@janakatharinaj on Instagram photo October 30

Bodyshapes from today’s shoot with an amazing team 💕 @mitchelljtomlinson @indiaverena @danielle_soglimbene @priscillasmodels

 @janakatharinaj on Instagram photo October 27

German-Mafia ready to conquer Sydney again @marinaluk || @emmabrandstrup you are missed 💋💕

 @janakatharinaj on Instagram photo October 26

Can’t wait for the Australian’ summer to start 💗 wearing @godsavequeens_official beautiful lingerie💕

 @janakatharinaj on Instagram photo October 25

NEW DIGITALS 💕@priscillasmodels - so happy to be back!! ✨

 @janakatharinaj on Instagram photo October 21

Hello Sydney I am back, and so ready to start into a new season 💫 @priscillasmodels

 @janakatharinaj on Instagram photo October 19

Searching for perfect mornings and moments like this when just everything is in peace 💕

 @janakatharinaj on Instagram photo October 17

Beautiful morning sunrise ☀️☄️ felt like we were back on the Playa, just so different again. Thanks for the stunning two-piece @sistersthelabel

 @janakatharinaj on Instagram photo October 16

An unforgettable 48 hours Getaway to one of the most beautiful places 💕 HAPPY BIRTHDAY @jakebaz1

 @janakatharinaj on Instagram photo October 13

Tb to when I was captured backstage during mbfw in NYC ✈️💕

 @janakatharinaj on Instagram photo October 11

One thing I learned this summer is, that nothing in life will happen as one anticipated. The only way to handle the unexpected is with an open mind. I cannot wait to return back to Australia next week and experience the country with different eyes once more. A new series shot in my favorite city by @victorrobertof is coming soon💫

 @janakatharinaj on Instagram photo October 9

We are reaching to the sky to give love and to leave all the malady of our world behind. Thanks for the beautiful times @angiemilano @goutfashion ❤️❤️❤️

 @janakatharinaj on Instagram photo October 8

Sometimes I feel like the more you are able to keep your life in balance, the happier and more free one person feel 💫⭐️ one of the best spots in NYC for me this year are the pathways along the Hudson River

 @janakatharinaj on Instagram photo October 6

Lonely discovery of a beautiful place on one of NYCs most beautiful rooftops ⭐️

 @janakatharinaj on Instagram photo October 5

Ready to start a new season with @priscillasmodels 💎

 @janakatharinaj on Instagram photo October 3

@kidsofbrokenfuture by @goutfashion shot by @photodimitri @coreartistmanagement

 @janakatharinaj on Instagram photo October 2

Three little chicken exploring New York City💎🔥@goutfashion @angiemilano

 @janakatharinaj on Instagram photo September 29

Autumn has arrived and I was captured by @moderngypsymedia on Broadway between my two favorite streets in Soho🍃

 @janakatharinaj on Instagram photo September 28

I will miss these early mornings with you @marinaluk ; ready to start the day right, even though we are taking every opportunity to mess around before the work-out🙄

 @janakatharinaj on Instagram photo September 27

The best way to start Wednesday mornings in New York is with coffee and having any intention to end this week in a good way 💫 by @tobiasdickfotografie and make-up by @janis_world

 @janakatharinaj on Instagram photo September 26

I am back in NYC and feeling very happy and blessed to be able to experience the beginning of autumn in this place ❤️💫

 @janakatharinaj on Instagram photo September 25

BTS with @realunderwear ; working with @photodimitri 💫

 @janakatharinaj on Instagram photo September 24

Thank for the making my 21st Birthday so special !! ❤️ @marinaluk @enrique.baena @sgomezlarrea @ido_ber @goutfashion @ashley.graves @realdanielacosio

 @janakatharinaj on Instagram photo September 22

THANK YOU for all the beautiful birthday wishes, messages and calls. I didn't think so many people would send me their greetings! A special thank you to the most amazing girl @marinaluk who made this year so special for me, I will never let you go anymore ❤️❤️❤️ I am starting new into this season with a new look and more important a different perspective on life 💫💎 shot by @photodimitri

 @janakatharinaj on Instagram photo September 21

Good morning Soho, it already feels like my 2nd home and I don't want to leave anymore. NYC is contagious 🍃🔥

 @janakatharinaj on Instagram photo September 20

Finally arrived in the most exciting city in the world. NYC i never want to leave again🔥shot by the amazing @paulmorelstudios

 @janakatharinaj on Instagram photo September 19

By @cristianomiretti | no make-up or retouching needed 💎 @monster_mgmt

 @janakatharinaj on Instagram photo September 18

Shot by @cristianomiretti in Milan @monster_mgmt @selectmodelmgmt @coreartistmanagement @elitela @mpmanagementparis @priscillasmodels @markus_monster

 @janakatharinaj on Instagram photo September 17

Last time this year I can probably walk the streets in my favorite denim denim 🌹

 @janakatharinaj on Instagram photo September 16

BTS from today.. In the heart of Brooklyn reaching to the sky and admiring the beautiful city. 💫

 @janakatharinaj on Instagram photo September 14

Every morning I am waking up in this city I already know that many adventures lay ahead. NYC I fell in love with you and I don't want to leave again ❤️

 @janakatharinaj on Instagram photo September 13

Backstage at NYFW 2017 💫 thanks @j_s_n_creative for having me 💕

 @janakatharinaj on Instagram photo September 10

Checking out one of Manhattan's fire exits. Thank you @enrique.baena for making my time here so special 🔥❤️

 @janakatharinaj on Instagram photo September 9

Swapping Barry's Bootcamp with an intense boxing work-out with @enrique.baena . My first morning in NYC could have been better!! ❤️ now I am ready to discover the city once again and with more open eyes than last time 💫

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baked a spanakopita, made little mason jar fruit salads & headed to our favourite lookout point for a car boot picnic dinner 🌿 the girls thought it was super fun & i liked coming home to a clean kitchen 🙊 @holdenaustralia #letsgothere #holdentrailblazer

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GM ☀️ С каких пор стало стыдным ходить без косметики? Почему женщины считаются менее привлекательными без тонны макияжа? Куда катится мир🤦🏼‍♀️

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Selamat menunaikan ibadah umroh ya mang @yanaumar33 dan mang @bosengadang semoga perjalanan menuju ketanah suci, senantiasa dilimpahkan kemudahan oleh allah swt. Mendapatkan ibadah yg sempurna dan makbul, amiin ya robbal alamin. 🙏 . Jangan lupa bawa nama #vikingyogyakarta dalam doa ketika berada ditanahsuci 😊😊🙏🙏 mang @yanaumar33 . .

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ทุกเรื่องราว มีร่องรอยให้จดจำ #liveinvientiane #ไม่ฝากร้านนะยูววว์

آیفونx  آیفون۸  | apple iphone @drpc.ir on Instagram photo January 24
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به روزرسانی جدید #اپل از نسخه های قدیمی سیستم عامل مک در برابر باگ Meltdown حفاظت می کند. این آسیب پذیری به مهاجمان اجازه می دهد با سوء استفاده از عملیات پردازش موازی، به حافظه محرمانه دست پیدا کنند با ما همراه باشید . @Appletechshow @Appletechshow @Appletechshow @Appletechshow

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