Ritika Singh Fan @saradhan24 on Instagram photo March 26

Come on ritika jus fire the stage up🔥🔥🙌💃💃 U gonna gng to kill the stage wd ur shattering dancing moves. Sure all gonna awe by ur live stage performances😍🙏 Besttttt offff luckkkk to u rockstar🙌😘 And that hair coloring is sooo cool ritu i swear💯👌 Take rest when u have time❤ Waiting to see ur stage performance😊 @ritika_offl #ritikasingh #ritika #rithikasingh #rithika #irudhisuttru #sivalinga #saalakh

Ritika Singh Fan @saradhan24 on Instagram photo March 21

Happy birthday wishes to the Sensei Renshi Mohan Singh sir, a proud father of ritika singh🎂🍰 An inspirational father for ritika and for all💪👏 Without him we can't imagine to get ritika in our life. He's the man brought out the best of ritika and made her more focused in whatever field she got touched(Boxing, cinema, etc,.) Bcz of this focus she's unstoppable as always❤ Thank u sir for bringing rit

Ritika Singh Fan @saradhan24 on Instagram photo March 20

Part➡1) of theatrical trailer of mathi in #guru Link in ma bio😊Here we have that original mathi back wd that same amount of charm😍😍 and a cute rowdy too❤😘 Omg😱😱 This mathi is more energetic💯💪 Ritika u jus killed it👏 Not at all expected this much performance. That new dance steps is jus out of the universe😍👌👌 and final proposing scene omg the same mathi got retained in that saree😍😍😍😍😍 U teared it❤

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เทป 5 4 3 2 .. เธอไม่เคาะประตู จู่ๆชอบโผล่เข้ามา เหงาไม่เลือกเวลา บ้าอารายไม่รู้ พูดให้คิดทำไม .. #พ่อบ้านใจกล้า #ช่องเวิร์คพอยท์23

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@amelia.salim looks sooo gorgeous in @herman_arifin batik peranakan collection ... at SamKim 1st anniversary

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Score! Kind of nice when you travel enough that you have toothbrushes and other necessities hidden away in every bag! The people sitting beside me will be soooo excited in about 10 hrs!! #airplanebreath

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Spirulina gives recipes a GORG teal color that we’re obsessed with! 🙌🏼✨🌊 Best part, it has so many benefits for your beautiful bod: glowing skin, reduced inflammation, lower cholesterol…oh, and decreased body fat too! 😉💪🏼 Show us your bright spirulina creations with #TIUteam! 😽💚🤸🏼‍♀️