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BLUE BEE SWEATER available on Worldwide shipping available 🌲 My Jungle is dying 😭 Need to buy some fake plants because i just can’t keep real ones alive. Where can i get affordable but good looking fake plants from? #jungle #plants #interior #bee #sweater

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OOTD 🌲 Dress @fashionnova Scarf @lifelongpercussion Lipstick @fentybeauty ‘wasabi’ Lashes @lifeofamillion Shoes @zaful I’m so into Maxi dresses this year 💚 love this one especially as its full sleeves, long, stretchy & has a high neck how perfect is that! Also love how it still has subtle colours. If you know any other places to get maxi dresses let me know below 👇🏻 #ootd #fashionnova #wiwt #hi

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For 15% off use code ‘NABIILA15’ on @arabesque.abayas for a limited time only 💙

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My absolute FAVOURITE foundation EVER!! The @lancomeofficial i hyped about this foundation a few times before and tried it for the first time a year ago its amazing, works for both dry & oily skin. I’m currently battling super bad skin & dehydration and this is the only foundation that’s my actual shade and sits on my skin well 💛 #notaponsoredwishiwas #lancome #lancomefoundation #favouritefoundati

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I can finally upload my Mustard Sweater ootds been waiting till they’re in stock and they finally are!! Selling out super fast though!! Get yours at I’m wearing XXL here as i love the super oversized look! 🐝 i paired it with a white turtleneck, and white palazzo pants from @zara and @nabiilabeethebrand BEEanie

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The Mustard Bee Sweater is finally back IN STOCK!!! Get yours now as it’s selling out so fast!!!! Also wearing the BEEanie all available now on 🌍 WORLDWIDE SHIPPING AVAILABLE 🐝🐝🐝 #dubai #nabiilabee #mustard #bee

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Can’t wait to see you all in Leicester!! I’ll also have a BEE Stall at the event so you can purchase @nabiilabeethebrand on the day 🐝🐝🐝

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This dress from @akconcepts_ can’t get anymore perfect than this! Perfect for us modest girls! - it’s completely modest & loose (i did add a polo neck underneath) but is still very glam! I love the colours and how it can be worn several times looking different just by changing up the scarf & shoes! Great event yesterday at @lifelongpercussion Launch!! 🙌🏻 All the best inshallah! I wish we got more

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At today’s Skin II Launch party hosted by @lifelongpercussion 💛 Barely got any photos 😩 Posing away with @makeupbynadoosh Moment captured by @rooful Also this dress from @akconcepts_ is just@absolutely gorgeous and I’m in love with how unique it is!! 💛 #ootd #london #turban #hijab

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So i caught the Cold AGAIN for the 3rd time this winter. SERIOUSLY Why😭😭 Anyway I’ve just uploaded a @prettylittlething Try on Haul on my channel check it out on

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Current skincare love 💗 Seriously these products have saved my dry skin this winter, i got Eczema on my face for the first time this year and nothing seemed to help. But these Frederico Mahora products from @teesxfm literally saved my skin! I can finally wear makeup again! And with them you can actually feel the results straight away! I got rid of my eczema in less than 3 days of using these! Plus

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#worldhijabday I’ve been wearing my hijab since i was 9 years old - that’s 15 years now alhamdulillah without taking it off. People expect me to be the perfect hijab wearing muslim but they forget I’m only human. I too have my struggles with hijab it’s why i started youtube because i was struggling with hijab and in starting that i found an amazing hijabi muslim community that i now feel apart of.

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I was so lucky to get @taslim_r as my photographer 💛 I literally wanted her to do my photography years before the wedding 😆 And alhamdulillah i did!! Also to my new followers that don’t know this is throwback photos of my wedding which happen a while ago. I just never posted them till now. Thank you @shiz_creations for creating the perfect bouquet 💐 you knew exactly what i wanted! 💛 #bouquet #we

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My Wedding day 🎩 👰🏻❤️Mashallah my wedding day couldn’t of been more perfect than it was! Thank you to my amazing family and friends for making it extra special. I got to marry my best friend and soul mate ❤️ Photography by @taslim_r Makeup @makeupbynadoosh Bouquet @shiz_creations Dress @davidsbridal (My mum made the top part of the dress) #wedding #weddingdress #bridal #bouquet #turban

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One of The reasons I’ve been quiet on social media (not so much on IG) but definitely less than before is my anxiety has just been so bad. I can’t be around people (unless its my family) I literally feel sick and get panic attacks. I’ve been struggling to even leave the house because the thought of seeing people makes me sick. I’ve always had social anxiety and getting panic attacks after events e

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Have you shopped our new 2018 Collection yet? You better hurry because most are limited edition and won’t be back in Stock 😱 PLUS WE DO WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!!! & FREE SHIPPING to UK & Europe🐝 What you waiting for? Get shopping only at 🐝 #bee #brand #clothingbrand #casualwear

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NEW VIDEO ON MY CHANNEL 💕 Of this Makeup look that was so highly requested. Using @ex1cosmetics foundation & @marcbeauty new Liquid Lipsticks 💛 If you guys like my talking makeup videos let me know and i’ll do more! 💕

Nabiilabee @nabiilabee on Instagram photo January 22

Received the new @diormakeup Forever Undercover 24hr full coverage foundation & Concealer in Shade 010 💕 I absolutely love and adore the concealer already! Great coverage and lasts all day! Also i love the undertone as it brings warmth into my skin instead of making me look ghostly. With the foundation i have yet to properly try it - Ive mixed it with my Lancôme the other day and liked the covera

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Another way of styling your BEEanie 🐝 For more tutorials on how to style hijabs and beanies head over to my channel 💛🐝 #tutorial #hijabtutorial #hijab

Nabiilabee @nabiilabee on Instagram photo January 21

Current skincare routine ▶️ I take off my eye makeup using @10stepsystem Tonymoly pro clean smoky lip & eye remover which literally takes everything off in seconds even waterproof mascara! ✨ Then i go in with the @pixibeauty Cleansing balm with the @makeuperaser ✨Then i exfoliate using @kiehlsuki skin brightening exfoliator ✨ once my face is clean i tone using the @pixibeauty Glow tonic and finall

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This absolutely gorgeous outfit is from @aurellah 💛 This is also my first ever morocco-esque Kaftan!! Makeup by @adarra_ Now just need a party to wear this too! 😆 #ootd #wedding #party #hijab

Nabiilabee @nabiilabee on Instagram photo January 18

Makeup done by @adarra_ 💛💛 Absolutely loved this look and didn’t want to take it off! ✨ Products: foundation @marcjacobs Eyeshadow palette @toofaced Chocolate gold palette ✨ Lashes @sophinakhanartistry brows @illamasqua browcake in Thunder ✨ Liquid lipstick @anastasiabeverlyhills Powder @lauramercieruk

Nabiilabee @nabiilabee on Instagram photo January 17

Finally getting round to talking about my favourite makeup bits 💕 Love this liquid lipstick trio from @hudabeauty The lip liner is so soft, creamy and gorgeous! Constantly reaching for it. And love how her liquid lipsticks feel! I started filming again yesterday!! So new videos will be rolling out this week inshallah. #makeup #hudabeauty #shophudabeauty #liquidlipstick

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Hey guys!! I feel like its been ages since I’ve been on social media but i am slowly coming back from my detox break 🙌🏻 it’s been soo good taking a break! After 8 long years. I think it’s so important to have a social media break because it can get too much sometimes. And actually live in the real world. Also alot of people forget that social media is more of a fairytale than reality, a place full

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@toofaced probably my favourite makeup brand out there as a whole 💕 These are my current monthly makeup favourites and that actually work!! 💕 The Primed and Peachy Cooling Matte Primer is the best primer i have ever used for oily skin!! I have combination skin so this works amazing well on my t-zone. The hangover primer is great for hydrating the skin and with this cold and dry weather it’s defin

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This Red sweater design is Limited Edition and selling out fast! If your interested in purchasing get it now as it will be gone forever soon! 🐝

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TƏCİLİ! Sabunçuda, Lehic bağlarına yaxın 14 sot həyəti olan kupçalı iki bağ evi satılır. Hər iki ev eyni həyətdə yerləşir və satışa çıxarılıb. Evin biri iki mərtəbəlidir. Remontu bitmək üzrədir. Hər iki mərtəbə 160 kv-ir. Digər ev tam remontlu 3 otaq, bir mətbəx və terasdan ibarətdir. Hər iki evin işıq, su, qaz sistemi çəkilib. İsti polla təhciz edilib. 3 metr zabor, həyət daş örtüklə örtülüb və h

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Bolo de Cenoura com Recheio de Brigadeiro Ingredientes: - 1 xícara de farinha de trigo - 1 xícara de açúcar - 1/2 colher de sopa de fermento em pó - 2 cenouras grandes - 1/2 xícara de óleo - 2 ovos - Brigadeiros (já enrolados – quantos você quiser!) - Farinha de trigo suficiente para envolver os brigadeiros Modo de preparo: 1. Misturar os ingredientes secos numa travessa e misturar 2. Bater a c

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Destination weddings are quite shaping the future of bridal wear. Taking cues from our heritage, and marrying them to contemporary needs, we at Sabyasachi are constantly redefining Indian bridal wear. ‘An Endless Summer’ is almost a ready-to-wear take on bridal couture. Effortless chic being the buzzword, the clothes are lighter, brighter, measured and sophisticated. Post Anushka’s wedding, the ne

ئاژانسی هەواڵی پارتی🌐 @azhansi_hawali_parti on Instagram photo February 21
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تەنیا بۆ خۆشیە سڵاور رێز بۆ ھەموو پێشمەرگە قارەمانەکانی کوردستان

Одежда 👗 Обувь 👠 Очки 👓 Сумки @lab_brand_shop on Instagram photo February 21
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#костюмыlabbrandshop Костюмчик для фитнеса Цена : 420грн Размер единый S-M Ткань бифлекс Много цветов

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يجب تنظيف الزيوت حول الحاويات ايضا يا بلدية وصلنا هذا التصوير من متابع كريم يقول...هذا التصوير والمنظر في السالمية بجانب مجمع الفنار وشكرا متابعينا الكرام رجاء إرسال التصوير معنا لحسابي البلدية @albaladeyya و @kuwmun وشكراً #4q8 #q8needsyou #q8photo #q8best #q8 # #الكويت #كويت #kw #kuwaitcity #kuwaitinstagram #kuwaitlove #cleankuwait #betterkuwait #lovekuwait #kuwaiti #kwq8 #kuwaitwaitstreets ‎ ..

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TAHNIAH! Hafizh Syahrin.. Pelumba negara Hafizh Syahrin Abdullah mencipta sejarah apabila menjadi pelumba Malaysia pertama menyertai MotoGP untuk musim penuh tahun ini. . Untuk berita lanjut layari . Foto oleh fotoBERNAMA . #AstroAWANI #501AWANI

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• Macaquito 🌻 ——————— • TAM Único - Com bojo - Varias estampas - 🔻 R$ 75,00 💳 - 🔻 R$ 67,50 💰 . A loja fica ao LADO DO SHOPPING TACARUNA na Av. Agamenon Magalhães N•210 Funcionamos de segunda à sábado 09:30 ás 18:30 Também fazemos entregas, pedidos só pelo whats 9.9798-8917 Informacões pelo fixo 3232-1623 📣💕

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Oggi con @mirkoscarcella abbiamo recuperato un po’ di fiducia nel sistema. C’è ancora spazio per imprenditori giovani che con intuizione, lavoro, metodo (e un buon tempismo) riescono ad emergere. E adesso cagami fuori 3000 like, zio ☺️ #zabovv

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نصب شیشه قهوه ای دارک کریستال ترک🇹🇷با ضخامت 6 میل + 1 میل لمینیت پوشش امنیتی پشت شیشه با ابزار دیاموند تخت براق در لبه های با ماشین باولونی ایتالیا🇮🇹 و رنگبرداری با دستگاه لیزر و رنگ جدید کرم در قسمت های رنگبرداری شده که شیشه ها بعنوان روکش روی درب کمد دیواری بصورت اسلایدینگ بصورت سکوریت نصب شد. شیشه دارای نواع گارانتی و سرتیفیکت ضد استون،ضد اسید،ضد تینر،ضد رطوبت،آنتی باکتریال و....با 10 سال گاران