Sophie Stanbury @sophiestanbury on Instagram photo August 17

Hello lovely ladies ... I put together a really loud 😳(sorry think it's because I'm in my bathroom) ... tips for what I do between washes for a straight but bouncy look with lots of body - takes 10 mins - all you need is a hairdryer, good styling brush, dry shampoo and some Velcro rollers with pins ... followed by a bit of hairspray! Hope it helps just about to do mine now 🙌🏻😘💋 #bighair #bighairdo

Sophie Stanbury @sophiestanbury on Instagram photo August 16

Time for a glass of red wine 🍷 my absolute favourite and a total indulgence after a busy day juggling motherhood, work and all the other things we have to fit in! One glass a night helps me unwind and sleep like a log (not that hard actually) two and I'm tempted to go out 😂 enjoy your evening 😘 loving this new number @teotoki fab for my summer holiday 🖤 #fashion #luxury #jumpsuit #glamour #love

Sophie Stanbury @sophiestanbury on Instagram photo August 15

Lashes are a great way to get glam with no effort are the best -Edyta is amazing and they last for weeks - made of silk, I use 9mm to 12mm long with the C curl ... give her a call on 07971 237490 if you are looking to add some glamour in a natural and effortless way - the best thing is she will come to your house which is great for a busy #mumontherun #lashes #silk #glamour #ef

Sophie Stanbury @sophiestanbury on Instagram photo August 14

Right here we go ladies ... makeup in less than 10 minutes .. I have put everything that's in my makeup bag on my you tube channel in what's in my makeup bag 👆 link in bio 💄💋 @ctilburymakeup @maccosmetics @chanel_cosmetics_official @dermalogicauk @hourglasscosmetics have a great night out ladies and thank you for your amazing support I have lots more tips and shortcuts coming your way to get glam

Sophie Stanbury @sophiestanbury on Instagram photo August 14

Happy Monday and back to work... final week before the boys and I are off on our trip to Italy!! Enjoying some rare sunshine in London and a quiet moment ... always important on a Monday morning!! Getting everything organised for a holiday is quite a challenge .... work, animal care, house sitting .. and then the thought of 2 boys and 3 suitcases at the airport and hiring a car with sat nav coordi

Sophie Stanbury @sophiestanbury on Instagram photo August 11

TGIF and the sun is out 🙌🏻 coco's going in for the full lunge! Never a dull moment in our house! So blessed to be surrounded by my gorgeous boys and best furry friends Lol 😝 coco is always around to keep me company when the boys go to their daddy 💙#grateful #love #family #dogs_of_instagram #labrador #weekendvibes 💙💖💙🐾 loving my new @t_haus_tshirt sweater 💙

Sophie Stanbury @sophiestanbury on Instagram photo August 9

My daily challenge is to actually get dressed... boys wake starving so after a one second shower it's straight to the kitchen ... breakfast then persuade 👬 to dress 🤣then dashing off to meetings, meeting boys for fun activities and then back to meeting its a wonder I don't forget my trousers more often!! Wouldn't change it for a minute but with the school holidays I sometimes feel I'm on challenge

Sophie Stanbury @sophiestanbury on Instagram photo August 6

Happy sisters day ... found this golden oldie of my sister Claire and I, she looks very elegant my costume 😳 at least I wasn't dressed as Roland rat here which was my all time favourite!!! 😂😂 have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday xxx #sundays #chilling #family #love #siblings 💖

Sophie Stanbury @sophiestanbury on Instagram photo August 3

Happy Thursday and back to London with my 👬 wanted to say a big thank you for helping me get glam ready for the @caviarstatus_ shoot @prettlybeauty for my perfect mani and pedi and @secretspauk for my gorgeous and natural #fakebake tan - you always manage to get to me at the last minute at the end of a manic day when the boys are in bed and I finally get time off 🙌🏻🙌🏻 for all those busy mums or wo

Sophie Stanbury @sophiestanbury on Instagram photo August 2

Thanks @caviarstatus_ for such a great trip to Bournemouth so excited to share the fabulous collection for autumn winter and loved visiting such a great university town on the coast 👌🏻 thanks @markusandrewb for the fabulous photos 📸and @pamelamossmakeup for the makeup 💄 .. i will update everyone when the pieces go online 🙌🏻 #fun #fashion #brandambassador #bournemouth #hiltonbournemouth #caviarstat

Sophie Stanbury @sophiestanbury on Instagram photo August 1

Strike a pose 🙅 so excited to announce my collaboration with @caviarstatus_ I'm delighted to be their brand ambassador.. the new collection for autumn winter is totally fabulous and I cannot wait to share it all with you! Affordable luxury so well cut and made its perfect for busy #mumontherun going from meetings to the school gates to dinner in the evening! Day to night outfits are the way forwar

Sophie Stanbury @sophiestanbury on Instagram photo August 1

Working on something different today and excited for a really fun new collaboration... shooting a new fashion campaign on the beach today! Yes you can still werk it when you're in your 40's!! Excited to update you in a fabulous fashion collaboration which will be a go to for all busy #mumontherun and everyone else! Affordable luxury with style and flair! Here goes to a fun day werking it!! #love #

Sophie Stanbury @sophiestanbury on Instagram photo July 31

Monday vibes @adelakinglondon to when we madly repelled down waterfalls in #costarica with #uvita guides - they said we were the quickest team they'd had - mainly as I was totally petrified about 🐍 & 🕷 but it was so much fun and certainly got the adrenaline going! We helped each other down and that's what friendships should be about! Tag your bestie and start your week with a big smile 😀😘 #fun #fr

Sophie Stanbury @sophiestanbury on Instagram photo July 30

Weekend vibes! Happy Sunday everyone ... wish I was enjoying the sunny LA sunshine .. @marissahermer to when I came to visit you in your lovely new home! Hope to be back again soon for another visit and dose of sunshine and fun! Thank you for my fab varsity jacket wearing it today to stay warm!! Have a wonderful Sunday one and all and enjoy the last day of the weekend 🙌🏻 #weekendvibes #friends #fu

Sophie Stanbury @sophiestanbury on Instagram photo July 29

Back with @adelakinglondon @guardspolo for the #coronation cup today. Thank you @oprent for styling me head to toe in @alexandermcqueen and my stunning @gucci bag loving the whole outfit and such an amazing rental service for a busy #mumontherun you totally rock #thankful #love #fashion #luxury #polo #fun 💖👗 thank you @flannelswoman for inviting us 💋💋💋💋

Sophie Stanbury @sophiestanbury on Instagram photo July 29

My gorgeous friend and personal trainer @georgiespurling helps put me through my paces at least twice a week and makes sure I optimise my training by doing it right 🙌🏻🙌🏻 no cheating with this one - thanks for a fab session with Finn this morning - cheered him up and added more weight to the exercises 💪🏻so fun to work out with my 👬 too!! Harry has actually asked if he can join my sessions in the ho

Sophie Stanbury @sophiestanbury on Instagram photo July 27

Cloudy and a little gloomy but still warm so thought I'd bring the sunshine! It's funny how we always talk about the weather😂 thanks for my lovely Citrine Dress @anyamajofficial 💛... I'm hoping to find a very quick getaway next week while my boys are with their daddy, yoga, sunshine and sleep by the sea in Europe !! Any ideas would be so welcome!! #summerholidays #yellow #sun #fashion #luxury #f

Sophie Stanbury @sophiestanbury on Instagram photo July 26

No makeup and no filter ... @face_gym this really works, not only is it a complete joy to lie down on a chair for 45 mins but in that time your face is treated to #radiofrequency #tightening which helps eliminate fine lines followed by an intense deep tissue massage which feels incredible and tightens all the muscles! My treatment was called holiday skin and it really worked!!! Well done my clever

Sophie Stanbury @sophiestanbury on Instagram photo July 26

Decorating up a storm this month ... I am putting together some new YouTube videos of how to pick out the best sofa etc down to fabrics, paints and wallpapers... about to launch my new website / blog with top tips for easy decorating.. how to give your home a facelift without breaking the bank!! Lots to do and not enough time! Lol have a great Wednesday 💋 #sophiestanburyinteriors #decorating #home

Sophie Stanbury @sophiestanbury on Instagram photo July 25

My favourite wing woman always there at the beginning or end of the day, faithful, loyal and devoted, she is the best dog we could ever wish for and loves being surrounded by children ... she has been our rock, our guard dog and our playmate through everything! She teaches my boys love, respect and responsibility and helps keep me fit! Coco you are the best!! we couldn't 💖 you anymore #womansbestf

Sophie Stanbury @sophiestanbury on Instagram photo July 24

Monday morning and back to work ... we had such an amazing mini break last week running through cornfields (well I was I running with Finn in my arms - too prickly for him 🤣) nothing like recharging the batteries by the sea in the English countryside :) the new forest is gorgeous and there is so much to do with 👬 thanks again for having us @feedrummond and loved hanging @mybabainsta the dreamiest

Sophie Stanbury @sophiestanbury on Instagram photo July 22

Hello Saturday my favourite day of the week ... managed to get myself blow dried thank you @limozlogli and tanned and manicured @secretspauk and now am undoing it all in Hyde park cycling in the rain ... the day started so well 😂 I will have to warn my friends so expect a drowned rat for dinner instead of freshly groomed 😂 #mumofboys #parkactivities #bikeride #hydepark #mumontherun #boys #love #fa

Sophie Stanbury @sophiestanbury on Instagram photo July 21

Brighten up your day with a splash of colour ... and we need some brightening today as our sunshine has disappeared for now! I wouldn't normally choose this much colour but my clever friend @bespokeyourworld sent it over to try and I'm loving it! Super cosy and goes with all my denim ... thanks for my new splash of colour ... check out their page for something different and not in the shops 😍👗💜👛 (

Sophie Stanbury @sophiestanbury on Instagram photo July 20

The dreamiest of escapes with the boys ... so much to do from glamping on the beach to picking white peaches from the kitchen garden to digging sand castles and dens in the woods ... boys and mummy's paradise @cadlandestate thank you @feedrummond for such a magical break and @mybabainsta for being by beach hut wingwoman 👬💖🦋🦀🌊🏄🏽🍑🌸🍀💙💙💙

Sophie Stanbury @sophiestanbury on Instagram photo July 18

Jumping into Tuesday ... well I'm actually slightly lagging now after dragging 👬 this morning sourcing marble tops and wood flooring ... they did their best but as soon as we hit the park the freedom hit us all and we were literally jumping for joy 😀 trying to make it all work is sometimes impossible so we diverted to the park for some fun! Loving this dreamy 👗 @neveandnoor 💖admitdefeat #havefun #

Sophie Stanbury @sophiestanbury on Instagram photo July 17

Monday morning vibes .... so happy my boys are back and now taking 5 to make a list of everything I need to get done! Juggling boys entertainment and my work is going to be challenging but I wouldn't have it any other way ... it was a luxury having time on my hands last week but I much prefer to have my boys in the equation as they make me feel whole again ... 2 days working and multi tasking and

Sophie Stanbury @sophiestanbury on Instagram photo July 10

Monday morning feeling the most rested I have in a long time and excited for a busy week focusing on me! Interiors & meetings, new projects, health and fitness, fashion and hair ... looking forward to lots of hard work and fun ... strange not to have my team 👬 but feeling so productive and ready for some great new challenges #monday #fresh #newweek #focus #gogetter #goals #positivevibes #bethebest

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