•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo February 21

Rare selfie with sister @the_sundance_kid who I couldn't have survived the festival without having help with the boys 🦋🌈🌻 #earthfrequency2017

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo February 19

Earth Frequency so far 🌈😂🦋#earthfrequency2017

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo February 16

Sunrise morning in the van 🌅 Ready to go to Earth Frequency festival 🌈 Ryan couldn't come so I am taking the boys and going with friends. Taking 2 toddlers to a 4 day festival camping with no partner 🙈 maybe I'm crazy. I have been wondering this the past 2 days as I try and remember to pack every single thing we need to survive and thrive. Haha, my independence is being tested, my will power on fi

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo February 16

One of today's naps, collapsed on @annabelle_co bed. Covered in dirt, bumps, scrapes and sweat. It's not easy trying to keep up with his brother and the big boys but he sure tries 🌻

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo February 12

Super simple Tofu and Vegetable Stir Fry, with rice and quinoa.. in a wok with garlic ginger and tamari 🐛🌿Sunflower sprouts with almost every meal! 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻 #plantpower

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo February 11

"Ancient lovers never forget the echo of each others hearts. An ocean of lifetimes may pass, but still, in the end - Your heart will guide you home.."

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo February 11

Solaris has the ultimate gift of JOY on a constant basis. Even in a heat wave where I am laying somewhat paralysed on the cool bathroom floor from a disjointed back, that sprung last night in bed.. and Atlas is IGNITED fire today 🔥🔥🔥🔥Off somewhere around the house leaving a blazing Aries trail of chaos 😡🔥 #heatwave

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo February 9

"Because our mothers are our first imprint of the world, that relationship becomes the blueprint for how we relate to life at large. If you experienced a scarcity of love and withholding of affection, the whole world can feel like place you aren’t worthy of belonging. Revitalisation of this vast and central wound is slow. But the first step to healing is the refusal to keep minimalising the impac

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo February 9

The February 10-11th Lunar (Full Moon) Eclipse in Leo represents the opening of a new gateway and a starting point into the energies of 2017. Eclipses act like doorways into different energy paths, and are powerful enough to transform, shift and change the direction and flow of your life. The last eclipse was in September 2016 and February’s Eclipse is going to bring an end to whatever energy wa

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo February 8

Post kinesiology visit, busking in the street 👽🌈 (He chose this outfit 🤗 Pants by local @orbit_handmadeclothing they are almost falling apart from so much use ! )

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo February 8

Atlas at the end of his kinesiology visit today 😍 Although he's fiery and very confident, he's also incredibly sensitive to the world around him. He can see and hear with so much awareness at what's going on and We could see he was feeling quite out of balance energetically. But so much was covered in this session because kids are so open to healing. It's been an instant shift since we left that

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo February 7

Their bond is everything I dreamed and lately it's gotten stronger. Atlas is fiercely protective and Solaris is in a constant state of admiration 🌈

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo February 7

Tempeh fingers & Baby toes, dipped in guacamole and tomato relish 🌻☺️Easy peasy snack idea 🌈 Abundant in protein and good fats ~ Atlas love his tempeh crispy ~ this particular tempeh is Fava bean and Wakame 🌿by Byron Tempeh, so local for us 🦋 #byronbaytempeh #plantbasedbabies #vegankids

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo February 7

There's never been a doubt in my mind that babies can understand every single word, expression, body language we express to them and around them. Considering they had 9 months in the womb just listening to mama talk (internally and externally) and that DNA that contains every particle of information we've ever downloaded as humans. Just some good food for thought 💡Some super awareness and perspect

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo February 6

"Are you feeling a bit shaken, maybe stirred, maybe fearful and doubtful and completely, utterly, wildly terrified? Good. Keep going" Step on to Friday's eclipse accelerator ,hang out in the unknown unknown and make yourself available for your next mission. We are bathing in the supernal light of Jupiter as the Hierophant turns retrograde today, a shining beacon of eternal truth. Ask yourself: In

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo February 6

A big glass of water, corn chips and guacamole whilst quietly groovin 😎🌮 I was thinking in this moment how amazing it is that he has been vegan since conception. Still blows my mind when I take a moment to think about it. How healthy he is. His eyes and skin still glow and he's almost 3. His teeth seem strong, his energy.. endless. And he really hasn't missed out at all. We still enjoy vegan natur

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo February 5

Walking around my parents backyard taking photos of bugs, birds, gnomes and fairies. Somewhere familiar with a shower, and place to cook! Much needed this week, We are so ready to set down our roots in a home, the past 6 months or so we've been no where in particular but living new adventures daily, it's been very expansive for our tiny family, time apart for Ryan and I has built an entirely new

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo February 4

If only coconut water came out of the tap 🦋🌻🍸

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo February 1

" In ego, a moment of gratitude is offered in exchange for any degree of pleasure, and withheld whenever pleasure diminishes or becomes a sensation of pain. As the shell of ego cracks, bringing forth the light of a maturing soul, life doesn’t always have to be pleasurable in order for gratitude to be offered. Instead, there is a deeper understanding that life is only putting you in positions of ex

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo January 31

Growing, morphing, changing and almost impossible to get on film these days ~ 🌈 We are noticing more and more his expansive perspective awareness ~ his deep empathy, he feels everything and everyone around him (we are helping him to zip up his energy and channel it instead of taking on others "stuff" as his own) his psychic senses, his imagination (or clear spirit sight) ✨His willpower is immense

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo January 28

The reality of 1 child who sleeps any time, anywhere, and the other completely mischievous fire monkey who doesn't .. 😍#AtlasAndSolaris

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo January 27

Self love in a bowl 🦋 Simple yellow dal with 1/2 head of ice burg lettuce, mixed greens, coconut oil fried mushrooms, half an avocado and self loving intentions ❤ My question to myself this year before I do anything.. "would a person who loves them self do/eat/say this?" #todaysmusings #plantpower #abundance

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo January 27

Fear and anxiety paralyze you. They disempower you. They also make you much easier to control. Who said you have to be angry, freaked out and terrified to get shit done? What on earth do you think you can accomplish from a state of panic? Are you going to spend every day like this? You know what you can't get back? The time spent fretting over things that haven't even happened yet. You know what y

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo January 26

Candid home video and the joys of living our last day in the rainforest before we set off on a new adventure ~ we are free falling into the unknown but with perfect alignment, will miss the Wild life and creek at this house, it's been so abundant here ~ 🦀🐦🕷Now looking for something by the sea, Anyone in the rainbow region with a self contained space for us, lettuce know 🦋 #adventure #life

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo January 22

I feel this message to be so potent at this time for all, on a cellular level . As we free fall into divine alignment ~ that of which we are, no matter how confusing a time it is. Polarisation is imperative to see what we REALLY want, what we NEED. You can imply this to the US presidential saga, a manifestation of the human collective up until this point. A powerful, pivotal time of self reflecti

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo January 21

After an intense few months in reflection and recalibration, the dark night of the soul, as they call it. I am shedding off many skins and realigning with my voice ~ and to start with I have started posting videos, information I come across and want to share with those that seek also, on a Facebook page NewEarth.Mama. I am ever evolving and seeking ways in which to grow. Self love is HIGH on my ag

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo January 21

We've just spent the past week with Atlas riding out some strange gastro bug that had also infiltrated our friends children. This was what that fever was trying to fight off the week before I believe. He amazes me so much with his intuitive wisdom on how to heal. He fasted mostly for 3 days, with only requests of coconut kefir, water (a homeopathic tincture and probiotics I got from the herbalist,

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo January 20

"When you go out into the woods, and you look at trees, you see all these different trees. And some of them are bent, and some of them are straight, and some of them are evergreens, and some of them are whatever. And you look at the tree and you allow it. You see why it is the way it is. You sort of understand that it didn't get enough light, and so it turned that way. And you don't get all emotio

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