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Hey guys!! As a lot of you guys know I'm saving up to go to Hawaii with @slimetutorials101 and I'll soon be selling Hawaii themed slime boxes!!! They will come with a few (not sure how many yet) Hawaii themed slimes, squishies, and extras!! I'm just curious how many people would be interested! They're gonna be so cute and I'm so excited to make them!!😍🌴🌊 EDIT: they'll most likely be around $25

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo April 22

Hi guys! I'm currently saving up to go to Hawaii this summer with @slimetutorials101 so I'll be doing another restock (probably Tuesday!) this time I'll have a bigger selection of slimes!! Comment below what slimes you'd want to see in my restock👇🌴

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Shop Is Restocked!!! Link in my bio!! If you spend $50 or more you get a free box of daiso clay OR a free bottle of clear elmers glue!! And if you spend $100 or more you get BOTH (before shipping is added) this is the last restock for at least 2 weeks!!💜💜

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo April 20

Hey guys!! So tomorrow I'll be having my restock!! I'm making a few more slimes right now but then I'll be posting the list of what I'm restocking as well as some pictures/videos! But I've decided that if you spend $50 or more you get a FREE box of daiso clay OR bottle of clear glue (it'll be a surprise) And if you spend $100 or more you'll get BOTH😱 Please keep in mind it has to be before shippin

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo April 20

Hey guys! I'm restocking this Friday!! What slimes would you guys like me to make?🤔 So far I have -tropical slime smoothie (in the picture) only $6.99 for 8 ounces!!!😍😵🌴 -brownie batter slime (video on @tsn.updates) -Hubba Bubba taffy slime (super thick clayish slime) 🍬 -birthday cake floam! -and banana floam 😋😋😋😋

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The winner of the giveaway is @mackie.eschie 💕 Please don't be mad if you didn't win I will definitely have more giveaways in the future! Sorry it took me awhile to pick the winner I wasn't feeling good at all and now that I am I've been working on packaging hundreds of orders

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I'm shipping all packages tomorrow! Make sure to check out my shop (link in bio) All orders over $30 (before shipping) get a free Easter goodie bag and all orders get an extra entry in my giveaway (the winner will be picked later today so order soon) ••• I'm getting a new website and I'm going to start doing more huge restock!! I'm saving up for my trip to Hawaii with @slimetutorials101 😋💕🏝

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My shop is restocked!! Link in my bio! All orders over $30 get a free Easter goodie bag😋🎉

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo April 7

Here's the list of what I'm restocking today!! -Carrot Butter Slime -Black Butter Slime -Butter Slime -Strawberry Cream Cheese Slime -Pineapple Butter Slime -Melted Chocolate Bunny Slime -Peeps Marshmallow Fluff -Pink Peeps Marshmallow Fluff -Marshmallow Fluff Slime -Pineapple Crush Floam -Golden Hearts Floam -Fruit Salad Floam -Pink Lemonade Floam -Pink Bubblicious Floam -Juicy Pear Floam -Birthd

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RESTOCK IS AT 4pm PST today!!! If you need to ask your parents what time that is for you or you can google it lol All orders over $30 get a free Easter Goodie Bag!🎉 5 random orders will get a free 2oz slime! And 3 random orders get a free squishy! All orders (as long as you include your username OR dm me with proof you purchased) get an EXTRA entry in my giveaway!! I'll have a list, pictures and v

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo April 2

💕🎉 This will be for sale next Friday in my huge restock (I turned it into floam) it's so pretty!😍 I'm going to be making a ton of slime today (all scented) for Fridays restock! I'll be posting pictures of the slimes I make on @tsn.updates so make sure to follow! •• DONT FORGET TO ENTER MY GIVEAWAY!! It's 2 posts back! •• #slime #slimeusa #slimevideo #slimebakery #slimemixing #slimetutorial #glitte

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo April 1

Juicy Pear Floam🍐 Ok first of all I want to apologize for this video it's shaky and the floam was sticky ugh but I don't wanna just not post anything! I promise my videos will start to get better when I get a better tripod! •••• But anyways next Friday I'll be having a HUGE restock!!! Tons of different slimes and they'll be scented!😍😍 This is one of the floams I'll be selling it's so Crunchy and s

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo March 26

Slime Giveaway!! Prizes- -4oz strawberry cream cheese (pink butter slime) -4oz butter slime -2oz cotton candy bubble tape slime -2oz cake batter floam -8oz container of rainbow beads -easter chick putty ••• Rules!- -you must be following • @theslimenation AND @tsn.updates -like this picture! -tag 2 friends and have them enter! This giveaway will end April 1st!! (Next Saturday) -US only!! If you do

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo March 26

Ahh only 10 Easter boxes left thank you guys so much!! I'm planning on doing a huge restock next Friday!! I'll make sure to post all the slimes I'm restocking throughout the week so if you want to see them make sure to follow @tsn.updates AND COMMENT SLIME REQUESTS ON MY RECENT!💕💕💕🎉🎉

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo March 25

The Easter Slime Boxes are selling fast!!! Thank you guys soooo much! If you'd like to purchase one I have a link in my bio!😍😍

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo March 22

Just curious how many of you actually plan on buying an easter box? (Like I know it may depend on the price but still) I just wanna know how many I should make or if they're even worth making lol Btw this is golden egg it's one of the slimes for the easter boxes!!💕✨😁 Only comment if you are!

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo March 17

Just restocked tons of slimes! Go check it out link in bio! First 3 orders get a FREE EASTER PUTTY!!💕🎉🎉

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo March 12

Starting my Easter boxes tomorrow! I'm so excited! How many slimes should I include 🤔 and who plans on purchasing one?🙋🏼🐰💕

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo March 11

Still got some slimes left!! All orders starting now till tomorrow morning will come with a free Easter putty!! Thank you so much to everyone who has purchased so far😍💕

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo March 7

Ok guys so I was thinking $35? I'm not sure yet (please don't comment prices or anything cause it's my choice what I sell them for)--- I'm scared that that's too expensive but you got to keep in mind that I had to pay for all of this, all the ingredients for the slime, the containers, all of the st Patrick's day extras, I even got special boxes just for this. I mean just the green grass stuff cost

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo March 7

Only 10 will be available!! (Not 100% sure on the price yet!😬) PLEASE stop commenting prices!!! You guys are commenting super low numbers to where I would be losing money!! I'm going to be deciding the prices!

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo March 1

These 2 squishies are currently 10% off!! Only valid for the next 10 orders!!! Use the code "SQUISHY10" link in bio

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo February 28

3 new types of squishies available to purchase!! LINK IN BIO🎉

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo February 27

"WHOooooOOoooOoo" (This isn't me) •••• Credit: @/nataliehudakk @/jordanfilley @/meganmcnamara

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo February 26

Only a few more slimes left!1!1👀 Link in bio to purchase!❤️

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo February 24

CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO!!! It's from @slimeydrizzy 😍💓

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo February 22

Restock this Friday at 3pm PST! What slimes should I Restock?😋

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo February 19

Please stop acting like I'm the reason you can't find clear glue... there are over 6,000 Walmarts in the US they certainly don't send all the clear glue to mine

 @theslimenation on Instagram photo February 19

Shop is restocked!😋 link in bio, make sure to scroll all the way down ❤️🎉

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