Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo December 11

Hi friends! Happy Monday! I hope you guys had a great weekend. This month has been so busy for me due to holiday gatherings and my birthday this weekend. 🤗 🎂Before I get my weekends going I make sure to get a workout in & hydrate myself with my favorite beverage @liquidiv. I also bring their hydration packs along with me to holiday parties. I have noticed that if I keep myself hydrated I tend to b

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo December 11

Sunday night dinner after a fun day spent with friends that are like family! 💗 I felt like having a home cooked meal after eating out the past two nights. Garlic herb lemon baked salmon + a kale salad with all the roasted veggies + avocado + parmesan. So easy to throw together! I’m usually not a fan of kale, but I added lemon and pink himalayan salt to it and it was so good.

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo December 9

Having an omeletatta for lunch 🍴 I’m always craving the same foods. Primarily eggs + avocado 🥑 😋 Recipe: 1/2 small sweet-potato 1 small zucchini 1 @traderjoes garlic sausage 1/4 small red onion 3 @vitalfarms 1 tbsp of @braggslivefoods nutritional yeast Salt & pepper to taste Heat a small pan & when hot add some @fourthandheart liquid ghee oil. Add in the chopped sweet potatoes & with a spat

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo December 8

This was my morning fuel before work. Soo needed this after my @orangetheory workout. If you guys have never tried a class it’s a must. They’re so challenging, but before you know it it’s over & you can go on with your day lol Having the usual: Two eggs fried in ghee, avocado, 1/2 @barelybread cinnamon raisin bagel topped with gingerbread peanut butter, strawberries, & hemp seeds. I’m also taking

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo December 8

Ready to go dinners are my favorite. Easy clean up & I just heat them up after work when I am home because that’s when the hunger is REAL! I made some organic grilled chicken a couple nights ago seasoned with @traderjoes 21 salute seasoning, @rightfoods curry almond multigrain salad with quinoa, & crispy Brussels sprouts cooked on my cast iron with avocado oil + salt & pepper. I added some avocad

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My favorite thing about the holidays is baking and sharing my favorite treats with my friends and family! I am taking part of a virtual cookie exchange with my friends over at @ralphsgrocery. #ad These chocolate chip short bread cookies will melt in your mouth! I know Laney from @lifeisbutadish will love this recipe as much as I did. I cannot wait to see what @lifeisbutadish is baking in her kitc

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo December 5

About two weeks ago I took my first food sensitivity test! I got my results back and I was so intrigued. I’m highly sensitive to foods I eat everyday (thankfully not highly sensitive to eggs or avocado 🤗) Now I feel like all along I was ignoring how my body felt after eating certain foods. I would just eat them for taste & not necessarily the nutritional value. In the next few weeks I’ll be doing

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo December 5

Eating dinner a little late today, but so worth the wait! I didn’t get to meal prep this weekend so I thought I would get it done tonight. I roasted spaghetti squash and paired it with lean ground turkey that I cooked with @fourthandheart garlic ghee, tomato, and onion (seasoned it with garlic powder, sea salt, & pepper to taste. Also, added some roasted broccoli over the top, @raoshomemade marin

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Cinnamon bun protein waffles anyone? I always need some major fuel after my Saturday workouts. I love slowing down on the weekends after I get my sweat on. This recipe was so easy!! 🔸1 scoop of @mrm_usa cinnamon bun veggie protein 🔸1/2 cup of @kodiakcakes superfood pancake mix 🔸1 dash of cinnamon 🔸1 cup of @ripplefoods plant based milk or water 💧 . Recipe inspired by my girl Becky from @becks_li

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo December 1

I’m sure you guys can relate that healthy eating is expensive, but totally worth it. @ralphsgrocery always helps me stay in line with my budget when it comes to my weekly meal prep & now they’re even helping me save money on my gas ⛽️ say what? Details below: ⬇️ . 🙌🏻 By using their free shoppers card you can earn fuel points & if you purchase a minimum $25 dollar gift card from now til 2/28/18 you

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo November 30

Messy breakfast sandwiches are my favorite!! This one is made on a sprouted wheat bagel from @alvaradostreetbakery. I stuffed it with alfalfa sprouts, tomato, @daiyafoods cream cheese, two fried @vitalfarms eggs, avocado, & everything but the bagel seasoning. Also having a turmeric latte. I warmed it up & it was so good!! Now off to work before I’m off to spend time with family for a very belated

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo November 29

Breakfast after a killer workout this morning. Now I am at work, but bowls like this always keep me going through lunch time. Old fashioned @quaker oats cooked in almond milk & paired with fresh berries, 1/2 of a banana, & @wild_friends gingerbread peanut butter! I also added some @califiafarms better half coconut milk creamer over my oats. Best idea! 🙌🏻 I cannot believe how fast this week is flyi

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo November 26

Coffee date with my best friend before heading to a day spa for my very first facial! I’m so excited! I got avocado toast + an almond milk latte! @alfred has the best coffee. It’s always such a treat when I’m in the LA area.

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo November 25

That #postworkout hanger strikes again! HIIT workouts at @orangetheory fitness never fail to boost my metabolism which is why I love them so much. I’m having all of these goods over a @sietefoods tortilla (you can’t even see it 😅) Sweet potato sautéed in ghee oil with @traderjoeslist 21 salute seasoning, sautéed spinach, one garlic chicken sausage, one @vitalfarms ghee fried egg 🍳, & of course avo

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo November 24

Fueling up with this refreshing collagen filled smoothie after coming home from walking my dog 🐶 it’s 85 here & im loving it!! Anyway I wanted to share that @vitacost is offering $10 off your $50 Vital Proteins purchase 🙌🏻 Check out all the amazing deals going on right now for Black Friday and Cyber Monday on . . This is my favorite product of theirs. I go through this collagen so qui

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo November 23

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!! So grateful for all of you for always keeping me inspired to live a healthy lifestyle. Also super grateful for my body, my friends, my family, my amazing boyfriend, my job, & the list goes on!!🤗 . A couple of years also I probably wouldn’t be eating toast for breakfast because I would be worried about all the carbs I’ll probably eat today. Instead of worrying about ca

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo November 21

Starting my morning with this savory plate after a killer class at orange theory fitness. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day in my opinion. It sets the tone for my long day ahead. So I’m having 2 soft fried eggs, sauerkraut, 1/2 avocado, and 2 slices of bacon. Also, don’t forget to hydrate that body with tons of water. Some days water alone doesn’t cut it for me and that’s when I add

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo November 20

Hi friends! I’ve partnered up with @eatbanza to bring you guys a super delicious Macaroni & Cheese recipe. After all, it is Thanksgiving week & this recipe makes a great side dish!! Balancing out those rich ingredients with high fiber, high protein, gluten- free pasta made out of garbanzo beans 🙌🏻 #eatbanza Recipe: 🔸Two 8oz boxes of @eatbanza elbows 🔸1/4 cup of grass fed butter 🔸1/4 cup of whole

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo November 18

Treating myself to a stack of pancakes because it’s the weekend 🎉 I made @kodiakcakes superfood pancakes 🥞 and topped them with @siggisdairy plain skyr, strawberries, maple syrup & @purely_elizabeth chocolate sea salt probiotic granola. 😍

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo November 17

Do you guys ever have days where you forget to pack enough snacks or food for your day at work? That’s me lately 🙄 But I always stick it out instead of going out to grab something quick because I would rather save my appetite for real food at home!! Anyway, I came home and grilled this organic @simpletruth4u chicken breast on my cast iron and paired it with broccolini & sweet potato rounds. So eas

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo November 16

Hi friends! Happy almost Friday 🎉 Sharing my breakfast from this morning. Grain-free egg tacos with microgreens, tomato, & avocado! Also, this weekend I’m doing an allergy test on myself with this @everly_well food sensitivity kit. I am so curious to find if I am sensitive to any foods. I am working on listening to my body more, but I feel like this test will be so helpful to find out more about

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo November 15

French toast for breakfast 😍 enjoying this while listening to the @theskinnyconfidential podcast! I made these using the same easy recipe I’ve been using forever. Just whisk one egg with a splash of almond milk and 1 tsp of cinnamon. Dip bread (I used @alvaradostreetbakery sprouted sourdough) & coat both sides. Fry until crispy over coconut oil, Ghee, or grass fed butter. I dipped my toast in @

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo November 15

Easy dinner with tons of veggies are my favorite. Cooking things in the oven is the way to go especially after a long day. I’m having baked salmon + asparagus + Brussels sprouts! I’m also going to enjoy half of this @flavanaturals dark chocolate bar because I love to treat myself to something sweet after a savory meal. Dessert always keeps me satisfied! #nongmo #organic #glutenfree #dinner

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo November 14

As much as I love pumpkin baked goodies I’ll never get over paleo banana bread 🍞 🍌 I made these banana bread squares this weekend using @bobsredmill super fine almond flour & the consistency of the batter has never turned out better. Recipe: 3 medium (over)ripe bananas 🍌 2 cups of almond flour 3 eggs 2 tbsp of maple syrup 1 tsp of vanilla 1/4 cup of melted coconut oil or ghee 1/4 tsp of salt

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo November 13

Today’s breakfast to get me through my morning at work. I was off for 3 days and it felt amazing!! I hope you guys had a great weekend also 💗🤗 . I’m having two fried eggs, micro-greens, avocado, & 1/2 @barelybread cinnamon raisin bagel topped with raw almond butter & @bobsredmill hemp seeds.

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo November 10

It’s such a perfect gloomy morning over here! I️ got to sleep in a little & still got my workout out of the way. Now I’m fueling up with a big cup of collagen coffee made with the new @vitalproteins vanilla collagen creamer. This stuff is such a game changer. For months I️ was using their regular collagen peptides in my coffee, but this new one adds great flavor & tons of health benefits 🤗 also ha

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo November 9

I woke up a little earlier today to sit down & enjoy this breakfast. Scrambled eggs, chicken sausage, spinach, avocado, & an almond four tortilla. I am most excited about this new @piquetea that just launched today! It’s their first herbal tea & it is so refreshing. The tea comes in crystal form & it dissolves right into your water 😍 Hibiscus mint might be my favorite new tea flavor 💕

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo November 8

Lately, I have been working on getting in at least one workout outdoors apart from my usual studio workouts. It’s always so relaxing being out in nature even for a short walk. This is weekend I visited my favorite park. Better believe I am always prepared with snacks & of course gotta stay hydrated. So I was caught in action pulling out @liquidiv from my giant bag! LOL I take this flask with me ev

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo September 27

Happy Wednesday friends! 💛 I have been loving savory meals for breakfast. They're so satisfying and full of protein 🙌🏻 I am having two organic eggs fried in ghee (sprinkled with @traderjoes everything bagel seasoning), 1/2 of an 🥑 + baby spinach sautéed with @aidellssausage chicken apple sausage. 😋

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo September 26

This breakfast was a lifesaver this morning! Overnight chia oatmeal made with @purely_elizabeth ancient grain oatmeal 😋 I've been loving these oats lately. They are so fine & include superfoods like chia seeds, hemp, & flax. I soaked them overnight in drinkable @siggisdairy yogurt + almond milk. And layered them with some @purely_elizabeth granola + pecans + diced peach + plain @siggisdairy + @wil

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo September 25

Good morning, friends!! Happy Monday! It's been so long since I had a smoothie bowl for breakfast and I had to make one before it starts cooling down. I topped off my smoothie with my new favorite #superfood cookie 🍪 @emmysorganics sure knows how satisfy my sweet tooth 😍 & the best part is that they are made with coconut shreds & almond flour. 👌🏻 I made this smoothie bowl using tons of frozen caul

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo September 25

Where did the weekend go? Ending the weekend with a quick salmon dinner paired super green beans + cheesy cauliflower purée. My boyfriend requested mashed potatoes, but I tricked him into eating cauliflower instead lol Satisfied with dinner & now time for some #selfcare ✌🏻

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo September 24

A big bowl of goods for lunch! I had a light breakfast this morning so this was needed after my back to back @lesmillstribe classes (body pump + body combat 👊🏼) Sweet potato 🍠 + broccoli cooked in @fourthandheart ghee, which adds such great flavor to veggies!! 👅 + 1/2 @barelybread savory roll topped with avocado & @traderjoes everything bagel seasoning + @aidellssausage chicken apple sausage. Now

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo September 24

I had such a great day date @tocayaorganica in Santa Monica today! Their food was amazing and so satisfying & not to mention their margaritas. I got their black bean and quinoa bowl with achiote chicken, corn, avocado, & queso fresco. My boyfriend got a whole wheat burrito with carne asada fajitas and we shared this incredible guacamole. 🥑 Their produce is locally sourced & organic. They also hav

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo September 23

Yummy paleo french toast for breakfast 😍 Loving @barelybread cinnamon raisin loaf! So simple & easy to make. Just whisked together one egg + a sprinkle of cinnamon + 2 tbsp of almond milk & dipped my bread & fried it over coconut oil. This bread comes frozen so you have to let it thaw out before you dip it into the egg mixture. 🙂 Topped with plain @siggisdairy + more cinnamon + @wild_friends class

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo September 21

Kale Cobb salad for dinner tonight! I haven't really been cooking full meals lately. I just buy a few essentials for the week & go from there. I tossed some kale with this @tessemaes ranch dressing & some lemon juice & topped it with a hard boiled egg, leftover chicken breast, tomato, avocado, tomato basil feta, & fresh cracked pepper. So satisfying! Nothing like a big salad that actually fills y

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo September 18

Having a yogurt bowl for breakfast to kick off the week! Monday came so soon 😞 I'm ready to enjoy this bowl full of @siggisdairy yogurt paired with sliced mini apples + @purely_elizabeth grain free banana nut butter granola + a tbsp of cashew butter + a sprinkle of cinnamon! #eatpurely #dailysiggis

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo September 17

My lunch for today: Ghee fried eggs + sautéed spinach + 1/2 onion garlic sea salt @barelybread bagel topped with @kitehillfoods chive cream cheese & avocado mash. @restoring_radiance made me crave eggs & spinach with her breakfast post 👅 So good!! I hope you guys are enjoying your Sunday! 💕

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo September 16

Happy weekend, friends!! 💛 If you guys haven't heard yet, @perfectbar launched their new pumpkin flavor 🎃 You can purchase it today & tomorrow on their website for $5 flate rate shipping or free shipping when you purchase 3 boxes. Limited time only 🎉 Find the link on my stories! 🤗 #justperfect #perfectaspie #perfectbar . . . Got my workout in the morning at @orangetheory! I did their 90 min class

Nataly 🍉🍍 @fitnhealthy_ on Instagram photo September 13

Hi friends! I have partnered up with @ralphsgrocery to share this awesome video with you guys that's all about their local dairy farm in SoCal. I was really happy to find out that their dairy products are produced so close to my hometown as I am a daily customer at @ralphsgrocery 🙌🏻 Once the dairy leaves the farm it is taken to their creamery in Compton, CA where they prepare the dairy products &

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@om.talal_1 . تحاميل ام طلال لتكبير الموخره وشدها وتدويرها ونحت الخصر و تنظيم الدورة الشهرية مالها اي اضرار لانها مجرد اعشاب من الطبيعية وهي من اشهر التحاميل على مستوى الخليج يعني مضمووونه خاصه انها تعرض لكم راي زباينها للمصداقية ونتائج تحاميلها تهبببل تخليج منبهرة بجسمج والدفع كاش عند الاستلام على اغلب مدن المملكة العربية السعودية 👇👇 💖💖 . _ _ _ _ @om.talal_1 @om.talal_1 _ _ _ _ للطلب داخل وخارج

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ميزي وجددي بيتك باارقى الاثاث 😍 👇🏻👇🏻 @Room_kuw متخصصين بالنجارة الحديثه موديلات جديده وعصريه نستطيع تنفيذ اي ديزاين التزام بموعد التسليم عروضنا دائما متميزه 😍 خدمه واتس اب 24 ساعه .@Room_kuw @Room_kuw حياكم للتواصل🎀: 99951834ميزي وجددي بيتك باارقى الاثاث 😍 👇🏻👇🏻 @ خدمه واتس اب 24 ساعه .@Room_kuw @Room_kuw حياكم للتواصل🎀: 99951834

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@sephora_q8 @sephora_q8 ❤❤بكج تبييض كامل❤❤ 1-حبوب بخلاصة الجلوتاثيون بتركيز عااالي 2-فيتامين سي بتركيز عالي وبسعر انسب واقل من الصيدليات 3-كريم تبييض يحتوي على حماية للبشرة من الشمس ومن الاضاءات الداخلية 4-جل تبييض بتركيز الجلوتاثيون يعالج البقع والكلف 5-امبولات التبييض الفوووورية👌🏻 6-مجانا لمدة محدودة ((كريم تبييض الايدين والمعالج للتجاعيد وسنفرة البشرة وااجسم الروووعه )) للطلب والاستفسار #كويت

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🔹للبيع كورفت 2016 🔹نوع stingray Z51 LT3 🔹مواصفات خاصه 🔹وارد الغانم 🔹ماشي 18 الف 🔹قير تماتيك 🔹لون ازرق بيبسي 🔹سقف كاربن 🔹داخليه تان 🔹تشغيل عن بعد 🔹بصمه - شاشة 🔹تجوري خلف الشاشة 🔹بروجكتر 🔹4كاميرات 🔹نفيقيشن 🔹تدفئه وتبريد مقاعد 🔹مقاعد كهربا 🔹قزوز ٥ نغمات 🔹 ميموري سيت 🔹حماية على البدي 🔹سيرفس وكفالة بالغانم 🔹 الموتر طالع من الوكالة ٢٨٠٠٠د.ك 🔹ت/95515007

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اجمل حساب 🔥 @tajmel_and_more 💔 🔥@tajmel_and_more 💔 🔥@tajmel_and_more 💔 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @miss_dior.q8 ناااااااار👇🏻👇🏻 🔥🔥🔥🔥 . @tajmel_and_more 🔥 🔥 @tajmel_and_more 💔 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @miss_dior.q8

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Muchísimaaaaaas felicidadees pouaaaaa!! Un añito más a tu lado y muchos más que vendrán😁 eres enormeeee, no cambies nuncaaa!! Este finde nos vemos mamonaso🤙🙌 te quieroo brotheer, un abrazo enorme🔝🎉🎊 @alejandrodlpozo

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@Ma6lyaat_q8 اخلص النيه فإن الناقل بصير 💐 للطلب والاستفسار واتساب "من الكويت ودول العالم +965 / 50528928 "من السعودية 0534714511 "من قطر 50573834 "من الامارات 0506198531 لايفوتكن هالحساب الجميل👇🏻 @Ma6lyaat_q8 @Ma6lyaat_q8 اهديها للغالين على قلبك مطلياتنا غير 😍

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Taky se chodíte v tento předvánoční čas jen tak s kamarády projít?💕✨| Já se byla podívat na představení Růžové brýle v divadle Ungelt, kde Sabča hraje. Byla skvělá, jsem na ni pyšná! A představení doporučuju!🙏🏻🌟

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Pride Diamond 8 - в наличии на в разделе эстрадная акустика - среднечастотники. Обзор на канале LOUDSOUND ☝️ На данный момент пожалуй самые громкие 20 см низкоиграющие сч, самое чистое звучание и при этом самая доступная цена 6990 руб! Успейте до повышения цены! #автозвук #caraudio #pride #diamond8

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Macacão pantacourt lindo na loja! Hoje começa os horários estendidos no pátio central... Até as 21:00 esperando vocês 💗

بوابتك للأنمي 🍲🍙 @anime_thrones on Instagram photo December 11
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• هذي الحقيقة سمعتها باليوتيوب الي حاب يسمع حقائق اكثر يكتب حقائق الخطايا السبع المميتة . . . و الي يبي يشوف العرض الدعائي للجزء الثاني من الانمي يسحب الشاشة من اليمين لليسار 👍🏻 . . . #انمي #مانجا #اوتاكو