•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo December 16

Never to young to consult the oracle, work with tarot, TRUST in and harness your psychic ability. We all have psychic ability, it’s called intuition. Learning to listen to the messages that come to you, to trust in the synchronicity of life and that gut feeling we all get. The single most important thing I want my kids to know from NOW is that above any one else’s opinions, perspective and advice.

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo December 16

🌷🍧LAVENDER ICE CREAM🍧🌷 3 1/2 cups coconut milk 3/4 cup Blueberries 2tbls Culinary Lavender (I found this at our local co op) 3/4 cup Maple Syrup 1/4 tsp vanilla essence Heat the coconut milk to a slight boil, add lavender and stir, take off the heat and strain. No need to leave it on the heat too long just so it extracts the lavender flavour. Strain the lavender flowers from the coconut milk

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo December 15

I love hearing stories about how close people are with their siblings. I have 3 myself but they are much older than me and unfortunately we just never got close. I always craved that closeness. Now these 2 are only 17 months apart and Solaris is completely besotted with his baby sister. I feared having to navigate his jealously towards her but the only navigating I have to do is making sure he do

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo December 15

Never ever met another soul like Solaris. He really couldn’t get any cheekier, he listens to no one, is intensely stubborn.. simply intense in so many ways. He’s really nothing like Atlas at all, 2 totally different energies swirling around each other. And yet one of the SWEETEST most loving energies who just wants to love everyone and be apart of the action yet at the same time he holds back and

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo December 12

6 weeks with Venus and everything is feeling so complete, balanced, whole, heart achingly happy. She is bringing us so much joy. I just truely don’t want this sleepy divine newborn phase to end but can’t wait to see who this little being morphs in to. Right now her spirit seems so soft and gentle. She is so calm and so unbelievably happy with never ending smiles. She is pure heart ❣ I am relishing

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo November 22

The boy who doesn’t play with toys but will spend hours with his spray bottle and wiping cloth. The vacuum his favourite, the broom his next favourite. But also the most messiest and the one to eat 1 handful of food and throw the next (at his brother) 😚 #SolarisLazuliMoon

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo November 22

Mushroom and Walnut Bolognese with Cashew Cheese 🌿🧀 Mushroom and Walnut meat : Dice into small pieces.. mushrooms, walnuts and onion in a blender or by knife - Make tomato sauce with a tin of diced tomatoes blended with garlic, ginger, olive oil and tamari. Cook mushroom mix in a little oil and add sauce to simmer. Cashew cheese : 120g Cashews 240mls of water 4 tbls nutritional yeast 1/2 teas

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo November 22

So rough and wild with each other but so gentle with her 💕

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo November 21

Easy Nourishment 🌿💘 Pesto pasta and Quinoa cranberry salad 💘Pesto pasta is my favourite 😍 Just basil, olive oil, walnuts (any nuts - I particularly LOVE macadamia) and lemon. No measurements to quote because I just wing it 🤞🏼 Salad is just Quinoa, cranberries, sunflower seeds and shallots. So simple but so tasty 🌿👌🏼 Atlas told me yesterday he doesn’t like green food. This is obviously something h

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo November 17

3 weeks tomorrow and weighing 5kilos/11pounds 🌷🦋 I’m so madly in love, not hard to be when this beautiful girl engages with me in the sweetest of ways. With the boys it’s always felt like I knew them before they came into my life. So familiar, beautifully karmic. But with her it feels like I’m meeting and falling in love with this spirit for the first time. Like she’s an entirely new cycle of the

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo November 16

It’s the most simple things that seem to bring the most joy. This musical tree from @the.small.folk is the number 1 favourite and most sought after toy in this house. It sits high up on the shelf so little hands can’t break it and the little balls don’t disappear into the vortex carelessly, but it’s brought down timeless times a day and played with for hours. Over and over they put the balls down

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo November 14

Just have to watch that he doesn’t smother her with his love 💘 Solaris and Venus, only 17 months apart, what a journey they will have 🌈

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo November 13

He chose to wear this wig to Newtown festival. Always incorporating an element of theatre into his style naturally. He is one interesting character 😍 #AtlasNeoZen

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo November 9

Quinoa stir fry and Home grown greens 🌿🌿🌿 Bitter greens are the best digestive aid ! Giving me energy but making me feel light ! 🦋 Simply sauté some onion and garlic, add chopped broccoli, shaved carrot, fennel and ginger. Add in cooked quinoa and some tamari. Super quick, super tasty 👌🏼 Made enough to keep snacking over the day 🌷

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo November 8

Lots of fun and fighting over who gets to carry the “baby” in their mini @chekohbaby ~ so happy to capture some of Atlas’ growth 🌿 he’s like a flash of light in speed 💥

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo November 7

Having to keep my eye on her adoring big brother who won’t stop stealing kisses and hugs. Sol Bear the nurturer, I’m so pleasantly surprised. He’s all LOVE. ❣️

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo November 6

Woke up and baked Kipfler potatoes to have with this Red Lentil Dal I was gifted by @erinlovellverinder 🌿💘 Couldn’t be happier my fridge is stocked with different Dals from friends, could eat it all day every day 🙏🏼🌿#plantpower

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo November 6

Feeling held and supported so much this time round by friends, community and all the love on here. My entire week has been sorted with meals made by friends, one of my favourite humans @radical_rhapsodies even folded all my laundry. These are the kind of gifts that really help a new mother. Food and general help around around the house. If you visit, help wash up or put a load of washing on. It’s

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo November 6

Day 9 with Venus 🦋 Being weighted by my midwife. She lost only 30grams by Day 6 on Earth and by Day 9 today she’s gained another 200grams over her birth weight ! making her 4.5kilos/9.9pounds. She’s landed so beautifully 🦋 #VenusAeonBloom #homebirth

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo November 5

Easing our way into the week as Ryan’s gone back to work with PLAY - something I’ve always found hard to engage in. I am changing my ways and learning to stop, surrender and IMAGINE again with my babes. It’s the most heart connecting space being in the play space, just look at his happy little face that I am on the ground with him 😭😍Our beautiful dolls house and scenery from @the.small.folk 🌈❣️

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo November 4

Misty mountain walk to the rhododendron gardens 🌸🦋

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo November 4

Misty weekend nourishment 🌿Walnut and Basil Pesto pasta with chive flowers 🌷Quinoa salad ~ cranberries, shallots, hemp seeds and olive oil. @peaceloveandvegetables kimchi, veganaisr and pickles 🌷🌿🦋

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo November 3

Placenta delivered by my midwife who prepared them for me after labour 🌸 So happy to take these, I have taken them after each birth and my anecdotal evidence is that they work. I’m sure many of you who have taken them agree 🌷 The apparent benefits of consuming your placenta include: preventing and lessening the risk of postpartum depression or the ‘baby blues’ due to the hormone supply in the pla

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo November 2

Just Venus, Solaris and I today navigating the day to music, good food, a lot of breastmilk, sunshine and remembering how sacred it all is 🙏🏼 "Blessed we are" by Peia

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo November 2

Just 5 days with Venus and I am the happiest I feel I've ever been 💘 I have her birth playlist on Spotify called 🦋Birth of Venus 🦋 ~ link in my stories right now, search on Spotify and I'll also post in the comments below 🙏🏼

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo October 31

Solaris' many many expressions 😂they have been playing with this musical marbel tree ALL day, non stop 😍best part is the sound is actually beautiful!! One of the many BEAUTIFUL gifts they received today from @the.small.folk 😍🌿🌈🦋

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo October 31

"Mum, baby bloom was going to have purple eyes, but she chose blue, when she chose me at the shop. To be like me" .. 🦋

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo October 31

Finding ways to make life flow a little easier in the fourth trimester with 2 toddlers to tend to and a baby living on the boob that I'd just prefer to spend all my time staring at 😍Today was a success making up their @seedandsproutco bento boxes with snacks the night before so when the mid morning came there was zero preparation ! 🙏🏼🌿I love these bento style lunch boxes 🍱😍 Lunch was Left over Pas

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo October 30

9 months of grieving the changes that were going to come, imagining all the difficult moments of Solaris accepting another baby into my arms... diminished as soon as she's here and yesterday in this moment it was just the 3 of us laying down for a rest. He rolled over to be closer to her as he fell asleep 😭Maybe because I worked on those fears and that grieving my whole pregnancy it's shifted thin

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo October 30

All the garden goodness nourishment postpartum!! 🌿🌿🌿🌿Tricoloured Quinoa with shaved carrot, radish, greens, capsicum, cashews, Hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, cranberries and chive flowers @peaceloveandvegetables sauerkraut and a dressing made of orange juice olive oil and mustard 🌺🌿🦋

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo October 30

Life is so complete with her in it. I am sky high on oxytocin and just went for a walk outside to smell all the jasmine in Bloom 😍I used Jasmine and Rose oil through her birth and those 2 flowers have literally just exploded everywhere right now 🌷🌸🌹🌷🌸🌹🌷🌸🌹🌸🌷🌹🌸🌷🌹🌸🌷🌹🌺🌸🌷🌹I want to truly thank everyone for all the love we've received and the appreciation of my birth story and just for every beautiful t

•• I AM • Emma •• @newearth.mama on Instagram photo October 29

Oh my goodness I had the best cry this morning reliving the songs that came through in Venus' birth 🦋 I don't play an instrument or even sing but music plays such a huge part in my life and how I navigate through most days. In completely divine synchronicity too the playlist I had for her birth was incredibly potent. The first song I share in the videos is "Pachamama" by Beautiful chorus and it st

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