🃏HARLEY QUINN🃏 @little_miss_crazy_ha_ha on Instagram photo April 22

⚠THE IS TO ALL MY HATERS⚠ Fuck you all...like seriously, do you guys really think that YOU'RE the ones putting me down? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA no😐Ya'll don't even know me...or the real me hehe...SO why the fuck would you hate on someone you don't even know?!?!? I mean ya I'm kinda a bully too...KINDA BUT!!!!! I don't fucking go on people's pages and comment rude ass stuff on it...I do it a

🃏HARLEY QUINN🃏 @little_miss_crazy_ha_ha on Instagram photo April 21

Tú, tú eres el imán y yo soy el metal me voy acercando y voy armando el plan sólo con pensarlo se acelera el pulso... Ya, ya me está gustando más de lo normal todos mis sentidos van pidiendo más esto hay que tomarlo sin ningún apuro...Despacito quiero respirar tu cuello despacito deja que te diga cosas al oído para que te acuerdes si no estás conmigo...Despacito quiero desnudarte a beso desacito f

🃏HARLEY QUINN🃏 @little_miss_crazy_ha_ha on Instagram photo April 16

💜HAPPY EASTER PUDDINS!!!!!!!!!💜 I hope you ALL find LOTS of goody's hehe...BECAUSE me and my J have hid some in gotham city!!!! BUT!!!!!! We can't tell you where they are!!! Because it's a easter hunt!!!!! And here's the catch AND rules...Some of the goody's have bad things in it...and some have good!! And the one that gets the most with the good....GETS TO COME IN ME MISTAH JS HOME FOR THE NIGHT

🃏HARLEY QUINN🃏 @little_miss_crazy_ha_ha on Instagram photo April 15

When you're low and your knees can't rise you feel helpless and you're looking to the sky some people would say to accept their fate well, if this is fate then we'll find a way to cheat.... Cause, oh, oh, oh, oh we'll say a little prayer...But, oh, oh, oh, oh if the answer isn't fair...You know you can call on me when you need somebody, you know you can call on me when you can't stop the tears fro

🃏HARLEY QUINN🃏 @little_miss_crazy_ha_ha on Instagram photo April 3

She lives in the shadow of a lonley girl voice so quiet you don't hear a word always talking but she can't be heard....You can see there if you catch her eye I know she's brave but it's trapped inside scared to talk but she don't know why... I wish I knew back then what I know now, wish I could somehow go back in time and maybe listen to my own advice... I'd tell her to speak up! Tell her to shout

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