Kayla @tactikayla on Instagram photo February 17

Made it through the day!! Loved seeing all of the departments come together for Officer Maddox, the Locust Grove Police Depart, and his family. I saw departments from all over the country in attendance!! Such a powerful thing to see all of the citizens lining the streets with American flags, thin blue line flags, and homemade signs they made with their children! I really felt the loved today! And

Kayla @tactikayla on Instagram photo February 13

Going back to my dark hair in a couple weeks!! I miss my natural color! May go a shade darker. Still deciding!! 🤔

Kayla @tactikayla on Instagram photo February 12

Can anyone figure out what’s missing in this picture??? I’ll give you a hint. He has four short little legs and his name starts with a C. 🤔🤔 #Cujo

Kayla @tactikayla on Instagram photo February 8

Did fairly well on this stage. 25a 4c. Beat some pretty decent shooters on this stage as well. Definitely couldn’t have done it without my @northtechdefense beauty! 😀

Kayla @tactikayla on Instagram photo February 3

Super exhausted after my first rifle match! I was so impressed with myself afterwards even before I found out I got 22 out of 60 shooters. For my very first rifle match I am beyond pleased. My @northtechdefense rifle ran flawlessly and kept getting sexually harassed and groped the entire match!!! 😏 so glad I have such a great rifle that I can feel confident with!! #badass #rifle #guns #gunchannels

Kayla @tactikayla on Instagram photo January 29

In desperate need to get to a local match. Haven't shot one since the state match in November. 😳 #unacceptable

Kayla @tactikayla on Instagram photo January 21

Sooooo glad there's finally a @511tactical store somewhat close to me!! Stopped by today and picked up a few new things!! I'll have to show y'all what I found! 😍#addict #511tactical

Kayla @tactikayla on Instagram photo January 4

Not really a fan of shotguns but who doesn't like a good suppressor? 😏 just wish it would warm up a bit!!

Kayla @tactikayla on Instagram photo December 28

#throwback to a couple of years ago when I passed semi-auto pistol level 3! One of the proudest moments if not the proudest in my shooting career. This class is considered by most to be the most difficult in the state. If you know my background in shooting then you know how much of an accomplishment this was for me. So proud of how far I've come!!

Kayla @tactikayla on Instagram photo December 25

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas! Enjoy your time with friends and family!! For all the 🚓 be safe out there!! #merrychristmas

Kayla @tactikayla on Instagram photo December 21

If only it was socially acceptable and practical to wear skinny jeans and boots to uspsa matches I totally would. #obsessed the lighting sucked so I changed it to black and white 💁 #thatlightingsucked

Kayla @tactikayla on Instagram photo December 18

Christmas is officially a week away. Will y'all be sitting back and relaxing or do y'all still have last minute Christmas shopping to do? Anyone giving or expecting any guns as presents? #todolist #christmas #rush #uspsa #guns

Kayla @tactikayla on Instagram photo December 14

Anybody else sit there and contemplate which match they wanna shoot this weekend? Like do I really wanna drive two hours to Alabama to shoot a great match but it kinda wastes my whole day and freeze most of the day.... or do I wanna shoot a match here that's kinda crappy quick but still fun then have the rest of my day to do whatever.... decisions decisions. What would y'all do?? #whattodo #uspsa

Kayla @tactikayla on Instagram photo December 11

Changed up the hair and went a bit lighter. What do y'all think? 👎 or 👍 I can't decide how I feel about it yet!!

Kayla @tactikayla on Instagram photo December 9

Swipe left to see more videos! I'll delete these after a day or so just wanted to share them with y'all!! Just a few videos from the Trans Siberian Orchestra concert. If you haven't seen the live it's really a great show!! My second time seeing them and I will see them again!!

Kayla @tactikayla on Instagram photo December 7

Alright folks. It's time for another GIVEAWAY!! Teamed up with @actiontarget again. To win this Gong all you have to do is: 1. Follow me 2. Follow @actiontarget 3. Tag one buddy in the comments!!! Winner will be chosen Monday. You can enter once per day!!

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Evde Pike @evde_pike on Instagram photo February 24
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Güzel bir hafta sonu dileklerimle, kolay gelsin arkadaşlar.🌹☘🌹☘

عبارات 🌚💔' @6b65 on Instagram photo February 24
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#حزن_هموم_مرض_قلق_بكاء_جوع_خوف_عذاب_عقاب_ضيق_حرمان_سجن_ضرب_اهانه_غربه_عجز_ضعف_حاجه #لايكاتكم_تسعدني_رمزيات_يوميات_تعليقاتكم_تهمني_فلو_متفاعله_لايكك #حزب_شهار_طخين_تفجير_شطر_بطر_حزب_تكساس_حزب_هوليود_ #مبروك

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“BATAM JADI JALUR FAVORIT PEREDARAN NARKOBA JARINGAN INTERNASIONAL” . Kepulauan Riau menjadi jalur favorit peredaran narkoba jaringan Internasional di Indonesia. Hal tersebut terbukti dari sejumlah kasus penyelundupan narkoba yang berhasil digagalkan petugas. . Ada beberapa faktor yang menyebabkan Batam menjadi pintu masuk favorit narkoba. Pertama karena perairan Kepri mempunyai garis pantai yang

Felicya Angelista @felicyangelista_ on Instagram photo February 24
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Sabtu , saatnya bersatu kaya cinta kamoh ke akooh gitu deeh .. Hayoooh 😚😙 Sekarang udah malam minggu aja yups , ada rencana kemana malam ini ?? Buat ajak orang tersayang kamoh jalan-jalan 😄😘 Tapi jangan lupa kemana pun kamoh pergi harus sedia @Serangheiyo yups .. . . 🏠Store : Jl. Jend. A. Yani no.124 Sumur Pecung , Serang-Banten 💕 . . #Serangheiyo #CakenyaAkoh #OleholehSerang #CakeKekiniannyaSera

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Look what I've got, this cutie hampers from CLEAR NATURAL BLACK💕 Di dalam hampersnya ada varian shampoo terbaru dari Clear terus ada the beautiful syal @clearindonesia X @ayangcempaka. Wohoo, so excited buat cobain shampoonya, it smells so goood. Ooh iya, Clear natural black ini varian pertama dari clear yang menggunakan bahan natural loh ada tea tree oil dan zaitun hitamnya yg jelas bikin km 100%

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How do Mommy Iya and Daddy Drew travel with Primo now that he's so active and malikot? Catch Team A's first ever Facebook live plus Q&A session this Saturday, Feb 24, 7pm to find out! #LetLoveFlow with babyflo!

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НАБЛЮДАЙ | Причудливые снежные узоры с утра за окном❄️Не покидает ощущение, что весна так близко. Просто она очень медленно идёт, так медленно, что кажется, будто совсем про нас забыла 🙈Доброго зимнего денька всем!💋 @artjenka #на8этажеближенебо #kaliningrad #liveakalive #artjenka #snow #snowday #kaliningradlife

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WWW.COILWITHIRONS.COM . . . #RepostSave @inkflow_flo_bg with @repostsaveapp . . . 안녕하세요. INKFLOW 양기현입니다. . . . #koreantattoo #spektrahalo2crossover #fkirons #coilwithirons #blackandgrey #blackandgreytattoo #realistictattoo #블랙엔그레이타투 #리얼리티타투 #타투 #홍대타투 #타투이스트양기현 #포트레이트 #포트레이트타투 #portrait #portraittattoo #해골타투 #해골 #인물타투 #darksidetattoo #skulltattoo #skull #코일위드아이언즈 #tattoomachine #tattoomachines

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ِ‬ ‫اللهـمّ أيام تمُر ولا تضُر، تعّطي أكثرْ مما تأخذ، تفرحّ أكثر مما تُحزن 💙🙏🏻‬

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仲良しのカメラマンさんが もう使わないからってフィルムカメラを譲ってくれたよ😭📷 . . 2時間くらいお茶しつつ フィルムカメラ授業を受け笑 . . Canon使いこなすぞ!って意気込んでたら . . あべりは3回くらい使ったら 重いし難しいしで使わなくなりそうだから慣れるようにコレもあげる〜 . . ってほぼ設定いらない押すだけの OLYMPUSまでくれた🤦🏻‍♀️笑 神さまなのかな😭✨ そろそろお誕生日だからねってご飯までご馳走になってしまってね もう私は今日1日優しい人たちにたくさんあって 感謝の気持ちと幸せで心がぽかぽかだよ😭 #ありがとう中野先生 #大事に大事にします #fudgeの皆さまもありがとう #いいことたくさん #嬉しいなあ

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🍪 ไม่ต้องใช้คุ้กกี้เสี่ยงทายมาดูดวงกับเราง่ายกว่า 79บาทเท่านั้น สนใจคลิก @card.ssp @card.ssp @card.ssp

TV2 📺 🎥 💻 🎬 @tv2official on Instagram photo February 24
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Eszter megérezte, hogy A Piramissal sok pénzt nyernek majd, azonban úgy tűnik, hogy a látnoki képessége ezúttal cserben hagyta... #tv2 #apiramis

Gazete Magazin @gazetemagazin on Instagram photo February 24
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Estetiği karşı olmadığını söyleyen Onur Büyüktopçu burun estetiği yaptırdığını açıkladı. Büyüktopçu, "Burnum çok kemerliydi, çok özgüvensizdim. Ayna karşısına geçtiğimde 'Allah'ım şu burnum birden değişsin' derdim. Sonra 'Allah'ım sen yarattım bunu, ben neden bozayım' dedim. Ama sonra oyunculuk ilgili görsel bir iş yapmaya başladığımda, eski burnumla bir senede beş reklam çektim. Burnumu yaptırdım