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Read➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡When the Spirit of the True & Living God is Ruler over a Godly husband & wife instead of their egos marriage goes to another level. Of course neither will be exempt from putting forth effort but it will not be hardwork & the Holy Spirit will reveal things to one another that will benefit you, your partner & the marriage greatly. The Holy Spirit came not just to comfort us, give us p

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It doesn't even have to be in prayer. You can be driving, eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, in church, at work, etc & an overwhelming feeling from the Holy Spirit begins to minister who God has been all through your life then unstoppable tears begin flowing. Through the tough times, mistakes, shortcomings, living life fully under the influence of sin doing your thing not knowing the enemy had a dea

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I tell men all the time because a woman gave you her is nothing to brag about. The flesh is very immature, sinful, & has a mind to destroy. The temporary pleasure you're settling for is building an eternal punishment. If you want to be proud about something get into her spirit. You'll gain something the flesh could never give. Love!!!!!#GodSent #HewhoFindsAwife #MarryYourBestFriend #TheWait #Worth

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Too many times we're quick for God to cut people off who don't have our best interest but we need to slow down & pump the brakes to remember there is a Word from heaven concerning them. Psalms 23:5 says; You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. Your enemies need to be present to see that blessings & the more enemies you have the larger the table will be. They don't have to be

Henry Foster Jr. @helivesnme_ on Instagram photo July 12

What God's about to do in your life this season will have your test testifying for you. People will remember the struggles, maybe you lost a house, wrongly fired, how an ex did you but God is going to make everything new so tuff it will be testimony on top of what you went through. Just be prepared for what the Lord is doing in your life & don't wait till the battle is over. Shout right now💃💃💃....

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Moses was called to lead Israel out of Egypt but had to go before Pharoah while God worked behind the scenes. David was anointed to be king but had to run from Saul until he committed suicide. Joseph had a great vision but was betrayed by his bothers, lied on by another man's wife & incarcerated wrongly. Joshua & Caleb wanted to possess the land but the people wanted to stone them for having faith

Henry Foster Jr. @helivesnme_ on Instagram photo July 11

Thx for a beautiful reminder 👑👢📖🙏☛Follow @gods_work_of_art_a_masterpiece ☜ But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing. James 1:4 KJV

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THIS FRIDAY JULY 21st 2017 ROYAL FLUSH FRIDAY AT ACES OFFICIAL ALBUM RELEASE PARTY FOR MEEK MILLS " WINS & LOSES !!!MUSIC by DJ SELF , DJ KIDD & DJ SINNA @lamorenajojo_ @meekmill @duvey1 @djself @reterik @nycdee1111 @kingkeino @villagev8 @jumpshotjay @iambadder @alyymariee_ @eva.d_rabbit @iamlyndarose @laniblair @baddiegi__ @_egyptiann @gissydoll @sffoxx @realpandasupreme _ @lysh_212 @lov

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Ольга Серябкина @serebro_official - певица, танцовщица, поэтесса, автор песен Лолиты Милявской, Наргиз, Эмина Агаларова и, конечно, хитов группы SEREBRO, многие из которых стали визитной карточкой коллектива. В группе Ольга уже больше 10 лет, и без нее SEREBRO представить трудно. Неудивительно, что когда пару лет назад Ольга начала развивать собственный сольный проект, в котором выступает под псев

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#Werbung Yay ein Gewinnspiel! 🎉 Valerian, der neue Film von Luc Besson, dessen Filme ich übrigens liiiebe 🙌 läuft seit dem 20.07.2017 endlich im Kino! Ich habe ein cooles Valerian-Paket, bestehend aus 2 Freikarten, Schirm, Comic, Beutel und magischer Tasse (färbt sich bei heißer Flüssigkeit) das ich an euch verlosen darf. Kommentiert unter diesem Post mit #tausendplaneten und beantwortet folgende