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Why Resistance Training? 🏋🏼‍♀️ - After we reach our mid 30's each year our muscle mass slowly declines due to the fact that our hormone production starts decreasing 📉 - What this means is our metabolic rate starts to slow down and as our muscle mass goes down our body fat usually goes up 😫 - Our muscles cells are greedy with energy and require more than 4 times that of fat cells so having a good a

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Missing that shredded feeling 🇦🇺🔪 - Before I left Aus my diet and training was on point ☝🏽 - That enabled me to get my body fat nice and low and still hold a fair amount of muscle too! 🙏🏽 - My body composition isn't quite what it was before i left Australia and that's because I haven't been following my same macros and I haven't been nearly as consistent with my training 👎🏽 - To see great results

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Managing your stress levels - Good indicators of stress are appetite, sleep and sex drive - If you're suffering from poor sleep you have no appetite or your sex drive is decreased, your body could be in a stressed state - Our Autonomic nervous system (ANS) is divided into two branches; sympathetic and parasympathetic. - The sympathetic branch produces adrenaline and cortisol - this side of our ner

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What a weekend in Catalina cruising on boats and sipping on dark and stormies! 🌴🍹 - Kelsey in her best English accent cheering on my ordinary dives haha 😝 - If you're wondering where I've disappeared to well after a massive weekend in Catalina my next stop was straight to the dentist to get my wisdom tooth pulled from my skull so I've been laying low since but ill be back in the swing of soon 🙌🏾 -

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Warning about AirBnB - I thought I'd share my experience with Airbnb to help you guys avoid the same dramas I had. - After planning to move to America in early July I booked my first week in Newport, OC. - The accomodation looked sweet from pictures that I saw while I was viewing from Australia. The cost was $2200 dollars for a week. - When I arrived at the house it was putrid. There was mess ev

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Alkaline water and hydration - My cousin asked me yesterday "what's the go with all this alkaline water talk and does it actually make a difference" - As I explained "our bodies are made up of up to 75-80% water and our cells communicate through electrolysis". - Electrolysis is passing of an electric current through liquid and if we aren't drinking enough water or if we're drinking water which isn

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No feeling quite like being reunited with your dog after making the move overseas 🙌🏾🐶 - Me and Chico are really getting into the swing of it after our move to America from Australia, we're settling in and it's starting to feel like home 🏡 🇺🇸 - Im getting busier but I still have a few spots left for personal training clients out of a boutique personal training gym in Irvine, California 💪🏾 - I have

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Knowledge and wisdom - It's taken me 30 years to realise that although knowledge and wisdom are very closely related they aren't the same thing. - In my opinion the difference between knowledge and wisdom is that knowledge is knowing what's right, whereas wisdom is the hard part and actually applying it! - You can read every book in the world or obtain so much 'knowledge' about nearly anything but

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Hey guys! So I'm posting up some of my answers to your health and fitness related questions today on my YouTube channel - Jump on YouTube : Warren primal to check out the answers - I'm about to start posting loads more in-depth health videos, along with the usual living the dream and walking the beach as well as discovering the new city I've moved to with my dog Chico. So don't forget to subscribe

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Going with the flow - I'm not definitely not breaking any records at the gym ATM and for sure I'm not eating as clean as usual either - That being said I'm still making sure I loosely stick to my regular routines while allowing myself to go with the flow - In light of the huge life change and my birthday last weekend in Vegas I'm feeling pretty ok with where I'm at today! - Although I've been tr

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My mate and NFL veteran @aaronstecker27 putting me to shame today with nearly 10 years on me! - I love how my first client in America is an absolute machine and smashes himself so hard every session! - I find it so funny how out of all the gyms in Orange County I would end up working in one that's called primal! - I have a few spots left for personal training clients and I'll be working out of Pri

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Mix it up! - If we want to keep seeing results in the gym and maximise all our hard work it's important that we always mix it up 💯 - But just as important as mixing it up is for our body it's probably even more important for our mind! 🙌🏾 💪🏾 - I love nothing more than to mix up my training, to get outside and pick up some weight, run or sprint. And flipping tyres is one of my all time favourites 🔥🙏

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Me and Chico are back in full swing and taking new clients 🙌🏾 - If you are looking to; ✔️Lose weight ✔️Improve your health ✔️Increase your energy ✔️Gain muscle ✔️Learn new healthy recipes ✔️Or meal prep techniques - Then my custom meal plans are what you need 💯 - Rediscover the joy of cooking tasty, healthy meals at home with only the best ingredients chosen. - All my plans are gluten free, grain

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The moment when Chico finally arrived home to me in America 🇺🇸 - Sadly due to his torn ACL, Chico had to stay back in Aus to heal while I made the trip to America alone. But 4 weeks later he was given the green light and he's made the trip out to America to start a new life with me! 🐶 - When I met Chico from the airport today I was mixture of excited and concerned if he was gonna be ok. I wasn't s

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So I'm doing a health and fitness related Q&A session - If you have any question related health and fitness leave it below in the comments and Im gonna select a few of you to answer on my YouTube channel over the next few days 🙌🏾😊 - Don't forget to subscribe to my 🎥YouTube channel : warren primal for my answers to your questions and also my new videos about to drop soon! - #warrenprimal #youtube #

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Chico the white goose is finally coming home @timjamesperry @shauny_springall @ashleakayy 🇺🇸 - All my life I've had dogs from puppies so I was dubious about getting a dog that wasn't and especially one that's from the pound but when I saw him advertised on gumtree and Facebook saying he was about to be destroyed the next day of course I had to save him! - So About 4 years ago I picked him up from

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All about balance - I've always been someone to eat what I would call " healthy ". Ive never gone to the trouble of weighing my food or counting calories as I believe when you eat real healthy unprocessed foods that your body understands you don't have to! - For the most part I cook at home and eat a combination of meats, fish, eggs, fruits and plenty of vegetables - When I'm feeling like being n

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Having a plan - This picture was taken on the first day of arriving in the US just over 3 weeks ago! At this point I was feeling pretty shredded and still holding a decent amount of size - After 3 weeks being in America and not following my usual plan my conditioning isn't half as good. - It just goes to show the importance of having a plan! - Of course working hard has helped me to get in good sh

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Turn your weakness into your strengths! - No one's born perfect! Each and every one of us has something we could improve on or a particular weakness that could be made better. Just look at Ancient Greek story of Achilles who was famous for being perfect in almost every way, all but his weak link - his Achilles heel - If you have a particular weakness, such as losing body fat or weak body parts lik

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Train with me 💪🏾 - I'm happy to finally be settled into my new home in California 🇺🇸🙏🏽 - Now I'm settled I'll be taking new clients working out of Irvine, Orange County! - I've been working as a trainer for over 10 years and have worked with everyone from beginners to professional athletes in Sydney, Australia - If you're looking to get in great shape, to increase your fitness, lose fat, gain musc

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Staying trim on the road! - Anyone who works on the road or who travels regularly for work can definitely testify it's hard to keep up your regular routine. Needless to say you don't have access to your own kitchen, supplements or even your home gym you usually workout at. But just because you don't have your home comforts doesn't mean you have to go off the rails and lose all your earned gains wh

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Success 🏆 - There are many different interpretations of success or what it means to be successful. - For the OG's out there success means sitting on a pile of money, for some it means having a nice car or a good job 💸💰 - I think the most successful a person can be is to have a family 👶🏼💑 - To be totally head over heels in love with the person you're with, to be loved exactly the same way back and

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Its good to be home @goldie_squats 🇺🇸 - What an awesome weekend and great start to my return back to the USA - After being born here in America (even though I moved away when I was young), it still always felt like it was home. Because it's where all my first memories were made - from the views of the mountains and even the smell of the air. - I'm so grateful for the people I've met so far who hav

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Breaking out of your comfort zone - So I've just touched down in America and it's got me thinking about life and what it takes to be confident. - No one in the world was born with blazing confidence we have to earn it! - Working your mind to gain confidence , will power or self discipline is just like any other muscle you work out in the gym . The more you use it the stronger it gets! - There's pl

W A R R E N  P R I M A L @wozza_g on Instagram photo July 10

My first week in America is done and I'm happy to call Orange County home - Not only in my first week have I met some amazing people, I've also got a car, rented a brand new apartment for me and Chico to live in and I've just started training clients at a gym in Irvine, Orange County - I can't wait to start doing some more sessions and making some new friends over in here in America - If anyone is

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#Repost @gorelkina.olga (@get_repost) ・・・ Очень весело на курсе "Успешный детский фотограф" у Алексея @savateev в @whitephotoschool 🎈 На самом деле- очень полезный, интересный и необходимый курс, безумно рада что я на нем🤓 #фотошкола #ассистентфотографа #студент #фотографмосква #ольгагорелкинафотограф

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سلام دوستان. بچه گربه های اصیل #بریتیش_شورت_هیر 😻😻😺😺به رنگ اشرافی #بلو دارای پاسپورت و واکسیناسیون #پسر های وارداتی از #روسیه در #تهران آماده تحویل می باشند.😍👍 ارسال هوایی✈ به سراسر ایران قیمت👈👈 تماس شماره تماس ۰۹۱۲۷۷۹۵۰۰۹ تلگرام ۰۹۳۳۵۱۸۷۷۹۷ ------------------------------------------------------------ وب سایت👈 www.foroshegorbeh.ir -------------------------------------------------- #بریتیش #بریت

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A nossa descoberta Fernanda Junqueira, aprovada para o filme "Dois Barcos", pela @fazartproducoesartisticas. Parabéns, Fernanda!

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Springfield Mass tonite for the get down ,,, @pnbrock @lilbibby_ @donqhbtl @kingofclubs413 @djcraigg Early Event !!!

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The Yamaha Super Tenere has always been a capable adventure machine, and an update in 2014 further reinforced that reputation. Keep your adventure from going dark with a polycarbonate headlight guard from @altrider_official . The lenses of the AltRider headlight guard are constructed from scratch resistant and impact resistant polycarbonate. Included is stainless steel frame and hardware. Made in

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Пока воспоминания все еще свежи, продолжу свой рассказ о незабываемом дне премьеры Кингсман 2 🤤 Колин Фёрт - просто чудо, а не человек. После того, как он прижался своей щекой к моей (😂) и мы сфотографировались , я не могла не сказать ему, что я знаю много его фильмов и очень восхищаюсь его игрой, и что он был неподражаем в первой части Кингсмана. Вы не поверите, что произошло дальше 😭 Он посмотре

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پست جدید محمد علیزاده ✒امام حسين(ع) مرد اخلاق بود و براى همين اسطوره شد وخدارو عاشق خودش كرد🙏

ʕ◉ᴥ◉ʔ ⒻⓄⓁⓁⓄⓌ~ⓁⒾⓀⒺ~ⓉⒶⒼ ʕ◉ᴥ◉ʔ @promoteshop_by_tn on Instagram photo September 21
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เคสสีพาสเทล 5 อัน 100฿ ✨คละสี+คละรุ่นได้ 🌈IG : edm_case

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Hi y'all🙈stay killing it!💕 - #bootybuilder#bodybuilding#bodybuilder#cutie#girlswholift#fitness#legs#shoulders#figure#physique#follow#curves#natural#swoldier#bulk#beast#aesthetics#prettylady#muscles#strong#dedicated#fitgirl#booty#confidence#gettingbig#gymrat#beauty#bootygainz

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Regrann from @maker_family - ดูเป็นครอบครัวนะคะ แฮ่มๆ นุ้งพิมมมมม #ทีมดูสด #เพลิงบุญ #MakerY #MakerFamily - #jiranee_pantip

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Нижний Новгород, все сюда 👉@emischool_n_novgorod 😃 Столько красоты на страничке 😍 Школа высокого уровня 💪 The royal stained glass flowers by our representation office in the city of Novgorod 😍 Would you like to learn how to create the ones like these? 🌹 Learn more aboout this express course by following this link https://emischool.com/courses/express_courses/stained-glass-flowers/

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@sedeflikoza 'dan bu şeker pofidik tulumlar ve bebeginize en güzel ürünler için @sedeflikoza @sedeflikoza

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Beberapa stuffs yang telah sold out akan di restock minggu ini. So, keep following us to more stay updates.

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#حكايتنا واليوم الحلقه الثانيه لمسلسل حكايتنا الحماس مليووون 🤞