•A.Kr.Costigan• @akrcos on Instagram photo May 26

But In the meantime here's my entry in the best cosplay story contest on #Lomics :3 If you remix this and change the story you can enter the remix contest too! Once you have the @Lomics app you just open the rocket in the menu and select #best_cosplay_remix Then choose my story and press “Remix this lomics” button Best story will be announced in 1 week! Good luck guys! // - - T-minus 5 hours till

•A.Kr.Costigan• @akrcos on Instagram photo May 22

I'll delete this later but I can't decide who to bring this weekend to Momo! What do you guys think?:3 #momocon #ffxv

•A.Kr.Costigan• @akrcos on Instagram photo May 22

Con crunch is in full swing but I got my Kira crate and I'm excited! BB cream is weird and mystical face goo.~ // - - @kirakiracrate is taking over my skincare and my life 🙌 #outofcosplay #kirakiracrate

•A.Kr.Costigan• @akrcos on Instagram photo May 18

// ✨PRINT SALE!:D✨// - - - I wanted to do something to thank you guys for 80k! (I know I'm late but still) Seriously, thank you so much for all the love and support! It means the world to me :') // - So everything in my store is on sale (all $5 dollar prints and packages will be discontinued after the sale!) and I'm thinking a giveaway is in order? :3 // - #voltron #cosplay #printshop

•A.Kr.Costigan• @akrcos on Instagram photo May 18

Finally got to shoot Raven yesterday with @zexenknight!! // - - (Excuse my lack of forehead gem) I'll be posting more of her on here soon! But for now previews are on Patreon~ // - Also You can expect another comic book lady coming soon 😏👌✨#ravencosplay #teentitanscosplay #teentitans #rachelroth

•A.Kr.Costigan• @akrcos on Instagram photo May 17

D.Va wig is in!! Still have to style it, but this wig is so pretty out of the bag 🙌🙌// ~ For anyone curious It's from @everydaywigscom and I'll post more pics once it's styled~ // - - Anywho, I'm gonna go live for a bit before I go back to concrunch hell👌✨ #outofcosplay #everydaywigs

•A.Kr.Costigan• @akrcos on Instagram photo May 12

Look at that nice pink truck, Oh! John too, very nice! // - - Happy birthday, John~ // - 🎉Thanks for putting up with me and thanks for being a part of my life! Have a great birthday! 🎉

•A.Kr.Costigan• @akrcos on Instagram photo April 29

Everyone kept mentioning the book in the back.. Same guys, same.

•A.Kr.Costigan• @akrcos on Instagram photo April 27

A beautiful ship just sailing it's (dis)course..// - - - 🚢All aboard! Mini rant ahead!🚢 I've gotten soooo much flack for Shallura, which I find hilarious because most of these unpleasant messages start off with 'Thank you for not shipping sheith BUT..yadayadahate // So what better ship to speak my mind on anti's than Sheith itself? Hm?💕 // But to the point of this. Guys, everyone has their own sh

•A.Kr.Costigan• @akrcos on Instagram photo April 26

I did it! Now I can go sleep for 100,000 years, or at least until my friends stop making fun of my About me. :') // BUT! The link is in my bio, it's simple but it'll have a lot of exclusive content and prints.:3

•A.Kr.Costigan• @akrcos on Instagram photo April 25

So this has been requested a lot so I'm a Q&A later this week~ I'll put more details up about it but don't worry it'll be recorded in case anyone misses it. So if you have questions leave them in the comments~ xoxo #qanda #qa #shiro #voltron

•A.Kr.Costigan• @akrcos on Instagram photo April 16

Yooo, this months @japancrate was so good. Enjoy a snack montage. ( I bribed @mkingol.d and @moderatelyokaycosplay with snacks to take some cute pics with me lol )// - - Side note: I always forget how different Japanese and American mayo is~ // - - Hope everyone's having a great night! I might go live later if you guys wanna chat~ #outofcosplay #japancrate

•A.Kr.Costigan• @akrcos on Instagram photo April 13

Nerf this~ // - - - Wow, I can't spell // Headset: @cospicky // How tired of this sweater are you guys? Lol // D.Va suit is on its way~ so expect more of her in the future, also reapy too!! Woo, starting Paladin armor soon and will have a tutorial up for that.:) also maybe some Lotor??:D I'm all over the place but have a great night guys! #virginkillersweater #dva #dvacosplay #dvaoverwatch #overw

•A.Kr.Costigan• @akrcos on Instagram photo April 11

Hey guys, Unless storenvy doesn't ship to your country please place print orders through storenvy and not my DM's. The link is in my bio, Thank youuuu :'3 #store #psa #prints #voltron

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