@rachelhauer on Instagram photo June 19

And healed! And with an actual mermaids purse! Thanks everyone who guessed! And to @sashagil for the great healed picture! Done @eastrivertattoo

 @rachelhauer on Instagram photo June 19

Iris the wraps around the back of the arm! 💜 done @eastrivertattoo

 @rachelhauer on Instagram photo June 18

Awesome action shot by the talented @cfinley 🙏🏻✨

 @rachelhauer on Instagram photo June 13

Summer is here and it's time for the beach- do you know what this little guy is? Done @eastrivertattoo

 @rachelhauer on Instagram photo June 9

Some delicate wedding bouquet details! 💐 done @eastrivertattoo

 @rachelhauer on Instagram photo June 5

Starling and some fruit and flowers, done @eastrivertattoo

 @rachelhauer on Instagram photo June 4

Arm day! Details to follow, done @eastrivertattoo

 @rachelhauer on Instagram photo June 1

Hello and thank you for your patience! Today I will be opening up my books for consults in the summer via email. These consult appointments will lead to tattoo appointments in late summer and early fall. You are required to have a consult before a tattoo appointment. Please email rhauerbookings@gmail.com with a detailed description (and reference photos if you have!) of the tattoo you would like t

 @rachelhauer on Instagram photo May 26

Progress on Nick's back, based on an old alchemy image! Done @eastrivertattoo

 @rachelhauer on Instagram photo May 24

Collaboration ring titled "The escapist" with @digbyandiona info and purchasing available on his website www.digbyandiona.com

 @rachelhauer on Instagram photo May 21

Beautiful tattoos on beautiful ladies! Thanks for always being a badass @staceymeiyan and if you like pies check out her amazing baking @50pies50states 👊🏻 done @eastrivertattoo

 @rachelhauer on Instagram photo May 15

Sunflowers and some healed work underneath! Thanks so much Vicky! Done @eastrivertattoo

 @rachelhauer on Instagram photo May 10

Fun flowers done the other day @eastrivertattoo

 @rachelhauer on Instagram photo May 9

Do you like art? And wine? And cheese? Come check out my husband's @seth.becker MFA thesis show next Wednesday 6-9 at @ny_studioschool

 @rachelhauer on Instagram photo May 8

While at @digbyandiona studio yesterday I got to check out a new flip ring collaboration that we have been working on! Swipe to see a little video of the prototype! Should be online in the next couple weeks! 🐰🌿🐥

 @rachelhauer on Instagram photo May 7

Getting into trouble at @digbyandiona studio sale today- a girl can dream!

 @rachelhauer on Instagram photo April 28

Healed alligator based on a drawing by Albertus Seba - thank you @seeyou_spacecowboy done @eastrivertattoo

 @rachelhauer on Instagram photo April 27

"Flowering weeds and a flying rat" 🌿💕🐦 done @eastrivertattoo

 @rachelhauer on Instagram photo April 25

Devil skull and papal skull with healed heart tattoo! Done @eastrivertattoo

 @rachelhauer on Instagram photo April 21

Great healed picture of some gardening tools in their natural environment! Thanks Jason! Done @eastrivertattoo

 @rachelhauer on Instagram photo April 20

More wrapping flowers! Magnolias 💕 done @eastrivertattoo

 @rachelhauer on Instagram photo April 17

Look at this amazing painting that @welcometothedoghouse @alexis_trice made of my dog Toby!!! Check out her amazing art and pet portraits! ❤💕

 @rachelhauer on Instagram photo April 15

Super fun placement on this chrysanthemum! Done @eastrivertattoo

 @rachelhauer on Instagram photo April 15

Repost from @whirringblender ❤ wolves and flowers with some more wolves and flowers! Thank you for wearing all my favorite things to draw! ❤❤❤

 @rachelhauer on Instagram photo April 12

Today is my talented husband @seth.becker birthday 💕💕💕 here is one of my favorite paintings he's made! Happy birthday! 🎉

 @rachelhauer on Instagram photo April 10

Got to do some more of my CAT FLOWERS 💕 please don't copy 🙏🏻 done @eastrivertattoo

 @rachelhauer on Instagram photo March 21

Today I got to tattoo one of my favorite people and tattooers @feralcatbox here we are tattooing a blind worm from 1802! Thanks for your friendship and trust! 🙏🏻 done @eastrivertattoo

 @rachelhauer on Instagram photo March 19

Thank you bob for always getting weird with me- based off of one of my drawings and a childhood toy, for more of my art check out @rachelhauer_art ❤ tattoo done @eastrivertattoo sorry for the low res image, but too much fun not to post!

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Quero ser andarilho neste mundão de meu Deus. Na estrada pretendo seguir aproveitando cada quilômetro percorrido. De vez em quando preciso parar o carro, apreciar a paisagem e sentir as delícias e dissabores da existência. Aproveitar a vida é enxergar os problemas, pensar na soluções e seguir em frente. O destino? Qualquer lugar que me traga paz, esperança, certeza de que estou vivo e não apenas s

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#GPRepost,#reposter,#notetag @fordmodels via @RepostApp ======> @fordmodels:#FORDmodelsLA's @laith_ashley talks working with @bruce_weber, gender identity and navigating his transition with @vman, shot by #FORDmodels' @laviena.echev with interview by @i_adair_u

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Here are a couple of pictures I took today at @ar_txwoodcraft awesome shop. My family and I had a great visit with Andy and his beautiful family today. Andy is a great craftsman who has trained with @brianboggschairmakers @strazzafurniture to name a few. I am honored to be teaming up with Andy on a build video for YouTube. Give him a follow and check out his great YouTube channel @ar_txwoodcraft 👊