MARY LEAF @maryleaf_ on Instagram photo February 21

I’m just an ordinary girl with a big passion for what I do. Some people may understand me, others won’t. That’s ok 👌🏽 I’m not here to please everyone!! Stay true to yourself, dream big, be a heart of service & chase your goals ♥️ Set @fashionnova Shoes @prettylittlething Skin @xyrockingham @xyskinandbody @xywhitfordcity #trends #blogger #weekend #photographer #makeup #photoshoot #bikini #models

MARY LEAF @maryleaf_ on Instagram photo February 21

Don’t worry so much about the outcomes simply focus on the journey. That’s where the true beauty lies. After doing gymnastics for 8 years, modelling since I was 10, singing for 15 years, sang for the Queen twice, going to University for 5 years studying Art + Honours in Art + Diploma in Education, being a High School Teacher for 2 years, travelled to so many parts of the world, lived in different

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Slowly finding spare time to build the pieces up my bedroom! Today I got a French style bedside table lamp from @freedom_australia! So happy I can’t wait to install it! Next stop a painting/artwork for above the bed head!! If you have any artist/artwork recommendations please let me know in the comments I would absolutely love to hear your ideas!!! 💖 Hair @superstarhairandaccessories Dress & Clu

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Happy Monday Everyone!!!! ⛅️☕️🌴 Monday is my favourite day of the week!!! I love starting the week with fresh ideas, new goals & a clear vision!!! What is your intention for this new week? 🍯 Wishing you all an awesome week ahead full of lots of incredible moments, endless possibilities & fun! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Bikinis by @thekittykittybangbang #holiday #blogger #blog #weekend #photographer #makeup #photosh

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You have everything inside you to make it happen. All it boils down to is your actions that you are prepared to take. Are you a dreamer or are you a doer? Do you like to say you are going to do something or do you just get down & do it? Always remember actions speak louder than words💫 Set @fashionnova Makeup @lozpic_artistry Hair @comedohair Skin @xyrockingham @xyskinandbody @xywhitfordcity #t

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Work hard. Play harder 💯 Everything in life requires effort, time & sacrifices to achieve what you want to. Find the happy medium that works for you. Make sure you don’t ever work so hard that you forget to live your life though! Your life & memories are everything 🙌👍🌞📷 @wildtiger_photography 👙 @thekittykittybangbang 💄 @hooperartistry 💇‍♀️ @comedohair #wildtigerphotography #blogger #weekend #phot

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Today is a Celebration of love ♥️ Happy Valentines Day Everyone 🌹 It doesn’t matter if you have a Valentine or not, you are beautiful inside & out. Remember to always enjoy quality times with loved ones around you 🌹 Dress @ignitethenightdresshire Hair @superstarhairandaccessories Skin @xyrockingham @xyskinandbody @xywhitfordcity #trends #valentinesday #blogger #photographer #makeup #photoshoot #

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Whether you are single, in a relationship, engaged or married, Valentines Day can be a fun day for all celebrating love with people you love in your life! 🌹 If you are single don’t worry why not text/call your single friends & book dinner or a movie night with a bunch of your girlfriends or guy makes for the single men reading this that would love a catchup with their mates that night! That way it

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Off to the airport to celebrate our 2 year Wedding Anniversary!!!! ❤️ I can’t believe it’s already 2 years since I married my best friend Jake in a Palace in India! Time flies when you are having so much fun in married life!!! Our wedding day was one of the most magical days of our lives it felt like a dream etched in our minds for a lifetime. I feel so happy & blessed with every single day marrie

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After a long wait, we have come to the end of our consignment softwares development. Starting the first Thursday of March (3/8/18), all consignors will be able to track their inventory live, see when an item sells, their current balance, and when they’re next check pickup date is, all from their phone or computer. This will make It far easier for all of you to analyze and record keep your inventor

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.. تصميم دعوات الكترونية (زواج ،بشارة مواليد ،تخرج ) كل الي تبونه من تصاميم تلاقونه عندهم 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 @antaj701 @antaj701 #الخفجي #تخفيضات #تنزيلات #بيع #تسويق #خصومات #جمال #أناقة #اعلانات_الخفجي #هدايا #طبخات #الخفجي_مول #عطور #تجميل #ملابس #حلويات #رمزيات #تاجرات #خفجينا #متجر #مشدات #تصويري #صباح_الخير #مكياج #ماركات #شنط #خفجاويات #كلية_الخفجي #جامعة_الدمام

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👉🏼#ÂDMÎN 👇 🌹 #Âbø_âll_MīsSt 🌹 @a7m_ad__ . . فلو لبيجنا التاني 🙊💜فديتكم 👇 @tnadeek_96 @tnadeek_96 @tnadeek_96 ° ° ‎‏#february_irbid_96