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Hey all! I'm currently working on the latest tutorial for ThrivingPlantBased.comIt will be the much requested, Post Yoga Backbending Stretch! This will be the perfect tool to increase your flexibility, get a deeper backbend and open your heart!💖 Our Post Yoga Split Stretch was a game changer and this one will be too! Stay tuned TPB Family! Not a member yet? Sign up now! Link is in my bio! ~ ~

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Remember long long ago when there was that ONE failed attempt at a shoe bomb on an airplane? And years later we are all still removing our shoes at the airport? Just kidding, I'm TSA precheck all the way, but you catch my drift. I'm just curious, is there a precise number of school massacres that we are aiming to hit before we do a damn thing about it? I'm getting really tired of a government

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I really like this shot, but sometimes I lie awake at night and question, was it really worth putting my bare feet and freshly washed hair on that nasty ground? The answer is no. No it was not. I had to wash my hair twice in one day and that is some fucked up shit. #amirightladies #hassle ~ ~ ~ 📸 @adornedphotography Wearing @teekigram

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Have you thought about starting a yoga practice but just don't know how? Sign up for ThrivingPlantBased.com. I want to be your teacher! We have tutorials for ALL levels and I'm available to answer your every question☺️ We also have a huge library of private videos discussing a wide range of topics from body confidence to chakra healing to life with dogs! And if you're thinking of going plant ba

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The shit hits the fan on a regular basis, even for me. But after 41 years on this planet, I know the universe has my back. It's constantly guiding me, nudging me and sometimes slapping me in the face☺️ Your biggest challenges are your greatest gifts. Trust me. I know everything ;) #mamaninja ~ ThrivingPlantBased.com ~ ~ @adornedphotography ~ ~ ~ #yoga #yogamom #yogaaddict #yogalove #sexyyoga #v

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Instagram is great for posting pictures of yourself in bikinis atop large inflatable swans and sharing discount codes for tea that makes you poop. But I like Instagram because it connects me with awesome people like this one here. @frommybowl is hands down my favorite plant based recipe creator!🙌. We're not talking salads and zucchini noodles, but Mac n Cheese and cinnamon swirl pancakes!😛 Go ch

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I was short on time so I just blew through my yoga practice today. #SpeedyGonzales ~ ~ Pants @jalaclothing Mat @mikayogawear ~ ~ ~ ThrivingPlantBased.com ~ ~ ~

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The DNA results are in and it's just as I suspected. Mcfluffin is 1/3 Limousine, 1/3 caterpillar, and 1/3 Luck Dragon. ~ ~ ~ Wearing @teekigram 📸 @adornedphotography

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Regrann from @dabrooch - Брошь бабочка 🦋 в наличии 👍🏼#брошьбабочка #брошьмотылек #мотылек #бабочка #butterfly #брошьпчелаизбисера #brooch #broaches #брошь #броши #брошьизбисера #брошьручнойработы #брошиназаказ #брошьновокузнецк #новокузнецк #брошиновокузнецк #handmade #handmadenovokusnetsk #handmadebiser #biser_prodaja #theworld_handmade - #regrann

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Arma tu pizza a tu gusto, nuestra pizza básica es de Salsa y Queso Mozzarela luego tú le agregas los ingredientes que desees... Salchichon, maíz, tocineta, champiñones, aceitunas Jamón, Queso, Cebolla, pimentón... Haz tu pedido llamando al 04243371076 y si no tienes suficiente efectivo no te preocupes, tenemos punto de venta inalámbrico

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Esperamos contar con tu presencia este sábado en nuestro gran FASHION SHOW GLAMOUR🤩 @licdabaldera @cristhalmartinez @bogalife

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Regrann from @allag11 - 😍 .🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠 #donetsk #украшениеручнойработы #ручнаяработа #дизайнерскиеукрашения #вышивка#вышивкабисером# needlework #снегири#брошьснегирь#bird# ##pykodelie #biser_prodaja #hаndmade_ru_jewellery #handmadejewelry #handmade #ростовнадону #москва#брошьназаказ#москва #рыбка#брошьрыбка - #regrann

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Regrann from @valandlav - Доброе утро всем Снова Брошь __НЕЖНОСТЬ ОРХИДЕИ❌ПРОДАНА ❌ ✔️ Выполнена на основе Фетра, вышивка нитями хлопок, Coast, хрустальный бисер(рубка) бусина сваровски, японский бисер Itoshii. Если вы хотите приобрести такую же брошь, пишите, могу повторить вам НА ЗАКАЗ. Сделано с ❤️ Val&Lav ©️ p. s Валерия ##valandlav #handmadejewelry #brosche#brooches #брошьорхидея #biser_pro

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Body update 😬 Height: 1.63 m (5’3”) Weight: 59kg’s (130lbs) - this is the lowest I’ve been in a long while! Macros: Total: +/- 1800 calories P: 155g (35%) C: 155g (35%) F: 60g (30%) I know I should probably be getting more calories in but at this stage I’m just paying attention to and playing around with certain foods and combinations and getting to know their calorie content and physical effects

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Ready for a slow weekend. ___ Sneakers: @adaysmarch cloudy grey Sweater: @cosstores Watch: @mondaine_watch Helvetica Oxford: @filippak_man Trousers: @adaysmarch Bag: @official_mismo Headphones: @beoplay H7 Scarf: @thetiebar Cologne: @armanibeauty Book: @kinfolk Home Sunglasses: @kent.wang

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I got this product for my puppy dog JOBOY from @furrytreatsmalaysia . This company produces natural treats and supplements made out from premium meat. Their products do not contain any sort of preservatives, additives, colouring, salt or sugar . As fur kids owners we should provide them with the best possible so our fur kids enjoy a quality lifetime with us . Invest for their health. When our pe

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And ANOTHA 1!!! My ma dukes umteenth dirty thirty!! Lol happy birthday Ma!! Believing is achieving and you have managed to stay looking 30 after all these years! I love you more than you will ever know!! Cheers to another great year of YOU being YOU!! 😍😘😍😘😘 @30plusplus

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El presidente #DonaldTrump aseguró que está "en camino" de resolver el problema de los tiroteos masivos en #EEUU, e insistió en que los profesores deberían ser los responsables de portar armas en las escuelas porque ellos "aman" a sus alumnos, no como los guardias de seguridad. ⤵️ "Creo que estamos bastante en camino de resolver este horrible problema que pasa demasiado a menudo en Estados Unidos"