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I devote myself to worship life, all of life, being alive, experiencing life, being alive, living the life I was meant to live. A gratitude mindset is one that helps us to see the beauty in All and to understand that every lesson brings us a beautiful blessing that increases our awareness and spiritual maturity. We feel happier and have more energy when we find things daily to be consciously grate

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Who or what has ever made you think that you are not worthy and deserving to be happy and think happy thoughts? To eat natural foods that are healing and vitalizing your body? To listen, watch and see things that nourish all of your senses and uplift your entire being? What is more important than You - you entire existence is everything but a coincidence. It is a perfectly crafted manifestation of

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The energy has shifted, from the deep shadows and secrets to a more adventurous, knowledge seeking and positive vibration within us as the Sun has moved to the optimistic and truth seeking Sag. We have a great month a head which is great for acquiring higher knowledge, abundance mind-set, opportunity seeking and generally positive outlooks. We have entered a season that will conclude the year of 2

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Did you know that your smile can change the world? It changes your from within, changes the energy around you and changes the outcome of every little action you take. It changes how you are perceived and how others perceive themselves. Smiles are vulnerable, heart-opening and loving. Smiles are one of our first basic reactions in life and there is great mystery behind the reflex. It tells others t

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I speak from my heart and write with my soul. Whatever lessons life has given me, I feel the urge to share with You. Messages come like a intuitive wave or like a divinely guided voice deep within me. We all have the power to share and co-create, to spread more love and harmony, and the more we share the more we have the opportunity to bond and connect. The more we give, the more abundance we see.

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We are not the victims of life, we are ourselves the creators and we are painting the colors on the canvas that life is. If we do not let go of fears and pains, we continuously paint life with dark colors and the harder it gets to coat it with light. If we take charge of our mind and our emotions, we gradually start seeing that all change comes from within and that we in fact have the divine power

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The New Moon (Saturday) at 6.42 AM (EST) is in Scorpio and standing together with the Sun. New Moons are new emotional cycles and times for new beginnings and initiations. Scorpio is the second water sign and is a deep and passionate sign that deals with everything hidden; secrets, fears, pains, shadows, sexual desires and power. Scorpio on the lowest level is like a scorpion: controlling and stin

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This beautiful Tibetan Silver Handmade Shamballa bracelet invokes universal acceptance, unity, and wholeness. Keep yourself protected from negative energy! Attracts all good things. The knots are tied when reciting mantras. Only today at 50%. Excusive @ananta.stones as part of their Grand Opening. Click Link in their Bio to Get Yours🌸 #lawofpositivism #meditation #dailyaffirmations #astrology #nu

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Dive deep into the shadows to rise higher above, viewing life from a wider perspective. With the Scorpio New Moon coming up tomorrow, we are being asked to find the deep transformation that is needed in order for us to become more empowered and release fears. Scorpio is highly psychic and wants the authentic and intimate connections. Prepare yourself for this upcoming energy by tapping into your d

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When we give for the sake of giving, and love for the sake of loving, we truly tap into the highest vibration. It puts us in a frequency of wanting to experience life, for it was gifted to us. We shift our minds to create instead of consume, to form instead of destructing and to thrive as spirits having a human experience. Give abundance and the Universe shall bless you with abundance🌸 #spirithavi

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There is no individual soul that has no healing to do. There is a need for healing in all of us, in different ways, just as we all have different soul purposes. Dharma is the direction we want to go in and karma is the healing, learning and the letting go. If you want to evolve and grow in this life time, be very aware of your karma that keeps showing itself in different situations and in differen

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I could not express enough how important it is to listen to our own inner compass, to have the empathy and sympathy for ourselves to take the decisions that are actually aligned with our gut feeling. Our gut is our true brain and is the radio for the frequency which our soul, the divine and other guides communicate to us. If there was a way to display how many times our intuition has led us toward

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You guys....this has been the strangest night! First I had been awake from 4 am, still feeling energized all day, then I couldn't fall a sleep until very late and then I woke up very early again this morning. I usually try to sleep at least 8 hours and I always feel low on energy if I sleep less. I saw that many more of you experienced the same thing tonight. I just wanted to create an image to sh

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New thoughts, words and intentions, create new experiences, beings and realities. One primarily deals with strong will, positivity, pure energy. The number One reflects new beginnings, and purity. The symbolic meaning of number One is further clarified when we understand One represents both kinds of action: physical and mental. This combined with Ones urgency for new beginnings, we begin to see On

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I don't know how your experience will be with this activation, but I have been awake since 4 am (CET) this morning! Let me know how this 11/11 portal affects you. All numbers have secret and mystic messages and vibrations that when understood, can be used for the greater good of oneself and others. We have a 11/11 code activation today which also signifies new beginnings and new insights. We must

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Mind is matter, thought is form, energy converts, intention shapes, love prospers, the Universe is consciousness. When you paint, that which you want to manifest on the canvas is a direct reflection of the intentions and visions of your mind's eye. When you cook, the food is not cooked only through the ingredients that it contains but also from the intention that is created through your consciousn

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Sage that is used for cleansing is called Salvia Officinalis in Latin and is a herb that can be used in cooking or in medicine. There is a lot of health benefits with using sage such as lowering inflammation in the body, improve brain function, strengthen the immune system, regulate digestion etc. It has been used for medicine for ages and for clearing spaces and people from negative energy. We ca

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Thoughts, words and communication are all energy. All ideas and abstract visions has been speeding up in our minds and this even caused me waking up several times tonight. The speed the mind wants to go though can not always be matched by the environment here and now, but you can rest assure that it will manifest with time. It is truly so that after a time of stillness comes great power and energy

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The shifts in the universe is also reflected within us and we are feeling the transformation within ourselves. Master number 11 is the portal of imitation and is a gateway where you step to the edge and you can let go of what you have been and thought, letting your intuition to guide you on new grounds🌸 Divine art by @archannair #numerology #numbereleven #number11 #11 #eleveneleven #sacredgeomet

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I can't help but to wonder how life would be with no wars. How we could end poverty and suffering, grow as humanity and give all children equal opportunities. Why am I or anyone else more important than another life? As an empath, the knowledge and reminder, that people are being tortured and killed everyday is extremely painful. To see loss and grief in people's eyes, to see innocent lives of bei

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Happy Full Moon🌕 I truly felt the creative and aesthetic vibe of this beautiful Super Moon in Taurus✨ it’s all about our senses and one way to pleasure our vision is through art and beauty. I wanted to stay a series of art that I create myself and share it with you! This is the first one I want to share, synchronized with the moon today, and I call it moonart☺️ let me know what feeling and thought

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Tonight/tomorrow morning (depending on where you live) at 1:23 AM (EDT) the Full Super Moon occurs bringing in the energy finalization, culmination and balance. The Moon is extra close to earth, making this a Super Moon and gives us extra potent energy. The Sun in transformational and deep Scorpio opposes the Moon in Venus-ruled Taurus. Taurus is a earth sign, the second sign of the zodiac, that r

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I trust that the path that is infolding ahead of me is one that is serving the highest and greatest purpose for my soul and beingness. When we trust and surrender, we become more receptive to receive more abundance and prosperity. When we let go of fear and release ourselves from patterns and schemes that our Ego has build, and have faith that all situations lead to a greater path, we also emancip

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Patience is knowing and patience is the non-fear that helps us be in the present moment, enjoying the now and accept the steady process of life to present to us the right thing at the perfect time. We can easily get stuck in our memory state or our future visions, and when we want to achieve a lot right NOW, we get stuck in the mindset of having it NOW in the physical form. Instead we can become c

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Compassion for Yourself and others. Compassion for those that are like and not like you. Compassion for earth and water. Compassion for animals and plants. Compassion for those in need and those of abundance. Compassion for your inner child and past wounds. Compassion for those in pain and fear. Compassion for the process of life and your vulnerability. Compassion is love, in a different form. Wit

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METATRON'S MERKABA PROTECTION TOOL 💎FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE🌎 Checkout at👈🌎The METATRON'S MERKABA TOOL is Gold 24k Plated. The perfect combination of the Metatrons harmony and balance of nature with the MerKaBa.It is a Meditation Tool for healing and protection. It protects against accidents. It cuts through opposing vibrations, thoughts, words and actions. It strengthens the

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Now researchers are learning that this marvelous machine, the size of a fist and weighing on average less than 10 ounces, also possess a level of intelligence they are only beginning to understand. Evidence shows the heart also plays a greater role in our mental, emotional and physical processes than previously thought. The heart, like the brain, generates a powerful electromagnetic field, McCraty

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As we descended to this life, we came in as pure and powerful souls, ready to take on any challenge and obstacle. We overcame the challenge of not being able to walk or talk, by believing that one day, all the practice and hard work, would lead to us being able to walk freely and to speak our mind and our truth. We as children never doubted our abilities, nor did we let set back define us. When we

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The Eye of Horus Tool Gold 24k Plated Checkout at FREE Shipping Worldwide The Eye of Horus also known as The Eye of Ra, is an ancient Egyptian symbol. The triangle around the eye of Horus is a symbol of creation. The composition of the eye of Horus inside the triangle represents the cosmic unity that cannot be grasped with our six senses but exists in all of nature. The E

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If we want to understand how the material world is created and what keeps it in a perpetual motion, we need to study the language of the living energy codes of matter, which is made of light, sound, frequency and vibration. All material is made from sound vibration and all of our thoughts, words, intentions and action creates vibrational frequencies that make up and create the world within and aro

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You are here to be you, to serve yourself in order to serve others, to treat yourself with love and compassion, in order to give love and compassion to others. You are here to be you, to inspire and create, to learn and evolve, to elevate and transcend, to connect with yourself and others. You are not the job you have, the suit you where, the things you own, the car you drive, the status you have.

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Can you feel the good vibe and the positive energy today? Well guess what! Today is according to the astrologers the luckiest day of the year! The Sun and Jupiter are meeting up in the sky at 2.09 PM (EDT) and merging powerful energies in the sign of Scorpio! We have the opportunity to start something completely fresh with a lot of luck. It can be something in line with deeper connections, healing

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You are a living and vibrational library, holding all the memory of mankind, and all the future memories that mankind will create. How much you can access your Akashic records depends on what frequency you are emitting. You are at all times being matched with the information that aligns with your own vibration. The dimensions and levels of your own vibration, gives you exactly the amount of level

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All living beings are connected through the fabric of the physical body and the soul. When it is said that we are one, it is true because we have been created from one source of energy and once source of materia, just shaped differently, but still the same. Take a drop from the sea, and it will be called water, no longer the sea, but still always the same as the sea and all other drops, just a new

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I have shared a great Ted Talk on my Facebook page about Introverts and the difference between those that are more introverts and those that are more extrovert. It does not mean that introverts cannot be charismatic and sociable, it is just different way of retaining and gaining energy. Some, especially Empaths, give away their energy a lot by being around bigger crowds or groups or even bigger gr

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Scorpio season is here as we have the Sun moving from Libra to Scorpio. While Libra is all about relationships and balance, Scorpio is a deep water sign related to life and death, fears, deep shadows and also the mystical realms. Sun is the self, our identity, and in Scorpio it asks us to go deep within ourselves and we also value deeper relationships and give those more attention now. We want to

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Boa noite, gente! Dia de #tbt né? ☺️ Mais um pouco da produção de @mikaelsantoss ✨

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المود يحتاج ماك ومسلسل وبعدها نومه اطول منكم@نور

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Barbearia portugal 🇵🇹 Look kids 💈👍👈•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••=••=•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••➡️@thebarberpost @fadegame @fadegame2raw @mensfashionpost @hairslut @hairs @menshair.videos @nikkibelic @barbersince98 @officialbarbersleague @bestofbarbers @hairstylemens @hair.styles.2017 @hairmencutz @hairstylesmenofficial @barbershopconnect @hairmenstyle @menshairw

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"Öğretmenler! Cumhuriyet sizden fikri hür, vicdanı hür, irfanı hür nesiller ister… Benim asıl kişiliğim öğretmenliğimdir. Ben milletimin öğretmeniyim" diyen Mustafa Kemal Atatürk'ün yolundan giden fedakar öğretmenlerimiz, sizler her şeyin en güzeline layıksınız. Öğretmenler Gününüz kutlu olsun... #ogretmenlergunu#kutlu#olsun#24kasim

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We sure loved being a part of your race day gear! Hope everyone had a great race and an awesome Thanksgiving! 🍗🦃🍽

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☀️🙌🏻BLANCO➕RAFIA 🙌🏻☀️pantalón @edicionmuymonaok + remera @kosiukooficial + sandalias @rebecabsas + bolso @somainigram

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STF manobra mais uma vez para salvar a turma da “Organização Criminosa”. Qual o objeto final ? Segurar a decisão do STF sobre a restrição do foro privilegiado visando a deixar a Câmara à vontade para eliminar o foro para mantê-lo para os cargos mais graúdos e presenteá-lo a ex-presidentes da República, a fim de livrar @micheltemer, @luizinacioluladasilvaoficial, @dilmarousseff e @aecionevesoficial

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING🦃 I️ hope everyone has an amazing day! I️m so thankful for all of you guys 💕

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ホントパン好きだね。 @kimura_tona #息子 #パンばかり #父は一切食べない . . 【#2017木村祭り #12月は無制限で切りまくります】 年内に必ず切り落とし、2018を素敵に迎えていきましょう! #ご予約はお早めに そう。12月は1日から。 かなり混雑が予想されます。 ご予約はお早めに。 #12/1〜10がオススメ 12月は2週目からがかなり混み合います。 落ち着いて年越しカットなさるには12/1〜10あたりがオススメです。 #新規も可 もちろんですが、はじめましての方もウエルカムです。 【03-6228-5556 air銀座タワー】 予約ダイヤルにてご予約を。 #是非お待ちしています! 必ずキレイに。そして良い年越しを迎えられますよう励みます。 正に木村祭り! 今年も駆け抜けるゾォ〜!!! と、いうことでお待ちしています。 そして

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Aproveitem os descontos da Black Friday para adquirir nossos produtos. Maleta de bicos com todos que a Mara usa com 20% de desconto!! São 14 bicos da marca Wilton e um bico koreano da marca Mago. 1 pino para rosas e uma tesoura para rosas. Aproveitem👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻. e aproveite.