Shannon Ihrke @shannonihrke on Instagram photo February 18

One of my favorite tanks from one of my favorite brands @fightchix works perfect for a night in New Orleans (and when I mean “night” I mean I’ll be in bed by 8pm cuz 👵🏼). Love you #FightChix !!

Shannon Ihrke @shannonihrke on Instagram photo February 17

I was helping my mom groom some dogs today and a gentleman came in with a pretty rough-looking large female dog. The poor girl had very matted hair. The owner told my mom that he needed her groomed but didn’t have the money and as he started telling us his financial situation my mom stopped him and said that she understood, he didn’t need to explain, things happen, and that she would groom his dog

Shannon Ihrke @shannonihrke on Instagram photo February 14

I have 3 #WCW ladies! Not only are they gorgeous but they are also incredibly smart, witty, fun as hell to hang out with, and they also served in the military! 🦄’s!! From left: @_annapaulina_ Air Force, @queen_peach_annie Army, 🙋🏼‍♀️, and @imtarable my fellow Marine sister🇺🇸

Shannon Ihrke @shannonihrke on Instagram photo February 13

I loved vacation but I’m ready to get back into the pasture with the horses! ANDDDD this new sweatshirt from @1776united was waiting for me at the door! I can’t stress how cozy their sweatshirts are!! . A little about this “Betsy Ross Hoodie”- Betsy Ross is the woman widely credited with making the first American flag in 1776. The original 13 colonies are represented by the stars and bars and part

Shannon Ihrke @shannonihrke on Instagram photo February 4

When you become the hero simply by knowing how to refill the windshield wiper fluid. “@galina_t6 doesn’t need a man, she’s got me”.... for real guys, whoever gets to marry my Galina one day will be the luckiest man ever! She’s going to make him feel like a king simply by being able to replace fluids, imagine her excitement if he could change the oil or rotate the tires🤴🏻#RealMechanicsNeedNotApply

Shannon Ihrke @shannonihrke on Instagram photo February 4

My best “keep warm Super Bowl advice” since some have asked because I live in Minnesota- run out and get you a Dewalt heated jacket! I got one and I wear it every time I go outside (which is a lot since I train the horses outdoors). The jackets inner liner is heated by a battery and there’s a phone outlet in it for charging your phone too! #Staywarm #staycharged #Dewalt #DewaltTough #HeatedJacket

Shannon Ihrke @shannonihrke on Instagram photo February 4

Patriotic 24-7 with @1776united #1776united 🇺🇸 Up early to catch a flight to Chicago to grab my friend and then head to Mexico ✈️☀️ #GirlsTrip

Shannon Ihrke @shannonihrke on Instagram photo February 1

I just got home from women’s bible study so I’m not really feelin’ the whole “hump day hottie” pic, so I’ll just leave this selfie here instead. Where my bible buddies at?! 😊

Shannon Ihrke @shannonihrke on Instagram photo January 30

5th grade was not so kind to me so I thought it would make for a good #transformationtuesday pic😂 Raise your hand if you had some really awkward school years🙋🏼‍♀️ This was my “cant-decide-if-I-still-wanna-be-a-tomboy-or-start-looking-like-a-girl” phase! I was called “buck tooth” and I remember a boy on my school bus that I had a crush on told me that I was “uglier than his dogs ass”! I cried silen

Shannon Ihrke @shannonihrke on Instagram photo January 30

@fredtheafghan I just finished this book and I’m so glad I came upon it at my local bookstore! If you are or were in the military, have deployed, and/or know someone who has been deployed - this book is for you. If you’re a dog lover, have an adventurous spirit, and/or enjoy reading about the ability to overcome extremely difficult situations - then this book is for you too. Add this book to your

Shannon Ihrke @shannonihrke on Instagram photo January 28

When I was competing to be the Loop Rock Girl (the spokesmodel position for the best classic rock station in Chicago) all of the ladies competing had to go to the radio stations promotional events to see how we interacted with fans and represented the station. At one of the events, which was at a bar in Wrigleyville, a guy who was there came up to me and said he had heard I was a Marine and wanted

Shannon Ihrke @shannonihrke on Instagram photo January 26

Here’s to lying, cheating, stealing, and drinking… If you’re going to lie, lie for a friend. If you’re going to cheat, cheat death. If you’re going to steal, steal a heart. If you’re going to drink, drink with me. 🍻 Cheers to freedom, the men & women who have and are currently serving our country, the weekend, and this awesome new beer sleeve by @glubey 🇺🇸 If you’d like one, just go to the link i

Shannon Ihrke @shannonihrke on Instagram photo January 25

I’m getting Lasik surgery this morning so if something goes wrong and I go blind, Iet this be the last picture I post... Because I’m not overly dramatic at all right 🤫 I’ll also have someone delete this page as well since I won’t be able to see pictures or give a single crap about likes or followers🙋🏼‍♀️ But if I post again in a couple days, I made it through successfully! #SeeYaLater #TaTaForNow

Shannon Ihrke @shannonihrke on Instagram photo January 24

SIGNED POSTER GIVEWAY! I laugh so much when I’m playing around with filters with my niece. She will actually get into character depending on the filter & act out different scenes that she thinks fits the filter. 😂 Tag a friend that you like doing Instagram filters with along with what you think Addi is thinking in this moment and you can win a signed poster from me!! (I’ll choose 1 winner in 24 ho

Shannon Ihrke @shannonihrke on Instagram photo January 23

Fun Fact: my mom owns a dog grooming salon so sometimes when she gets pretty busy (she’s a really really great groomer) I’ll come over and help her out... and when I say “help her out” I mean I end up petting and loving on all the dogs. It’s awesome. And you know what else is awesome? This adorable Goldendoodle 🐕 What’s your favorite dog breed? #MustLoveDogs #DayMade #Goldendoodle #Puppy #PuppyLov

Shannon Ihrke @shannonihrke on Instagram photo January 23

My heaven❤️ Thank you for this video @horse_vidz1

Shannon Ihrke @shannonihrke on Instagram photo January 22

I’ve posted this photo in color, but what do you think about it in black & white?🐺Photography: @danroerick #danroerick

Shannon Ihrke @shannonihrke on Instagram photo January 21

I’ve seen and been around these little ones since birth (they were all born in May ‘17) and it’s so cool to watch them form their own little herd! I’ve started the training process with each of them and it’s truly incredible how intelligent these beautiful animals are! I love getting to know them better and seeing how they are all uniquely different. And so far I’ve only been kicked once, and of c

Shannon Ihrke @shannonihrke on Instagram photo January 18

*insert some random inspirational, motivating quote that has nothing to do with this picture here* 😉 Wizard behind the camera: @jeremycheshareck

Shannon Ihrke @shannonihrke on Instagram photo January 15

One of my new favorites!⚡️ When we shot this look I was thinking “Pretend you’re Ke$ha or a Spice Girl” Did I pull it off? Sporty Spice was my favorite because I was such a tomboy. Did you have a favorite Spice Girl? (Side Note: Dan, the photographer, put this look together. He can shoot & style! I just show up🙃) #yoilltellyouwhatiwantwhatireallyreallywant #spiceupyourlife #danroerick

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[LAUNCHING PCX - Exceed Excellence] . Siap menikmati sensasi berkendara yg akan membawa kalian melampaui batas kesempurnaan? 😎 . Catat tanggalnya!! 👇🏻 🗓 Sabtu, 24 Februari 2018 📍ATRIUM THE PARK MALL SOLO FREE!! 🤙🏻 . Selain Launching Honda PCX, juga akan ada penampilan spesial dari @dr_tompi 🎙, PCX Riding Experience, VR Games, Photobooth 180 Degree, Young Competition & Exhibition. 🙌🏻 . Salam Satu H

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Looking to up your glamour game? The Collective Closet Pop Up is just the right place for you, uber chic and trendy outfits plus accessories to complement them, where else will you find such a plethora of choices? THE COLLECTIVE CLOSET brings to you an interesting blend of Haute Labels offering some flaunt-worthy apparels and accessories this summer. This pop-up show does not claim to be unique b

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COLD SHOULDER CORD SET❤ SHOP THIS FROM WWW.AMBRAEE.COM (SIZES:- XS , S , M , L , XL ) Shop this from #cottonclothing#jaipurshopping#humilityiskey#onlineshopping#potd#indowestern#handmade#fashionblogger#love#gratitude#ootd#happy#traditional#fusion#handcrafted#ambraee#gratitudeiseverything#mumbaishopping#shopaholic#fashionbloggerstyle#asianfashion#desifashion#indiandesigners#newco

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Good morning Blue Eye Picture Brides , be Princess and Queen of your day!! صباح الخير على عرائس بلو آي بيكتشر..هذا اليوم يومك, فكوني أميرة وملكة حفلك الكبير This day, we make 5 brides, Happy! 1. Wedding: Jon & Rachel 23.02.18 2. Wedding: Ahmed & Aisha 23.02.18 3. Wedding: Yahya & Mouza 23.02.18 4. Wedding: Khaled & Asma 23.02.18 5. Henna: Ahmed & Maryam 23.02.18 : : : : Congratulations to al

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🅿🚘🚘☎06 6875 6013 👌🍞🍞お電話でお取り置きも出来ます。 。。 。。 。。 #sourdough #sourdoughbread #levain #poolish #foodandwine #feedfeed #eater #bbga #breadbosses #boulangerie #insta_nepal #nepali_instagrammers #realbread #ライ麦パン #食パン #食事パン #天然酵母 #天然酵母パン #イースト #フランスパン #パン #パン屋さん #パンスタグラム #千里丘 #吹田 #北摂 #大阪パン屋 #大阪 #デリスタグラマー #クッキングラム

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Life is what you make it. (It’s hard to believe only 12 months ago my body was holding another life) 💛 reflecting on a beautiful year Thank you @matt.martian for your incredible photography and team @morganteresamakeup beauty / @rarescarfvintage for the gorgeous vintage wardrobe. Grateful to call you my friends. Any woman would be blessed to work with you all 🙏🏽

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Diskon 20% & FREE mug - Udah pernah nyobain produknya @garmeliabakery ? Produknya banyak macamnya dan enak2. Kemarin pas ke cabang yang di Jl. Setiabudhi, mimin sempet nyobain beberapa produk nya. Pineapple cakenya dijual satuan dalam packaging kedap yang cantik. Juga dijual per box isi 20 pcs. Pisang molen dan roti beef floss nya juga boleh dicoba. . Waktu mimin lihat di IG nya, Garmelia sudah

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Tu souhaites perdre du gras ? À choisir entre un bon déficit calorique ou du cardio pour augmenter ta dépense tu préfères quoi ? . Car oui, toute la question est là. Le cardio n'est absolument pas obligatoire, tout réside dans cette fameuse balance énergétique. Et pour être en déficit, certains préféreront : 🔹Manger légèrement moins, mais augmenter leur dépense avec du cardio 🔹Baisser plus leur ap