∞Brittany Wagoner∞ @cosmic_seed on Instagram photo December 12

Chinchillin at the beach with my best friend...

∞Brittany Wagoner∞ @cosmic_seed on Instagram photo December 11

This year @theemeraldcup I was truly adorned by my #friends. I am proud to be a fluid part of this culture. I took the reigns of brand ambassador @therealchocowaska this year. Thank you to everyone who came by to say #high❣️ I commend the #strength in our community. From fires in Sonoma all the way to life as we know it in the medical cannabis world changing. It was beyond a pleasure to attend th

∞Brittany Wagoner∞ @cosmic_seed on Instagram photo December 2

Personal #GardenMix from #YoursTruly #Outdoor 🔥 I might have a few grams of this @theemeraldcup be sure to come say HIGH to me @therealchocowaska Booth! Thanks to everyone who made it possible to provide this #Devine medicine from my hands to your body❣️

∞Brittany Wagoner∞ @cosmic_seed on Instagram photo November 27

I’ll never forget this organic #LemonTree #IWE grown in @sensisci soil that I made...it was the last hash I separated with my hands in a drying room without a freeze dryer. I am kinda missing the art behind separation now days..#PutYerDNAInIt

∞Brittany Wagoner∞ @cosmic_seed on Instagram photo November 23

Thank you to everyone wishing me the happiest birthday!! Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Today I ask that you go out of your way to make a connection with someone even if it’s just a smile or even a big nice hug. Maybe even dance like no one is watching for me! ❤️ Love you all so much❣️ xoxo💋

∞Brittany Wagoner∞ @cosmic_seed on Instagram photo October 2

The girls who are unanimously considered beautiful often rest on their beauty alone. I feel I have to do many other things... #Croptober

∞Brittany Wagoner∞ @cosmic_seed on Instagram photo September 27

Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved..

∞Brittany Wagoner∞ @cosmic_seed on Instagram photo September 23

My relationship with #cannabis is probably one of the most stable relationships I’ve ever had... #FBF @hightimesmagazine January 2017

∞Brittany Wagoner∞ @cosmic_seed on Instagram photo September 22

Tomorrow My Love @corawhisper will be gracing @zenandkush with her one of a kind magic! I can't wait to share space & experience reality together again❣️Come say high & vibe with us! 💗✨ event hosted by @lizzyjeff link in bio!!!

∞Brittany Wagoner∞ @cosmic_seed on Instagram photo September 22

My #QueenOfFire (Wifi43 x BubbaKush) x FireOgbx1 from @selectgenetics is STACKIN❣️So happy to have her in the garden this year. Seriously can't wait to smoke....

∞Brittany Wagoner∞ @cosmic_seed on Instagram photo September 15

I'll be doing a @therealchocowaska demo tomorrow at @408lux from 4pm-7pm!! Be sure to stop by to say HIGH for a free sample of your favorite flavor of Waska!! Always a BOGO deal during a demo :) hope to see you there!!

∞Brittany Wagoner∞ @cosmic_seed on Instagram photo September 13

Today marks five amazing years since I moved to Northern California from Boulder Colorado! It was one of the biggest risks I have ever taken in my life...There's not a day that goes by where I regret that choice. I was born in southern Cali so it hasn't been hard to rep being a Cali girl at heart ❤️ HUGE thanks to everyone I've crossed paths with here. I appreciate the cultivation of who I am in e

∞Brittany Wagoner∞ @cosmic_seed on Instagram photo September 6

One of my biggest fears in life is becoming a one trick pony..To depend on my outer circumstances more than believing in what I can create with my own hands. Even then, materials always have a expiration date. It's up to us as individuals to make self reflection a tool in our toolbox. Humans are capable of great things. Every action we make here echoes for eternity. Choose wisely.

∞Brittany Wagoner∞ @cosmic_seed on Instagram photo September 5

So cal it's been fun & most certainly has been hot/real...Hope to be back soon 😘🌅 This new IPad takes pretty awesome pics!!

∞Brittany Wagoner∞ @cosmic_seed on Instagram photo September 3

Wow what a journey...HUGE THANKYOU To @kennnwall @dr.ladybug420 @xresin___hitsx @secret__stache @puaextractions @theywenttojareds @voodoomelts @terpco_wa @michigan_made_melts @loudmouth_hash @thedankduchess + anyone & everyone who was willing & open enough to readily share information with me on this revolutionary tool. Back when I started getting into #hash folks were breaking their hash up with

∞Brittany Wagoner∞ @cosmic_seed on Instagram photo August 24

Alright friends the time has finally come for me to play with a all white @harvest_right freeze dryer. Any and all tips are appreciated!

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Call me Puffmutti (oder Frostbeule) • Kleiner Text am Rande: Hab mich zeitweise mega insecure "ohne" Make-up (oder wie hier mit "no-make-up-make-up") gefühlt und bin jetzt umso glücklicher, dass ich dieses kontraproduktive Denken weitestgehend ablegen konnte. Ich kann mittlerweile sogar behaupten, dass ich mich ohne Make-up deutlich wohler fühle. Irgendwie kommt das doch alles von innen. Mir ist z

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🍩Новые ароматы Demeter!🍊 Представляем две новинки, которые спасут в зимнюю стужу и хандру. Аромат «Мандарин 2.0» — это флакон полный витамина С, солнца и лета.☀️ А «Пончик» спешит на помощь, когда болит душа — например, безудержно хочется сладкого. Уже завтра эти ароматы будут доступны в наших магазинах в Москве, Санкт-Петербурге и на нашем сайте.😊 ________________ 📍В Санкт-Петербурге с Библиотек

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SEDANG BERLANGSUNG MAJELIS AKBAR MALAM JUM'AT MAJELIS RASULULLAH SAW ============================== Kamis, 14 Desember 2017 GEDUNG DALAIL KHAIRAT KOMPLEK HANKAM CIDODOL, KEBAYORAN LAMA JAKARTA SELATAN. . Live Streaming : MR-DAKWAH https://play.google.com/store/apps/details…. . Youtube : https://youtu.be/WBArKoOVdTc . Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/MajelisRasulullahSAWOfficial/videos/101597759

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Já estou me preparando psicologicamente pra esse momento, sei o quanto será importante e necessário essa inserção à vida escolar, mas tenho convicção que será bem difícil os primeiros dias, não pra ela, pois acho que irá adorar toda essa nova fase. Já a mamãe aqui, sentirá uma tremenda ausência afetiva, sentimento esse, bem comum pra quem já vivenciou essa fase. Estamos imensamente felizes com no

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“Um dia você amadurece, e consegue perceber que o amor é algo que se encontra muito além de um belo sorriso... Consegue perceber que maior parte da tua felicidade é construída por você mesmo. E consegue perceber que as pessoas mais valiosas em sua vida são justamente aquelas que sempre estiveram ao teu lado. E não é que o tempo seja mestre em nos ensinar o óbvio. Nós é que demoramos demais para o