandwich. Kidding. Sort of. I talk about IIFYM, too, bc I feel like there’s a huge misunderstanding in the fitness industry & I want to clear the air. - ☕️See, the nature of our industry lends itself to coaches posting pics showing off their bodies bc, like it or not, it’s a valid form

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💥YOUR MACROS "CHEAT SHEET"💥 - 🦄Growing up I was an awful student. I mean, like, really bad. Not rude or overly disruptive (except one time I started doing a strip tease in Ms. Notaro's English class but, to be fair, it was Halloween and really funny). But, mostly, I just didn't do well sitting in a classroom memorizing stuff. - ☕️So to get through without flunking, I made these "cheat sheets" to h

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To the guy who, for whatever reason, feels like it’s his job to inform you of your impending slow, painful, cancerous death because you don’t do the same diet he does...please...shut the fuck up. - Beep boop❤️🦄

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💥FAT LOSS HACK: WATERMELON SORBET💥 - 🦄Not much of an explanation necessary other than this tastes better than rainbow dust, is wicked filling, and literally the perfect dessert or snack for any occasion. Especially when you're trying to cut cals to drop body fat, or when you need a chaser after tossing down a goblet full of polyjuice potion. - ☕️The cool part is 1 pound of watermelon is only 138 c

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🦄Full Video Link in Bio🦄 - I recently had a phone call with a sweet young woman, Rebecca. I asked what her goal was and she told me, for as long as she could remember, she wanted to lose 10lbs. She said she’d been able to lose them before but they inevitably crept back on and she just wanted to finally lose them once and for all. - She also told me that goal consumed her life. She did hours on hou

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Please please please please save this. Screen shot it. Make it your background. Print it and paste it on your bathroom mirror. Whatever you do, keep this at the forefront of your mind. - Because the not-so-marketable truth about fat loss is it’s not easy. It’s not quick. It’s not fun or glamorous or noble. - Fat loss sucks. Straight up, it sucks. There are ways to make it less suck-y and more sust

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Beep boop! Hehe hi ☺️ - So my flight got re-routed in the air from Houston to San Antonio. And now we’re sitting on the runway with 15 other planes and the moral of this story, my sweet little Unicorn, is that I’m so hungry I could eat a real live fiddle faddle, fistful of tiddly winks, and maybe even two whole truffle nuggets. - I know, I know! It’s a grim situation here on United Airlines flight

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💥HOW TO GET STRONG (NOT BIG)💥 - 🦄Before we swan dive into the magical world of angry Instagram comments, I want to make it abundantly clear I am neither saying, nor insinuating, it is bad to get big(er). - ☕️Man or woman, athlete or general fitness enthusiast, your goal is YOUR goal and if you want to gain size, I fully support you and will do everything in my power to help you succeed. In fact, I

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O-oh hay there you sumptuous little Unicorn. Wishing you the happiest of hump days with bottomless cauldrons of fresh, hot coffee, eternal deadlift glory, and naked partner hip thrusts for good measure. - Now smile real big, give your tush a firm love tap, and don’t take yourself too seriously today. And if you’re in a bad mood just whisper “beep boop” to yourself and repeat until you’re smiling.

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After yesterday’s post I’ve had a lot of people ask me to share how I overcame my eating disorder. What did I do that helped me get over it once and for all? - So I made this short video to discuss the 2 things I did that were the major catalysts for eliminating any & all of my food anxiety while setting myself up for long-term success. - Keep in mind, I’m not saying these work for everyone - just

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💥FEMALE vs MALE EXERCISES💥 - 🦄Hehe hi☺️ Just landed in Vegas for a quick biz trip. Coffee, black, and about to get a lift in. Which brings us to an important topic. - ☕️There is NO SUCH THING as a "female" or "male" exercise. It does not exist. There isn't a single exercise men can do that women shouldn't. And there isn't a single exercise women should do that men shouldn't. - 🦄Wanna pick some hea

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Most people don’t know this about me but I used to have an eating disorder. Anorexia. I used to make myself throw up, too, but, fortunately, that never developed into a long-term battle. - It started with wrestling. From 8-18 wrestling was my life. My world. - I remember in middle school learning about “sucking ice” from the high schoolers. “It’s when you need to make weight & can’t eat or drink a

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💥HOW TO DETOXIFY YOUR BODY💥 - 🦄If I see another ad for a detox or cleanse or reset I'm going to punch myself in the jejunum so let's clear the air once and for all. - ☕️Detox cleanses and juices and pills and resets and kits and the like are the dementors of the fitness industry. They're marketing scams. Period. End of story. - 🦄Your body is already equipped with everything it needs (a functioning

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💥FAT LOSS HACK & MUSCLE GAIN HACK💥 - 🦄The thing about fat loss and muscle gain and changing your body in general is this ----> it's WAY less complicated than most fitness gooroo's would have you believe. Granted, it's not easy - it requires a muggle ton of time, effort and patience - but the process is, really, very simple. - ☕️That said, much of the "struggle" can be diminished via strategy and p

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💥STRENGTH OR CARDIO?💥 - 🦄The fitness industry runs on a pendulum of extremes. Everything is either good or bad. Right or wrong. Healthy or unhealthy. Fattening or fat burning. Issue is, things aren't that black and white. And creating these false dichotomies is what digs us further into fitness "ruts" that get harder and harder to climb out of. - ☕️Cardio is the prime example. For a long time, car

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💥MUSCLE GAIN DAILY CHECKLIST💥 - 🦄Omg, hi! Hehe ☺️didn’t see you scrolling over there. Me? Oh, nothing crazy, just a little coffee and wondering if pizza calories count even if no one sees me eating it. - ☕️Anyway. I just finished writing a short, little oompa loompa of a post on muscle gain and would love to hear your thoughts. - 🦄It’s just a checklist, mind you. Nothing overly complex or fancy. J

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💥3 Ways to Lose Fat WITHOUT Counting Calories💥 - 🦄Remus Lupin pulled me aside one morning after breakfast in the great hall and taught me something even more important than how to cast a Patronus. - ☕️”Listen close, J” he whispered under his breath. “We haven’t got much time and Trelawney is telling students calories don’t count so we need to act fast.” - 🦄“The thing about fat loss,” he said, “is

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💥SUSHI ON A DIET💥 - 🦄Strap yourself in and squeeze onto your portkey because I'm anticipating a poop storm of incoherent gobbledygook from a fistful of dementors in the comments. Ready? Goggles on? We're diving in. - ☕️Sushi is my favorite food in the world. And I hate the question but if I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life it would 100% be sushi. (Pizza, too. And coffee. Also chees

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💥THE RIGHT WAY TO RUN💥 - 🦄 If we’re being completely honest, you and I, I’m not much of a “runner.” Don’t get me wrong, I do run. Like, for example, I sprint to the kitchen EVERY morning to brew a fresh goblet of unicorn magic (☕️) while listening to The Weird Sisters sound track from The Yule Ball. Oh! And I run to the squat rack every lower body day to make sure fucking Karen doesn’t do burpees

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🦄Hehe hi ☺️ happy new year! I hope you had a magical evening and enjoyed each and every, teency weency, delicious moment to the fullest. - ☕️With that said, I want to talk to you about something important heading into the new year. - 🦄You WILL mess up. You WILL make mistakes. You WILL go off track. And that’s ok. It’s not a bad thing. It’s a good thing, I think. Because if you aren’t making mistak

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🦄Exactly one year ago I was challenged to post 3x/day, 7days/week here on IG. @garyvee was the one who challenged me and if you scroll down my feed you’ll see the selfie+caption I took to explain how nervous I was - I had no clue how I was going to post 3x/day every single day.... - ☕️At that point in time I had an audience of about 6,000 here on IG. And, again, this was exactly one year ago. The

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You need to know you aren’t alone. Whatever you’re going through. Whatever you’re struggling with. Whatever might be weighing you down mentally, physically, are not alone. I promise. - This time of year, as amazing at is, can be tough. For a lot of reasons. And I know one of the worst things in the world is feeling like you’re standing by yourself. Like no one is there to support

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💥HOW TO GET STRONGER AT PULL-UPS💥 - 🦄 @strengthcoachtherapy is one of the best coaches on IG and if you aren’t following him I urge you to start -> @strengthcoachtherapy - ☕️In this video/post he did a REALLY good job of showing a simple and effective pull-up. It works chin-ups as well so go with whichever you prefer. Either way, watch the video and read what he wrote below because if you want to

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I had something important to tell you. Like REALLY important. But for the life of me I can’t remember so I’ll tell you something else equally important. - I just had A LOT of coffee. And I love you😍 - Hehe ok bye.

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💥FAT LOSS WITHOUT COUNTING CALORIES💥 - 🦄Counting calories is great. And it's something I think everyone should try, at least, for 30 days to get a better idea of how much they're actually eating, what appropriate portion sizes look like, and how much they need to eat to lose, maintain, & gain weight. - ☕️That said, you don't *need* to count calories. And, truth be told, I've always viewed "nutriti

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💥HOW TO BUILD AN ONLINE FITNESS BIZ💥 - 🦄Before we swan dive in, if you want (or are struggling to) build an online fit biz, I have a 100% free course you can take (link in my bio). It’s not fancy - just an email course - but it outlines how I built my biz from literally nothing in my college dorm. - 🦄Now, allow me to make myself abundantly clear - if you are looking to get into online coaching bc

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💥FASTED CARDIO DOES NOT BURN MORE FAT💥 - 🦄Hehe hi 👋! Coffee for me this morning (hot, black unicorn magic) & about to make myself a big, fat omelet stacked with 3 whole eggs, mushrooms, onions, peppers, & topped with a pinch of pixie dust bc I need this day to be magical af. You? - ☕️Now let’s talk cardio. Bc I overheard Penelope Clearwater jawing on & on about this new “fasted cardio” regimen she

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💥HOW TO BUILD MUSCLE💥 - 🦄Should you do heavy weight and low reps? Or light weight and high reps? - 🍕It's one of the most common questions I get and, truth is, it's not one or the other. Per usual, the answer isn't as black and white as some would have you believe. Rather, both options have a time and place and neither should be done at the expense of the other. Let's dig deeper. - ☕️The first exer

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Merry Christmas my sweet little darling Unicorn. And remember...when you're 97 years old, ballin’ out in your big, smelly diaper and saying anything you want because 97 year olds have earned that're not going to think back to Christmas 2017 and say, "shit I really wish I didn't have that cookie, egg nog, apple pie and ice cream." - But you WILL say, "why the eff was I so damn uptight?

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💥TUSHY WORKOUT💥 - 🦄Merry Christmas, my magical unicorns, if you’re celebrating I hope you have an amazing day and if you’re not celebrating I hope you, as well, have an amazing day. - ☕️I just finished a quick tushy workout and am now sitting in the locker room snorting coffee beans because my nan’s hairdresser, Karen, told me she read an article on the internet machine that said it’s good for fat

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💥HOW TO BUILD UNICORN SHOULDERS💥 - 🦄I’ll never forget the first time I worked out with Dumbledore. Hiding beneath his magnificent robes were not long, frail, lanky limbs. Believe it or not, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore was, as the muggles say, yolked out of his mind. He was, unbeknownst to me, well known at Planet Fitness Hogsmeade for setting off the lunk alarm and selling creatine to

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🦄Earlier today I got a message from a sweet young woman who told me she was having anxiety because she ate a bowl of watermelon and a coach at her gym told her it was a terrible mistake bc watermelon has a high glycemic index and that will make her fat. - ☕️Yesterday another young lady messaged me asking for "the final verdict" on bananas because people had told her they're starchy & high sugar an

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💥ON "CLEAN" EATING & FOOD ANXIETY💥 - 🦄When I first got into this whole "fitness thing," I was obsessed with the idea of "clean eating." - ☕️I got anxious and nervous and worried if I was so much as offered "bad" food, never mind actually eating it. Going out to dinner with friends and family was more stressful than I can begin to to tell you. And, above all else, food dictated my thoughts, emotion

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💥HOW TO DIET ON VACATION💥 - 🐣Don't. - 👨🏻‍🍳I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again but with the holidays here it’s worth repeating. But seriously this is important so lean in and listen good. - 🦄Too many people worry and concern and get anxious about losing their progress over Thanksgiving and Christmas and Channukah and New Years and Kwanza and blah blah blah). - ☕️They worry about how much they

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So happy that @valeriestunning and her crew hooked up with our crew and really we just one big ho crew! You babes are incredible! It is quite apparent WE STILL GOT WORK TO DO but we showed the fuck up! #hofriendsarethebestfriends

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На этот раз Леша, Слава, Камиль и Саша едут в Питер. Причем трое из четверых даже не знают, зачем они туда едут. Но в какой-то момент становится понятно, что неважно — зачем. Важно, что едут. И, конечно, плохо, что дома осталась куча нерешенных проблем, но как же хорошо, что про них можно не думать… хотя бы до понедельника. И еще, конечно, плохо, что отстали от сапсана и пришлось ехать в плацкарте

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Teh Shanty Denny Cagur sedang gunakan Mud Mask 😍 Haai Hallo 😘 . Tau ga kalau Mercury yg berasal sari cream menyerap dalam darah selama 27tahun loh. Dan bsa hilang salah satunya dengan kandungan herbal yang mengandung BENTONITE. Mud Mask, si masker hijau lumpur laut mati mengandung BENTONITE. Buat kamu yang punya history pemakaian kosmetik racikan abal-abal yang mengandung Mercury cukup lama, cob

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😋FREE $10 Gift Card to Olive Garden! ✅Click link in my bio @freestufffinder then click on this picture for details 🔹HURRY! Get this freebie after cash back. Killer savings on an easy family dinner tonight! Offer ends 6/1 or while supplies last! Valid for new topcashback members only. ✅Link in my bio OR Go to ✨✨ ❤Tag a friend!❤ 📌Turn on Text Alerts to be alerted of hot deals: Go

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Jangan salah pilih kapas, @fujicotton_distribution itu, yg bikin liquidmu makin enak. . Fuji Cotton 1. Tidak berasa kapas 2. Tidak berbau 3. Tanpa pemutih 4. Di buat dari bahan organic 5. Mudah menyerap dan pastinya lebih berasa 👌 . Fujicotton Rp : Rp 60.000 . For order -Line@ Official @mensociete (use@) -WA : 0812-8619-6667 . Kontak reseller : WA : 0813-1749-1069 Tlpn : 081-7276-919 . #fujicotto

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เมื่อก่อนสามล้อถูกหวย เดี๋ยวนี้ขอทานถูกหวย เงิน 12 ล้านมึงใช้ 4 วันหมด กลับไปขอเงินที่แจกเขาไปทั่ว แต่ไม่มีใครให้ เลยกระโดดสะพาน จะฆ่าตัวตาย แต่เสือกไม่ตาย หมดคำจะอู้

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Kunjungan Larson terlihat dari unggahan Instagram akun @dwallace85. Pria bernama Don tersebut mengunggah beberapa foto saat dirinya memperkenalkan sejarah tentang pesawat F15C kepada Brie. . Seperti diketahui, Captain Marvel merupakan film superhero perempuan pertama milik Marvel. Seolah tak ingin kalah dengan DC, yang sukses besar dengan Wonder Woman, Marvel pun akhirnya mengeluarkan film superhe

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❤️Моя Любовь❤️ #АллаПугачева #любимаяпевица #женщинакотораяпоет #великолепная #очаровательная #превосходная #шикарная #Примадонна #Алла #самаялюбимая #зима #ялетала #НовыйГод #❤️

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🎥 - В фильме «Старшая сестра» ваша героиня играет на гитаре. Вы действительно это умеете? - Знаете, у меня непонятная убежденность в том, что я отлично играю на скрипке. Дабы остаться в этом прекрасном заблуждении, я скрипку никогда в руки не брала. #татьянадоронина #мхат #актриса #доронина