@missladypinks1 on Instagram photo June 5

Tonight was lit @tatted_up_lana @theblackkwidow @beautifulme562 thank you ladies for my bday BBQ

 @missladypinks1 on Instagram photo June 3

I got a facial done today my skin is feeling vibrant & my hair tho 👌🏼 @kingofhairextensions always making my hair On point!!!! Muahz love you Ralph!!!

 @missladypinks1 on Instagram photo June 1

Lol! Thanks M 😂😂 pretty fucken accurate 😂😂 just wanna thank you all for all my birthday wishes on here, on my Erica page on FB and on my snap lots of texts calls n dms bday shout outs today I appreciate it!!! Even the calls from prison 😊It feels great back to be back in #CALI 🌴🌴 at least for a few days,spent with my fam today but night still young 😊🍸 ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU ALL see you guys this Sat

 @missladypinks1 on Instagram photo May 29

When you on a big ass #tourbus going through mountains all high and road all narrow and sharp ass turns and all it takes is one wrong move you wonder like dang WE MUST REALLY LOVE OUR FANS! We on the road every day and you never know what can happen sometimes it ain't even you but others who are out on the road not paying attention that can fuck up and cause an accident. At times like this I'm lik

 @missladypinks1 on Instagram photo May 29

Congrats to our homie and good friend @crazyloc1 it was about freaken time ESE!!!!! Just got signed to the label after being around so many years and touring and dropping music i think he well deserved it! CONGRATS MY BOY!!!!! see you guys n come thru #mybirthdaybbq this Sunday coming up at the #mansion hit me up for details 👉🏻👈🏻 #BIRTHDAYWEEKEND #backincali whip out them rarrys n Lambos #HIPOWER

 @missladypinks1 on Instagram photo May 28

We Erica's think alike I swear 😂😂 ladies isn't this the muthafucken truth FML 😂TAG YA BISHES

 @missladypinks1 on Instagram photo May 28

😍 I love him! Miss my daddy! #Hombrecomomipapasonrarros I can't wait to see him ✈️🙌🏼 I'm so blessed because I have the best father in the world!!! He spoiled me rotten growing up!!!! That explains a lot dont it lol

 @missladypinks1 on Instagram photo May 26

We in Aurora Colorado who's all in Aurora ? Tag someone... by the way everyone out here been asking about murder she wrote album .. I can't wait till this video finally gets done 🙌🏼 #ALLUPINMYBIZZNESS

 @missladypinks1 on Instagram photo May 26

I talk to my self all the time like "Naw bishhh don't do it , me : why not bishhhh ppl gonna talk anyways so fuck um do you! " 😈😇 #GEMINI THE VOICES IN MY HEAD MADE ME DO IT!!!!! Or NOT!!!! #FML I'm claiming #insane cause "I DONT KNOW WHAT YOU TALKING ABOUT" #FUCKYOUJUDGEMEALLYOUWANT I'm still cute! 😘 #innerpinkymademedoit TAG SOMEONE THIS JUST REMINDED YOU OF! Shout outs to my lurkers 😘Where are

 @missladypinks1 on Instagram photo May 25

Who is ready to see my boys my clicka the ones I roll with new roll call video? Tag ya peeps

 @missladypinks1 on Instagram photo May 24

I always get hit up by fans and friends etc.. for relationship advice & most asked question is "what do I do when something is bad for me and I keep going back like a revolving door and every time he/she does the same thing hurt me? Well first of all YOU are hurrying yourself by allowing that person to hurt you repeatedly ONLY YOU CAN PUT A STOP TO THAT!!! YOU ALREADY KNOW WHAT THAT PERSON ABOUT

 @missladypinks1 on Instagram photo May 23

I wasn't really wasn't able to promote my own video when it recently dropped my pages on social media were hacked and lost so becareful on what u open up by email they be looking legit af - anyhow I thank those that did repost it and shared it on all your pages I appreciate ya'll shout outs to everyone that had a contribution on this project let's keep sharing it! BTW... the gente that we're getti

 @missladypinks1 on Instagram photo May 23

As you guys know I was recently hacked by someone overseas and I lost my #FACEBOOK #LIKE PAGE and my other #IG #PAGE #pinkyrozéy one but oh well it is what it is and sometimes we just gotta start from scratch wth new beginning so when my new #FB is up I'm gonna need your help on #SHARING IT but You will know which one is my real one because I will let you guys know and promote it out of this page

 @missladypinks1 on Instagram photo May 21

When she know her worth & value but even better when #HE knows it and acknowledges it & values her worth 💯

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Magda Szulc @simplyabouthome on Instagram photo November 21
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Tydzień na wysokich obrotach, czasu nie mam na porządny obiad, ale to sobie odbiję choćby w weekend, na ig też czasu brak, ale poprawię się, obiecuję😘 Tymczasem zdjęcie jeszcze w klimacie jesiennym, lada moment i mnie też dopadnie zimowa atmosfera przygotowań do świąt... u wielu z Was już tak cudnie, aromat cynamonu, pieczonych jabłek i suszonych pomarańczy czuć z daleka...🌟😉😁 . . . . #jeszcze #je

Andre  Queiroz @professorandrequeiroz on Instagram photo November 21
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Viajo na idéia de que meu TRABALHO deve ter relação direta comigo, com meu estilo de vida, com o que quero oferecer aos meus alunos e quem realmente desejo SER. Meu trabalho deve ser maior que minha necessidade de ganhar grana e conquistar bens materiais, tem que ser um caminho para que eu escreva minha obra, marque e me sinta realizado. Acordo cedo? Bastante! Durmo tarde? Sim, senhor! Me canso? C

ViC • • @vic_oficial on Instagram photo November 21
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Body Lindo de viver 💕 • Body Tricot Tiras | R$189,9 • Short Jeans Destroyed Black | R$169,9 • Cinto Elástico Tatá | R$89,9 Compras em: www.vicshop.com.br

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Vendas pelo DIRECT 📣📣📣📣📣📣📣📣📣📣📣📣📣📣 Tapetes de atividades portáteis! ✅Duplos ✅Dobráveis ✅Impermeável ✅Fácil de transportar ✅Medindo 1.20x1.80 ✅Acompanha sacola ✅Com 6mm de espessura ✅ Ideal para parques, casa, até praia! COM ISOLAMENTO TÉRMICO ( NAO PASSA FRIEZA DO CHÃO) Apenas R$ 109,9 0 a vista por depósito ou transferência bancária ou R$ 119,90 em todos os cartões! Envio para todo Brasil #Regra

julie estelle Gasnier @julstelle on Instagram photo November 21
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The Best Durian Coffee Latte I have ever tasted ❤ The exciting combination of Quality Coffee and Durian Extract. When You speak about Bravery and Innovation @coffee.seven brings you all the Actions. Cobain? #Coffee7 #BeraniNggaLoe

กระเป๋าแฟชั่น Chic ที่สุด 👜👛 @mnbag4you on Instagram photo November 21
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💕 กระเป๋าสะพายเป้ งานกริตเตอร์ สีสันสวยงาม ใบขนาดกำลังดี ทรงสวย มีช่องหน้า เอาไว้แบ่งแยกใส่ของได้ สีโดดเด่น วิ้งวับมากๆ น่ารัก ชิคๆ ใบเดียวจบ สะพายไปได้ทุกที่ สาวกเป้ จัดเลยจ้า มี 5 สี Size 10 x 12" ราคา 890 บาท

PT JESSICA (다이어트,홈트,헬스,일산피티) @jessicak_go4it on Instagram photo November 21
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화요일- 어깨 뿌시기 with @jiny_go4it . 사이드레터럴머신 4셋 해머스트랭스 숄더프레스 5셋 덤벨사이드레터럴레이즈 5셋 스미스머신 밀리터리프레스 4셋 벤트오버레터럴레이즈 4셋 페이스풀 3셋 . 두번째영상은 보너스👻 사진인줄 알았음 😆 . #고포잇짐 #어깨 #지카커플 #파트너운동 #웨이트 #운동하는여자들

Perde Pakrıval Aksesuar Jalüz @bella.vita_perde on Instagram photo November 21
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💕Bella Vita ~ Həyat Gözəldir... 📲 051 451 1 451 (tel/whatsapp) 🌐Biz size 🇹🇷Türkiye 🇮🇹İtalia 🇦🇺İngiltere 🇦🇪Dubai 🇮🇳Hindistan 🇵🇱Polsha 🇪🇸 İspanya ve.s ölke istehsalı perdeleri sergileyirik. 📍Mağazamız Azadlıq prospekti ile Memmed Araz küçesinin kesişmesinde yerleşir. 📌 Etraflı melumat üçün elaqe saxlaya bilersiniz

☮ TWSHOP ☮ @twshop on Instagram photo November 21
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600 บาท 👉🏻👉🏻 ราคาสินค้ารวมส่งเรียบร้อยแล้วจ้า 👍😸 🇰🇷NEW ARRIVAL🇰🇷 (DREES ME PLS.) มินิเดรสฮูทต่อชาย และปลายแขนผ้าพลีต เนื้อผ้านุ่มใส่สบาย มีกระเป๋าข้าง แพทเทิร์นทรงน่ารัก เหมาะกับอากาศเย็นๆ ค่า (DREES ME PLS.) สี | เทา, กรม, ส้ม ▪️FREE SIZE อก 44" วงแขน 16" ยาว 30" —————————————————————————— สนใจสินค้า สั่งได้ทาง Add line : @ Twshop1 ( มี @ ด้วยนะคะ ) มีแอดมินตอบ3 ท่านจ้ะ กด 👉🏽@Twshop1 (มี@ ด้วย

☮ TWSHOP ☮ @twshop on Instagram photo November 21
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570 บาท 👉🏻👉🏻 ราคาสินค้ารวมส่งเรียบร้อยแล้วจ้า 👍😸 🇰🇷NEW ARRIVAL🇰🇷 (DREES ME PLS.) กางเกงผ้า Knit แต่งแถบขาวด้านข้าง เนื้อผ้าไม่หนาไม่บางจนเกินไป เนื้อผ้าใส่สบาย ปลายขาจั๊ม เปิดหน้าเก๋ๆ ใส่แมทได้หลายสไตล์ค่า (DREES ME PLS.) สี | เทา, ดำ ▪️FREE SIZE เอว 24-36” สะโพก 38-50” ยาว 36” —————————————————————————— สนใจสินค้า สั่งได้ทาง Add line : @ Twshop1 ( มี @ ด้วยนะคะ ) มีแอดมินตอบ3 ท่านจ้ะ กด 👉🏽@Tws

Miya Design @mymiyaplanner on Instagram photo November 21
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Bol yolculuklu bir yıl diliyoruz. 🙏🏼 💃🏻#Repost @ekininci_ with @repostapp ・・・ Güzel bir yıl olması dileğimle! 💕 Plannerlarla bizi tanıştıran @mymiyaplanner Emeğinize sağlık :) Planlar başlasın o zaman! Hediyeler için ayrıca teşekkür ederim 💝 #miyaplanner #mymiyaplanner #klasikmiya #tamdaben #kızımvebavulum #lovetotravel #ταξιδια #γατα #εγω 🕊

BFS | #bandungfoodies @bandungfoodsociety on Instagram photo November 21
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Guys mau makan enak, kenyang dan murah?? Cobain deh beli Vocher di Fave, ada banyak promo diskon yg super asik.. BFS abis beli Vocher Yakiniku Grill di @fukuzushi_forlife asik bgt loh cm IDR 85.000 kalian udh bisa dapetin Wagyu, Chicken, Udang, Sosis, 2 Nasi dan 2 Ocha.. trus kalian udh pd tau belum kalau skrg @fukuzushi_forlife buka di Mayfair Building Lt1 loh !! Yuks buruannnn kesana.. . BFS sen

Diamante Rosa Pink®💎 @lojadiamante_rosa_pink on Instagram photo November 21
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💁🏻💁🏻BOOOMMM DIIIAAAA💁🏻💁🏻Amando esse look 😍😍😍blusinha de tule 😍😍acompanha regatinha💕💕💎💎calça de bengaline 😍😍😍sapato salto grosso😍😍😍🔝💓💓💓💎💎💎💎vem pra @lojadiamante_rosa_pink @lojadiamante_rosa_pink 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎 ⬇ ⏰⏰De Segunda a Sábado das 9:00 às 19:00 (sem fechar 12:00)⏰⏰ 👩🏼‍💻🖥💻🤳🏼Compre a distância pelos nosso WhatsApp 📲🤳🏼🏩Loja Esteio 📲(51) 99213-5555 📍Rua Fernando Ferrari n° 1342 centro Esteio 📞(5

타투 큐 @tattoo_q on Instagram photo November 21
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guess what? #tattoo_q . . . . . #tattoo#미니타투#감성타투#낙서타투#셀카#ootd#레터링#이태원타투#이태원#Itaewon#seoultattoo#works

고우리 프리랜서모델🇰🇷 @wooriko5817 on Instagram photo November 21
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요즘 건조해진 내 입술에 바르는 멀티밤~ 얼굴,바디는 물론 상한 모발까지 발라도 된대요👍 - - - #인스티튜트카리테 #institutkarite #100%퓨어시어버터 #시어버터 #멀티밤 #바디밤 #저자극 #시코르 #부츠 #겨울바디보습