@aoibhinnzhang on Instagram photo March 17

To 6 and half years of greatness - 👰🏻❤🤵🏻

 @aoibhinnzhang on Instagram photo February 14

Thanks for all your love! ❤ Didn't mean to make anyone upset and yet oops I did it again. Please do not worry about me my dear girls I'm really not frustrated, if I were I wouldn't have had the courage to speak up. You guys have always given me so much love and support, I have nothing to complain about personally, and please understand that I am a person with strong opinions, as you guys can see I

 @aoibhinnzhang on Instagram photo February 13

You see what you choose to see, because all perception is a choice. And when you cease to impose your meanings on what you see, your spiritual eyes will open, and you will see a world free of judgment and shining in its endless beauty. ~ Paul Ferrini #heartbeat

 @aoibhinnzhang on Instagram photo February 13

How is it a bad thing to talk about what's going on in the world? I have a life both in China and in the USA, I observe, I feel, I think, I compare and I learn, I don't believe in hiding issues because it doesn't solve anything. Never did I say that it's wrong to have different views towards beauty, I just want people to stop being mean about what they don't agree with and to have a broadened view

 @aoibhinnzhang on Instagram photo February 13

It's funny how people in China love white skin and people in western countries prefer to be tanned. I struggled for a long time to show my true skin color to my Chinese followers on Weibo, however, until this day I still get comments like "you're so black", "you need to whiten your skin", "did you grow up soaked in soy sauce" and so on lol. I don't like this sort of feedback, not because I don't f

 @aoibhinnzhang on Instagram photo February 10

All kinds of makeup look the same on me don't they 😤

 @aoibhinnzhang on Instagram photo January 12

Gotta post another one to make my feed look good 👻

 @aoibhinnzhang on Instagram photo January 12

Did this painting tonight following a YouTube tutorial. The Youtuber's name is Ryan O'Rourke - Artist, check him out. Amazing experience. Reconnecting with the artistic side of me 🌍🌌

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Patricia Ramírez @patri_psicologa on Instagram photo March 28
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En la pareja no se trata de ser iguales, pero sí de compartir las mismas intenciones y valores.

Francoise Denyse Fainsan @laboching on Instagram photo March 28
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11pm na ang start ng show namin sa RESORTS WORLD BAR 360!! See you!!💋

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Happy birthday to my beautiful sister @hayleymc_1986 and fellow dimple chin! Hope you have an amazing day, wish I was celebrating with you but we can make up for that when I'm home! 👯🎉🍸🎈🎁 🍹❤️ love you!

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Rabbim seni tüm kötülüklerden korusun🙏Sende her zaman Rabbimin Rızasına uygun bir kul olarak yaşa🙏Seni seviyoruz #reis #tabiikievet Rabbim vatanımız için hayırlısını nasip etsin🙏#evet #evet🇹🇷