Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo February 21

Paleo waffles for breakfast after a killer workout at @orangetheory! I love getting my sweat on before starting my day! And @kitchfix makes these paleo waffles that you just pop in your toaster making life 10x easier 🙌🏻 I just topped them with Greek yogurt + pomegranate seeds + bee pollen 🐝 + @onceagainnutbutter almond butter + maple syrup post pic! So good 😊 #wafflewednesday #paleo #breakfast #

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo February 21

I was not planning on cooking dinner, but a shrimp bowl sounded delicious! I used @sizzlefishfit shrimp 🍤, which was perfectly portioned! Just defrost & cook over avocado oil & @mrsdashrecipes Garlic herb seasoning. I also added leftover quinoa to my bowl, along with fresh pico de gallo, avocado, zucchini with corn, & a squeeze of fresh lime. #glutenfree #dinner #sizzlefishfit #eatpretty #healthy

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo February 20

Prosciutto and zucchini egg muffins on-the-go this morning! Most of the times I eat breakfast in the car before starting work & these egg muffins hit the spot ✌🏻 I picked up @chinovalleyranchers organic eggs this weekend at my local @sprouts to make these! Recipe: -12 slices of prosciutto -8 @chinovalleyranchers soy free eggs -1 large handful of baby spinach (chopped) -1/2 onion (chopped) -2 fre

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Seriously so grateful to be off from work today to celebrate #presidentsday! I still woke up early to go to my usual @orangetheory fitness class, took my car to get maintenance, & I have been prepping some food for the week all afternoon. As for the evening, all that sounds good is being in cozy pjs cuddled under a blanket, enjoying a movie with a bowl of ice cream! It’s never really cold in Calif

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I went grocery shopping today to pick up last minute essentials & was too lazy to come home & cook dinner! Can anyone relate? haha. So I headed to chipotle for a chicken bowl & made guac at home. Trying out @beanfieldssnacks pico de gallo chips. The ingredients are on point & they’re delicious. 😉

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Started my day early to be productive & now relaxing while enjoying my breakfast. I have also been incorporating @avieforlife Curcumin capsules into my routine. When taken with water, one capsule of Avie’s water-soluble Ultramicronized Turmeric Curcumin promotes a healthy lifestyle, supports your immune system, and provides superior antioxidant protection. Turmeric is such a powerful plant & I’m s

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I received my first @sizzlefishfit order yesterday and I am already obsessed. I had a similar salad for lunch with their king salmon & now I’m having their wild caught Alaskan salmon! Their fish comes pre-portioned. Just pop it out of the freezer, let it defrost, & cook it! Such a lifesaver after a long day! 🙌🏻 #sizzlefishfit #wildcaught #healthydinner #sizzlefish

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Hi friends! Today on my stories I’m sharing 3 reasons why I love being a @ralphsgrocery customer 🙌🏻 I really appreciate their organic produce that is grown by local farmers along with their affordable prices. Their dairy also comes from local farms and it is taken to their creamery to be packaged, which is also located here in So Cal! Lastly, they carry tons of brands that I love supporting!! Not

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo February 14

Happy Valentine’s Day 💖 I gave my heart some love with my workout this morning! Oh Boy it was killer & we had to work in partners which made it so fun! Group exercise is my fav 🙌🏻 Now refueling with some French toast topped with fruit, maple syrup, & @purely_elizabeth ancient grain granola. I hope you all have a lovely day!! 💖 I just have to get through my workday before heading off to dinner toni

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo February 13

#tacotuesday is here & I plan on eating all the roasted veggie tacos featuring @chinovalleyranchers soy-free organic eggs 🍳🥚 they are based in SoCal & I love supporting local farms 🙌🏻 Their hens are raised in free roaming environments & fed a special organic diet! Each egg contains 225 mg of Omega-3, also known as alpha-linoleic acid (ALA). Recipe: 1 beet 1 medium carrot 5 Brussels sprouts 2

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo February 12

Just in time for Valentine’s Day @perfectbar launched a NEW limited edition flavor “CHOCOLATE WALNUT BROWNIE” This bar contains: -10g of plant-based protein -Organic peanut butter, sweet organic dates, organic honey, crunchy walnut pieces, organic Fair Trade Certified™ dark chocolate chips & 20 organic superfoods! You can purchase this flavor on their website from today 2/12 through 2/18. Visit

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo February 12

I made some stuffed peppers for dinner & meal prep! I don’t make these often, but I am such a fan. 😋 I like to use 1lb of @simpletruth4u organic grass-fed beef, organic canned sweet corn, organic black beans, 1/2 red onion, cilantro, organic colby-jack cheese, & some plain greek yogurt for topping 🙌🏻 The fat from the meat gives the stuffing so much flavor. I like to season the meat with a few grin

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo February 8

I don’t think dinner could be easier tonight! A grilled cheese sandwich with @angelicbakehouse sprouted bread toasted in ghee + @pacificfoods tomato soup for dipping. I am getting the flu 😷 & this is what sounded good! To be honest I couldn’t finish the soup. I should’ve read the ingredients before buying it. The organic label just got my attention while I was at @sprouts! It was too sweet for my

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo February 6

A cozy bowl of oats to start off my day was just what I needed! This bowl is inspired by @leahsplate 💞 I got back into my morning routine this morning after being out of town the past 3 days. My morning routine usually consists of an @orangetheory fitness class, a warm shower, collagen coffee, and I listen to a podcast while I get ready for work. Today I listened to @init4thelongrunblog Chasing Jo

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo February 2

This mornings breakfast! So happy Friday is here, but wishing I could stay outdoors all day and enjoy some fresh air! 🌸🌿 For breakfast I had the usual, but delicious fried eggs, avocado, & a side of strawberries! And I am saving this @gomacro bar for my break at work later. This flavor is soo good!! Their bars always hold me over until my next meal. 😋

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo February 1

Close up of a simple meal I have been eating on repeat lately! Baked salmon paired with my two favorite veggies 🤤 Broccoli & Brussels roasted in @fourthandheart garlic ghee & pink Himalayan salt. I always love adding lemon to my fish 🐠 it makes it taste so much better! Using the oven for cooking makes cleanup so much easier, which is soo ideal after a long workday! 😉 & I love all the healthy fats

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo January 30

Have you guys tried the new @kitchfix grain-free waffles! They are perfect for those who love waffles, but simply don’t have time to make them. Aka me! Finished my morning workout by 6am then rushed home, showered, threw these waffles in the toaster & now I’m at work ready to take on today! 🤗 These waffles are made with flax seeds, coconut flour, cassava flour, maple syrup, & a few other clean in

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo January 26

In celebration of National Green Juice Day 🌿🌱🥒🥝🍆 I am partnering with @lovesuja for a fun Giveaway! One lucky gal or guy will get a delivery of fresh cold pressed @lovesuja juices straight to their door step. Their “Drink Plants” campaign elebrates the natural, unbelievable power of plants we often take for granted and highlights the fact that Suja is organic, cold-pressed and as close to nature'

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo January 24

Today’s breakfast consisted of @angelicbakehouse sprouted toast with ghee topped with avocado, organic micro greens, & two organic @vitalfarms eggs. You know, just the usual 💁‍♀️ Forever eating the same foods!! Don’t forget to start the day with a delicious satisfying meal to set the tone for the day. 🙌🏻 #breakfast #protein #avocadotoast

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo January 23

My favorite thing to do on weekends is prep my favorite foods to have throughout the week. Like freezing pancakes & popping them in the toaster so a quick morning breakfast. Throwback to Sunday’s breakfast. Two gluten free pancakes 🥞 paired with banana + blueberry + @fage 2% yogurt + @crazyrichardspb creamy pb. All I could think about during my @orangetheory class. Also, sipping on a big mug of

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo January 20

A productive morning calls for a delicious easy breakfast to get me through the afternoon! I went to Trader Joe’s this morning & stocked up on some essentials. Avocado, feta cheese, organic micro greens, soft scrambled eggs with sautéed spinach & berries for those antioxidants. I look forward to weekends so much because I get to slow down a little bit & do things I enjoy! Like getting a manicure

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo January 18

Hey friends!! Happy almost Friday! 🎉 My morning workout kicked my butt and I’m refueling with @panerabread New Bacon, Egg, & cheese sandwich! Seriously delicious 🤤.You can customize the way you want your egg cooked. I like my eggs a little runny & I love the benefits the egg yolk can provide, like vitamins A, D, E and K along with omega-3 fats. Compared to the whites, egg yolks also contain more m

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo January 17

Always keeping some kind of baked good on hand to get me through the week! This is the second batch of muffins, but this is what happens when you have too many overripe bananas 😍 Recipe for paleo banana muffins: 3 medium spotted bananas 3 eggs 2 cups of @bobsredmill almond flour 1/4 cup of melted @fourthandheart ghee 1 tsp of cinnamon 1/2 tsp of salt 1 tsp of baking soda 1 tsp of vanilla

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo January 16

If you need an easy dinner/lunch idea for the week you should totally try this Fuji Apple Kale Quinoa Salad! #ad I picked up this @panerabread Fuji Apple vinaigrette dressing at my local @ralphsgrocery! Super affordable & no need to leave your house to have a delicious meal. I love the #paneraathome experience 🙌🏻 Recipe: 1/2 cup quinoa (about 2 cups cooked) 1/3 cup Panera® Fuji Apple Vinaigrette

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo January 12

Drooling over these super crispy delicious waffles that I had this morning! Took the time to sit down and write down some important things in my planner after my morning workout. So ready to take on the day! Extra motivated because it’s Friday 🤗 These waffles are so easy to make. I like using @traderjoes gluten-free pancake mix. Recipe: 3/4 cup of pancake mix 3/4 cup of water 1 egg 2 tbsp of

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo January 11

I prepped chili for the week & its been such a lifesaver for lunches at work. It was so easy to make too! Recipe will be posted below. 🤗 I also brought along a @squareorganics peanut butter protein bar, @liquidiv to stay hydrated towards the end of my shift, @simpletruth4u ancient grain crackers for my chili, & water in my @healthyhumanlife 30oz stein bottle. Discount codes: @squareorganics-FIT

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo January 11

Very simple breakfast today! A split @udisglutenfree english muffin with melted ghee and topped with avocado & @crazyrichardspb & cinnamon. Also, loving these perfectly sweet strawberries 🍓 Two more work days before a 3 day weekend 🎉 I hope you guys have a great day!

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo January 10

Eating this balanced breakfast to kick off the day! I am seriously loving this gluten-free baking flour blend from @bobsredmill. Over the holidays I used this flour for cookies & I thought I would use it for some pancakes 🥞 #ad Recipe: 1 cup of @bobsredmill gluten-free 1 to 1 baking flour blend 3/4cup + 2tbsp of warm water 1 tsp of baking powder 1/2 baking soda 1 tsp of cinnamon 1/2 tsp of v

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo January 6

My ideal #postworkout meal! Cleaning out the fridge never tasted so good. Roasted 🍠, sautéed spinach with onion & @aidellssausage apple chicken sausage, 1 slice of sourdough with avocado & @traderjoes everything but the bagel seasoning! Do you prefer savory or sweet for brunch? 😋

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo January 5

Good morning friends!! Enjoying every bit of this cozy oatmeal bowl before heading off to work. I’ve been eating overnight oats for this past week & cooked oatmeal is definitely better 🤤 My workout kicked my butt this morning so I had to refuel with @mrm_usa cinnamon bun protein mixed into my oats. Cook about 1/2 cup of oats with 2/3 cup of milk over super low heat & then add in protein until oats

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo December 30

Post-workout fuel featuring my succulent that I made at @shoppigment a couple weeks ago 😍💖 Listening to my body & eating when I’m hungry. I slept in & had a slow morning catching up on some chores around the house before getting my workout in. I started getting sick a couple days ago & I think it was my body telling me to slow down. So last night instead of going out to dinner we stayed in & slept

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo December 28

These pancakes 🥞 were the highlight of my morning. Perfect fuel after strength day at @orangetheory this morning. So many hills on the treadmill 😅 I used @traderjoes gluten free pancake mix & added @mrm_usa protein to the batter. I paired them with plain Greek yogurt & fresh strawberries & a drizzle of maple syrup. I use pancake rings/molds for thick pancakes 😍

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo December 28

I’ve been on a major salad kick after the holiday treats 😋 my body knows best! A little sad that Christmas is over, but soo excited to bring in the new year this weekend. The holidays were a little stressful for me this year & not because food. I was just overwhelmed with how busy I was. But anyway, I am trying out this new salad from @traderjoes. It comes with tahini dressing, dried apricots, pe

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo December 21

So glad we made it to the middle of the week 🙌🏻 I whipped up this bowl as soon as I got home from work. A tabbouleh spinach “salad” paired with garlic herb organic chicken breast, organic black beans, & a squeeze of fresh lime. So good guys! Reminded me of a burrito bowl haha but much healthier version of it & so easy. I used @neareastrice tabbouleh mix and added avocado oil to it, feta cheese, fr

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo December 19

Happy Tuesday friends!! I hope you guys are having a great week so far. As for me I’m about to start off my workday! To be honest with you guys it’s been so hard to balance social media with life in general (hence my lack of posting). I just wanted to remind you all that I am soo very grateful for this community! Hopefully the upcoming year I’ll be able to find more balance with everything & be m

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo December 16

✨Giveaway✨ with @pulppantry 💕 @pulppantry strives to reduce food waste by utilizing juice pulp from local juiceries to make granola that’s raw, vegan, grain-free, gluten free, etc! You can win your own holiday package of their amazing granolas 🤗❤️ Here’s how: 1. follow @pulppantry + @fitnhealthy 2. sign up via the link in @pulppantry bio (Link in my bio also) 3. Tag a friend you’d share the goo

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo December 14

Toastin’ because it’s almost Friday! 🎉 I’ve always been a fan of this classic combo. @canyonglutenfree toast with avocado + gingerbread peanut butter + banana coins topped with bee pollen 🐝 I hope you all have a lovely day 😘💕

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo December 11

Hi friends! Happy Monday! I hope you guys had a great weekend. This month has been so busy for me due to holiday gatherings and my birthday this weekend. 🤗 🎂Before I get my weekends going I make sure to get a workout in & hydrate myself with my favorite beverage @liquidiv. I also bring their hydration packs along with me to holiday parties. I have noticed that if I keep myself hydrated I tend to b

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo December 11

Sunday night dinner after a fun day spent with friends that are like family! 💗 I felt like having a home cooked meal after eating out the past two nights. Garlic herb lemon baked salmon + a kale salad with all the roasted veggies + avocado + parmesan. So easy to throw together! I’m usually not a fan of kale, but I added lemon and pink himalayan salt to it and it was so good.

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo December 9

Having an omeletatta for lunch 🍴 I’m always craving the same foods. Primarily eggs + avocado 🥑 😋 Recipe: 1/2 small sweet-potato 1 small zucchini 1 @traderjoes garlic sausage 1/4 small red onion 3 @vitalfarms 1 tbsp of @braggslivefoods nutritional yeast Salt & pepper to taste Heat a small pan & when hot add some @fourthandheart liquid ghee oil. Add in the chopped sweet potatoes & with a spat

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