@cosmic_seed on Instagram photo January 19

A diamond in the rough can be shined up... ⏳💎🖌✨

 @cosmic_seed on Instagram photo January 15

When I'm in my 40's all the kids will ask "Did you see the Black Beatles." I'll reply "Yes" with a smile knowing how epic my night was seeing @raesremmurd 💯🤘🏿⚰️ Huge S/O to #SneekySnek @loudmouth_hash & @veganfortheanimals_ for being my mains 🔥

 @cosmic_seed on Instagram photo December 30

I smoke hash rainbows 🌈 out of my 80$ @hvyglass bong every morning with pride❣️#MyStyle

 @cosmic_seed on Instagram photo December 29

“From abundance she took abundance, and still abundance remained.” There is always enough. Be grateful for everything that is. 🙏🏻💛💚❤️😉

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Thanks for the love @local_415 ❣️All organic @icewater_extractions vegetable cellulose medicated capsules are available @cookiessf215 #VeganSeeds #MadeWithLove

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Blessed to be able to try @puaextractions #HomieMix 💯🤘🏿even has a little 🌈dot❣️#WorldClassHash

 @cosmic_seed on Instagram photo December 26

I have felt tremendous love from my friends & family over the holidays 💚✨ Hope you did too❣ Let's finish this year with good intentions and usher in the new one with a open mind. #Cheers ☯🌀🕉

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Come sesh with me @ booth P73 @gagegreengroup @emeraldcupofficial Limited seeds & signed posters will be available~❣️

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@veganfortheanimals_ & I journed mega hard for our birthdays!!! I'll remember it for life!! Thanks @vanillaface_mike @follow_my_ufo & @dreamstateusa for having us!!!!!

 @cosmic_seed on Instagram photo November 26

Life.....Man! @veganfortheanimals_ Happy Birthday 🎉💥

 @cosmic_seed on Instagram photo November 25

Off to @dreamstateusa with my girl @veganfortheanimals_ for her 21st birthday 🤘🏿💯🍁

 @cosmic_seed on Instagram photo November 24

My bestie @veganfortheanimals_ made my #VeganFruitTart wish come true for my birthday!!! 🎉😊🤘🏿 I am so lucky and grateful for all my friends & family❣️🙏🏻 Give something nice to the people you love the most today & for the holidays for me!!!

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Happy Birthday to ME❤️💥🗝 I love self deprecating jokez❣️💯 Thanks for all the fun! Here's to another trip around the sun 🌞🌎

 @cosmic_seed on Instagram photo November 19

@headyheads #Strawberry #Banana 🍓🍌 #Sift tastes so bomb❣️ Thanks for the early birthday gift 🎁 such a pleasure sharing it with all my friends🤘🏿 If you live in sourthern California be sure to check out @headyheads 🙏🏻💯💎💥

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I can't get enough of this time of year!!! Behold the #SugarFruit genetics by @rebelrootsfarms grown organically with LED by @rufusrosin ! I always love sharing seeds with my friends! If you will be at the @emeraldcupofficial this year be sure to say high to me @gagegreengroup booth!! 💯💛💚❤️

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. ❤ترانه علیدوستی❤ مصطفی زمانی🙈😻 جشن شهرزاد🎉 . پ.ن:نگاهشوووو آخههه😍👀 شبتون بخیر😀🌜🍃 #gn . @taraneh_alidoosti @taraneh_alidoostti @_taraneh_alidoostti @taraneh_aliidoosti @taraneh_alidoosttti @ttaarraanneehhh @shahabhosseinifans @mostafazamaanif @shahrzadseriesplus #ترانه_علیدوستی #مصطفی_زمانی #شهرزاد #شهاب_حسینی #بازیگران #سینما #taranehalidoosti #mostafazamani

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Snap : Lust_Pen ➡@raezke • • • #شهوة_قلم اشترك في قناتنا عن طريق الرابط ❤🌸 ༄(#حب)༄(#احبك)༄(#حبيبي)༄(#حبيبتي)༄(#اشتقت)༄(#اشتياق)༄(#رومانسي)༄(#رومانسيه)༄(#عشق)༄(#احساس)༄(#شهوة_قلم)༄(#شتاء)༄(#اغار)༄(#مجنوني)༄(#مجنوني_انا)༄(#انت)༄(#همسات)༄(#تصميم)༄(#تصميمي)༄(#تصاميم_رومانسيه)༄(#فولو)༄(#اقتباس)༄(#خواطر)༄(#اقتباسات)༄(#صغيرتي)༄(#رازقي)༄(#أدب)༄(#محمد_آل_نور)༄

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BanilaCo Dual Lip Tint ราคาขึ้นเป็น @660บาท ทุกสี . ลิปทิ้นที่ขายดีที่สุดประจำร้านเราค่ะ #แนะนำ เม็ดสีชัดเจน ติกทน กลิ้นหอมอ่อนๆ เนื้อดีงาม ใช้ได้นานอีกด้วย . . . #banilacothailand #beautyinseoul_banilaco

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the night, when @placesplusfaces shutdown all the places plus faces at party in milan. 🇮🇹