Jeremiah Doughty @fromfieldtoplate on Instagram photo January 18

Game Burgers!! Smoked wild boar mixed with ground elk create the perfect blend of wild flavor. Top that with beer battered onion rings, bbq sauce and my special sauce and you’ve got a burger for the ages! Eat wild!!! #fromfieldtoplate #burger

Jeremiah Doughty @fromfieldtoplate on Instagram photo January 17

Thank You! I still have a finger thanks to my ring. If I was wearing my normal wedding band this could have been bad. I tripped and my ring caught as I tried to catch myself. Instead of my finger being skinned as the ringed pulled off, this ring ripped and saved my finger. Ring avulsion is real, and I’m glad I was wearing this ring today! #fromfieldtoplate #groovelife

Jeremiah Doughty @fromfieldtoplate on Instagram photo January 16

Traditions! The main reason I hunt besides the amazing organic meat is to pass on the traditions to the next generation. My girls have been raised with a knowledge of where we get our food. I get told I am desensitizing them to death, I believe I am re sensitizing them to life. The true desensitizing is that most people eat meat with out even thinking of where and how they got it. When you cruise

Jeremiah Doughty @fromfieldtoplate on Instagram photo January 15

Great write up in @outdoor_life magazine by @catyenders on my fromfieldtoplate 101 classes last November. Yes there will be more classes next year on deer and hopefully turkey, hog and waterfowl. Thanks for the support from everyone and again thanks to Caty for an awesome write up and for coming to the classes!! #fromfieldtoplate #fromfieldtoplate101 @vortexoptics @mossyoak

Jeremiah Doughty @fromfieldtoplate on Instagram photo January 14

French out! Many of you have been asking for a how to on how I cut my Frenched out racks. Here is a sketch I drew up, For someone, hopefully this helps! #fromfieldtoplate

Jeremiah Doughty @fromfieldtoplate on Instagram photo January 12

PEACE? So this just happened to me. Only in California would crap like this happen. I am not against vegans, @peta or @greenpeace just because I choose to eat meat, it doesn’t make me a mindless killer. Since I choose to eat meat, I choose to do it myself, I choose to respect my kill by honoring it with a meal for my family. #fromfieldtoplate

Jeremiah Doughty @fromfieldtoplate on Instagram photo January 11

Frenched Out! If you’ve followed me you know I’ve been doing this cut since the beginning. You know it’s one of my favorite ways to prepare and cook venison loin, backstraps. When you leave the bone on, the meat takes on incredible flavor while cooking. I’m excited to see so many people take on this cut and enjoy the power behind the bone in! #fromfieldtoplate

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Setting up a quick V-spread on my new @southernflywayoutfitters decoy raft. Stupid simple!! Here hoping this wind and drop in temp gets the ducks moving tomorrow!! #fromfieldtoplate

Jeremiah Doughty @fromfieldtoplate on Instagram photo December 5

First: What is Wet Aged? Wet aging is different from dry aging in many different ways, the first is you’re allowing the natural enzymes of the meat to break down the tissues itself. This break down lends to richer tasting meat and super tender cuts. Unlike dry aging you don’t loose any meat weight due to moister loss and mold cut off. ... . Second: how to? Simple take a cut of venison, place in

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Ducks.... finishing off these smoked ducks with a fire bath. Creating a quick char with all that rendered fat helps develop a flavor which allows your tongue to dance. People are afraid to play with fire when it comes to waterfowl, don’t be scared. #fromfieldtoplate #duck

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When people ask if I eat fast food, I always laugh and say “way faster than any food you’ve ever eaten!” #fromfieldtoplate @vortexoptics @remingtonarmscompany @mossyoakgamekeepers

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Root beer wild boar! Slow cooked in @henryweinhard root beer, piled high on a pretzel bun and smothered in root beer bbq sauce! Eat Wild! #fromfieldtoplate

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Thankfulness.... “May He give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.” ‭‭Psalm‬ ‭20:4‬ ‭ ..... 2 years ago as I sat on the edge of my bed I prayed that God would bless me and use me in ways I’ve never even imagined. I can thankfully say God has answered my prayers, he’s given me my dream job and has blessed me beyond all I could imagine. God is Good! #fromfieldtoplate

Jeremiah Doughty @fromfieldtoplate on Instagram photo October 17

My Version of Venison Poppers. With deer hitting the freezers lets get away from wrapping the game in bacon and masking its flavor. Instead enhance it with all those flavors and make the meat the star! Bacon, jalapeños and cream cheese gravy! #fromfieldtoplate #venison

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Knowledge: a :the sum of what is known :the body of truth, information, and principles acquired by humankind. . . When most non hunters see this picture they see disgusting. But the truth is we have a better understanding a true knowledge of where our food comes from. This picture is not meant to disgust but to inform. Your food has a face, your food once lived. Everything must die for us to eat

Jeremiah Doughty @fromfieldtoplate on Instagram photo October 15

Heading to Texas Thursday for a youth enhancement hunt with @harrellwhitetailranch. So excited to get in the blind with new hunters and teach them how to butcher down their game after the hunt. 12 inner city kids coming out to learn the ropes and bring meat home to their families, what could be better!! #fromfieldtoplate

Jeremiah Doughty @fromfieldtoplate on Instagram photo October 11

Rare - Med-rare! There is this long standing misconception that wild game must be cooked med-well -well done. This statement is simply not true, Wild game shines when it’s cooked rare- med rare. This goes from ducks to deer and 90% of game in between. . But Jeremiah what about trichinosis? Great question, trichinosis dies at 145 degrees! . But, Jeremiah, what about... ask away id love to change

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Transform Your Room Into Kings Cross Station! 🚂 . We Are Proud To Give Away Our Next 25 Platform 9 3/4 Posters FREE! Just Cover Shipping . Click The Link In Bio For Yours 👆 #ad

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