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It is Official! 🗣🤘⚒💪 ___________________________________ I am Heading over to the U.K. 🇬🇧for a week long Gym Tour! July 21st - 28th ! ___________________________________ No Holds Bar , No Bullshit , In your Face -Training and Life Seminars! ⚒💪🤘 Hands on Training Portion along with Open discussion on Nutrition, Supplementation, And all the Taboo subjects of Life and Our Industry.....the good sh

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Goooood Morning America!!!! And Go Fuck Yourself! 💪😂⚒🇺🇸 That shit is on every morning right after the local news is over and I am always waiting to here someone say that! One day.....😂 Hope everyone has a splendid day of making today their Bitch! Don't forget your meals, and to smile for all the haters out there! 💪👍🤘 #AAr #AllAmericanRoughneck #GoFuckYourself 😂 #GoodTimes #Meals #Smiles #UpTheTre

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THICKNESS!! Eatin Big and Training Big! Below is an Advanced Back Workout from the Feroce Iron Academy! ADVANCED/TOP LEVEL BACK WORKOUT #2 Warm Up – 3-5 Sets of Assisted Pull-Ups or Regular Pull-Ups 1. Bent Over BB Rows (Overhand) – 4 x 12,10,8,6 – Last Set Drop Sets (2) – Burn out with a lighter weight (Failure) 2. Close-Grip Pulldowns – 4 x 12,10,10,8 – Last Set Seth Set 3. Seated One Arm C

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The first step is to set the Goal. We do it on a constant basis. Think about it. Dream about it. Fantasize about it. Setting it in place in our heads everyday. But the Real Part is to Act upon it. Don't ever think that you can't achieve that Day Dream that crosses your mind 300 times a day. It won't be easy, nice or fun but if it's your dream, it will be worth it. #AAr #AllAmericanRoughneck

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Sunday's have always been a Family Day growing up. Now that doesn't mean they were always "Let's play all day and love everything!" Lol We did have many of those. But we also had many where we worked outside in the yard together. My dad and I would always have a project to do for the house. And then at the end of the day we always had a large family dinner. And sometimes I would complain or bitc

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@blackstonelabs Just Released their Newest Product! #Orthobolic I haven't tried it yet, shipment is on its way! But I am a big believer is staying as far away from over the counter anti-inflammatories (motrin, aleve, Advil) on the regular for joint pain (will beat up the insides) , so I am excited to try this out! On the @blackstonelabs website is a Great video by @theguerillachemist explaining

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Don't forget to look them in the eye when you tell them how you feel. Whether it's Good or Bad.....look them square in the eye and tell them. Don't look away, don't be impersonal, BE Personal! You won't get to far by being shy or fickle. Be Bold, Be Confident and Be Passionate. But also be ready for the Response. You're not the only Mother Fucker out there! 💪⚒ Click the Link in my Bio to Check

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The Spring Release is Live! 🗣💪⚒🤘 Family, Hard Work, Simple Living! We have a Video in the Blog and on YouTube to go with this Release! Def worth the Watch!! Click the Link in my Bio to Go Check It All Out!! I was raised to Work Hard and Enjoy Life. That's what I do and That's what I push to instill with my children as a Parent. And it feels pretty great to see so many of you do the same via Snap

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Tonight at 8PM EST is the Spring Release! 💪🐥🌸☀️⚒🔫🚬🍻 The Blog is the Link in my Bio to see it all! Lots of New Tees, Tanks, 3/4 Length Shirts, Hoodies and Hats , Hats and Hats! (Hats are a big seller 💪⚒👍) We have sizes from XS to 3XL. @eliseferoce is wearing a Small Hoodie in this photo, she has an XS on in all the other photos on the Blog. Adalynne is also wearing an XS in the New AAr 2-Tone Shi

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This about sums up my Mornings..... @blackstonelabs Resurgence - 1 scoop to the Face! @blackriflecoffee - 1/2 pot....😂 it's so good! @springfieldarmoryinc #XD45 - Today's Choice! 👍👌 And of Course an AAr Hat Decision! 2 of the New Hats dropping tonight - Kelly Green FlexFit (There is a matching Tee Shirt and Hoodie🔥) and the Black and Gold AAr Mesh Back (There is a Matching TeeShirt and Tank for

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The Animal and I hitting poses!! I don't know what I would do without my little monsters. And this one is my best and worst critic. Knows when to tell me I'm chubby in the belly and also when to tell me 'I think your arms are getting bigger dad!' 💪👍 She can hit all of my "Signature" poses....'the ones You hit every time You walk by a mirror' according to her. 🙄😂 And at this little shoot we did to

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Focus on Becoming Better! If you worry too much about everyone else, it is easy to forget why you started doing it all in the first place. Enjoy it. Mold It. Perfect It! It is your Craft. It is what you Love doing. You have trouble not thinking 100 times a day about. So embrace it! Every day put the work in! Every day work to Become Better! Born and Bred American Tee Shirts available Tomo

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It's always a good feeling to notice the work you are putting in Pays Off!! It boosts the Self Confidence and Inspires us to work harder. That right there is The Process. The Day in and Day out Hard Work and the Progressive Result. That doesn't mean it was easy or There weren't times that felt like failure. It means you didn't give up on the Goal. You didn't bitch out or let the doubt win. You j

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A Fresh YouTube Video is Up! Steroids, Drugs and Life Part 3! Click the Link in My Bio to Watch ! And it is definitely one that will flare some controversy and conversation. The Cookie Recipe! 🍪 But nonetheless a Great Watch and Very Informative to the Lifting Community! It's a bit long but it sucks you in! I don't run away from anything or dance around the subjects anymore! #AAr #FIA #AllA

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Sweat Equity! Leaving Your Mark! Not much of a better feeling than leaving the sweat mark of you after some Nasty Seth Sets!! 💪 Don't ever forget that this happens mentally and emotionally in your life. You Imprint upon others just as they do and have upon you! That feeling, Those Feelings have impact. They have the ability to mold and change how people think and act. Positively and Negatively

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I had someone Snap me this! 😂🍗🍚⚒💪 THE CHICKEN AND RICE GUYS!!! And whoever they are, Where ever they are.....I will find them! Haha Best Restaurant Name Ever! 👌🗣 Chicken and Rice Mother Fuckassss!! 🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚 #ChickenAndRice #Gains #TheseFuckinGuys #SignMeUp #LetsGo

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Eres un regalo en mi vida mi Mary @maryannorfebre ❤❤❤❤ @Regrann from @maryannorfebre - Hoy recibiendo con un gran abrazo y muchísimo cariño a la negra querida @NeuroSensual Un gusto verte en esta tierra negrita... Excelente atencion en mi casa @pressvzla La cita es de nuevo mañana en el conversatorio "Amar" en @estcentraldcafe Magnificas palabras y grandes verdades espontáneas!!! Se te quiere

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Panggung Silampukau Mei 2017 6 Mei di Jogja 7 Mei di Surabaya 10 Mei di Palembang 13 Mei di Malang Sampai jumpa! Foto oleh @an99ik

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Комбинезон 1550с (стандарт)😍😍😍сумочка 1650с 👌🏻слипоны 1750с 😍😍😍😍#foreverkg#forever21#marvel#disney #Ru21#bershka#dividedhm#stradivarius#mango#americanapparel#foreverвбишкеке#женскаяодежда#стильнаяодеждабишкек#кыргызстан#bishkek#kyrgyzstan#betastores2#обувьвбишкеке#hm#atmosphere#

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Di era yang menjunjung tinggi kebebasan ini, kita sering berpikir bahwa kita adalah seseorang yang merdeka. Tapi jarang kita sadari bahwa kita masih sering diperbudak oleh keinginan yang tiada hentinya, oleh teknologi atau oleh waktu dan target. . Lepaskan penat sejenak untuk mensyukuri hal-hal baik yang ada dalam hidup kita. Mungkin itu adalah kesehatan, keberlimpahan materi, kehadiran orang-oran

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✨Those lashes @slaylashes 💕✨ Shop the luxury collection Use code "PINK " to save some 💸💸💸 Follow @slaylashes @slaylashes

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New arrival ' Lace trousers' (Available now) กางเกงลูกไม้ทรงวินเทจ ซับขาสั้นด้านใน เก๋มาก ผ้าลูกไม้เนื้อยืดหยุ่น เข้ากับหน้าร้านจริงๆ 3 Colors : black , grey , green 3 Size S : Waist 26"/Hip 36"/Length 38" M: Waist 28"/Hip 38"/Length 38" L: Waist 30"/Hip40"/Length 38" ราคา :: 650฿ ส่งฟรีนะคะ (งานดีไซค์และตัดเย็บในไทย ภายใต้แบรนด์ The Loop )

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✈️Hачнu мeнять жизнь в лyчшую стоpoнy, 3axодu нa 👉 @makergoldwow и нe 6oйcя. Я выигpал 85штук рублeй за один дeнь! Ещe дyмаешь? Так этo проще всeгo, не веpить. Попробуй и убедишься в этoм сaм! Прямо сейчаc! Я cмог и ты смoжeшь 👉 @makergoldwow 👉 @makergoldwow 👉 @makergoldwow

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New arrival ' Pleat dress' (Now available) เดรสยาว ผ้าพลีทยืด chic ไปไหน ใส่ง่ายตัวเดียวจบ มีใส่ซับใน 3 Colors : grey, orange , nude One size Bust อก 42" Waist เอว 40 Hip สะโพก 40" Arm แขน 17" Length ยาว 42" ราคา :: 690฿ ส่งฟรีนะคะ (งานดีไซค์และตัดเย็บในไทย ภายใต้แบรนด์ The Loop

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Last therapy session with @JyangRMT before my first international meet in Washington tomorrow. I'm hoping for a legal tailwind so I can go full throttle!

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Butuh semangat dan motivasi untuk menghadapi sbmptn dan ujian-ujian lain yang akan menyambutmu? Mau tahu seperti apa seharusnya pendidikan diperjuangkan? . Ikuti tweet-talk bersama Pak Guru @jsumardianta pada Selasa, 2 Mei 2017 pukul 19.00 di akun Twitter Bentang @bentangpustaka . Pssst, Pak Guru juga bakalan membocorkan sedikit kisah buku bestseller terbarunya Jatuh 7x Bangkit 8x lho! #78x