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بوت خزدار، بسیار گرم، سبک و راحت موجود و ارسال فوری...😍 قیمت بوت: ۱۵۵۰۰۰ت سایز : ۳۶ تا ۴۰ . 🌈رنگ های تصویر ✔فروش فقط به صورت غیر حضوری 💲دریافت کل مبلغ ابتدا و به صورت کارت به کارت 💫مدلهای موجود در صورت مشکل سایز تعویض می شود 📦ارسال با پست سفارشی رایگان تحویل ۲ تا ۵ روز 🎁ارسال با پست پیشتاز ۸ت تحویل ۱ تا ۲ روز . کلیه سفارشات دارای کد رهگیری پستی معتبر میباشند. و رسید پستی به نام مشتری بعد از تحویل

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#娘#次女#小6 #15センチカット @hair_ism 担当はいつもと変わらない @ism_miyabi.m . . . 産まれて一度も前髪すらカットした事ない。 他はどんなに長くても、定期的にばっさりカットしてます。 恐らく後数年、カラーもしない。 学校もママも厳しから。 しなくても、そもそも自茶だから、良くない?笑笑 って思うけど、 ちっとも良くない💦 恐らく呼び出し範囲😓 中学入学にむけて、何とかします。 . . .この写メの写りなら、カラーセーフだろな👏 けど、全ては現実だと思われる、、( ̄◇ ̄;) . . #本日#スーパー美容室#ISM とんでもなく忙しかったのにもかかわらず、突然のミリのカットまで、心良くありがとうございました❣️❣️

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Te seguiré mirando siempre como el primer día. @julioespadero @mariasanchezz03 {Comenta letra a letra sin ser interrumpida la palabra SIEMPRE y publico la foto que tu quieras, mándamela por direct ☺️}

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Hey Guys 😘 ↗ Follow 👉 @girlstotally Follow 👉 @girlstotally Follow 👉 @girlstotally Follow 👉 @girlstotally

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But really, how many times have you said this? I’ve said it countless times. My wonderful friend, Nicole, has a blog, @mondaydieter where she breaks down so many issues we have with food (emotionally and physically). And if she wasn’t badass enough...she works for @dr_oz’s Show and CREATED HER OWN DIET, the Pegan Diet. CHECK HER OUT ON @WORSTANTHONY’S PODCAST: WORKOUT WEDNESDAY ON @iheartradio!!!!

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Você gosta de Teen Wolf? No @factswolf você fica sabendo de tudo que acontece no mundo da série e da sua possível continuação! Sigam: @factswolf 🐺 Sigam: @factswolf Sigam: @factswolf Sigam: @factswolf

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It’s a fitting room #michelfie for Friday’s #outfitoftheday I’m practically top to toe in Toppers!! Mostly past season too! may recall me trying out a new fitness studio the other.....all part of my #2018goals The details are now up on the blog! 👆🏻link in bio👆🏻I’m testing out a @bodystreet workout! Pop over if you want to see what it’s all about! Outfit details @topshop coat, sweate

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E quem não ama vestido longo?? Mores esse modelo foi um queridinho da loja!!! Olha essa estampa com a cara do verão, tecido leve, bem fresquinho, com movimento perfeito. ❤️❤️❤️

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Para adquirir os produtos @lecharmes e saber mais sobre nossas novidades acesse nosso site ou em uma perfumaria mais perto de vc. #lecharmes#intensycolor#cabelos#cabelosloiros#live#matizador#youtuber#youtubers#blog#blogueiras#digital#influenciadigital#job#salaodebeleza#beleza#lecharmesprofissional#jujusalimeni

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• 7 MONTHS • . . My proudest moment. At 10am on the 20/06/17 @danravy finally gave in to my whining and drove me to the hospital, parking 10klm away while saying, “come on babe you’re fine, we’ll probably be sent home”. Only to find out I was well and truly along the way being 4cm dilated and water had broken. Within a hour I was in agony suffering back labour (spine to spine) and was screaming fo