KIMMIE 💋 @kimberlykjm on Instagram photo January 20

Wow my heart is so full right now!! Thank you little ladies for this video! 💘💘💘 These beauties were listening to my midday show on the @q971radio app before their cheer competition in Las Vegas!!! I'm sure you all did amazing out there making the Central Valley Proud! You all look so stunning! 👑 Thank you for the support, you know I'm also rooting for you from all the way over here! Xoxo. #Queenin

KIMMIE 💋 @kimberlykjm on Instagram photo January 17

Back to my day job today, hehe😘. Spreading LOVE (never hate) on your airwaves 5 days a week 10am-2pm on @q971radio! Thanks to those who continue to support. I see👀 you and your heart. You never go unnoticed. Promise. I also hope to count on you throughout my reign as Miss #NuestraBellezaUSA 2018. Together, we will make a POSITIVE impact in our community. & I will continue to use my voice and platf

KIMMIE 💋 @kimberlykjm on Instagram photo January 16

(Video cred to the lovely @anayelides for capturing my fantasy costume's #runaway walk at yesterday's competition. Thanks for the love girl❤). -- In my eyes, I felt my costume was the most simple fantasy costume out of everyone's (who looked incredible in theirs, btw). I had a vision and it only took me a few hours to figure out exactly what I was looking for. The wardrobe that I put together was

KIMMIE 💋 @kimberlykjm on Instagram photo January 15

Did this just happen..😨😵 OMG OMG OMG!!! So incredibly grateful to be the very first MISS NUESTRA BELLEZA USA 2018 at the national competition, and also honored to be awarded the Nuestra Belleza Miss Congeniality 2018 award! Thank you to @nuestrabellezaus for the amazing opportunity! I met so many wonderful girls this weekend. So thankful with God and everyone who supported. Thank you to @miabellac

KIMMIE 💋 @kimberlykjm on Instagram photo January 14

Finals day! Loved my roomie! She's from Colorado and flew all the way here to represent Michoacan. I'm representing my beautiful state of CA. We've only spent 3 days together and it seems like we've known each other forever. Our personalities clicked right away! One thing I really love and enjoy about pageantry is the bond and friendship you gain through a small period of time. I've met girls from

KIMMIE 💋 @kimberlykjm on Instagram photo January 10

Beautiful sunny day in Fresno, CA. ☀️💕👑

KIMMIE 💋 @kimberlykjm on Instagram photo January 4

Yooo @BrunoMars and @iamcardib did that!!!!!!! Where can I get her Jacket? 🔥😍🙌. #Finesse now playing on @q971fm. Who else is obsessed with this song?? #MiddaysWithKimmie

KIMMIE 💋 @kimberlykjm on Instagram photo January 2

Where in LA am I? 💎 #2018 ---- Shoes: @lolashoetique Sweater: @nordstrom Body bag: @bebe_stores

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Australian House & Garden @houseandgarden on Instagram photo January 22
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If you're looking to carve out a little space of retreat this summer, look for a spot that enjoys ambient light at all hours of the day, any time of the year, like this nook by @shaunlockyer Photo by: @chriswarnes #australianhouseandgarden

Gelinlik Nişanlik Abiye 💕 @gelinlikbeyazruya on Instagram photo January 22
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Kampanyalı fiyatlarımızı kacırmayın ❤️Yurt içi ve yurt dışı teslimat yapılır✨Arkadaşlarınızı etiketleyin 👇🏼👇🏼💓💓👰👰 #kınagecesi#değişim#nişanlık#abiye#elbise#makeup#makyaj#saç#eyeliner#düğün#nişan#gelin#gelinlik#bakım#sağlık#follow#followher#followme#abiye#elbise#love#oscar#selfie#wedding#nuse#mutfak#ev#home#çekiliş#ojesizgezmeyenlerkulubu#فستان الزفاف #لباس عروسی 💗En uygun ve kaliteli bayan giyim i

Special Operation Forces @ozelkuvvetler on Instagram photo January 22
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TSK, Zeytindalı Operasyonunun 3. Gününde Kilis’in Gülbaba köyünün Güneydoğusunda girilen çatışmada 1 Astsubayımız şehit olmuştur. Şehidimizin kederli ailesine sabırlar diliyoruz. Yüce Türk milletinin başı sağolsun.

BONITA U Shops @bonitaushops on Instagram photo January 22
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*พร้อมส่ง* THREE BALANCING CLEANSING OIL 200ml. ราคา 1,350 บาท คลีนซิ่งออยล์สูตรบริสุทธิ์เปี่ยมประสิทธิภาพ มอบสัมผัสอ่อนโยนในการทำความสะอาดเครื่องสำอางทุกชนิด รวมทั้งเมกอัพสูตรกันน้ำ ครีมกันแดดประสิทธิภาพสูง และสิ่งสกปรกตกค้างบนผิวได้อย่างหมดจด ด้วยหลักการที่ว่า “ น้ำมันเท่านั้น...ที่สามารถละลายน้ำมันได้ดีที่สุด” มอบสัมผัสของออยล์เนื้อบางเบา และเนียนลื่น เพียงนวดวนบนผิวเบาๆ ก็สามารถทำความสะอาดครา

Las Lizarraga - Flamenco @academialaslizarraga on Instagram photo January 22
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Digan lo que digan, la gente que baila es especial. Son personas que alegran su espíritu con solo dejar llevar su cuerpo al ritmo de la música. Eso es, sencillamente, genial!

Sayidaty Mall سيدتي مول @sayidatymall on Instagram photo January 22
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إملأ/إملئي الجو حيوية وانتعاش .. بعبير عطر «كيان» للجنسين من «السرتي» مع خصم 15% عبر الرابط بالبايو #perfmues #womenperfume #menperfume #عطور #عطورات_نسائية #عطر#عطرك #عطورات_رجاليه

Love Your Melon @loveyourmelon on Instagram photo January 22
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Cotton pom beanies have arrived! Rock your favorite color with a brand new cotton pom or choose your city’s colors from 25 new options today at #LoveYourMelon

YouTuber - Houston @mallory1712 on Instagram photo January 22
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@natalietietjens always makes my hair EPIC⚡️She’s my best friend and the best hairstylist I’ve ever gone to😍 Her talent is INSANE🔥 Eyes @tomford Eye Color Cream Platinum @theboldfacemakeup Just Own It lashes Lips @kkwbeauty Liquid Creme Lipstick Kimmie (the perfect nude 🍑) Necklace @seventeentwelveshop Compliment

SKINNY COFFEE CLUB @skinnycoffeeclub on Instagram photo January 22
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"Haven't always been the biggest coffee drinker but I've been really enjoying my #skinnycoffeeclub these past few days. // Tastes great & is all natural with ingredients like Siberian ginseng & green tea extract. It's now become part of my morning routine 🙂☕ Thank you"- @kayrayejayy Get started at #SkinnyCoffeereviews