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Now yesterday, was an amazing day 🙏🏼 Not only were we blessed to have WNBA Champ/MVP/Allstar/Gold Medalist Cappie Pondexter @cappa23 share her wisdom and story to our program @calabasas.gbb but also, invited by former WNBA star and now Head Coach @delishamiltonjones to come watch and support her D1 ladies @pepperdinewbb over at Pepperdine University. We are forever grateful. THANK YOU SO MUCH 🙏🏼❤️

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Thank God it's FRYday 🍟🙌🏼🙏🏼 Heading into my weekend filled with coaching, church, working out and hanging with the fam. What y'all got on the menu this #weekend 🤔 comment below 👇🏼

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You know I had to hit #TheRubberBandy at the @theblacksantacompany charity game because #GivingBucketsHasNoSeason lol 💁🏼🏀🎅🏾 _ _ It was unreal having @theofficialai3 as my coach and playing with greats @iambarondavis @matt_barnes9 @cappa23 @terrellowens 🙌🏼 We got the win even though the other coach @icecube was trying to cheat at the end lol 😂 _ _ Of course I'm sportin' my @rise_wear kicks 👟 while

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#GetYouAGirlWhoCanDoBoth with original photos 🙌🏼 Which split pic do you like the best? ⚫️❤️pic or ⚪️🔶pic?? _ _ _ First dressy pic is at my sister's rehearsal dinner w/her husband and second one is after coaching our senior night game. Both basketball pics are with @basketballbeautiesleague and @rise_wear of course #BallisLife #CuteButWillCrossYou 💁🏼🏀

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Times might be tough; your head and thoughts might be spinning, but there is a way out. When you're so focused on giving and creating opportunity, it makes it physically impossible for your mind to spiral into oblivion #Food4Thought #YouDoTheDishes 🍽 #Perspective #ControlTheControllables _ _ Shout out @moorephotography__ for this awesome pic!! All geared up in my @rise_wear @ballup 👟🎒

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I know in my eyes I've been inconsistent lately and if I was given a one-day contract then I'd probably fail. From here on out, I'm furiously dedicated to getting my contract extended- today, tomorrow, and so on. We all get comfortable in the space we're in, for better but mostly for worse. Complacency is being average. Unchallenged. Let's change our perspective and win each day. Step by step. Hou

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We #rise by lifting others @rise_wear 👟Transformational coaching > Transactional coaching #ItsMoreThanJustAGame _ _ What kind of coach/leader are you? Transactional coaching is focused on actions. It’s about performance. It basically says, “You do this for me, I’ll do that for you.” Transformational coaching is focused on the person. It communicates, “I am here as a coach to help you transform and

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Truth is...softball was my first love (I just enjoyed basketball more) and playing in this co-ed league recently reminded me of my childhood ⚾️❤️There's nothin better than throwin a bunch of seeds in your mouth, makin plays with your teammates, and the feeling of the ball smack off your bat perfectly 🙌🏼 Swipe to see lil' me...that backwards pink Yankee hat was my trademark!! #TBT #PutMeInCoach #So

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You will be too much for some, and not enough for others. Either way, those aren't your people. Keep living. Keep smiling. Keep being you. #StayEncouraged _ _ _ Keepin it casual in my @rise_wear sweats 👌🏼

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If you want to lead the orchestra, you must turn your back on the crowd #QuoteOfTheDay When you are in a #leadership role, remember that it’s not about the visibility or the authority. It’s not about pleasing the crowd or listening to others; their noise can be misleading. It’s what you do to gain #trust, #learn and #understand the people you #lead, quietly and behind the scenes, that will really

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Thank you to all my family and friends for making my birthday weekend so great 🎂Shout out to my girls @addie__sue @m_harris45 @taryn_nicole33 for a great night out 💃🏼to my team @calabasas.gbb for a wonderful surprise and celebration 🎉 to my big sis @g_uh22 for my fav sushi din din 🍣 to my twin bro for making me cry happy tears 😌 and to everyone for the goodies, the IG posts and bday wishes 😘Love y

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My follower tally is runnin up!! 🎉HUGE SHOUT OUT to all of my 100K followers 💃🏼 #ThankYou for all the love and support ❤️ I want to be more engaged with you all - what do you guys want to see more of? Comment below 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 _ _ _ You know I had to feature the squad because #SquadGoals of course 💁🏼 @justineslife @audramari @missalicialee 🎵Song #RunItUp by @damianlillard

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Before you throw the towel in, remember why you started and who is looking up to you. It's going to be hard and you might not see results right away, but NOTHING worth having comes easy. The harder the obstacle the more glorious the triumph. So keep pushin champ, you got this!! #BeRemembered #DontGiveUp #Food4Thought #YouDoTheDishes

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Hija hermosa!! mi felicidad siempre sera a través de la tuya , hoy soy eternamente agradecida a Dios de verte tan feliz junto a todos los que te amamos y junto a tus amigos que hicieron de tu soñada fiesta un dia magico para nunca olvidar.. tus tres añitos. Salud ,paz y amor piccolina mia 🤗!! @mauroicardi

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Trying new things in Final Cut Pro ———————————————————————— ⠀PHOiNiX iO ⠀@its6ixy ⠀@deviiant_nation ⠀@jeterjkt_gaming ———————————————————————— ⠀PHOiNiX iO Agents ⠀@wowxurs ———————————————————————— Partners ⠀@mphant0m ⠀@lilfirefrk02 ⠀@smash_otg ⠀@ksj_dstny ⠀@vanitygamingco ⠀@nicksdestiny_x1 ⠀@t0by_clarke ⠀@expoxur ⠀@grimm_skitzo ⠀@lordshaxxypoo ⠀———————————————————————— #playstation #xboxclan #gami

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My new COSPLAY CALENDAR is now available with 3 exclusive free prints here:

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For the Entire month of January we will randomly scan our restaurant and take a random picture of our customers. If we catch you in Conchcity and post your picture on our SM account you will receive a Free meal from us not to exceed $20.00. If you are or know these people call, tag or text them and let them know they Won a $20 meal @conchcity 1/19/18 Rules::: 1. We had to change rule #1 yall made

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#SSклуб КРЕМЛЕВСКИЙ ИСТОЧНИК ЗАЯВИЛ О НАЧАЛЕ МАСШТАБНОЙ ЗАЧИСТКИ ДАГЕСТАНА. Обыски в кабинете и дома мэра Махачкалы Мусы Мусаева – это только начало большой работы по расчистке поля федеральных интересов. Ещё 15 января в республику прибыло более сорока сотрудников генеральной прокуратуры. В разных источниках пишут, что они из СКФО, но это неверно. Ни одного следователя из СКФО в этой группе нет. С