@kefiboo on Instagram photo November 20

#KefilweXDianeParis One on one style talk did well🙌🏽. Thank you to everyone that came through to support. Check @kefistyles for more pics... My make up done by @artyn88 💕

 @kefiboo on Instagram photo November 18

Thank you ladies for coming through my one on one style talk collaborated with @dianeparisofficial 🎀. Stay fabulous and don't forget to follow my styling page 🙋🏽 @kefistyles. Swipe left ⬅️ for more pics 📸 @killastillz

 @kefiboo on Instagram photo November 16

Thursday feels ✨ Hair @gkdreamhair Dior sunglasses @theeyemakers

 @kefiboo on Instagram photo November 15

Go the extra mile, it's never crowded ..... Photo cred :📸 Sthandwa sam❣️☺️

 @kefiboo on Instagram photo November 15

Loving my short nails done at @27pinkx_beauty_bar

 @kefiboo on Instagram photo November 14

At @27pinkx_beauty_bar for my standard beauty protocol 💅🏽

 @kefiboo on Instagram photo November 9

Popularity was never the goal, prosperity was. Stepped out in @prada head to toe. Swipe left ⬅️

 @kefiboo on Instagram photo November 7

Never underestimate a woman with a plan and a prayer..... Hair styled by @lajawihair Make up @celestemakeup Dress @lamancheofficial 📸 @Teemo39 #SAStyleAwards17

 @kefiboo on Instagram photo November 6

If you told me seven years ago this is the woman I would have become, I probably wouldn't have believed you. All I intended on doing was just living my life the way I wanted and sharing my style days with people who chose to follow me. What has evolved from this has been monumentally life changing! Receiving The Next Big Thing Award at the #SAStyleAwards17 is an absolute honour! Thank you to ever

 @kefiboo on Instagram photo November 3

'Look inside of my soul and you can find gold and maybe get rich' 🌿 👕@nicciboutiques Hair @gkdreamhair

 @kefiboo on Instagram photo November 1

Our first Exclusive fashion, beauty style talk ... I am very excited to be able to share all the style and beauty tips with you We will speak about how to be best this summer and put together beautiful outfits for you. To book your ticket seat email @dianeparisofficial at info@diane-paris.com, limited space left 🌹

 @kefiboo on Instagram photo October 31

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak" - Rachel Zoe. For me, it's the way a look comes together, one piece at a time. Each chosen for a specific reason and role. On 16 November, I will be hosting a style talk at the Diane Paris showroom in the morning and afternoon sharing with you all my style and beauty advice . There simply isn't a better way to spend few precious hours with

 @kefiboo on Instagram photo October 30

At the @27pinkx_beauty_bar , feeling great after my monthly LED session. My skin is ready to take on summer ☀☀

 @kefiboo on Instagram photo October 27

Darhling, traffic was terrible so I decided on an alternative means of transport 💅🏽🚁.... • #Celine sunnies @theeyemakers Outfit @witcheryfashion

 @kefiboo on Instagram photo October 26

When you Pray and Slay together 👭✊🏾. Tag your bestie that you pray and slay with ❣️ @msmanche 📸@Chellah_Tukuta_Photographer #SAFW #SAFW2017

 @kefiboo on Instagram photo October 26

2nd Day at #SAFW2017..... Top @witcheryfashion Dior sunnies @theeyemakers Pants @lamancheofficial Hair styled by @lajawihair 📸@Everydaypeoplestories

 @kefiboo on Instagram photo October 25

Come with me for a ride, I have some Italian job to do @safashionweek 💅🏽💉🔫.......... 📸 @killastillz #SAFW #SAFW2017

 @kefiboo on Instagram photo October 25

1st Day strutting to the @safashionweek like 🏃🏽‍♀️💁🏽. 📸 @Everydaypeoplestories #SAFW #SAFW17

 @kefiboo on Instagram photo October 24

I feel very honored to be nominated as The Next Big Thing for the SA Style Awards 🎊🙏🏽💃🏽. A big thank you to all my followers, none of this would have been possible without your support🙌🏽🙏🏽🌹. Press the link on my Bio to read full story .

 @kefiboo on Instagram photo October 24

My skin is on another level after my monthly facial @27pinkx_beauty_bar . I did the @27Pinkx signature treatment 👌

 @kefiboo on Instagram photo October 20

If you want to shop like a VVIP, follow in the footsteps of @nonhlendala. She was one of the first to experience the brand new @dianeparisofficial & Kefilwe home-shopping experience. I will be your personal stylist, you'll get to choose from a wide range of Diane Paris items and... sip on champagne while doing so! Exciting news also, @dianeparisofficial has launched an online store. 🎊

 @kefiboo on Instagram photo October 20

It is up to you to see the beauty of everyday things 💫

 @kefiboo on Instagram photo October 18

Loving my face beat angel, thank you @mphotsila 🌷💕... hair @gkdreamhair

 @kefiboo on Instagram photo October 18

Drinking champagne while shopping at home. Sound too good to be true? I've partnered with @dianeparisofficial to offer you a personal styling experience in the privacy of your own home. You'll get one-on-one advice from me and end the day with a very enviable wardrobe. Just look how much fun we had styling @nonhlendala in her home. Make up by @artyn88 Video 📹 @softsquare_productions

 @kefiboo on Instagram photo October 17

Inspiration can be found anywhere, you know why? Because #perfectionisboring. I choose to #gowiththeflaw just like @diesel and will read in the shoe-closet at the spur of a moment. Because I choose💫

 @kefiboo on Instagram photo October 15

Hi, I left a note in the hallway ....

 @kefiboo on Instagram photo October 15

What's your style nationality ✨💫

 @kefiboo on Instagram photo October 14

Future too bright son ✨💫 📸 @killastillz

 @kefiboo on Instagram photo October 14

The pebbles of knowledge must be bonded together by the cement of experience ⚪️⚪️⚪️

 @kefiboo on Instagram photo October 13

Last night at @witcheryfashion first edition launch 😎

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#Repost @raissaralves @angels.of.the.sea 🌍👈🏻❤️ uma das fotos que mais amo nessa vida no lugar que mais amo nessa vida!!!!!!! 🌊💦🌴 📷 @bielgarciaaa

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Wow thank you so much for this amazing artwork! @hf.guy 🏳️‍🌈😳😍 This is giving me strong superhero vibes.. 😉 My special power would be superhuman strength to fight off homophobes and protect the queer 💪🏼

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#girlboss is a new term but I always knew business is where I belonged. Growing up I always had a knack for business. In high school entrepreneurship class was the only class I got an A+. . . . I remember having to build out a business plan and I got perfect on the assignment. For my 20th birthday my gift was to attend a day at The strategic coach. I am wired for strategy and mixed with my heart f

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Did I ever tell you my nickname growing up was Emily? My family and close friends still call me that. When I met Ryan I introduced myself formally as Emilia. It stuck. @pizzalovesemily made me think of all that 🍕 ❤️E ✌🏻📷: @mikecohenphotography

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How stunning is this doll wearing @azizlashes style “ LEYLA” makeup by @melissasassinemakeup 😍

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I am in love with these vintage flowers! Hit me up if you want something like this... it can be combined with realism too. My clients already had the two black bands up top so I added the third band and these flowers. Done here in Las Vegas at @goldenskulltattoo

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Venha acompanhar tudo do futebol no Brasil e no mundo aqui nas telas do BDC, e claro tomando aquela velha e boa gelada! 😍🍺⚽. . ⚠️ Cerveja Original por R$ 4,99, válido apenas para as quartas e domingos nos horários dos jogos.