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Finished the Back Workout with a Perfectly Lit #CornerFaceSelfie 💪 That Bathroom Lighting at @legendsofpghfitness 👌👌😂 Today's workout was a bunch of Pull-Ups and Some Deadlifts! And as you can see Gummy Bears were in the stack today. @primevallabs Vasogorge , ApeShit and Gummy Bears! Tip about the Gummy Bears.... They serve absolutely no purpose other than making me happy while I train. #Deadl

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In the Zone! Be Prepared and Stay Focused! Preparation is a pinnacle for success. Make sure you set yourself up to succeed every single day. By being prepared you are able to Stay Focused on achieving your goals. We all know the chaos that can cascade after not being prepped for each day. Before you know it, you're not thinking right, not eating right, not accomplishing simple tasks completely.

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It is a Beautiful Rainy Cool Fall Day here in Western PA! 👌 Bring on the Fall!🍁🎃 It's a Good Day for a Lap Dump / Today's Carry! And as you can see I am in the Festive Spirit!🎃🍁🎃 My Fresh AF, One of a Kind #PumpkinSpice Glock from @pittsburghcerakotecompany (Outstanding Work! You can expect us to have Festive Carries as well as some crazy hardcore designs in the future!) Holstered in my @candgar

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Had a Awesome Day at the Range Today with @candgarms ! Good bit Pistol work and a little bit of Rifle. This is a skill that I have never been taught or worked at, so it is New Challenge! Always owned guns but never took courses like this. It is a fuckin Blast!! If you have never taken a pistol or rifle course......I highly recommend finding a reputable Instructor and signing up. (If your in the

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💪The Pump Cover!!💪 Available Tonight! at 8PM EST. Less than 2 hours... The Pump Cover. I always start my workout with a hoodie, zip up or long sleeve shirt to Get Warmed up, Get a Sweat Rollin, and Move some Blood and Get The Pump!! Haha and after I am all warmed up and ready to fuckin let it rip.....The Cover comes off and it's fuckin Go Time!! Can't beat having a great Gym Hoodie....aka The Pum

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🍁Fall Release Tomorrow at 8PM!🍁 Here are the 3 New 2-Tone AAr Shirts! Khaki and White on Black. Silver and White on Navy. Orange and White on Black. The Blog Link is in the Bio! T-Shirts, Hoodies and Coffee Mugs!! Fuck Yeah! Jeans and Hoodies and Pumpkin and Beer and Whiskey and Coffee and the Holidays around the Corner!! 🎃🍁Love this time of Year! 🍁🎃 #AAr #AllAmericanRoughneck #Trucks #Beards

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An Unreal Event. Nothing but Love and Prayers for everyone effected by this.

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Coffee Cups and Travel Tumblers Release on Thursday October 5th! 🇺🇸⚒☕️ Mugs are 16oz - Heavier, Durable Mugs. Can't skimp on the Coffee Mug, these are great Mugs! 💪 Tumblers are 20oz - Stainless Steel and Plastic. Perfect fit for the Cup Holders in the Car or Truck. Release on Thursday October 5th. 3 New Hoodies and a couple New Tees will also be Released! #AAr #AllAmericanRoughneck #Hoodies #

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Couple pics from Earlier this year when I was toying with the idea of competing. Forgot that I was a sizable fella💪👹💪 I believe I was around 240-243lbs in these pics. That has been a question lately.... When will I compete again? And Why Haven't I? So let's clear it up. 👍 I am not going to be competing. Still Train, and Eat pretty well, but not like I would be as if I would be competing. Not ne

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My Supplement Stack and Concept per my Training Routine. Read Below! 💪💪 My Concept with this all is Blood Flow. All but one of these SUPPLEMENTS (Ape Sh*t - Stimulant preworkout) are designed to fill up the muscles with blood and nutrients. Blood Flow = Nutrient Flow = Growth. Hence the importance of Quality Food and Supplements! My Volume workouts are based on different ways to push blood into

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Hard Work. That's what it all takes. In Every Single aspect of Life. Your Job/Career, Parenting, And in Relationships, whether it's with significant others, Business partners, Friends, and Yourself. It all takes a certain amount of Work. And you have to be willing to do the work for things to progress to the level you expect them too. Every Day you have to wake up and Do the Work. Every Day

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New YouTube Video is Live! Rantin' and Ravin' Ep. 6! Click the Link in my Bio to Watch! Life is to good not to indulge in the finer things! Like Pumpkin Everything ! 😂 I love the Fall and everything associated with it. Festivals, pumpkin beers, pumpkin coffee, flannels, hoodies...fuckin A to it all! 💪 Give it a watch, and as usual make sure the headphones are in or the kiddos are not in the ro

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Put in the Work! Every singe thing in Life requires Work. It is up to you on what level you want to Achieve in that part of Life. That level you want to Achieve is going to Require a certain level of Work. That work can not be substituted by anything or by anyone. For as much as we all like to believe there is a short cut or an easier way.....there is Not! So each and every time you question

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Iron Therapy! Can't beat a good gym session. It has always been one of my greatest outlets! I am able to let everything out. I am able to reflect on my day and work towards the next! Just let out the emotions. Listen to my music and enjoy my time. Make sure you don't let the day get the best of you. We all hustle and grind in life but don't forget to keep yourself on point!! Keep fuckin shi

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What a Weekend! I want to Thank Everyone who came out to the Booth to take Pics with the Team, get Supps and Samples, partake in the giveaways, and have Ridiculous Conversations with some of You! 💪😂💪 It was incredibly humbling to also hear how my videos have impacted your lives. It is motivation for me to push harder at what we are doing! Thank You! And this fine gentleman and his children (wife

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Super League! If you all haven't heard about it....Need to go check it out!! @superleague.live @superleagueathletes It is a new Competition in the Weight Lifting World! INTENSITY is the Name of The Game Here!! 💪👿💪 This weekend at @cityathleticclub on Saturday from 12-6 is the USA vs CANADA Match up! I will be there on Saturday from 3-6pm ! Come Out and Witness the Mayhem!! @kaigreene @thedori

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Friday Morning Lap Dump! ⚒🇺🇸⚒ Cool Crisp Morning here in Western PA! Fall is Coming! Today's Carry/Truck Items👌🇺🇸 @allamericanroughneck #AAr #USA #Flag Shirt @allamericanroughneck #BlackOut Hat @glockinc #19 @kershawknives #EDC @highcalibercraftsman #USA Flag Pen! (Always have to have a nice pen on the truck!) @thatbeardstuff #Beast #BeardBalm (got to keep the beard Fresh and Tight) @arturofuen

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Checkout the link in my bio for the full video! Man what a killer event! Some of the best in the industry were able to come together and pull a crowd in for an awesome cause. @marclobliner organized the event and raised over $55k for the Semper Fi Fund. Everyone had a good time lifting weights, shootin the shit, and some intense competition. This is what it's all about everyone, these are the peo

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⚒🇺🇸Labor Day Sale on All American Roughneck Apparel! 🇺🇸⚒ Use Code - Labor20 - for 20% Off Orders over $100 will receive a free Car Decal of their choice! We also ReStocked the XL V-Neck Live Life T-Shirts! They Sold Out Last Week very quickly! Click the Link in my Bio to Browse and Purchase from the Website! 💯💪 #AAr #AllAmericanRoughneck #LaborDaySale #VNeck #LiveLife #BecomeBetter #FreshBeer

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Some pics from the Summer with my Beauties. They are my world. They also run it. 😂 I know I am incredibility inappropriate at times, really intense and even edgy with certain things. But that's who I am. My kids live in this intense environment of hustle and work, 24/7, something is always going on. That is my life. Our Life. So many of us all work to find balance on a regular basis with Famil

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I am Very Excited to announce I am a part @primevallabs ! You all know I have been trying out all different companies Supplements but didn't do as many videos as I should. We have the final video going up this evening. A little intense. But always entertaining! 👍 But with trying all the different supplements and going through this process. @primevallabs is what I have found to be my favorite. Th

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You have to do the Work. You have to Embrace it. Own it. Understand that your work, and the Results from it are who you are. Each and Every Days worth of work defines who you are, and who you are becoming. You form habits. And those habits become part of your personality and you. So Do the Work! It's your name that is being put on display from it. Own it! Don't cut corners, don't skimp, don

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Available @babyjabbo for beautiful laces both wholesale and retail available contact 08161567477

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تيم ملي ژيمناستيك بزرگسالان كشورمان در تورنمنت بين المللي اسلووني قهرمان شدند #كميته_ملي_المپيك

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Oi meu amores vou compartilhar com vocês uma novidade, eu tenho um canal no YouTube com a minha melhor amiga porém quando iniciamos nossa primeiro vídeo gravamos pelo celular não tínhamos nenhuma estrutura porém os inscritos subiu muito rápido mas nunca levamos a sério, então eu estou com um novo projeto criei um canal no YouTube sozinha e todo a estrutura do meu canal eu adquiri no @reidascameras

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Snap : Lust_Pen ➡@raezke • • • #شهوة_قلم اشترك في قناتنا عن طريق الرابط ❤🌸 ༄(#حب)༄(#احبك)༄(#حبيبي)༄(#حبيبتي)༄(#اشتقت)༄(#اشتياق)༄(#رومانسي)༄(#رومانسيه)༄(#عشق)༄(#احساس)༄(#شهوة_قلم)༄(#شتاء)༄(#اغار)༄(#مجنوني)༄(#مجنوني_انا)༄(#انت)༄(#همسات)༄(#تصميم)༄(#تصميمي)༄(#تصاميم_رومانسيه)༄(#فولو)༄(#اقتباس)༄(#خواطر)༄(#اقتباسات)༄(#صغيرتي)༄(#اهواك)༄(#أدب)༄(#محمد_آل_نور)༄

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Happy birthday to you sir @officialolascofilms you will surely celebrate more fruitful years on earth sir.

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What an 80's icon! The Lamborghini Countach. This stormtrooper was a little boys dream once 😉 Details Matter.