@theslimenation on Instagram photo January 26

Restock in about 2 hours!! Slimes will be shipped Monday (if you order today) And I'm making my prices as low as possible!! Check out my last post for the restock list 👍🏼🎉

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo January 25

Restock List for tomorrow! 3pm PST!!🚨 All slimes will be discounted and shipped SUPER fast!! -Sweethearts -Red Velvet Cake Batter -Blueberry Cheesecake Floam -Oreo Cheesecake Floam -Froyo Floam -Strawberry Lemonade -Box Of Chocolates -Cupids Cereal -Cake Batter Ice Cream -Smores -Pb & J Duos •••••• All slimes are scented! 😋

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo January 15

My shop will be closing in a couple days! Get some slime while you still can I'm working on packaging and shipping :) All orders come with extras and all my prices have been lowered since my last restocks! Link in bio💕💕💕

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo January 13

RESTOCKED!! GO GO GO!!!🛒🛍 Prices are super low and the textures turned out perfect!!

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo January 13

Pb & J Slime Duos🥜🍇 Repost since this will be in today's restock at 12 pm PST! I had to move it an hour later since I'm running low on time! This duo is absolutely amazing! You'll get a 4oz grape jelly slime that is scented like grape jelly And a 4oz peanut butter (butter) slime that is scented like peanut butter! It also includes the adorable Pb & J charm! Check out my story for more information

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo January 11

🚨READ BELOW🚨 My restock is Saturday January 13th at 11 am PST🎉 All prices have been lowered🚨😱 5 random packages will be getting a target gift card in their package as a bonus extra! You can use it to get glue/slime ingredients😉 Here's the restock list!! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 -Captain Crunch -Oreo McFlurry -Pb & J Duos -Gummy Bear Butters -Popcorn w/ M&Ms -Sour Blue Raspberry Limeade -Strawberry Milk -Strawbe

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo December 14

All slimes have just been discounted 20%!! This is an amazing sale and the perfect time to buy slimes in time for Christmas!! A lot of these slimes will not be coming back till next year!! Link in my bio to my slime shop!!🛒💕🎄

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo December 9

Use the code "CHRISTMAS10" To get 10% off your purchase!! I'm gonna have some cool prizes that you can win today!! 🎄🎄🎄 5 random orders will get a $5 Amazon gift card in their package!! 🎄🎄🎄 The next 10 orders will get a FREE slime!!! 🎄🎄🎄 The first 5 orders to send me a dm with proof that they purchased today will get a free squishy in their package!! ••• I'm currently making the Christmas themed ex

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo December 8

Restock List!! Stocking over 500 SLIMES today at 4pm PST!!! ••••• Christmas stocking stuffers Unicorn Cereal Disney Sugar Cookie Dough Christmas Captain Crunch Under The Mistletoe Banana Cream Pie Cotton Candy Dippin Dots Blueberry Yogurt Strawberry Yogurt Fruit Salad Lemon Funfetti Cake Trix Cereal Cake Batter Ice Cream Birthday Cake Frosting Gingerbread House Eggnog Mint Oreo Cheesecake Ban

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo December 2

Hey guys! I'm gonna be making slime for the rest of the day today so please comment what you want me to make!! •if you see a comment of a slime you want me to make, make sure you like the comment so I can see which ones are the most popular!! ----- Sorry I haven't been posting videos!! I'm just so busy with school (because I'm super behind atm) And I had to package and ship hundreds of orders! 😬

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo November 26

❤️INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY❤️ . WHO: 3 WINNERS! One will be in the USA and two will be outside of the USA (since the US already had a large giveaway). Must be 18 or older, or have parent permission. . WHAT: Each winner will receive a 4 oz. slime or larger from TEN (10) of the hosts in this slime giveaway . WHEN: Ends on 12/3 @ 6pm EST! . WHY: We want to thank the slime community for your support of o

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo November 25

Just listed trick or treat slime on my website for only $5.99!! (8oz) That's 50% off😳 You have to scroll down a bit!! This is one of my favorite slimes and it's the last time I'll be selling it!❤️ Working on packaging orders rn!🎉

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo November 24

Tomorrow- 9am PST🎉 -•-•-•- Slime in the picture is Disney Sugar Cookie Dough 🍪

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo November 23

What I'm restocking tomorrow at 9 am PST! •••• (All slimes 20% off!) •••• Unicorn Cereal Rudolph's Red Nose Blueberry Yogurt Lump Of Coal Disney Sugar Cookie Dough Cake Batter Ice Cream Oreo Cheesecake Trick Or Treat Hot Chocolate Cotton Candy Confetti Rainbow Chip Frosting Popcorn w/ M&Ms Cookie Monster Chewed Up Bubblegum Citrus Berry Blast Lime Cupcake Pumpkin Pie Christmas Tree Peppermint Brow

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo November 23

Happy thanksgiving🦃 Sorry I keep posting this I had to change a few things but here are the final details for my huge sale! •••• •••• My Black Friday sale will be tomorrow at 9 am PST (11 CST and 12 PST) 🍁🍁🍁 All the deals I will be offering are listed on the pictute! 🍁🍁🍁 I'll be posting the restock list + pictures later today! 🍁🍁🍁 Definitely recommend purchasing from this restock! All slimes will

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo November 23

My Black Friday sale is coming up very soon🎅🏼🎉🎄 Sale will start Friday at 9 am PST! Here are some of the deals I will be offering!! 20% off ALL slimes!!! First 10 orders get a goodie bag with a squishy, free slime, candy, and more!! Random orders will be receiving prizes such as free slime, daiso clay, glue, charms, and more!! Largest order will get a free JUMBO squishy and a free 8oz slime! If I

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo November 20

Black Friday sale!! This Friday at 7am PST!! I'll have tons of slimes for sale and they'll all be 20% off! I also might have a sale on shipping for the US! I'm super excited😍

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo November 19

❄️❄️❄️ Q- what's your favorite holiday?? A- Christmas for sure! I'm having a HUGE Black Friday restock!! All slimes will be on sale 😍 I'm super excited!! After that I'll be launching my new Christmas slimes!! You've already seen some of them if you follow my shop account @theslimenations Also sorry I haven't been posting that much!😬 #slime #slimetutorial #slimevideo #slimerecipe #slimemixing #sli

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo November 7

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been posting ☹️ I've been having tons of stomach problems lately and now I'm super behind in school!! I just need a little more time to get caught up and then I'll be able to post! I have TONS of new slime ideas (mainly Christmas ones 😁) And I plan on announcing a big Christmas giveaway soon! I also have some really nice slimes made that I meant to restock a week ago but

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo October 8

If you ordered froyo slime from me please dm @theslimenations (My other account) what toppings you want! Also make sure to tell me the name you put to place the order. Thank you!💕

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo October 7

Big thank you to everyone who has purchased from my restock so far! I still have slime left! This was by far my favorite restock I'm so happy with how all the textures turned out! 😋

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo October 4

🍦🍒🍫🍬 Hey guys! I have something really exciting that will be available on my shop this Saturday! This is my new make your own froyo slime (froyo bar) On Saturday I'll have a section on my shop where you'll be able to find this listing!! You get to choose the flavor And 3 toppings!!😱 Topping #1 chocolate sauce or caramel sauce (both are slimes) Topping #2 sprinkles, chopped peanuts or Oreo crumbs

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo September 29

Cake Batter Ice Cream mixing!!🎂🍦 This slime is so nice😍 Working really hard on my restock! (It'll be on Saturday October 7th) Make sure to follow @theslimenations for behind the scenes on my shop!! I'll be posting all the new Halloween slimes I make! Also gonna announce the giveaway winner (post before this) tonight! 😊😊 •••• #slime #slimetutorial #slimemixing #daisoclaymixing #butterslime #slimeus

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo September 27

Flash giveaway!! What you'll receive 1 box of white daiso clay 1 8oz of my brand new popcorn and m&ms slime!! (Popcorn scented) Must be following @slimeofcolor and @theslimenation Tag 2 friends and comment done when done!! This will end in exactly 24 hours good luck everyone 🎉❤️🍿 FORGOT TO MENTION: US ONLY SORRY!!!!

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo September 3

Hey guys! I'm gonna be taking a 3 week break to get organized! I'll be redoing my room and getting started with school. Once I'm back I'll be selling tons of slime, squishies, and supplies as well as posting wayyyy more often!! Thank you to everyone who purchased from my restock yesterday! I'll be closing my shop today at 12 pm PST❤️ See you guys when I'm back👋🏻🎉🎉

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo September 2

Hey guys!! I just wanted to say thank you sooo much to everyone who purchased from me restock!! I made a discount code that ends tonight at midnight!! So click the link in my bio and use the code "SEPTEMBER" to get 10% off your whole order❤️thank you guys

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo September 2

Forgot to list sour gummy worm🤦🏼‍♀️ But its listed now, link in bio👍🏼❤️

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo September 2

RESTOCKED!! Thank you in advance to everyone who plans on purchasing, it means so much to me❤️ This is my last restock for a few weeks😋

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo September 1

HUGE RESTOCK TOMORROW (Saturday) 12pm PST! Restock list: -Oreo Cheesecake Floam -Mint Oreo Cheesecake Floam -Captain Crunch -Bubble Bath Floam -Oreo McFlurry Slime -French Fry Slime -Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy Cloud Dough -Mint Chewed Up Bubblegum -Cherry Slushee Cloud Dough -Sprite Ice -Lavender Cloud Dough -Froyo Floam -Sour Patch Watermelon -Banana Split Blast -Sour Gummy Worms -Candy Corn -Le

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo August 29

FLASH GIVEAWAY!!! Prizes- 8oz Lime Cupcake Cloud Dough Slime (scented!!)😍 Box of white daiso clay!!! How to win- -Make sure you're following @theslimenation (Me!) -Turn on my post notifications (I'll be doing flash giveaways more often🎉🙌🏼 -Like this picture!! -Tag 1 friend in the comments!! You can enter more than once (only tag one person per comment) US only!! Winner when be chosen tomorrow nigh

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo August 22

Slime supplies restock tomorrow at 3pm PST! I'm gonna make sure I'm giving you guys the best deal but still making some profit! Here's a list of what I'll be restocking ☺️ -chewed Up Bubblegum foam pieces (pink and mint green) -fishbowl beads -slushee beads -rainbow beads (small and large) -pink and blue beads (mixed/ cotton candy) -Clear glue (only $1.50 a bottle) -Marshmallow foam beads -white f

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo August 22

Just listed daiso clay!! Link in bio I'll ship them tomorrow😱

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo August 11

RESTOCKED🎉😱 Click the link in my bio! Orders of 3 or more get a FREE slime sample (while supplies last) or a squishy, candy and toys! And if I sell out by Monday I'll be giving away two $50 gift cards!!!

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