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Segenap team mengucapkan selamat idul fitri untuk seluruh fitness mania di tanah air🙏🏻💪🏻 @reps_id on Instagram photo June 21

Thermal xtc. Fat burner from @nutrabolics . #Repost @brittanytavares_ (@get_repost) ・・・ Ready for this day!!! One of my favourite products by @nutrabolics. If you are Looking for a fat burner that puts you in a fantastic mood, makes you very focused, while giving you energy, I highly recommend Thermal XTC. You can feel it working as your body heats up and you feel amazing!!! Feel the heat, feel th @reps_id on Instagram photo June 19

@dody_sportisi manaaa yak???? Ada fans nya nih. #Repost @meikeweldhery (@get_repost) ・・・ Waahhh gaya apa ini??😂😂 Untung cuma sebuah poster.. Mudah2n suami tercinta tidak cemburu.. Colek papi @afri_ady😘 Saya lupa kemaren siapa yang mengabadikan foto ini.. Salah satu anak @asgympalembang Mungkin @nurulbae94 Kalo ga salah😆😅 #justtakepicture #candid #awesome #fitbody #fitmomof2 #fitmommy #loveit #so @reps_id on Instagram photo June 19

Flex!! #Repost @nanang_seid (@get_repost) ・・・ Akan tiba saatnya dimana kamu jenuh dengan rutinitas fitnes yang kamu lakukan. Bangun, kuliah, kerja, malam ngegym,  sementara teman sepermainan sedang asik-asiknya nonton di bioskop, sedangkan kamu lagi di gym bercucuran keringat. Tiap hari mencuci botol shaker yang bau, tiap pagi sibuk memasak dada ayam di dapur, makin hari performa latihan semakin m @reps_id on Instagram photo June 19

Mantabs ce. #Repost @fenfitlicious (@get_repost) ・・・ During holiday trip to my hometown.. Thanks to @ritzgymkisaran for the invitation. Keep up a good work guys, be fit always & stay healthy 🙏 Bye to all my familia here. See you all next time. Me love u all 😘@sally_liew @scitecnutritionindonesia @scitec_middle_east @scitecnutrition @scitec_malaysia @scitec_uk #fitnessmodel #scitecgirl #fitmom #f @reps_id on Instagram photo June 19

Motivasi hari ini. #Repost @monic_lau (@get_repost) ・・・ After leg day🔥🔥 Eh eh para cewe2 yg masih gadis atau sdh anak 1 2 3 4🙈 Aku bbrp hr yg lalu pnh baca postingan org yg blg maklum sdh anak 2 perutnya buncit udh gak bisa rata lagi . Apalagi caesar kmrin jadi maklum aja ya buncit anak 2 lagi mana bisa rata yg penting udah ideal jauh dr obesitas Sebenarnya ada bener juga yg penting berat badan id @reps_id on Instagram photo June 17

See u soon at Bali. #Repost @nicolehowarth_figurepro (@get_repost) ・・・ I wanted to share something.. . I absolutely love seeing people post things that are real, not just in text, in emotion, in truths... but in a realistic form of images... that's what Instagram is all about right... photos... We like to portray only the best angles of ourselves.. always. It's human nature.. but its not the real

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If you don't work out your insecurities all on your own, you will not only project them onto the person you're with, but you'll damage the relationship altogether. You also shouldn't be with someone who deliberately brings out your insecurities. Be with the one who puts them to sleep. 😴 @fashionnova on Instagram photo June 28
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موزیک ویدیو اسم تو(طلسم) با صدای لیلا فروهر و حسن شماعی زاده @leilaforouhar @shamaizadehhassan ____________________ ترانه سرا:اردلان سرفراز @ardalan_sarfaraz آهنگساز:حسن شماعی زاده ____________________ این موزیگ ویدیو را هم اکنون از کانال ما دریافت کنید👇 لینک در بیو پیج موجود است ____________________ این همه شعر عاشقونه هق هق گریه ی شبونه .. ❤ _________________

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"Бүгін 28.06.2017 ж. 56 орта мектебінде Ақтөбе қалалық білім бөлімінің 2016-2017 оқу жылын қорытындылайтын алқа жиыны өтті. Жиынның күн тәртібінде өзекті мәселелер қарастырылды және аталған сұрақтар бойынша тиісті шешімдер қабылданып, білім беру мекемелерінің басшыларына ұсыныстар берілді. #obrazovanie_gorod_aktobe"