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Relatable @classicalfuck Via: @keinmagazine

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Would you think of starting a challenge out of a cat photo? Well, these people did and it’s a hilarious one! “It all started with a humorous meme picture of a lovely cat sitting like a human. People started doodling on the image to make it funnier. The results were hilarious. Let’s continue this thing and give him even more new adventures,” BP user Sofia writes. The open invitation has resulted to

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Artist. Angelina Rybyakova Rybyakova @truemalyugin

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“I will not take off my clothes anymore for an empty cause.” @adrianalima’s announcement hints she might be parting ways with @victoriassecret and as much as it would break our hearts, her need for a change set an admirable example for women all over the world to love their bodies beyond any stereotype. | #AdrianaLima #VictoriasSecret #EmbraceYourself

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Que dia lindo pra morrer de orgulho de tu. Tô longe mas consigo sentir daqui a tua felicidade de realizar um sonho como esse que tu tá vivendo hoje. Tô te amando daqui e em breve aí contigo. Te amo, te amo, te amo!

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What a sick night this was ... . . (minus that video of me passing out which you will never ever show another human being, @juanjaics !!!!!)

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Este vestido tan increíble es de @manueloluhacouture Gracias por vestirme para una noche tan especial👗😍 y vosotros gracias por las risas y los momentos tan bonitos @emmanuelpalomares @jessicadecote @dannalvz @lorenavignau_ @jkuri99

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Ya Alloh anak siapa ini... Ckckck.. Demi ngetrend . Ya Allah selamatkan generasi kami dari micin 😕

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😍😍 . سەیر پۆستەکانی پێشوومان بکەن لایک و کۆمێنتان بیر نەچێت ئەکتیڤمان دابەزیووە دڵەکان . #halo