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hey guys i might be ordering a USA group order for this soon so the shirts are $13 + EMS + DOMESTIC so please comment to let me know if you’re interested EMS depends on the amount of ppl signed up for the order and domestic will be around $4-$5

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hey guys! it’s @chubsumsum hereee and ashlee is gonna kill me if she sees me writing this but whatevs SEE THAT GIRL IN THE PHOTO? I LOVE HER SO GODDAM MUCH❤️ she makes me so happy and i know for a fact she makes you guys happy with her 100000 posts a day.. she puts her heart and soul into this acc and she never wants to admit that sometimes running this acc feels more like a job or something that’

✧⁘☽ spam @inseongsforever ☾⁘✧ @pandawithnojams on Instagram photo December 11

okeee so imma be off for the night or until i’m done w my report.. i’ve never really given my acc to anyone to admin before but she’s literally one my bestest friends and i trust her w my life so pls give @chubsumsum some love pls she deserves it ILL BE BACK TONIGHT MAYBE OR TOM MORNING

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🇮🇶️فلافل عراقية️️🇮🇶 @falafel.iraqia on Instagram photo December 13
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شنو هاي الاكله 😳هم ماكلينها اوً مجربينها 🤦🏻‍♂️ #مرتضى_الجيزاني @morteza_iq

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❤️ @babygirlmez - It never fails😍😍😍😍😍😍😍My family always kicks ass in photoshoots. Watching each other grow has been my life’s greatest blessing. Every year gets better and better.. Thank you so much @collettebonapartephoto for capturing the #royalfamily in loving moments, your the best😘😘😘and my amazing makeup artist @tiffany_garlick for always making you girl look so classy and fab😘😘😘love ya boo.

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Stepped into Wednesday like...#rakeitup #ootd Coat: @mackage Boots: @ullajohnson Dress: @shopenglishfactory Hat: @oldnavy