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Reason 101 to attend *Horn OK Please* fosho?! An unlimited flow of @bira91beer for you to glug at Delhi's original food truck festival coz there's an exclusive @bira91beer bar that's being set up! *WOOHOO* P.S - @bira91beer’s got a super surprise planned for all you tipple lovers so you gotta STAY TUNED! Tag all Bira 91 lovers and get planning!! ❤️❤️ Location : JLN Stadium When : 4th - 5th Novem

So Delhi - Get the App! @sodelhi on Instagram photo October 23

East Delhi, we're giving you something to swoon over! The Waffle Factory is a true delight for all waffle lovers all thanks to their menu. Waffle sticks, freak waffles, sweet waffles and savoury waffles, they've got those waffles that’ll make you drool all over on instagram!! Where : The Waffle Factory, Karkardoma #delhi #delhidiaries #foodies #foodlove #foodmad #foodporn #delhigram #newdelhi #e

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After taking all major Indian cities by a storm, @theirishhouseindia is finally coming to woo Delhiites! Opening at Epicuria on the 27th, they've got Happy Hours all day long on the ENTIRE bar menu for 3 long days - 27th, 28th and 29th October AND first 100 beers on the house on each of the 3 days! *YASS* So gear up for the ultimate Irish hangover Delhi! #TheIrishAreComing #delhi #delhincr #delhi

So Delhi - Get the App! @sodelhi on Instagram photo October 22

Don't miss *Horn OK Please* - Delhis original food truck festival happening on the 4th & 5th Nov cuz @HookahCraft is gonna be there with their authentic and delicious, fruity hookahs! Are you coming or are you coming? Tag all hookah lovers and be there!!! ❤️❤️ Location - JLN Stadium Dates - 4th & 5th Nov, 11 AM - 10 PM . #Delhi #FoodTruck #festival #Delhifestival #foodies #Delhifood #Delhiblogg

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Oops we almost forgot that the season for Oktoberfest's still on! @spotlightrajourigarden brought us deals that you simple cannot let go of or forget 😛 and here's another boozy one - Kings beer at 99 bucks for the entire month and a free beer when you order any appetizer. 🍻 Now you know better how to end this month *WINK* Where : Spotlight Kitchen and Bar, Rajouri Garden #delhi #delhidiaries #be

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The countdown begins for the craziest, one of its kind food truck festival in town - *Horn OK Please* only bigger and more badass than before ❤️ Find @foodrath - an amazing food truck with a terrace seating!!! *YASS* 😍 Besides 40+ food trucks, there will be amazing artists performing, free flowing hookahs and Biras, a flea market, some droolworthy food plus tons more. 🎉🎉 Tag your BAE, your crew &

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Coffee Connoisseurs @thebrewroomdelhi in SDA Market sounds like every bit of paradise for you! With 8 different live brewing methods of coffee from around the globe to housing indigenous coffees from south India that are roasted by Marc Tormo - The Coffee Man himself and lavish all day breakfast options, this place is GOLD! #delhi #delhigram #delhidiaries #coffee #brew #room #caffeine #cold #delhi

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Ghaziabad listen up!! H&M is all set to open it’s first ever store at Red Mall in Ghaziabad on Friday, 27th October 😍 And well as always, they have a lot of freebies in store!! Queue up before 11 AM and the first 3 fashionistas in queue will get H&M gift cards worth 10 K, 7 K & 5 K. Also the next 150 fashion freaks in the queue will get gift cards worth 500 bucks 😱🛍 Tag all @hm lovers and brace yo

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Do you also strongly believe that a person's zodiac sign plays a vital role in defining his/her personality and determining the traits? 'Treasure Trove of Zodiacs' by @tanujastroseer dives deep into identifying each zodiac and the traits that go with it. If you're intrigued to know what your zodiac's got in the stars for you order up your copy from Amazon right up! Here’s the link - https://www.

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Diwali is the festival of lights so let's light up this Diwali for others. Gift a child his/her dream with @selectcitywalk’s 'Khushiyon Ki Diwali'. Project Sunshine, an NGO is conducting various activities on the 15th of October to raise funds for their lil kids. Join hands and make this Diwali LIT for someone else. #delhi #diwali #delhidiaries #delhi_igers #diwalilights #spread #happiness #festi

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Sitting amidst a lush green Golf Club, Caddyshack is one place you should head to if you're looking for a peaceful family time! A menu so diverse, drawing influence from East Indian, Bengali, Parsi and traditional European cuisine is perfect if you're up for trying something new. So See you on the green side! #delhi #delhidiaries #delhigram #delhi_igers #hamoni #golf #camp #cafe #caddyshack #gurga

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🔥NEW IN🔥 . E065 - Full bodied dress เรียบๆง่ายๆ แต่สวยเกินใคร รับรองว่าเดรสผ้ายืดเนื้อดีตัวดี สาวๆเบสิคต้องหลงใหล เพราะนอกจากดีไซด์ที่ไม่ซ้ำแบบใครแร้ว มันยังใส่สบายสุดๆ ซื้อก่อน และมาใส่ให้คนอื่นใส่ตามกันเถอะ!!! . Color : Maroon / Cinnamon/ Army Freesize : อกถึง 36 / สะโพกถึง 39 / ยาว 50 นิ้ว Fabric : Cotton ราคา : 690 ฿ ____________________________________________________________ Line : @basics

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@_mo.15_ ، ، تتوب ثم تعصي !! ثم تتوب ثم تعصي !!💔💔 ثم تتوب .🌸 لا تظن أنه نفاق، بل إنه من الإيمان😊 فلا تيأس، وكلما عصيت الله: تب إليه وأستغفره ! يقول عز وجل: ( وَالَّذِينَ جَاهَدُوا فِينَا لَنَهْدِيَنَّهُمْ سُبُلَنَا وَإِنَّ اللَّهَ لَمَعَ الْمُحْسِنِينَ ) أي جاهدوا أنفسهم وجاهدوا الكفار وجاهدوا المنافقين وجاهدوا العصاة وجاهدوا الشيطان، فالآية عامة تشمل أنواع الجهاد ♥️ ، ، @_mo.15_

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ تلفن تماس جهت تعیین وقت قبلی: Tel : 021-  44246920 ☎ 09358654700 رسیدن به #تناسب_اندام همراه با سلامتی و شادابی ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #تناسب_اندام #لاغری #کلینیک_لاغری #کلینیک_تغذیه #رژیم_چاقی #سلامتی #ورزش #مشاوره_تغذیه #رژیم_غذایی #رژیم_ورزشی #رژیم_درمانی #چالش_دیسیپلین #سلامتی #لاغری_موضعی  #چالش_مادام_العمر_دیسیپلین #چالش_سی_روز_دیسیپلین #چالش_سلامتی #لایف_استا

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How lovely. I wish my wedding were this visually stunning. Congrats my only sister @audreyjiwajenie & hubby @jonathhani! ❤️ (PS: Thank you @projectvananje for organizing everything, great work people!)

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We can post your photos in our account, follow the link in our bio @worlderunners and we will select your pictures. #worlderunners | Never give up!! Nunca te rindas!! (📷: @roberto_gilarte 🏃🏻‍♀️: @anachispi_3) Follow @worlderunners for more.

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Самого доброго утра и замечательного дня!☀️🍃 Благодарим роскошную @missalena.92 за использование продукта 😍❤️

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Bjorka 20bulaaannnn hari inihhh...cepet amaaaattt,lg belajar ngomong,dan pasti ntar pasti banyak pertanyaan dari dia yg udah mulai gede,tolong tanyakan sama baba nak knapa baba jarang blanja...baba punya ratusan jawaban yg sahih yg berkaitan dgn mamamu.... siap2 jd temen curhat babaaaa... 📸: @sweet.escape