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In the Beginning I just wanted to feel good about myself. I was Tired of feeling like shit, not being noticed, the shitty insecurities. All of the negativity, just wanted it gone. As time went by they disappeared because I made the progress but then New and different negativity arose. New insecurities. New "Problems/issues".... I have learned that those feelings and issues just come with Life an

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A Night Out with the Wifey! @eliseferoce We don't get many nights out. We don't have much down time together. We never made it a point to have together time in the past. It was the major contributing factor to our marital issues. I am not an easy person to live with. I am a Go Go Go, Work Work Work person. As all of you know. But with Kids and Bills and Life, that's how it goes. Have to Provi

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Our Number 1 selling shirt... Something that I am holding pretty special. The Blue Line Shirt! Not everyone likes Police Officers, they are not all perfect. There are shitbags is every single profession out there. But I know this is one profession I have an unconditional Respect for, and will always, along with all other first responders. 👊⚒ They Keep our communities safe. They are who We call

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#ThrowBack to the Arnold this year! (Not much of a throwback I know! - Fuckin Blast of a Weekend tho) Someone snapped this pic of me being sneaky sneaky whipping off the fan as we were taking a pic together 😂!! That was one hell of a weekend! And some of you out there may have a gem of a pic like this! Where I place my hand gently on your shoulder like we are buddies, when in reality I am giving

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Goood Morning Motha Fuckassss!! Early Morning Lat and Cardio Workout! Pull-Ups, Pull-Ups, and More Pull-Ups! I used to despise pull-ups, hence the lack of back width and density back in the day compared to now. It's the hard shit, the shit that takes an extra effort each and every time. It's the stuff that no matter which way you look at it, it's gonna be tough. That "Shit" is what builds you

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Early Morning Fasted Leg Workout ! #HammieDrop 1st leg workout in a while. Needed a kick in the Ass! @tristenescolastico did some fasted training so I figured I give it a whirl.....good idea 🖕 Haha I actually liked it because I'm a bit of a fat fuck right now. Out of the Comfort Zone and switch it up to jump start the Day! 💪🗣🤘⚒ #AAr #AllAmericanRoughneck #BlackstoneLabs #FuckinA #HypeExtreme #

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Another YouTube Video up! Click The Link In My Bio to Watch!! Supplement Review on Carbohydrate Powder!! @blackstonelabs #Formula19 No Bullshit... As Usual 💪 We are gonna review more and more and have fun doing it of course! So go give it a watch, enjoy, and give us some feedback! Fuckin A! And dont forget Flash Sale with @blackstonelabs right now...... 33% off when you use Code - SethFeroce

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When @blackstonelabs HYPE Extreme Sets in faster than expected!! Haven't even left for the gym and the pump is already happening! 💪😂💪 1.5 scoops of HYPE Extreme with Back and Biceps! Use Code - SethFeroce - for all @blackstonelabs Orders!! And No, I'm not running Tren right now..... you'll know when I am.... 💪😈💪 haha #AAr #BlackstoneLabs #HypeExtreme #ThePump #Biceps #BloodFlow #CornerFace #Arms

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Believe in Yourself. A Trait that not everyone still has. It is such a simple thought process. We all as children rarely second guessed this. You thought it and did it. It was either a Success or Failure. But as a kid is was even rarer to see you stop attempting. You didn't give a fuck! You were gonna do it! Not Until the outside influence of others, influenced your thoughts and then your action

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New YouTube Video is Up on my Channel! Click the Link in my Bio to Watch!! How to Get Bigger Arms! Very Simple - Don't be A Bitch! 💪⚒ This video is a voice over of an Arm Training Session I did! Intense, Moderate to Heavier Weight and very Fast Paced! The Full workout is in the Bio of the Video! Watch, Listen and Enjoy! #FuckinA #FeroceIronAcademy #AAr #AllAmericanRoughneck #ArmDay #DontBeABi

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Grind time! Day in and Day out we all bust our asses at our job/career/business and then spend more time working in another aspect of life - The Gym, Our Hobby (gym, garage, guns, etc) and then finish off with our family and or significant other. That is the Grind. Sometimes and often more time is spent in the Job/Career aspect, as it should (got to make that money!) But nonetheless it is the Gr

Seth Feroce @sethferoce on Instagram photo March 10

So this was a fan moment for me at the Arnold this past weekend! I got to meet this fuckin guy! @adamcalhoun1 I spotted him walking by the booth and had to grab a picture with him. His social media outlets are fuckin ridiculous! He is a No Bullshit, America Loving, Winning Machine!! 💪😂 His FaceBook and SnapChats are a must follow! 😂💪🤘🇺🇸 @adamcalhoun1 Great to grab a photo with you man! Big Fans

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A Good Meme Before Bed....💪🤘⚒ Fuck Em All Who Said you Couldn't. Fuck Em All Who Mistook your Good for Weakness! Fuck Em All Who Didn't Believe in You! Use that shit as Fuel! Close your Eyes and Know that you are doing Exactly what you are suppose to be Doing! You don't have to tell them. They already know. 💪🤘⚒ #AAr #FuckinA 🤘 #FuckEm #KissMyAss #EmbraceTheWork #EnjoyTheHustle #DontLetTheHateG

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It's always nice to have a good laugh in the gym...... Especially when your training partner tells you - "Im not training legs tomorrow because we did Deads today!" He is no longer your training partner..... He is now your weight bitch! 😂😂 🗣#WeightBitch Fuck Shit Up tonight Ladies and Gents! #KillTheGym Tag Your Weight Bitch!!! 💪😂 #AAr #AllAmericanRoughneck #WeightBitch #LegDayEveryday #StepItUp

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Time to Work! Push Yourself outside of your comfort zone. That Zone can be exactly why your are stagnant. Why you are not progress in the Gym, at your Job/Career, in your Relationship, Fuck , in all Life. The More comfortable you become, the less ambitious you are in all aspects of life! So in the Gym, stop going through the motions and pretending like you are working hard. Do the Shit you con

Seth Feroce @sethferoce on Instagram photo March 7

A Huge Thank You 🗣to everyone who came out to the Arnold and waited in line to meet me and shoot the shit for a few minutes! It was Surreal, Humbling and Very Motivating! 🤘 We set out with a goal to do something that was Real, No Bullshit, Intense, Motivating, Entertaining and Emotionally Moving! And meeting all of you that is exactly what we got in return. The Best part of it all is, this is

Seth Feroce @sethferoce on Instagram photo March 4

Had an Absolute Blast Today! Thank you All for coming out! It was awesome to meet so many of you and hear your story and how you watch the YouTube Videos (chicken and rice MFers!!💪), Follow here in IG and also on SnapChat for your Daily Ric Flairs and other Nonsense!! Very Very Humbling to hear! Thank You! And it is on to more and more! Tomorrow will be another crazy day! Fuckin A!!! 🤘💪⚒🇺🇸 #AA

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So as I have gotten older and body has matured, skin has gotten thinner and eat massive amounts of chicken and rice (and Gummy bears, and burgers, and some steaks, and Peanut butter and Jelly ricecakes) . But I somehow developed serious glute definition.....while relatively fat..... I think SQUATS Help....Training Hard, little bit of test and having fun with Training rather than making it a job.

Seth Feroce @sethferoce on Instagram photo February 27

Oh Shit!! The Arnold is only a Few Days away!! The Mayhem of the Expo!! Make Sure you come to the Blackstone Labs Booth ! Booth #611 ..... I'll be the one swearing and saying Inappropriate shit! 💪😂 I will be selling AAr Gear at the booth! So Stop By Get a Pic , Buy a Shirt and Shoot the Shit! Good times! 🤘💪⚒ Hopefully many of you out there are coming!! It is Always a good time! Meet All of the To

Seth Feroce @sethferoce on Instagram photo February 26

A Good Sunday Morning Smoke! The Calm before the Storm! Busy Day Ahead!! ⚒🇺🇸⚒ @myfathercigars #ElCenturion 💨 @invadercoffee in my Personalized Dad Mug! 👍👌 And The New #DontTreadOnMe All American Roughneck Shirt with White on Black Mesh Back AAr Hat! Click the Link in my Bio to Browse all the New AAr Gear and Purchase! Items are Going Fast! Use Code - AAr10 - and Get 10% OFF and All US orders ove

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Just finished a Shoulder Training with John Foster @fostertrained an old friend and training partner! John is a former wrestler and still trains some of the best up and coming high school and college wrestlers in the country. In-so-facto ..... don't fuck with John! 💪🤘😂 Awesome Training with you today bro! Always good to catch up and kill the weights! #AAr #AllAmericanRoughneck #GoodTimes #Iron #

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And More Sales Continue for the Weekend! Use Code - SethFeroce - @blackstonelabs is running a 30% OFF sale for the Next 24 Hours! 12 Noon today to 12 Noon Tomorrow!! 💪👌💯 Stock Up on your Monthly Necessities! #DustExtreme - Energy and Focus PreWorkout #HypeExtreme - Pump Nitric Oxide PreWorkout #Glycolog - Insulin Mimetic #Isolation - Protein Isolate #Formula19 - Carb Powder #Resurgence - BC

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Fuckin A! ⚒🤘🇺🇸 Huge Thank you to all of you. Had the Release.....Site Crashed....Quick Fix.....Site Crashed....Real Fix.....All Good Now! Orders are coming in smoothly! Very Humbled by this, But also Motivated to another Level! So Thank you for your patience, The Orders and Support! Tons planned for the future! Click the Link in my Bio to Check out all the New AAr Gear! Go to my YouTube Cha

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We are LIVE! ⚒🇺🇸⚒ Click the Link in My Bio to Check out All the New Gear and Purchase!! Be sure to use - AAr10 - to get 10% OFF and All US Orders over $100 get Free Shipping!! (Deal ends Sunday at Midnight) Also, Go to My YouTube Page - Seth Feroce - to check out the Video talking about this Release and AAr! Thank You for all of the Support! It is all of you, The Hard Working Mother Fuckers, th

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New Release Tonight along with Restock! Code - AAr10 will get you 10% Off And All US orders over $100 will get free Shipping! This Sale will run through the Weekend until Sunday at Midnight! We also have a YouTube Video launching tonight about this Release and AAr! So Stay Tuned and Get Ready! ⚒🇺🇸💪⚒ Huge Thank You for all of the Support!! 🤘 #AAr #AllAmericanRoughneck #America #BornAndBred #F

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