JUSTIN DAVID @jdbaluch on Instagram photo November 20

Simply in awe of nature’s beauty. As good as my view of the sunset was from this perspective, I can only imagine how amazing it must have looked from the air. If you look really closely and zoom in you might be able to spot the tiny helicopter hidden amongst the clouds. 🚁 #sunset #northshore #pupukea #paradise #hawaii #oahu #sunrays @reallyrightstuff @canonusa @yeti #aloha @aloha_outdoors #unrea

JUSTIN DAVID @jdbaluch on Instagram photo November 17

If you’ve never tried Freediving before, it’s not nearly as daunting as it may initially seem. The gear requirements are minimal, the freedom is immense, and the beautiful marine life and underwater structures just waiting to be discovered are breathtaking. Here’s a video I shot back in 2016 with @kimkertz. #divetosurvive #freediving #freedive @canonusa #canon @nauticamhousings #nauticam #mermai

JUSTIN DAVID @jdbaluch on Instagram photo November 15

Lucked out on this gem at the bottom of the sea. I wish I could take credit for such creativity and careful attention to detail. We found this rock-art at our local dive spot last week and were amazed at how perfectly spaced the rocks were placed. 🤙 @imaekiss #divetosurvive #freediving #freedive @paditv @fii_freedive @suuntodive @nauticamhousings #suuntodive #nauticam @canonusa #diver #diving @d

JUSTIN DAVID @jdbaluch on Instagram photo November 3

A small taste of yesterday’s early winter magic. Shot a full battery from the barrel and then another battery from shore. Life is better spent outdoors. Can’t wait to start seeing some of the first #waveofthewinter nominations! 🏄🏽‍♂️🏄🏼‍♀️ @oneillusa @wsl @surfline @john_john_florence @_mikey_redd @hoochie_koo69 @tylernewts @aloek_c @dahui8o8 @cmthousings @patagonia_surf @canonusa 🎧”Gimme Shelter

JUSTIN DAVID @jdbaluch on Instagram photo October 29

Welcome to winter on the North Shore. 🌊 The familiar roar is back again and there’s no place I’d rather be. Teamed up with @mattkuji this morning, many thanks for your excellent aerial skills! Hoping for better conditions tomorrow. So great to see so many familiar faces back at the bay. ☺️ #hawaii #waimea #waimeabay #eddiewouldgo #bigwave #wsl @canonusa @reallyrightstuff @djiglobal @pelicanprofess

JUSTIN DAVID @jdbaluch on Instagram photo October 21

Quite literally all the colors of the rainbow. I was astounded at how pristine and vibrant the shallow reefs were off the coast of Taveuni. The diversity of life and sheer magnitude of color is much more pronounced than what is left of the reefs of Oahu. #divetosurvive @gardenislandresort @paditv #freedive #reef #coralreef #chasingcoral @chasingcoral @fly_fijiairways @tourismfiji #fiji #bulabula

JUSTIN DAVID @jdbaluch on Instagram photo October 17

Where land meets sea. @imaekiss

JUSTIN DAVID @jdbaluch on Instagram photo October 16

We do our best when we learn from each other. Waterman, Mike Jutt, teaches @imaekiss how to check her buoyancy at one atmosphere. Learn to dive with @misfit1214 @hawaiifreedive. @fii_freedive @kimi_swimmy @gypsysunrise1 #divetosurvive #freediving #hawaii #northshore #oahu. 🎧 “A Gentle Dissolve” by Thievery Corporation.

JUSTIN DAVID @jdbaluch on Instagram photo October 13

With all the turmoil and division in the media these days, we can forget or lose sight of how magical the natural world truly is. Sometimes it pays to take a moment or two and just be a kid again. @jillyfish831 playing in the sand. #divetosurvive #freedive @nauticamhousings @canonusa @suuntodive #nauticam #suuntodive @atomic_aquatics @stahlsac @dafinhi @reefphotovideo @hawaiicamera

JUSTIN DAVID @jdbaluch on Instagram photo October 10

@billyboychoi taking off on Eddie’s wave. Last year saw quite a few close-out sets. Can’t wait to hear the roar and feel the immense power of the surf! I’d love to know, would you swim out? How many of you have ever surfed or swam in big waves? Share your thoughts or anything else you’d like to know with me below and I’ll do my best to answer them. #eddiewouldgo #northshore #waimea #waimeaba

JUSTIN DAVID @jdbaluch on Instagram photo October 9

Sharing the underwater stoke with drone legend @ericsterman as he films @maliamurphey freediving. Missing crystal clear days like this. I hear so many different comments regarding people being afraid of the deep. I’m curious, what is your biggest fear or apprehension that keeps you from enjoying the ocean? Let me know your thoughts. #divetosurvive #freediving #dive #diver #waterman #underwater

JUSTIN DAVID @jdbaluch on Instagram photo October 8

Cave diving with the birthday girl. @ravaray #divetosurvive 🎧 “Magic Carpet Ride” by Steppenwolf. @nauticamhousings @canonusa @moanawaterman @suuntodive

JUSTIN DAVID @jdbaluch on Instagram photo October 2

Still trying to process the immensity and senselessness of the horrific tragedy that occurred in Las Vegas last night. Please keep the victims and first responders in your thoughts as we work to mend the wounds we face as a nation. 🇺🇸 God Bless America. ▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️ We eagerly jumped off the boat and into the crystal clear waters of the Belizean Barrier Reef. @chelseakauai

JUSTIN DAVID @jdbaluch on Instagram photo September 27

The last few nights have been beautiful for learning advanced timelapse techniques. I am interested in many different types of photography and film styles, plus it’s always fun to learn something new. Besides, you guys want to see more than just underwater photos right?! ☺️🤙 For this clip I shot 1,021 photos over a 6 hour period last night, at a 21 second interval. It was shot on a #Canon 5DSR

JUSTIN DAVID @jdbaluch on Instagram photo September 25

Every once in a while I manage to get in a dive or two without the camera in my hands. Whether it’s spearfishing with my best buds or caving with @imaekiss, the ocean is such a sacred place. That’s the recurring theme all my friends speak of time and time again. Our love and passion for nature is innate.💧Photo taken by talented marine conservationist and photographer, @drewfant_. #divetosurvive

JUSTIN DAVID @jdbaluch on Instagram photo September 20

What a way to start the day. @murphdasurf83 and I swam out and watched the circle of life unfold in front of our very eyes. Every element of the food chain was at work in this Halalu bait ball. The Kamanu (Rainbow Runners) stalked the bait and attacked unsuspecting prey. Pretty ethereal to see such a biomass of fish in one school. There were literally billions of tiny baitfish surrounding us.🐟 #d

JUSTIN DAVID @jdbaluch on Instagram photo September 19

There is something so soothing to the way these puffers swim and oscillate their fins. He kept a cautious eye on me the whole way back to his cave.🐡 Please help us keep the ocean clean and #stopsucking. Millions of plastic straws are used globally each and every day, many of which find their way into our world’s waterways. Do your part and say no to straws. Even the little things can make a big

JUSTIN DAVID @jdbaluch on Instagram photo September 17

Fiji is world-renowned for its incredible reef ecology. The Rainbow Reef in the Somosomo Strait off Taveuni and Savusavu did not disappoint. See it. Love it. Protect it. 🎥 Click the link in my profile for a full length extended play in 4K. I’d love to hear your comments, either here or on Vimeo. Thanks so much for following my feed and I hope you guys have a great Sunday. Get started with Freedi

JUSTIN DAVID @jdbaluch on Instagram photo September 13

w a t e r💧whisperer. @haaheo between dives searching for and cleaning fishing lures, lead weights, line, and other debris off the sea floor below. You’d be amazed at the sheer volume of discarded fishing supplies, plastics, and trash at the water’s edge even in these protected wildlife sanctuaries. Lei is always looking for these items and removing them from the ocean in effort to return her ho

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