🃏HARLEY QUINN🃏 @little_miss_crazy_ha_ha on Instagram photo November 22

Soooo.... @mistah_joker_ha_ha kept on telling me that I look like the cat woman from Batman returns but younger. When he first said it I was like “Nahhh” but then once he showed me pictures of her...my mind was blown🤯So for the past 20 minutes I’ve been freaking out and kept sending pictures of her and saying “this is so creepy”😂He begged and begged for me to post a side by side so that EVERYONE c

🃏HARLEY QUINN🃏 @little_miss_crazy_ha_ha on Instagram photo November 21

Oh how I’ve missed you puddin....through our ups and downs I knew you would come back. I didn’t care what other people said or thought, I kept on hoping that one day my Joker would return. Now look, you’ve finally come back to me, you’re finally in my arms again holding me tight as I cry on your shoulder. I love you sweetie, now let’s go show those bozos who thought you hated me, who thought you w

🃏HARLEY QUINN🃏 @little_miss_crazy_ha_ha on Instagram photo October 31

HOLA PUDDINS!!!!! Soooooo about my other post about deleting this account. I’M NOT DELETING IT!!!!! I thought about it and I remembered that I put SO much into this account...So why the fuck would I delete it?👿I PROMISE That I’ll be posting more, and if I don’t you can dm me and yell at me😅I DON’T CARE!!! I don’t rlly care about if you unfollow me because that just means you’re a fake ass clown. S

🃏HARLEY QUINN🃏 @little_miss_crazy_ha_ha on Instagram photo October 14

HOLA LOCOS !!!!!!♦️🃏💚😈 Sooo....I kinda need your help....I’m really confused and it’s kinda hurting me idk why!!! But, I need ya’ll to comment if I should DELETE this account, put it on private and never use it again, or keep it and wait till the new movies comes out....Cause right now I don’t know what to do and it’s hurting little ol Harley’s brain😖😩 SO!!! You guys have 2 weeks to comment, and t

🃏HARLEY QUINN🃏 @little_miss_crazy_ha_ha on Instagram photo October 1

Sooo here’s an explanation on why I NEVER post or go on this account no more....The truth is, I’m waiting for the new movies that are coming out😈I was actually planing on not posting on this account no more till they came out BUTTTTT that’s just WAY to long. SO!!!! Now that all you bozos know why I never post....SHUT UP AND STOP ASKING WHY!!!! Like damn 👿❤️🖤💜💚♦️🃏 #harleyquinn #superfreak #wildcard

🃏HARLEY QUINN🃏 @little_miss_crazy_ha_ha on Instagram photo September 16

Sooooo some of you guys keep asking me "Why do you never post?" "Are you dead?" And some of you say "Come back!" "I miss you!" Well....I'll tell you why I'm never on this account. It's because it SUCKS!!!!!! And because I'm waiting for the new suicide squad movie to come out OR the new Joker and Harley Quinn movie😈💚And there's also other reasons why I'm not posting as much, BUT!!!!! You bozos will

🃏HARLEY QUINN🃏 @little_miss_crazy_ha_ha on Instagram photo August 7

Soooo this lil clown girl needs to talk to all of you that UNFOLLOWED ME!!!!!!!!!😤 hehe Well first off, the reason ya'll unfollowed me is because....YOURE NOT TRUE FANS OF HARLEY QUINN!!! AKA ME!!!!!! And that pisses me off because cmon...Everyone luvs me😈So! Here's the reason I'm not posting as much as I was before...Because of my followers! And that my likes were dropping...remember the picture

🃏HARLEY QUINN🃏 @little_miss_crazy_ha_ha on Instagram photo July 16

Yo quiero que tus ojos me miren👀Y que tus labios me besen💋Para que nunca me olvides...Dime qué te parece💭Será tan fácil, para mí Será tan fácil llegar a tu corazón❤Llenarte de ilusión, Será tan fácil, para ti  Será tan fácil llegar a mi corazón.....Llenarme de ilusión....Porque tú me miras y yo, siento lo mismo que tú😍Cuando te miro siento que me estoy enamorando❤🔒 Porque tú me miras y yo, siento

🃏HARLEY QUINN🃏 @little_miss_crazy_ha_ha on Instagram photo July 13

Oh no...I don't think you wanna talk to me like that missy!!👿🔥It might end badly for ya hehe....So if I were you...I KEEP YOUR PATHETIC LIL MOUTH SHUT!!!!!😤😤😤😤BECAUSE I SWEAR TO GOD!!!!! IF YOU CAN'T EVEN HANDLE MY GOONS....HAHAHAHAHAHA THEN YOU DEFINITELY WON'T HANDLE ME!!!! SO!!!! Better watch whatcha say to me next time bozo!😈🌹 #harleyquinn #superfreak #wildcard #lovespuddin #joker #madlove #su

🃏HARLEY QUINN🃏 @little_miss_crazy_ha_ha on Instagram photo July 8

Oh lemme sing lemme sing my lullaby puddin!! Haha ya ready for this magic?!?! *cough cough* Hush little baby, don’t say a world. Momma’s gonna kill for you the whole damn world. And if they don’t laugh at our jokes, Momma’s gonna stab out their goddamn throats. And if they start to run away, Momma’s gonna paint the streets with blood. And once the blood starts to wash off, Momma’s gonna blow some

🃏HARLEY QUINN🃏 @little_miss_crazy_ha_ha on Instagram photo July 2

I love ya sooo much!!!!! You are such a good Friend....oh wait no.....YOU'RE A BEST FRIEND!!!! I'll always be there for you through thick and thin💚Nothing can break us apart🔐I'm so happy that I met you....you made my life better just by being here😊We are like sisters but with different mom's haha....If you cry I cry, and if you smile I smile...that's just how it is I'm sorry😂😂*cough* no I'm not *c

🃏HARLEY QUINN🃏 @little_miss_crazy_ha_ha on Instagram photo July 1

I didn't know you were a fake...Every lie straight to my face😡So blind I could not see...Right behind my back you stabbed me🔪💔Should've know you were a bitch! SHUT UP YOU'RE MAKING ME SICK!!!!😤😤😤😤Little man you're nothing like me...Lying cheating so deceiving😈I trusted you...broke me down...And you screwed me over.....Don't try to deny it, you cannot hide it, Ill be ignited...When I get to watch y

🃏HARLEY QUINN🃏 @little_miss_crazy_ha_ha on Instagram photo July 1

I just gotta say...I was scrolling through my page and look what I found!!!! 2 AMAZING EDITS!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍HAHAHAHA!!!!! SO! I thought why not post em? And no no no I'm not saying I'm claiming these....HELL NO!!!!! I may be a bad girl....and hurt people physically and emotionally hehe...But here's one thing i don't do...steel other people's edits😈♦🃏💕💜 《 CREDIT: @harleyqueen.mp4 ❤》 #harleyquinn #super

🃏HARLEY QUINN🃏 @little_miss_crazy_ha_ha on Instagram photo June 29

Cross my heart and hope to die❤🔫Burn my lungs and curse my eyes👀I've lost control and I don't want it back😈I'm going numb, I've been hijacked....It's a fucking drag....I taste you on my lips and I can't get rid of you😚So I say damn your kiss and the awful things you do😐You're worse than nicotine...You're worse than nicotine!!! It's better to burn than to fade away🔥It's better to leave than to be r

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SWAROVSKI @swarovski on Instagram photo December 15
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Going Green. To celebrate 10 years, #AtelierSwarovski shines a spotlight on conscious luxury with a red carpet inspired Fine Jewelry Collection featuring rich emeralds and mesmerizing Created Diamonds.

Alexeeva Victoria MakeupStudio @alexeeva_victoria on Instagram photo December 15
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Спокойной ночи, мир🌎Good night, world🌚#alexeevavictoriamakeup#beauty#beautymakeup#обучениемакияжу#школамакияжаспб#курсымакияжаспб#визажистспб#визажист#смоки#новогодниймакияж#вечерниймакияж

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😍حەزەکەی کێت لەگەڵا بێ لەو شوێنە . . #_lavaa_👑 @lava_m_a_

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#كاريرنا | . اول مباراة بالدوري الايطالي و اول اختبار لأنشيلوتي 😍🔥👏 . First match in Calcio 1 with Ancelotti 🔥😍 . كم تتوقع النتيجة ؟ التوقع الصحيح = منشن . . . . . . 👇👇👇👇👇 حسابي الاحتياطي : @careerm2 @careerm2

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Look at that fullness! And that shape is gorgeous! 😍 these where created by the lovely @allegracalii_bellalash Her lash formula is: D-Curl, .05, 8-9-10-11mm (mostly 10s/11s) Allegra’s Bella must-haves are: “My must haves are the diamond adhesive because it’s got amazing retention and I can work fast with it. The lash detox & primer because it preps the lashes perfectly so I have a nice clean ba

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H A P P Y H O L I D A Y S T O Y ' A L L Za 10 dní už budou vánoční prázdniny!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🎁🙏🏼🎄😑🍾 tak to pojďme ještě doklepat a užít si poslední dva pracovní týdny do konce roku ⏳#verymerrychristmas

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للبيع كلوزر شاص موديل 2014 فطيم محول 2016 بهوان المسافه المقطوعه 156000 اضافات اخرى ونش دفلوك 11 ريشه كيمرا خلفيه ملبس ومخشب من داخل عند كارتگ ومسويله زيبرت مسرفس كامل السعر 68000 درهم قابل للتفاوض بالمعقول مكان تواجد المركبة أبوظبي رقم التواصل #LC0506681011 00971506681011 #Smsar10_001384

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از شاگردامون عذرخواهی میکنیم بدون مصرف دارو!۳۰ روزه!نمیتونیم این شکلیشون کنیم دستگاه سولار هم نداریم ۳۰ روزه اینطور رنگ بگیرن،بنده به شخصه با چندین سال سابقه بدنسازی ندیدم بدون دارو ۳۰ روزه از این تغییرات ، یا ما علمش رو نداریم با خوندن و ترجمه بیش از ۲۰۰۰ مقاله علمی و تحصیلات و... یا اشتباه میزدیم تا الان ، خلاصه دوستان عزیز این آقا با این پیشرفت احتمالا ۳۶۵ روزه میرسه مسترالمپیا هادی جان رقبا‌ د

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It’s out!! 💥 Happy to be the national female model at the GQ Men Of the year Awards 2017. GQ’s December/ January issue! Já nas bancas.🔥🔥