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Here we come!! @allamericanroughneck team is coming to the Real Weights for Real Heroes Event held by @marclobliner at the Power Station Gym in Middletown, Ohio!! Such an awesome event! Check out the List of People Showing Up for this! Also every dollar counts here, if you can donate please do. Marc has put together something really special! Very Proud to be a Part of this! If you are coming Get

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Arm Day Everyday!! 💪⚒💪(At least until the knee feels better 😂) This Pump is brought to you by @likeaprosupps PreWorkout PUMP! After testing out vasodilator Preworkouts I have noticed not too many companies are nailing it down. @likeaprosupps Did a pretty damn good job. Great Preworkout Pump supplement! Got a great pump and Held the pump throughout the workout. I have the YouTube Review Video of

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Half of my #WCW Genetics? Maybe..... 😂💪 We are Short, Stocky, and very hard to stop once we get started. But Snacks and Snuggles at night will put us both to bed in no time! 😂 We have such an influence on our children. It is something we all need to appreciate, love and recognize. I mean for Gods Sake, Emmi loves Ric Flair "Wooos", Big Trucks, Flexing, Eating Chicken and Snacks, and talking.....

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After a Stressful Day, Nothing beats a Smile 😃, a Fuck You 🖕, and Deadlifts 💀 And of Course Gummy Bears and @steelsupplements #ChargedAF Review on a few of @steelsupplements Coming Soon! But Charged AF is my favorite of their products so far. A very Clean, Clear Headed, Focused Stimulant PreWorkout. Not really big on Stimulant Preworkouts but when going for just moving weight they are great to

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⚒ Feroce Iron Academy ! ⚒ Over 200 videos! Informative. Educational. Entertaining. No Bullshit. Training. Nutrition. Steroids. (Section Titled The Vault) Supplements. Over 100 Different Workouts. If you enjoy the Youtube videos....You will love Feroce Iron Academy. Click the Link in my Bio to go Check it out and Join Up! Use Code - Iron10 - for 10% OFF! #FeroceIronAcademy #FIA #AAr #Al

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Cardio, Heavy Weights and SNACKS! 💪👌 That is my Daily Routine Now. And Bathroom Selfie/MirrorSelfies! 😂 My physique is changing little by little. Heavy Weight Training - Much more basic complex movements with lower rep range. With a Volume Workout thrown in a couple days a week. Functional Cardio - Sprints, Tire Flips, Sled Push/Pull, Farmers Carries etc. Mixed with Steady Stepper few days a w

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💥Give Away Time! 💥 🇺🇸⚒Best Caption Wins AAr Hat and Shirt! ⚒🇺🇸 I do believe I was having my balls busted by Bob and Jay about people making fun of me always wearing a hat and possibly being bald. And I was setting them straight that the little bit of hair I am losing is stressed induced.....well maybe a little from the shit....🖕😂 Picking a Winner Tonight! Tag a Friend and Leave a Comment! #AAr #

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Arm Day Everyday!! 💪💪 🔥TRICEP TIP🔥 One of my New Favorite Tricep Exercises! Tricep Push/Pressdowns from the assisted pull-up machine. Not exactly what it is intended for But what a killer pump from it! Whenever you go to experiment with it, hand placement and elbow placement will play a role in how and where you feel it. Elbows out - More Long Head (Back of Tricep) Elbows Tight to the body -

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New YouTube Video is Up! Click the Link in my Bio to Watch! Volume Chest Workout Voice Over! Simple approach but place a lot of my emphasis on having you pay attention to body placement, hand placement, range of motion, and what I am trying to achieve by doing so. The Full Workout is in the Bio of the Video on YouTube! Give it a Watch! #FuckinA #AAr #AllAmericanRoughneck #YouTube #Workout #

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Last night after my Cheat Meal.....which was about 7 Tacos. HomeMade of Course. And of course finished the night off with Snacks! Physique is changing a little bit every week. Don't have the same width but becoming thicker and denser. I have switched gears with some of my training. Not as much Volume. Focusing of Strength with the Basic Complex movements - Squats, Deadlifts and Bench. And then

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@millertat82 Finished it up today! And it turned out better than I originally thought in my head! That's the great part about working with people who take pride in their craft! Always perfecting! Matt and I have been friends since our younger years. It is always great to see people hustling and working to better than abilities even when they are already at an incredibly high level! That is the

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🔥⚒New Video is up on YouTube⚒🔥 The Next Step. Link is in my Bio! What I'm doing and where I'm going. Things are happening so fast and it all creates opportunity. And I am taking the opportunity to do a couple things I don't see much. I have the fans and viewers to thank for helping create this opportunity! Click the Link in my Bio to Watch! #FuckinA #AAr #AllAmericanRoughneck #FIA #FeroceIro

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I'm Intense and a tiny bit crazy.......But I'm also a big dumb kid that likes popsicles and summer time! 🤗🇺🇸 I mean cmon! its a humid summer evening and all the neighborhood kids are playing outside! Gotta have a box of popsicles in the freezer!! 💯☀️🇺🇸 What was your Favorite SummerTime Popsicle/Cold Treat/Snack!? Mine was Strawberry Scooter Crunch or Red FreezePops! #AAr #AllAmericanRoughneck #Su

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This Saturday @thepound_ny is the #PoundForPaws Charity Event! At 9:30AM I will be holding a Seminar on Real Life VS Social Media. Followed by a Q&A where Whatever you ask....I'm Answering! 👍 And after that the Remainder of the Day is full of Festivities and Some other Ridiculousness I may cause! 💪💪 But it is all for a Great Cause - The Delaware Valley Humane Society. So come out! Come to the S

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My #LittleLadyCrushWednesday Emmi felt it was necessary to tell me an elaborate story during a photo shoot for AAr. And I will never be one to cut a child down and not let them speak about something they are excited to talk about. It takes it out of you to be a good parent. The constant bombardment of need or want from your children can make it tough at times. It sometimes leaves very little ti

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Little Face Lift for the Diesel!🙌💯 Step 1 of well I'm not really sure. Haha Have quite a few more things I'd like to do! 3" Lift @mickeythompsontires 35" ATZ p3s @fueloffroad Hostage wheels New's dark and possibly bending the law.....😐😂 Next will be to delete and tune this bitch up! Haha 💪💪 A Big Thank You to the Crew at Junior's Automotive! #FuckinA #AAr #AllAmericanRoughneck #Truck

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💥100k Subscribers on YouTube!! 💥 A Huge Thank You to Everyone who subscribes and watches! We have a great time filming and putting these videos together. We are a 3 man wrecking crew with AAr and FIA! @bobby_dautrich and @jrh5369 are the guys behind camera and computers! They play a huge role in what we are doing with everything! So Thank You All Again! 💪💯 And there is much more to come! #Tra

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Here we Gooooo!! Real Weights for Real Heroes!!🇺🇸🇺🇸 @marclobliner has been putting this event together and it is turning out to be something not to miss!! Look at the Fuckin Line Up of Athletes showing up! There are a few that aren't right in the Head! 👍 My kinda people 💪👹💪 This Event is for @semperfifund and Marc's Goal is to Raise 50k! It is on August 19th in Middletown, OHIO! I'm gonna go ahe

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Time to make the donuts! Grab your Coffee and your Lunch! Keep your head up, look em in the eyes and let them know your coming! Gonna be a whole lot of work, sweat and mother fuckin'! But a day full of that will always be better than a day full of complaining, negativity and regret! In order to grow as a person, you have to embrace the adversity! #AAr #AllAmericanRoughneck #Work #Sweat #Confi

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Squats Motha Fuckassss! Build the Foundation. Do the Hard Shit! Do the stuff that everyone else runs from. Don't make excuses. Just like Life. Put the weight on your fuckin back and start moving! Along the way it's gonna build character, strength, and a new, better You! So do the Hard Shit, Face Adversity Head On, and Just Shut the Fuck Up and do the Squats! 💪👹💪 #AAr #AllAmericanRoughneck #S

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New Cardio! Tire Flipping, Sprints, and Sled Pushing! I have been getting outside of my comfort zone with some new training styles and challenging myself. I still do my AM 30-40 mins on the Stepper, which is tough and great, but there is nothing like doing Sprints on a hill with your lungs burning, feeling like you're breathing fire! 🔥🔥 Don't be afraid to switch it up and try something new. The

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🇺🇸The 4th of July Sale Ends tonight at Midnight!! 🇺🇸 Code - Freedom - for 10% OFF Orders over $150 get Free US Shipping! This Release has been Great! Thank You All for the Orders! Click the Link in my Bio to Check it all out! Later on we will Release our 4th Of July R&R Episode! (That Mini PitBike and I built a Bond together! 😂💪🇺🇸) #AAr #AllAmericanRoughneck #4thOfJuly #America #RedWhiteAndBl

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Brotherly Love! @dr_bubba9 and I Twinning with our fuckin sweet AAr Tanks at the Cookout today! 💪⚒🇺🇸 I am the older brother. I have beat him up, helped him when he was stressed, down and almost out. Pretty much did what every big brother is supposed to do. But as a little brother he has done more for me than I could ever ask for. Always there.....was backstage and there every step of the way duri

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On YouTube Now! Another Rantin and Ravin! The BarBQ Dad Episode! ⚒🇺🇸💯😂 Link is in My Bio! Dad at his Grill! Dad Shirt, Shorts, Socks and Shoes! Dad Jokes! (Just Horrendous! 😂) Dad Yelling at the kids! Dad bitching about guests! Dad being Dad! Good Times with Dad! Followed by Who these Dads are! And why I have a profound respect for all Dads! The goofy, hardworking, badass family men ! 💪🇺🇸

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🇺🇸⚒Freedom Mother Fuckers⚒🇺🇸 I am a Proud American🇺🇸, I love my Kids, my Family, and my Freedom. I Lift Weights, Shoot Guns, Eat Good Food, Smoke Fine Cigars, and Drink my kind of Beer and Whiskey. My goal in life is to provide for my family and enjoy every fuckin second of it. Work for every single thing I have. No matter how much or how little it may be, I am grateful! To not embrace my love

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Reebok Furylite UL (BD4229) US8.5~US11 76折 只要3230元 #超商店到店 #貨到付款 #信用卡結帳 (IG用戶請截圖私訊LINE客服) FB客服:文佛達 LINE客服:@fobro-ask (一定要加@一定要加-) LINE官方:@fosneaker(一定要加@)

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Hey everyone ❤️I will be working in your city on 22-25 of August!) There is free time for August 25!) To book a session please mail ❤️

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Jumat (18/8) pagi telah dilakukan penggrebekan tempat penyimpanan motor curian di Jl. Padat Karya Loa Bakung. . Sumber: Imung Via @samarindaetam . . Like dan Follow @info.kaltim

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“I’m going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life “ - Elsie de Wolfe . Salam Asar fabulousisters. Jangan cakap admin tak payung hihi 😘 Saje je belanja sikit gambar detail custom made embellishments yang manis macam gula2 ni. Warna dia tu aduhh , menggoda 😍🍥🍭💗 . Yang dah grab baju ADDÌENA ni boleh la padankan dengan warna shawl sama macam dengan warna pastel beads tu. Mesti s

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تصميم الـــــــــمبــــــدعـ/ة📵 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ تعليقك دليل ع متابعتك 💬✒️ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ . 🎶{ #تصاميم_عراقية}•{ #تصاميم_خليجية }، 🎶{ #تصاميمي }•{ #ابداعي }، 🎶{#رمزياتي }•{ #تأثيراتي }، { #مبدعين } { #تمبلر }•{ #فوتوشوب }، { #كلك }•{ #هاشتاق}، { #فونتو }•{ #المصممين_العرب }، 🎶 { #مواهب_عراقية }•{#صور }، 🎶 { #رمزيات_كتابية} •{ #رمزيات_انستجرام}، 🎶 { #رمزيات_منوعة } •{ #دعم_المصممين} {#دمج_شغل_فون) ‏@neymarjr

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Geçtiğimiz haftalarda @diyetaktif @cocugumneyesin ekibi olarak bir anket düzenledik, 443 anne katıldı hepinize çok teşekkürler. Sonuçlar oldukça ilginçti. Bugün gazeteye ayrıntılı bir şekilde sonuçları ve yorumları yazdım. #cocugumneyesin hesabından da sonuçları paylaşmaya devam edeceğiz. Bizim çocuklar süt, yoğurt seviyor, ama et-sebze yemiyor! Linkte yazıya ulaşabilirsiniz 👆🏼 #cocugumneyesin #ço