JUSTIN DAVID @jdbaluch on Instagram photo January 19

I took some time off last week and spent it with my brother, @jpbaluch here at home. Living in Hawaii is incredible and I am thankful for the opportunity, but it comes at a price — I rarely see my family. Im hopeful in the future we will all figure out a way to see each other more often. Two weeks a year simply isn’t enough. #family #bros #hawaii #hiking #crouchinglion #northshore #roam

JUSTIN DAVID @jdbaluch on Instagram photo January 14

The surf picked up dramatically this afternoon, with XXL-sized swell nearly closing out Waimea Bay. It was the perfect way to end an incredible week well-spent with my brother after seeing him off to the airport. Here’s hoping for some favorable conditions tomorrow! If you were surfing the bay this afternoon from 4-6pm, chances are I have some photos of you. Check out the link in my profile, al

JUSTIN DAVID @jdbaluch on Instagram photo January 4

Pipeline came alive for a little bit yesterday. Derek Ho, @koarothman, @haloaisaloha, and a few others put on a show. This song was shamelessly ripped from @tim_bonython’s The Big Wave Project. If you haven’t bought it yet, it’s totally worth it. Pick it up on Vimeo VOD and prepare to be amazed. Hands down the most exciting surf video I’ve seen this year. #surf #surfing #pipeline #northshore #

JUSTIN DAVID @jdbaluch on Instagram photo January 1

Hands down, my most watched post of 2017. Thank you all so much for your great vibes and positivity as I reflect back on an exciting year of travel, new friends, incredible dive sites, loving family, and so much fun spent in the water. 👋 Happy New Years guys! May it be our best year yet! #divetosurvive @_paradiseseeker_ #diving #paradise #fiji #roam #freediving #nauticam #suuntodive @nauticamh

JUSTIN DAVID @jdbaluch on Instagram photo December 26

Here’s a little cave dive clip taken early in the year with @misfit1214. Do you guys enjoy these cave diving videos? I have so many of them in my archive and will keep sharing them if enough of you are interested. Aloha and hope you guys had an amazing Christmas holiday! 😁👋 #divetosurvive #canon #nauticam #diving @nauticamhousings @canonusa @suuntodive #suunto #hawaii #paradise #roam #underwater

JUSTIN DAVID @jdbaluch on Instagram photo December 17

For those of you who haven’t yet ventured beneath the surface, one of the questions I get asked most often is “What does it sound like underwater when you freedive?” Well, sometimes we are lucky enough to hear whales, dolphins, or the grunts from large predatory fish like ulua, but more often than not it’s just the sound of the water and the noises your own body makes as you move. Scuba tends to

JUSTIN DAVID @jdbaluch on Instagram photo November 20

Simply in awe of nature’s beauty. As good as my view of the sunset was from this perspective, I can only imagine how amazing it must have looked from the air. If you look really closely and zoom in you might be able to spot the tiny helicopter hidden amongst the clouds. 🚁 #sunset #northshore #pupukea #paradise #hawaii #oahu #sunrays @reallyrightstuff @canonusa @yeti #aloha @aloha_outdoors #unrea

JUSTIN DAVID @jdbaluch on Instagram photo November 17

If you’ve never tried Freediving before, it’s not nearly as daunting as it may initially seem. The gear requirements are minimal, the freedom is immense, and the beautiful marine life and underwater structures just waiting to be discovered are breathtaking. Here’s a video I shot back in 2016 with @kimkertz. #divetosurvive #freediving #freedive @canonusa #canon @nauticamhousings #nauticam #mermai

JUSTIN DAVID @jdbaluch on Instagram photo November 15

Lucked out on this gem at the bottom of the sea. I wish I could take credit for such creativity and careful attention to detail. We found this rock-art at our local dive spot last week and were amazed at how perfectly spaced the rocks were placed. 🤙 @imaekiss #divetosurvive #freediving #freedive @paditv @fii_freedive @suuntodive @nauticamhousings #suuntodive #nauticam @canonusa #diver #diving @d

JUSTIN DAVID @jdbaluch on Instagram photo November 3

A small taste of yesterday’s early winter magic. Shot a full battery from the barrel and then another battery from shore. Life is better spent outdoors. Can’t wait to start seeing some of the first #waveofthewinter nominations! 🏄🏽‍♂️🏄🏼‍♀️ @oneillusa @wsl @surfline @john_john_florence @_mikey_redd @hoochie_koo69 @tylernewts @aloek_c @dahui8o8 @cmthousings @patagonia_surf @canonusa 🎧”Gimme Shelter

JUSTIN DAVID @jdbaluch on Instagram photo October 29

Welcome to winter on the North Shore. 🌊 The familiar roar is back again and there’s no place I’d rather be. Teamed up with @mattkuji this morning, many thanks for your excellent aerial skills! Hoping for better conditions tomorrow. So great to see so many familiar faces back at the bay. ☺️ #hawaii #waimea #waimeabay #eddiewouldgo #bigwave #wsl @canonusa @reallyrightstuff @djiglobal @pelicanprofess

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why do photos look so different when they’re flipped??? cute ass top from @goodbyebread 🖤

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Look like I’m about to paint the greatest painting in life 😹@yummyextensions

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こんにちは!☀️ コトモノマルシェ ルミネ池袋店です!🤗 . 本日は、Flourish(#handmade_flourish)さんをご紹介致します! . お写真では見づらいですが、一番上に小振りなスワロフスキーがちらっと輝く、なんとも上品に組み合わされたお品です!✨ こちらをお目当てにご来店されるお客様もいらっしゃる程の好評ぶりです!😍 . 見るのと着けてみるのとでは大違い!是非店頭にてご試着なさってみてください!😘 . 本日もスタッフ一同、心よりお待ちしております!✨ . 【掲載商品】 左手前 イヤリング No.8 ¥2800+tax 右手前 イヤリング No.6-3 ¥2800+tax 左奥 ピアス No.6-2 ¥2800+tax 右奥 チタンピアス No.5 ¥2900+tax . コトモノマルシェ公式ホームページ http://cotomono-marche.com #COTOM

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還沒參加的讀者們別錯過~留言評詩活動到1/21這週日23:59截止喔! #相信自己 #表現自己 #來創作吧👌🎅🏾🎅🏾🎅🏾 #我會選一篇出來🧐🧐🧐 #獲選詩會刊在飲冰室的粉專喔☺️

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#佳里馬來西亞美食 #這餐超強Der氣味獨特道地海南雞飯 這間是去「馬來西亞」學藝回來。 CP值很高,價位落於ᴺᵀ35-ᴺᵀ150。 食材給的阿沙力,符合南部人的豪爽。 座落市場後面鮮度夠,平價又不失美味。 店家特色 ⭕標榜全部使用馬來西亞辛香料 ⭕沾醬芭蔘辣醬&新加坡螃蟹醬 ⭕麵類:寬版Q麵/刀削麵/粿仔條 ⭕麵類改成雞飯+ᴺᵀ10 #巴生肉骨茶麵ᴺᵀ80 內容:肋排2隻/豆皮/金針菇/鱈魚丸 肋排:當日控到「骨肉分離」豐富膠質。 麵條:東發麵廠Q寬麵,口感很Q耐吃。 湯底:馬來西亞當地採買茶包重新調配。 不像新加坡走胡椒味,是走馬來西亞口味「中藥人蔘味」有一點當歸湯的錯覺。 #娘惹叻沙ᴺᵀ80 小辣 內容:棒棒腿/水煮蛋/鱈魚丸/蟹味棒 湯頭:很馬來西亞,香茅味很突出。 使用「麥香寬麵」拉麵的Q度久泡不爛。 麵條吸飽醬汁精華,甘甜香辣越吃越開胃。 #海南雞飯ᴺᵀ100 附肉骨茶

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Terima kasih YABhg Tun Pehin Sri Abang Haji Muhammad Salahuddin bersama Isteri kerana turut mendoakan Ct dan keluarga .. Tengok @arifjiwaasyraf nii.. pandai sangat dia melayan tetamu 😊😊😊 @tyaarifinnw @asyrafkhalid