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I think this last month has given me a grey hair or two. And by the way, is it "grey" or "gray"? Ah well, stay silly people, it's the only way to live😁😘 ~ ~ ~ 📸 @adornedphotography ~ ~ ~ ~ #yoga #beachyoga #sunrise

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"If by chance you reach to the gates of heaven, refuse! Don't enter in! Ask for the way to the other place. I will be waiting there for you." ~ Osho😈 ~ ~ ThrivingPlantBased.com ~ ~ ~ #stretch #Osho #flexible

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Isn't baby bakasana the scrunchiest of yoga poses?😜😆 ~ Come yoga with me at ThrivingPlantBased.com 💫 ~ ~ Wearing @touche_la Mat by @mikayogawear ~ ~ #yoga #yogaflow

 @bananablondie108 on Instagram photo November 16

When I grow up I want to live in a hut on the beach. And by "hut" I mean "really nice house" with all the modern amenities, obviously. ~ ThrivingPlantBased.com ~ ~ ~ 📸 @dtufino_photo

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Some people like words, books, music, shoes, money or art. I like bodies. I'm obsessed with moving mine and finding new ways to please it. Just give me a yoga mat and I'm completely entertained. ~ ~ ~ ~ #beach #bodies #bikinis

 @bananablondie108 on Instagram photo November 15

I just tried to watch Stranger Things, but simply couldn't get past the bad hair. And if you know me, you understand that there is just no amount of "but it's such a good show" that will allow me to ignore the hair situation that is happening. #bowlcut #mullet #perm Here's some fun acro with my buddy @eatingouthealthy He does not have a bowl cut👍 ~ ~ ~ Wearing @liquidoactive Mat by @mikayogawe

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"Listen to me, your body is not a temple. Temples can be destroyed and desecrated. Your body is a forest—thick canopies of maple trees and sweet scented wildflowers sprouting in the underwood. You will grow back, over and over, no matter how badly you are devastated." Beau Taplin ~ ~ ~ 📸 @adornedphotography ~ ~ #yoga #stretch #flexible

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Don't forget to set your notifications for @beachyogagirl so you don't miss out on our live broadcast TODAY at NOON EST! We'll be answering questions and chatting about all things vegan. I can't wait to hang with you guys! 😘😘😘 ~ ~ ~ 📸 @adornedphotography

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Hey guys! I will be LIVE chatting with @beachyogagirl tomorrow on her Instagram at 12pm EST. We will be discussing all things vegan! If you have any questions you want us to answer or topics you'd like discussed, leave them in the comments below! Turn on your @beachyogagirl notifications and we'll see you tomorrow!!😘😘😘 ~ ~ ~ ~ #beachyoga #bikiniyoga #yoga

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Can someone please explain to me what is going on with my favorite show The Walking Dead?! Why does it suck so hard this season? And who is responsible?! I want a name. Are the writers on dope this season? Or maybe they need to be?🤔 It is TERRIBLE. I was always so emotionally involved with the show and now all I can do when watching is uncontrollably mock the ridiculousness of it all. Every bi

 @bananablondie108 on Instagram photo November 6

My heart is so full after an amazing day yesterday spent with the most inspiring females. Congratulations to my spirited daughter, her Spartans cheer squad and their incredible coach on winning first place in their competition yesterday!!! Cheerleaders are such incredible athletes and if you think differently, YOU DON'T KNOW CHEER! I couldn't be more proud❤️ If you are a parent, get your child in

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It's always a good time when @eatingouthealthy stops by and teaches me some acro😊 What's your favorite thing to do when your friends come over? ~ ~ ~ Wearing @liquidoactive Mat by @mikayogawear

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The best time to start a yoga practice is right now! Join the ThrivingPlantBased family today and get started on your yoga journey. We have loads of beginner tutorials and I'm always available to answer all your questions☺️ Link is in my profile🙏 ~ ~ Photo by @adornedphotography ~ ~ ~ #yoga #yogapractice #stretch

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For Halloween this year I decided to take off my usual 40-something-year-old mom disguise and go as my true self🦄🦄🦄 #happyhalloween ~ ~ Makeup by @dianaleonmakeup

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I'm such a home body☺️Hope you're all having a great weekend💛

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Eat plants. Do yoga. Click the link in my profile and become a part of the ThrivingPlantBased family today🌱 Oh--we got lots of regular yoga too😜 ~ ~ Wearing @liquidoactive

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Just a quickie little tidbit snippet😜 I hope you had time to do what you love today💛 ~ ~ Wearing @liquidoactive Mat @mikayogawear

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I don't waste time trying to understand why these silly poses are so life changing. I just keep coming to my mat, making fun shapes and life is all the merrier for it. Don't over think it😊 ~ Come make shapes with me at ThrivingPlantBased.com 💫

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Grab a buddy and get bendy☺️ @parker_hurley ~ ~ ThrivingPlantBased.com

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And it starts again🌤 ~ ThrivingPlantBased.com *full length yoga classes *plant based nutrition *Q&A forum *daily food journals *private videos @801010athlete and I are here to help you on your journey to ultimate health☺️

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