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#swipeLeft 😉 My dad was diagnosed with #Parkinson’s disease within the last year...he just turned 77 years old on Feb 13th. ♥️ Over the winter I’d spoken to my mom about traveling back home to take my dad to the gym a couple days a week but the snowy weather prevented it until now. Parkinson’s affects ones motor skills, sensory function, mood, and memory... my dads doctor said he needed to exercis

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Trained today with @fftf_fromfluffytofit ..we were pretty much done so I was just messing around at this point 🙈😬♥️ I love my clients/friends. Got Anne to incline bench today for the first time...for someone who claims to be upper body weak she managed to do several sets working up to 55lbs x5 (the video is up on her ig) and our other videos will be posted to be website ( or click

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Watch me take on my bright future... don’t ever let anyone convince you to be less than you imagine for yourself 💚 #thatSmileThough 😇 . . New video will be added to my members only website every Monday and Wednesday (and Friday this week) and a subscription is only $5.99 a month. 🤩There are currently over 50 training videos up 💪💪💪and several posing videos 🙌in all categories and I’m beginning an in

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Beautiful girl, you can do hard things. 💕 Know you are amazing. Know you are brave. Know you are strong. Know you are loved. Know you are enough. And you don’t need me, a day, a man, a woman, or society to tell you any of it. But Happy Valentines Day Anna. ♥️ My prayer is that my life teaches you to dream bigger, work harder, and be courageously more than me. God has so much planned for you. 🤗#tru

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Answer: Accuracy, consistency, and intensity. The biggest question I get asked is what do you do to get your arms, or triceps, or back, or quads. People always want to know how to grow a body part. The question to be asked back is, what have you tried already? The picture on the left is 2014 and It doesn’t take a national level judge to notice whats dominating and what’s lacking. Not even posing c

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It’s not the mountain that we conquer it’s ourselves. ✅ Back/Biceps 1. Wide grip lat pull down 3 working sets 8-12 reps 2. Prone t-bar row 3 sets rest pause to get 10 heavy reps plus triple drop set 3. Hammer strength low row singles 3 working sets 8-12 reps 5. Hammer strength Pull-over 3 sets super set with hammer shrugs 8-12 reps 6.. Wide grip straight Bar pull down/over super set with face p

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Isn’t It funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything’s different? ~CS Lewis ♥️♥️. . . The picture on the left is February 2014 and I remember It bc I had finally learned a lat spread and was 8 weeks from my first show weighing around 127lbs. (122lbs stage weight) 😇The picture on the right is this past summer getting ready for masters weighing around 133lbs. 😅The lesson h

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Today was amazing ☺️😍♥️ Trained with my most favorite person in the whole wide world! 🙌💞 Anna is involved in #track #soccer and #basketball (depending on the season) so I decided to start her on some introductory weight lifting to help increase her strength and familiarize her with exercises at the gym. 💪☺️ She will be on an upper/lower body split. We used mostly dumbbells because I didn’t want he

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Whatever makes you happy, do more of that. ☺️ . . . New website videos post Feb 1st with the FREE newsletter (shoulder Compilation workout videos included 😉) subscribe to (get all your #fitTips) . . Want me as your coach? Apply on the homepage I work with clients of all levels, male and female! ☺️ Check Out my client testimonials!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ . . #teambuffcake #ironSharpensIron #

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This first exercises is commonly used as a rotator cuff exercise or shoulder warm up but is actually a bicep exercise because of a little thing called gravity. 😬👍 #butYouAlreadyKnewThat 😉The full sequence (done using only a band and taking less than 5 minutes) is posted on my website along with numerous other videos (all less than 2 minutes long) 😉🙌 #yourTimeIsValuable 💚 Subscribe to the free news

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I think a lot of times people struggle in situations because they don't accept that life is actually working for them and not to them. Looking back I see God had an amazing plan for me and there's one thing in particular I'm very thankful for. As much as I hate having started so late in the game with this sport, I'm very glad I accepted my role as a parent to my baby when I had her as one. I wasn'

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I love stumbling across prep journey pictures ☺️ Here’s me no makeup, coloring my hair, idk how many weeks out this summer 🤷‍♀️😇😉. I take so many pictures during prep and I never post them or show anyone during because I’m always thinking I’m not sure I’m where I need to be.🙃It’s so hard to see myself because I am changing daily before my own eyes. 🙈🙈🙈Do you do this to yourself? 😬Do you Doubt your

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@frostfit90 Shout out to my amazing coach @buffcake22 for getting me in the best shape of my life and becoming one of my best friends in the process. I’m so happy I know somebody so beautiful inside and out! Also a big shout out to @suits_by_jodi for making me this outstanding suit. She really brought my vision to life and I can’t wait to wear it again later this year. @teambuffcake @withmefit @m

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💪💪💪Some coaching hi-lights of 2017 for me. I was honestly disappointed that I didn’t get to stage this year...I was like, did I fail 2017? But I changed my perspective 🙈☺️remembering those I helped, and who in turn helped me grow as a coach, a person, a friend, and a mother. ✅✅✅✅🙏This isn’t everyone, but some proud examples of clients who mutually reciprocated effort- and they accomplished their g

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The more I let go of how things are supposed to be the more I’m able to welcome what’s me and what’s mine. ♥️Sounds like the old lady that I am. 😂🙈😉 This isn’t 30 days, or 6 months, or even 5 years. I’m not made up of one year but multiple years from when I decided to change to figuring out how. Weighing 108lbs😳😐 on my wedding day in October of 2001 (24 years old) to my current weight of 145lbs (4

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I asked my 12 year old daughter... Q: If you could change one thing about your body, what would you change?🖤 She seemed confused by the question...and then her face lit up at the thought of adding a magical element ☺️💫.... A: Butterfly wings!! 🦋 . . . Parenting is tough and it’s difficult to raise children who will be thoughtful adults, but don’t give up...and try to set a good example of being ha

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You cannot fail at being yourself 🖤 . . Listened to The sizegame podcast today and was inspired to say the least. Also have you checked out Sia’s Christmas Album? They recommended it! Personally my favorite Christmas song is Oh Holy Night by Third Day. 💚 This has been quite a year and if I can remind myself of anything it’s that we are 100% a product of our choices. Take the blame and the credit-

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تصميم الـــــــــمبــــــدعـ/ة📵 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ تعليقك دليل ع متابعتك 💬✒️ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ . 🎶{ #تصاميم_عراقية}•{ #تصاميم_خليجية }، 🎶{ #تصاميمي }•{ #ابداعي }، 🎶{#رمزياتي }•{ #تأثيراتي }، { #مبدعين } { #تمبلر }•{ #فوتوشوب }، { #كلك }•{ #هاشتاق}، { #فونتو }•{ #المصممين_العرب }، 🎶 { #مواهب_عراقية }•{#صور }، 🎶 { #رمزيات_كتابية} •{ #رمزيات_انستجرام}، 🎶 { #رمزيات_منوعة } •{ #دعم_المصممين} {#دمج_شغل_فون) ‏@neymarjr

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A mi me encanta recorrer caminos en carro y más si es como este⬆️ #Toyota que responde a mis necesidades! @southdadetoyota ustedes sí que saben asesorar a sus clientes! Y a l@s que me preguntan que en la Florida donde pueden conseguir su carro, se los recomiendo con toda👊🏻 pueden sentirse tranquilos y lo mejor... bien asesorados! #imsouthdadetoyota #ad

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Cuando uno enseña, dos aprenden. Nos vemos esta noche. Dirección en mi perfil. When one teaches, two learn. See you tonight. Address in my bio. @adelphiu @aucommdept

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После месяца передышки в Самаре, путешественник Заур Гуриев вновь отправился в путь. За спиной уже 2 750 км. 📍Несколько дней назад руководитель турклуба «Молодые ветра» добрался до Уфы. Путешественник рассказал «15-му Региону», что январь в Самаре не прошел без дела: Заур Гуриев устроился водителем в местную фирму такси, чтобы заработать средства на свое дальнейшее путешествие. 📍На вопрос, обрел л

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Amigas de Lisboa!!! HOJE na Farmácia Paula de Campos no centro comercial da Portela vou estar desde as 18.30h até as 20h com a marca Galénic! Há presentes para as primeiras 30 pessoas a chegar, há um sorteio de 6 produtos da marca e ainda há 20% de desconto na marca Galénic! Vou estar a mostrar os meus produtos favoritos e a demonstrar como mais gosto de os usar, tirar Fotos, conhecer-vos etc 😃 ap

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Link to the YouTube video is in my bio. Audio only versions are on itunes and Google play under "art of strength". In this interview I talk about trans athletes, the origin of Kroc Rows, my current training and competition plans, strength and feminity, and what's going on with my documentary. Regrann from @noahmccreight - ART OF STRENGTH EP. 5: TRANSGENDER POWERLIFTING WORLD RECORD HOLDER JANAE

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Дорогие родители! 👪 ⠀ 🌸Приглашаем Вас в наш детский сад "AITORE"🌸 ⠀ 🙈В садике Ваш ребёнок изучает: 🇬🇧 английский язык 🇨🇳китайский язык 🇰🇷корейский язык 🇸🇦арабский язык ⠀ А так же у нас есть: 🥋Каратэ 👯 Худ.гимнастика 👅Логопед 🚌Развозка утром и вечером ⛰ Имеется  своя соленая пещера 😉 ⠀ 🌏Левый берег, Мкр. Чубары, Арай 27 рядом с мечетью ⠀ ☎ 8701 129 05 73 ☎ 8775 341 60 62 ☎ 8708 386 48 56 ⠀ @aitore_