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Selfies in the hospital. Me: “Did you know Hugh Hefner died?” Nana: “Omg, that’s terrible! Do you think he went to heaven or hell?” She cracks me up. Let’s be bunnies Nana. #bunnies #dreamsdocometrue

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MENU ANAK Ayam cincang halus/giling 1 Y+ BAHAN Telur Tep tapioka Bamer Baput Air es Garam Lada Tepung panir Air u/ merebus Telur u/ celupan Stik es krim. CARA MEMBUAT : Blend ayam, telur, bamer, baput, garam, lada sampai halus Tambahkan tep tapioka uleni sampai tercampur rata. Ambil adonan dan beri tep panir agar adonan tidak nyebar ketika direbus. Tusuk dgn stik es krim dan bentuk lonjong. Reb

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So proud to be part of the @accorhotels Family and celebrate our 50th anniversary together! Today we’re opening our doors to Yayasan Pembinaan Anak Cacat (YPAC) Bali and Sanggar Yayasan Peduli Tunas Bangsa Bali. Follow our stories all day to see the activities we have prepared to #WelcomeHeroes.

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In case you missed it the meditation manual is officially available! It is currently on Amazon and Kindle! Thank you all for your unending support of this book and my work online. Make sure to share this book with anyone you might know and think will need it, or buy an extra copy for family member during Christmas ❤️ as the Dali Lama always says if we teach children how to meditate the world will

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Wiiiii enaaak nih makan teokbokki anget2 pedes2 kenyel2... 😍 Ready teokbokki pengiriman besok yah senin PAKET TTEOKBOKKI CHEESE @30.000 Isi : rice cake 150gram + saus bumbu + keju mozarella PAKET TTEOKBOKKI CHEESE SPECIAL @35.000 Isi : rice cake 150gram + saus bumbu + keju mozarella + fish cake PAKET TTEOKBOKKI CHEESE PREMIUM @65.000 Isi : rice cake 300gram + saus bumbu + keju mozarella + fi

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How beautiful is this Surya Agate with Blue And Red Colors together with White Quartz ? 😍 Origin is Central Anatolian Region Turkey. Available at $70 DM if interested 👉