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💕✨Contact Review✨💕 - Lenses: Princess Pinky Twilight Green - Site: @pinkyparadisedotcom - - These are so pretty, holy moly! I have a blue pair I'll review as well but Lordy I love these contacts! They're so vibrant and comfy. #bless #pinkyparadise #contactreview

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Sometimes I worry that I bore you guys with posting too much of the same content, so I wanted to ask what something you guys would like to see more of? Costests, makeup, WIP, reviews? - I know a lot of people have been asking for Killing Stalking but what are some other characters you'd like to see? Just curious! - Anywho I love you all, have a great day!! #outofcosplay

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Going ice skating with some friends but I tried out the 9 color pallete @kirakiracrate sent me and I'm in love I'll post more about it later I just wanted to get that out of my system! XD #outofcosplay #makeup

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This is a bit strange for me but please take Time to share or donate to this precious bean, their house burnt down and they're having a truly hard time. Sorry for the not Cosplay post but this is super heartbreaking. Praying for you and your family sweetie!!!

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Best dad award goes to @alysontabbitha any con this bean is at is a good one! I love youuuu!😘💕✨ - - Sorry for the silence this weekend was so much fun I didn't remember to post everyday! Don't worry though I have plenty of backlog for you guys? XD how was your weekend and if you made it to holmat how'd you enjoy it?? #holidaymatsuri #holmat #interviewwiththevampire #lestatcosplay #ffxv #promptoarg

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I've never got a beauty box before so this was an experience. Lmfao! #bless @kirakiracrate for sending me this box, I have a new favorite face wash and that eye mask was the most relaxing thing I've ever experienced. 10/10 would nap with again. #outofcosplay #kirakiracrate

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✨WINNERS✨ - - Thank you so much to everyone who entered! It means so much to me that you guys support me, you guys are the literal best. 💕😭😭💕💖👏👌 #akrcos50k

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🛠There's nothing I can't fix~🛠 - - It's Finally here! I'm so happy! Thanks for dealing with my FFXV spam! You guys are the best! - - Special thanks to @zexenknight for somehow getting immaculate shots in our ten minute photshoot💕 - And also to @squareenix and @ffxv for the amazing game✨ - Also for everyone asking the Wig is from @ardawigs as Is Prompto's! DM me for specific style or color~ - Lastl

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Waaauw en direct de Kampala Med Yuss en mode EYI MABE, faites comme elle, envoyer et Partagez vos vidéos en me tagguant et en mettant #eyimabe et je les partagerai ! waaaauw straight from Uganda enjoying #eyimabe please share ur video and tag me with a #eyimabe and i will share it @jkitengenya @jcatamboto

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Catherine Deneuve and Françoise Dorléac in Les Demoiselles de Rochefort (1967)

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אלה שמצב הרוח שלהם מתהפך בשנייה @nburla

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#Repost @edalarla with @repostapp ・・・ Sac kavurma 🍖🍖👍👍 Kavurma icin eti önce doğruyorum agzi kapali sekilde sulanmasini bekliyorum kendi suyuyla kapagi kapali sekilde suyunu çekene kadar bekliyorum.eger et yumusamissa siviyag ilave ediyorum eger sert ise biraz daa sicak su koyup pisirmeye devam ediyorum et yumusayinca siviyagini ilave edip sogan,sarimsak,yesilbiber,kapya biber,domates,tuz,kimyon,k

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شب سرد زمستانیتون خوش هوا سرد شده، دلهاتون سرد نشه! مرغ گریل «کافه تیلیت» @tilitrestaurant قیمت:۲۰۰۰۰ تومان آدرس: رشت، گلسار، خیابان استاد معین، بین خیابان ۱۰ و ۱۲ تلفن: ۳۳۷۷۱۴۸۴-۰۱۳ نظرات و تجربیات خودتون رو از طریق دایرکت یا ارتباط با ادمین کانال تلگرام با ما به اشتراک بذارید #شکم_سلام #shekamsalam #شام_کجا_بریم

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عدسات لازورد اللون : لازوردي حجم العدسه : 14.2 مدته الاستخدام :6شهور سعر الزينه :16 دينار سعر الطبى : 18 دينار شكرا للمبدعه : @jojomakeup.88 للطلب الاتصال او على الواتس اب 50784822 51111709 الحساب الرسمى لعدسات لازورد @lazord.lenses @lazord.lenses @lazord.lenses @lazord.lenses #vegas_nay #hudabeauty #makeupartistsworldwide #makeup #make4glam #auroramakeup #makeupslaves #wakeupandmakeup

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Этим вечером Вы сможете насладиться изысканным вкусом блюд от Smoke Lounge в сочетании с нашими напитками, а также с самыми вкусными кальянами) Б.САДОВАЯ ДОМ 103 ☎️ 206-68-68, 206-69-69 Ждем Вас на самый дымный и вкусный кальян😽💨💨💨 #ЧАШКА600 #ГРЕЙП950 💨💨💨💨✌️ —----------------------------------------— #шиша #кальян #кальянная #smoke #ростовнадону #shisha #smoker #smokes #shishabar #shishatime #shis