Tracy Lee @mstracylee on Instagram photo December 9

Drop off toys tonight and then come out Sunday for the ride!!!! Help out children in need- hope to see you there!! —— Repost @brojaq ・・・ Help on the TOY DRIVE for #LasVegas Sunrise Children's hospital! With @hogsandheiferssaloon_usa || bring an unopened toy for a boy or girl tonight to Hogs! Then come back to Hogs tomorrow morning to ride, it starts at the 10:30! Read more below ・・・ Hello Hogs & H

Tracy Lee @mstracylee on Instagram photo December 8

This is what happens (both my elbows are covered in bruises) when you’re climbing rocks and instead of climbing down, you decide that it’s a slide, even though it’s dark as hell, your friend on the ground says it’s a bad idea (@josephrossbach), and you decide to take the short cut.. I have bruises like this on both elbows lol... oops!! Thanks for the tank @damongee of @knoxxgear! —— #tracylee #tra

Tracy Lee @mstracylee on Instagram photo December 5

It took millions of years to create and 1st year of a presidency to be torn apart... wth???? This is wrong.

Tracy Lee @mstracylee on Instagram photo December 4

So when all my friends jump off cliffs, I'm usually the one who doesn't for a slew of reasons... I'm taking photos of everyone else, i don't want to get my hair wet, I have glue on eyelashes, I'm wearing contacts, so on... this trip to Mexico had me jumping off cliffs anywhere from 5-7 meters high on multiple occasions!! My phone broke with most of the pics so I'm lucky to have this one from @xelh

Tracy Lee @mstracylee on Instagram photo November 29

I watched last night's sunset from Pablo Escobar's old mansion in Tulum.. it was really interesting imagining the events and parties that went down here and imagining the business that got him to this point... I saw this composition and knew I had to have a picture here! And now I have a ton of mosquito bites from the roof of the mansion.. it was worth it.. thanks for the photo, crystal! --- #trac

Tracy Lee @mstracylee on Instagram photo November 29

Our tulum crew for @gypsylivinginger's birthday!... dang I'm covered in mosquito bites!!! So far this trip with 20+ people has been a bunch of fun! I've got more photos than I know what to post... I'm in a beautiful suite @ahautulum and life is good! This was from dinner on Monday night; I've managed to stay on diet the entire time I've been here although it's been tough and I think everyone think

Tracy Lee @mstracylee on Instagram photo November 28

Dancer's pose on another planet!! --- The photos are still coming in from the trip a couple weeks ago to New Mexico and I'm super excited to share this Milky Way shot by the ever impressive @safatajphoto!! I'm fortunate to be able to shoot alongside some of the best in the business so I have been asking each one to take a night portrait of me... this particular one was difficult to do; try balanci

Tracy Lee @mstracylee on Instagram photo November 23

I'm so thankful for all the wonderful people in my life; the ones who encourage me in every way and motivate me to live my life so free. I'm thankful for my health and my happiness, I'm thankful I get to live life on my terms and travel and see the world.. thank you to everyone and anyone who has had any part of my vision, adventures or has facilitated this in an way.. thank you to our Mother Natu

Tracy Lee @mstracylee on Instagram photo November 21

Great hanging with @djshift @nickdiaz209 & @spartan_sano for friendsgiving!! I think I've been here every year for like 6 or 7 years straight!! Thank you to Justin, my longest time friend in Vegas for remembering to include me every year! --- Eating was a little harder because of my Keto diet but I didn't even cheat and woke up with a 1.3 mmol/l and a blood glucose level of 78mg/dL (my lowest ever

Tracy Lee @mstracylee on Instagram photo November 18

Happy Saturday!! Glad to be home for a minute to catch up on work, and just home things... heading out to see #JusticeLeague (I'm an action movie junkie)- who's seen it?? Heard reviews aren't great but the viewers love it so I'm excited. Going to see it in the Dolby theater and that's probably the best movie experience you can get in Las Vegas. I know, I should be outside because it's a gorgeous d

Tracy Lee @mstracylee on Instagram photo November 13

Not sure how it happened but I got talked into being a base for @kaydenphan's acro yoga pose... lucky for me it's in an AMAZING location!! Thanks for coming on the adventure kayden! Thank you @smpetersonphotography for the pic! --- Rocking my new @knoxxgear tank & @virusintl compression pants! --- Repost @kaydenphan ・・・ Sometimes u need a strong base so you can fly. I can’t think of a better place

Tracy Lee @mstracylee on Instagram photo November 9

#TBT To August's total eclipse... I had a front row seat to this amazing view that weekend... this is overlooking Sawtooth Lake in ID... it was a bitch of a hike considering how much gear I was carrying, I had just started the Keto diet, and I wasn't used to the elevation... that being said, I would do it all again in a heartbeat!!! I need to go somewhere and hang my hammock again really soon.. --

Tracy Lee @mstracylee on Instagram photo November 8

Got some relax time in yesterday at Tecopa Hot Springs!!! Then today I had to turn on my heater in my house... I'm sad to see summer go, but thrilled to get back on my snowboard! Check out @narcissisticnomad for a little more Risquè pic of yesterday... and check out @tracyinsnow if you're a badass boarder and wanna ride this season! Happy Hump Day!! --- #tracylee #tracyguns #chunkybutt #mstracylee

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سمسار الامارات (Made In Dubai) @smsaruae on Instagram photo December 11
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موقعنا 🤠 أرقام دبي مميزه .. @uae_plate 👆👆👆👆

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Когда мужчина не музыкант, но очень любит классическую музыку 🎼 🎶. Внутри медовик с брусникой и грецким орехом. Автор @baranka_jul

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CHARMS AKAN MENJAJAH MELAKA DISEMBER INI ! SEMUA DAH BERSEDIA UNTUK MENDAFTARKAN DIRI KE ? CEPAT-CEPAT DAFTAR TAU, RUGI BESAR KALAU DAFTAR ! . Alhamdulillah syukur, dgn feedback yg memberansangkan dari peserta2 COACHING GROUP KUANTAN DAN SABAH. Jadi, Destinasi CHARMS seterusnya adalah ke MELAKA!!! Bila lagi nk kenal2 founder CHARMS yg hebat ni? Bila lagi nk CEDOK ILMU dari founder CHARMS lg? BILA?

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ตัวเล็กพกง่าย ใครอยากได้เข็นไปเล้ยย😂

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