FitnessMotivation @traininsanenotlame on Instagram photo May 27

🎥@dianaruizfit ‼️LADIES ‼️"I know these aren't your typical "squat or deadlifts" but guess what if it doesn't Challenge you it won't change you! Step out of your comfort zone try different things! Exercises like these have changed my ASS growth for better! It targets your glute muscles like no squat or deadlifts have for me! YES we are all different and what works for me might not for for you! Jus

FitnessMotivation @traininsanenotlame on Instagram photo May 27

🎥@fitforcalis "WORK IT OUT 🙌 - TAG A FRIEND ⤵❤ - 👏 - Routine of my fav exercises. Try out the last weightless exercises! You can do them anywhere, even at home. I promiss you, you'll feel it burning after a few sets 🔥🔥 - Kick backs (3x15reps), Side kicks (3x15reps), Hamstring extensions (4x12reps) & finally Walking lunges, jump squats etc... (15 steps go, 15 steps return, each variation 2 times) 🙌

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🎥@stef_fit "Suns out buns out 🤦🏽‍♀️😝💪🏽happyhumpday 💥🏋🏽‍♀️ why not take your workout outside? ☀️⛱ & Grab yourself some ankle weights, mine cost £4 off the internet & there amazing to give you that extra burn 🔥🔥🔥 4kg each leg 👊🏽💪🏽 •in out squat jumps •jumping squats •wall jumps •wall leg raises •strait leg raises •kick outs 🔥🔥🔥 10-12 reps with as little rest as possible X3 your bottoms with be burni

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🎥 "NOEquipmentNeeded BOOTY & LEGS!! 🔥 🍑🙈 DoubleTap - 🔸Theres no excuse not to do this 30 minute booty blaster 1.Squats 2.Side Kick Squats(alternating) 3.Split Squat 4.Tip Toe Squats 5.Side Skaters 6.“Jumping over fire” 🔥 (Side Skaters + speed + jump) 7.Reverse Lunge Knee Raise 8.Squat 90 Degree Jumps 9.Plunges (Lunges + Plyo Jump) - 🔸Do each exercise for 1 minute with no breaks betw

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🎥@stef_fit_ "💪🏽👊🏽 Need to get in & out of the gym, & don't want to waste time waiting for equipment, then give this upper body session ago only using a barbell 🔥 also use the cable machine at the end to hit that back 😍🔥💪🏽I aways like to go higher reps on my upper body so I'll do 15-20 reps depending on the exercise repeat 3 times 20 reps on the cable machine X2 at the end 💥👊🏽 Go get it " Check he

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@jemwolfie "Motivation ! Quick tip - to grow your hamstrings and booty pause for 5 seconds at the bottom of every stiff leg deadlift rep. Weighted stretches are so good for tear // repair // grow!! Also to keep my session at a higher heart rate (to burn more fat) I super set weighted squats with some jumping squats! Doing wall squats with a ball helps to support your back and reach depth to get a

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🎥 "💥 KILLER AT HOME CORE WORKOUT 💥 🙌🏼🔥 ♦️PERFORM EACH EXERCISE FOR 60 secs- repeat entire video 3x! 😘 1.Single Leg raise to Knee Tuck 2.Side plank leg raise 3.Plank alternating leg raise 4.Leg Lift Chops 5.Scissors 6.Bicycles 7.Diamond Sit-Ups 8.Fully Sit-Up Toe Touch 9.Mountain Climbers 10.Crab Leg Lifts 11.Russian Twists " #gymgirl#fitgirlcode #shelifts #chickswholift#girlgains

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🎥@clairepthomas Great core circuit 🔥 #dorielfit#howtogetabs#flatbellyguide#abs#core#coreworkout#nogymnoproblem#gym#gymlife#summerbody#flatbelly#workoutvideo#nike#nikewomen#howtoburncalories#squatguide#squatchallenge#abworkout#gymvideos#befitvideos#fitgirlvideos#girlyexercises#gymgirlvids#homeworkout#abgirlsguide

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🎥@hannaoeberg "Keep grinding 💪🏼👅🍑 Chasing that bubble butt! @womensbest Here your have two exercises for the booty 🔥 LOVE the second one.. high rep and that one will burn real good! • Sumosquats 4set x 10-12reps • Miniband lunges 4set x 15-20reps (Be careful with the miniband tho.... mine got loose and snatched me today... 🙄😬😂) TAG YOUR BOOTYGAL! Song; Fed Up - Bazanji " #brugarblanco #romo #hoys

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🎥@katiecrewe Fun and affective workouts check her out !! "I went into the studio to warm-up the other day and decided, well while I'm here, I should probably just stack some risers and do dis 😬. When you're feeling amped to do explosive pushies and cahhhdio, you just roll with it. - The most challenging part was pushing from hands on the steps back up to standing position. Keep dat core tight." -

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🎥: @abiannaaa "Ladies lots of squeeeezing in this vid🍑😫💦 💥Tag Yo girl for next weeks booty smash💥 . No kettle-bells, no problem. If you don't have access to a KB at your gym just use a plate 😊 This superset targets your leggies all around. Great for leg day and conditioning workouts. Give it a try! "———————————————————————— ✖️Deep goblet squat into a stiff leg deadlift ✖️Plate thrusts ✖️4 sets, 1

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SORTEO  de Adidas Superstar 👟  Para participar tenes que seguir los siguientes pasos: 1) Seguir a la cuenta 👉 @aguantaok 👈 2) Etiquetar por lo menos a tres amigos 3) Dar Me Gusta a la foto Para participar del sorteo es muy importante que etiquetes a los 3 amigos, des ME GUSTA y sigas a esta pagina 👉 @aguantaok 👈

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tanıdığım ilk günden beri çizgisini zerre bozmayan, neyse o olan mükemmel insan..oyunculuğuyla göz dolduran, gözleriyle büyüleyen, gülümsemesiyle yazı getiren adam. bu zamana kadar hep yanında olduk, bu zamana kadar hiç birimizi kırmadın, sevgini hep bize hissettirdin. sevgimize karşılık verdin. ne ara 26 yaşına geldin..🙊 iyi ki doğmuşsun maviş, seni çok seviyoruz💙 #söz #sözdizi #tolgasaritas #to

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As instabilidades oceânicas, os ventos úmidos e a atuação da Zona de Convergência Intertropical (ZCIT) vão provocar mais chuvas no Rio Grande do Norte nos próximos dias. De acordo com o meteorologista Gilmar Bristot, da Gerência de Meteorologia da Empresa de Pesquisa Agropecuária do Rio Grande do Norte (Emparn), as precipitações devem ocorrer com intensidade maior nas regiões Leste e Agreste até p

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Soft, coiled and bouncy curls are the perfect way to bring in Summer Try refreshing your curly textures using our NEW Design Essentials Curl Refresher. The Coconut and Monoi line revitalizes curls with a triple hydrating Monoi Moisture Blend. Lightweight silk proteins and a replenishing water base make this spray ideal for holding, enhancing and moisturizing curly hair. Get yours here: http://bit

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Here are the WINNERS of our mini contest! We would like to congratulate: @sir_noble_ @shadow.golden.retriever @cottonbae @theweasel_king @magische_momente_fotografie @ollie_my_boy Go have a look and give them a follow!!! Thank you all for joining and don't feel sad if you didn't win. ❤️